Adam Lambert in Queen might actually happen, according to Brian May

Adamlambertqueen_l3It’s been less than two weeks since we pondered the possibility of American Idol‘s Adam Lambert taking over Freddie Mercury’s duties as Queen’s lead singer. Then came his performance of "We Are The Champions" on the show. Now our rock & roll fantasy might actually become a reality. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Queen’s Brian May says that while there is nothing set in stone, he and drummer Roger Taylor "are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point." May went on to say that "I’d certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there.” OK, so it’s not a definitive yes, but it certainly seems like things are heading in the right direction. Or should Lambert just go his own way? I mean, the guy has the goods to make his own name in rock (Daughtry, anyone?). What do you think, Music Mixers? Should Adam Lambert join an already established band like Queen, or just start fresh?

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  • kevin

    heck yes adam should give it a shot with queen. no one can replace freddie, but i think adam might give him a run for his money. also he should have won kris allen is lame!!!!

    • Fábio

      Are you insane???

  • rebe

    Yes, Adam needs a fabulous band and Queen needs a fabulous singer. Besides that, they seem a PERFECT fit. When I heard Adam sing his parts with Queen at the AI final, I was just blown away. He’s able to make those songs still magnificent without trying to be a copy of Freddie. Yet, there’s something very similar about about those two’s voices and way they command a crowd. I like to think Freddie would give Adam a BIG thumbs up.

    • Armando Serna

      Look there voices arnet the same or similar or anything. Freddie was a opera singer who then decided to go the rock way (thank god) Adam is only a lame pop singer who thinks is a rocker and the worst part is that people actualy belive it.
      Im not saing he is bad im saing its not hiis style at all

      • queenrosered

        Please educate yourself about Adam before spouting nonsense. Freddie was a singer who made ONE album with a female opera singer, “Barcelona” but he was NOT trained in opera at all.Adam, on the other hand was not only theatrically trained but DID have opera training and knows exactly how to use and not abuse his vocal cords.(Freddie had nodules on his cords in his last decade of performing)
        That said, we already know that Adam is nominated for a Grammy with his first album (Best Male Pop Vocal Performance) and doesn’t need to be Queen’s front man. Brian May admires and respects Adam’s talent, and vice versa. Let’s all leave it at that.

      • adam/queenFAN

        umm did u watch the rock week on AI??? adam totally killed it! he can sing anything and he sud deff give it a shot wid queen!

    • Fábio

      Your are comparing Adam with Freddie? in what? ahh they are both gay, and thats all. Adam is a bad choise the only choise is Matt Bellamy. He has the voice, the soul, and experience not a idols product singing musics with no lirycs, come onnnn people…

  • Armando Serna

    NO WAY
    noone can replace freedie and this is not about adam its about queen, they should end as the legend they are and always be insted of try a last shot wich will make them look bad for me and my fellow true rock and roll music

  • WhiskeyRiver

    I think Paul Rogers is the only person to take up the gauntlet that Freddie lay down when he passed away.This Adam guy is just another generic singer.Though he may be good,he is NOT great,as was Freddie,and as is Paul.

    • Philipp Rinnhofer

      As far as I am concerned you are totally wrong when you think Paul Rogers is a good singer. Just one thing is of sure when I watched the Ukraine concert I saw how mediocre he is. He cant even perform properly. So how could you ever state something like that? I for myself have to admit that I am singer too and you wont believe it I have the same vocal range as Freddie. I can hit the the same notes that he can and in terms of head voice I can warble falsetto notes just like him. And regarding stage performance I am also equal to him. Call me a damned show-off but its like that. Paul Rogers can never compare to Freddie so why dont musical geniuses like Brian My or Roger Taylor realise that this whole new Queen operation doesnt work properly. So the rationale of these lines is plain evident: the Queen ensemble should stop touring immediately because they are ridiculing themselves to the utmost extent. No offence meant to your opinion I respect it cause I am that objective and I very much appreciate your point of view but I simply cannot conform with you. thank you for listening.

