3OH!3's 'Don't Trust Me': Misogyny... or just stupid?

Went to check out the Colorado-based, Bamboozle-friendly rap-rock duo 3OH!3 at SXSW on the recommendation of a stranger, and while I won’t say I “enjoyed” their set, I was definitely fascinated by the pocket of cult fandom I wandered into at Stubbs that afternoon. Lots of girls screaming at their pelvic-thrusting dance moves, which I’m not convinced were ironic; lots of concern for those girls as they gleefully chanted along with lyrics that no amount of irony could save from being kinda offensive. From “Starstrukk” (“Push it baby push it baby out of control / I got my gun cocked tight and I’m ready to blow”) to “I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby” (self-explanatory), there seemed to be a running string of, if not misogyny, then at least lack of respect for the female gender underpinning every hooky, shouty, high-energy song — but it was their closing number that really pushed me over the edge.

Below, the video for “Don’t Trust Me,” which features a lyric so wretched I immediately had to email it to half the people I know. Sure, the boys are covering with plenty of self-effacing self-humiliation in this clip… but it’s gonna take a lot more than some loincloths to make up for actually recording a line like “Shush girl, shut your lips / Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.”

Argh. Can somebody talk me down?

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  • Alex

    Get over it. Nobody’s dead, everybody’s alright. They’re just words. Move on to writing more mediocre office recaps.

    • sarah j.

      Are you a girl or a guy? If a girl, point proved. If a guy, shut the hell up, seriously.

      • tad

        “point proved”… *seriously*

  • Shawna

    I think it’s all in good fun, and even if it’s not, I can’t really see how it’s worse than any other rap song out there.

    • Austin G.

      Exactly! It is! Its no different except for the fact that 3Oh!3 probably doesnt mean any of it! XD

  • cyndie

    A guy my sister dated this summer told her he wished she were a doll; someone that wouldn’t talk, but he could look at and touch. Sick.
    kinda sick that these girls are throwing themselves all over these douchebags.

  • the pauch

    That’s my favorite line from the whole song! Those boys need to keep their clothes on though! Ugh…more proof that skinny does not = fit. With some minor exceptions, the terrible writing, whining and severe mooning issues on all things Twilight are making it hard for me to justify paying the 12.7 cents I pay for each issue of my EW subscription.

  • Jennifer

    I agree with you, Whitney, that it’s misogynistic BS. It’s even more troubling that people are defending it as “all in good fun” or okay because “nobody’s dead, everybody’s alright.” Would those posters still think it was “alright” if they made similar statements about minorities? Probably not and that type of attitude towards women is equally unacceptable.
    Wake up, people!

    • Janet Cushey

      you can’t compare sexism to racism. that’s why they have two different names and categories conveniently made for them.
      “Wake up” is right.
      3OH!3 is honestly just a group that is having fun, making fun of themselves and the music industry, and trying to get a rise out of people. if you start by trying to censor things like silly lines about a girl needing to shut up and use her body, it’s pretty much a downhill slope from there. plenty of songs are more offensive.

    • jeffpatterson93

      Actually, if the song were racist instead of sexist, I would consider it no less amusing. I listen to songs with lyrics I disagree with all the time because, well, music is art. Rate it on it’s quality, not whether you “like” it. If you can’t deal with a band having misogynist lyrics, then listen to Bikini Kill. For music to do any harm, you need people stupid enough to follow the message, and, quite frankly, those people end up doing just as much harm with or without direction from their iPod.

    • jenna

      thats as bad as us girls calling guys jerks or douche bags… granted most are, but now adays most of us girls are pretty much just as fluffed up too. get over it, or go tell them to their faces u hate their music, then watch them laugh and walkoff like im about to. lololol! >leaves room<

    • Joey M

      This one of the stupidest articles I’ve read. Either you’re running out of ideas or you’re a just another feminist because you seriously just need to enjoy the music. After all, enjoying music, movies, etc. is the definition of entertainment which makes me wonder why your write for entertainment weekly.

