The Pussycat Dolls catfight: Does this mean Nicole Scherzinger will finally go solo?

Pussycatdolls_lThings got a little catty over the weekend at a Pussycat Dolls show in Phoenix (the group is currently opening for Britney Spears on her Circus tour). At one point, Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton told the crowd, "I want to give a shout out to my family. Thank you for supporting me…even though I’m not featured!" Thornton then added, "Don’t give up on your dreams! Don’t let anybody stop you — ever!" The onstage outburst seems to stem from the fact that recent Pussycat Dolls singles are being marketed as "The Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger," rather than just "the Pussycat Dolls," as in the past.

Scherzinger has long been favored by Interscope and label head Jimmy Iovine, so it’s not surprising that jealousy would ensue. (Scherzinger’s long-delayed solo album, Her Name is Nicole, still has yet to come out.) Perhaps this apparent tension in the group will lead to Scherzinger finally stepping out on her own. The problem is, I’m not sure Scherzinger can be succeed without the Dolls, or that the Dolls could succeed without Scherzinger. While I liked a lot of Scherzinger’s failed singles, she doesn’t seem to have the name recognition to be a star. The Dolls, on the other hand, aren’t exactly rife with strong vocalists; aside from Thornton and Scherzinger, the remaining Dolls are more equipped for splits than singing. What do you think Music Mix-ers? Does Scherzinger have what it takes to go solo? Are the other Dolls right for feeling slighted?

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  • Kevin

    Since when does EW give a rat’s patoot about the Pussycat Dolls?

  • susan

    I think with the right music Nicole has just as much of a chance of making it as Fergie did. I don’t even know the names of one other Doll so Nicole has every right to be a featured player. Kind of like Diana Ross and the Supremes. The other Dolls should suck it up cause without Nicole they are nothing.

  • Mark

    I think the relationship is mutual between Scherzinger and the Dolls. She flopped as a solo star, which showed that she need the Dolls as much as they need her.
    But even though the other girls should be lucky to be in a superstar recording act given their minimal talent (only Melody Thornton can actually sing) it’s about dignity. The other girls are used and taken advantage of and it’s not fair. Nicole is paid more, has her own dressing room, and sing all lead and background vocals.
    Her ego is wayyy too big for someone with such second-rate talent.

  • Tim

    Yikes. Perhaps we’ll all be saved and this lot will go away forever. Tone deaf plastic shriekers. Hideous.

  • JiJi

    Melody has EVERY-RIGHT!!! Nicole just need to leave pcd & FLOP AGAIN! Robin, get that show “Search 4 the next Doll” or something like that. Get a vocal coach for the Dolls & for the next album let EVERY DOLL SING!

  • (L)

    funny, nicole is the only one that actually sings, why? because only she can sing, the others are like back-up dancers or something, no offence, nicole is better off them. if she leave then the pcd is over, she is the only taleneted one among them.

  • elle

    its strange that melody doesnt get 2 sing more but no 1 could lead the pussycat dolls better than nicole if she left they would be dead and i dont think nicole can make it on her own so she needs 2 stay as well but even up the playing field a bit in terms of singing

  • salsi

    i think melody is right to speak out, seriously nicole hasnt got wut it takes to go solo, she tried and fopped and will again. the other dolls can only dance but not sing but melody can sing as good as nicole. i mean das not a group anymore, its nicole and her girlz. she has her own dressing room??? i woudlnt lik that either, nobody would if u were at melodies place. i mean she is talented , y should she waste her time being one of nicoles bicthes when she can be nicole and have her own bicthes if some one give her a chance??? i like nicole and melody, but i think its not fair , if i was melody i wouldnt have wait so long to speak out, now its hard cuz shez dation hamilton , they need her now, its all abt publicity.

  • catfightreport

    I would like to see Nicole beat every single one of them in a catfight so they will know their rightful place.
    Nicole on top, them on bottom.

  • Popservations

    The fact that I’m not even sure which one of the Dolls is Melody (but know Nicole well) basically says it all. Nicole’s saddled with an easily-mangled surname, and I didn’t think her solo singles were all that good. But PCD’s “I Hate This Part”? Brilliant.

  • Nicole

    I think da pussycat dolls will be nothing without nicole… I mean nicole is far more talented than da other right?? But… nicole also can’t be solo… she need da dolls 2 be famous…
    see nicole singles Whatever U like n Baby Love… its does’nt make people feeling it or love da song…
    I think da Pussycat Dolls must stay together if they wanna be top of da world…
    juz please giv da other dolls sing…
    n balance da group…
    I mean… What??? NIcole hav her own dressing room… OMG, dat is not fair…
    n I hope dis catfight is not true…
    Honestly, I’ll cry 4 da Pussycat Dolls… I juz love n admire them all…
    Da Pussycat Dolls will stick together 2 dominate da world…
    PCD Rockss….!!!
    Jai Ho…

  • gregory31

    it’s been a nicole solo act for a while now.. of course, it would be nice if the other girls would get more vocals in.. i am surprised that in the live acts, they don’t do more harmony vocals..
    i am surprised at nicole to want to leave to make an album with her boyfriend, lewis hamiltoon, F1 cheater..

  • Phil

    First off, I am surprised its never mentioned just how symbiotic the relationship between the Dolls and Nicole exactly is. The CW’s original season of THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS: THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT DOLL was indeed to replace a lead singer, not just supply another pretty face for PCD. This is when Iovine was crafting Nicole’s debut, and then when the “winner” of the show failed to want to be part of a group, they released a statement claiming she was “more fitted as a solo artist”. I can’t even remember her name! Then there was the 2nd season which spawned GIRLICIOUS, who went on to have some hits in Canada, but none in the U.S. For everyone claiming that Melody is the ONLY other singer in the group, Jessica Sutta has released a few of her own songs with TOP dance DJ’s Dave Aude & Paul Van Dyk, the latter being one of the top DJ’s in the world. God, why can’t people get facts straight before blogging!? Nicole needs the Dolls now, they are the most expensive back-up singers since The Pimps!

  • Phil

    Pips, NOT Pimps!! Freudian slip…hahaha Anyways, Nicole has worked with every top-notch producer in the world, she has the look, and can honestly sing both ballads & uptempo tunes, but sadly, she is part of the package deal. You have to buy a package of hot dogs. You can’t simply buy one at the super market, and that has never changed.

  • Joy

    Nicole didn’t do good before on her album; she needs the girls. The same way that they need her. Melody has always acted a little bothered. Because she has the best voice, but absolutely no stage presence by herself. They all need to stick together for as long as this last and than go do something else. I like them, but I like them together not separate.

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