  • Tony

    Screw that emo douche…

    • Philipp Rinnhofer

      Another aspect I would like to adress is when I wrote this I was just listening to Brian May delivering Love of my Live at the Ukraine concert. And I tell you he sings much better than Paul Rogers who in my own opinion has an awefull voice. Just cant listen to him. Sorry guys that I have to disappoint you but I can jugde when someone has good vocal capabilities and is a good vocalist, and Brian May My definitely has.Of course he has not got the vocal range of Freddie but he can sing so beautiful, I love his voice. Just remember the track 39 from the Night at the Opera album or the introductory lines of Who wants to live Forever. So hopefully this Paul Rogers guy will fall into oblivion and be deleted from the musical scene forever. Thats that.

  • elaine tuttle


  • Straker

    This guy Adam really seems to be channeling Freddy Mercury to me. Paul Rg=ogers isn’t even close but after seeing Lambert sing on We are the Champions WITH Queen I’m convinced he should do it. Thing is, all you nay sayers are idiots. I would think the guys who WORKED with Freddy would know better whether or not this guy can do it. Almost all the professional singers I know can pick out the Freddy mercury in Adam Lambert. Armando Serna, you’re either deaf or a moron if you don’t hear it.

    • Fábio

      Armando is neither both, but i know what you are… Not a Queen Fan, you dont like music, adam is not a musician he is a product like many. Stop listening to wathever beats your listen and start listening to music. You can start with some led zeppelin and end up with some muse, kings of leon is nice to. or you can just stop commenting queen and calling moron to the rest of people who has other feel for music.

  • Natalia

    Adam should definately be the new lead singer for Queen. He won’t replace Freddie, as NOBODY ever could. I love Queen and Adam is a perfect singer that should get the spot. Anyway, Kris can’t sing that well and ATT cheated out Adam. They are both gay, wonderful singers, and great frontmen! Brian and Roger need someone new that could possibly replace Freddie. I’m sure Freddie would like them to consider him!!!

    • Fábio

      the day this Adam enters queen, for sure my taste for queen ends, becouse its obvious now that queen was freddie mercury and not bryan nor Paul.

      • Philipp Rinnhofer

        I totally agree with you Fabio. As I said in another statement Paul Rogers will never be worthy of retaining Queens legacy since he is an average singer with no impressive vocal range at all. So forget him and just listen to Queen when a master singer like Freddie was fighting his musical cause. Freddie we will never forget you, you are a true legend and you will always live on my heart. Hopefully we will meet in heaven. So thank you Fabio for this appropriate statement. Keep on moving.More power to you.

    • Philipp Rinnhofer

      The only problem I have got with your statement is the fact that Queen only works with Freddie Mercury and noone else. So I would never consider someone like Adam Lambert as the new frontman of Queen. This simply doesnt work with Paul Rogers either. I just cannot understand why they chose Paul Rogers to be the new frontman of Queen. So in essence Queen are thrashing there legacy with going on tour with him.



  • alison

    QUEEN are only good with FREDDIE MERCURY=( I think QUEEN should reform with John Deacon and become more independent if it was’nt for Freddie QUEEN would’nt be where they are today R.I.P. FREDDIE MERCURY :) we’ll miss you! Freddie did an amazing job with QUEEN I wish he had’nt gone.

    • Fábio

      I agree if Bryan and Paul whants o keep playing they should create another band with other nome and then they can put adam whatever that im sure i would not listen that piece of bad taste….

  • alison

    FREDDIE and QUEEN made a wonderful team because they were together from 1973-1991=) I may not be a QUEEN fan but we will FREDDIE:(

  • alison clarke

    QUEEN are real rockstars but they will carry on without freddie and jhon…I hope R.I.P. Freddie :)

  • alison clarke

    Freddie is now joining Michael Jackson they were good friends R.I.P. you KINGS OF MUSIC LONG LIVE FREDDIE AND MICHAEL!!! :)

  • alison clarke

    Let Freddie R.I.P where he is ” Freddie you were a real musician Queen would’nt have been a sucess if it was’nt for you . You were a real champion see you someday in heaven. But you said you wanted to go to hell right? I don’t know . But R.I.P. FREDDIE MERCURY :) Brian,Roger, and Jhon miss you sleep well.:(

  • alison clarke

    who agrees with my comments? QUEEN ROCKS!! and so does Freddie R.I.P. FM. >God Bless :)

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