  • LK

    While I hate to say “it’s all in good fun,” I think it pretty much is when it comes to this group. Their music is pure comedy, at least that’s what I think. The hip-hop/techno beats accompanied with the cliche lyrics (although they can sometimes be funny) is just them capitalizing on a tired formula. the music is catchy and dance-worthy but it’s nothing exciting.

  • Anonymous

    these guys are a comedy duo singing songs and basically kinda making fun of the rap genre i say more power to them, i mean look at some of the other “credible” hip hop artists lyrics.
    They’ve been around for a while and you at EW actually posted a picture of this very scene in the music video in one of your issues a while back. So if you are going to be out raged about it look at what your own magazine is promoting
    These songs are pure satire and while they may not be the best quality of music they provide a relief from the typical main stream hip hop taht we normally hear

  • Laura

    Its a fun song with lyrics that make fun of rap songs. That is the whole thing about their group is take todays rap songs and make fun of them. They honestly do not believe the things they say unlike other songs…do you really want to name popular rap songs like “superman”…superman that hoe?

  • Jay

    They seem pretty stupid, but this is nothing worth getting worked up about.

  • Amanda

    Okay, so I absolutely love the band 3OH!3. Yes their songs are a bit suggestive and sometimes downright sick. But not all of them are like that, Look at the song ‘Still Around’ a (in my opinion) beautiful song. But they are not the worse band out there look at “Lollipop” dude the lyrics are something like, ‘Shawty wanna Li-li-li-lick me like a lollipop, can I have the wrapper’ hmmm I wonder what that’s about… perhaps a BLOW JOB! And also Soldier Boy Tell ‘Em, and let’s not forget Britney Spears’ ‘All the boys and all the girls are begging to F U C K me’ 3OH!3 is not a bad band they are just trying to make their name, so back off!

    • Person

      I <3 3OH!3 just as much as the next person but I do find the lyrics demeaning to women….just like Barbie dolls. But Lollipop is worse….

  • David

    Neither gender has respect for the other. Can we realize that and move on?

    • jenna

      thas true most of the time…

  • dashiki

    Ewww GROSS. But funny.

  • Sean

    it sure is catchy though!

  • Phil

    There’s a difference between comedy and idiocy. While these guys strive for comedy, they seem only capable of idiocy.
    I take issue with people who hear sexist lyrics and think nothing of it just because the vast majority of hip-hop songs and many rock songs perpetuate misogynist gender stereotypes. I applaud people like Whitney Pastorek who are able to recognize that there’s something wrong with such popular notions of hyper-masculinity (machismo) and meek or subservient femininity being blazoned in the songs that millions of people are listening to every day. I only wish more people would act against such socially deleterious attitudes instead of just accepting it simply because it’s so pervasive in pop culture.

    • KC

      Also, good for you! You successfully used the thesaurus and you get 34 Scrabble points for using the words “strive” and “deleterious” in an Internet fight over a music video, although you do get -10 because “deleterious” isn’t a word.

      • Tarrie

        BRAVO KC! And as for the whole never-ending list of people complaining about how women are being treated…anyone notice they’re not talking about your average “woman”. It doesn’t say “Don’t trust a woman.” it says “Don’t trust a ho.” Huge difference. I know it seems like a small thing, but I have a 15 yr old son that loves 3oh!3 and is dating so I’ve gotten a first hand look at the culture of girls it is & is not talking about. And believe me when I say that, no, you can’t trust about half the teenaged girls out there & oh yeah, they’ve already got the using their body bit down pat. If you told a regular, smart, strong woman you don’t trust her, or to be quiet & use her body…she just might & not in a way that would be pleasant for you. I think the only way you should be offended by this song is if you put yourself firmly in the HO catagory.

    • Paul

      Deleterious IS a word. Means harmful to to living things

  • How do you say Miss Keller…make it rain….in braile?

    lol…funny line and I’m a female lover of my own feminiity. Did you ever think that they might just be post modern feminist? Stop your judging now!

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