Eminem's NSFW 'Warning' to Mariah Carey: Hear it here

You knew this was coming, right? Eminem has never been good at letting grudges go. So what did you think he’d do after hearing Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed,” itself a rumored response to his own “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” which dredged up the very stale controversy regarding their long-past relationship (or lack thereof)? Of course Em has struck back the only way he knows how: by spraying some foul, juvenile lyrics in Mariah’s direction via an unofficial diss track called “The Warning.”

“I’m ‘Obsessed’ now?/Oh, gee, that’s supposed to be me/In the video, with the goatee?” That’s one of the only printable portions of Em’s angry lyrics. Then he goes all “b—-, shut the f— up!” and starts talking in graphic detail about his own sexual mishaps, as well as making some vague blackmail attempts: “It’s a warning shot/Before I blow up your whole spot/Call my bluff and I’ll release every f—ing thing I’ve got/Including the voicemails right before you flipped your top.” Yeah, I’m assuming those are the same alleged voicemails he was talking such a big game about in 2003. Also, in addition to an assortment of not-nice slurs, Em refers to Mariah as “Mary Poppins” at one point, for some reason?

Pardon me for a moment while I yawn at all this. There is exactly one clever line in “The Warning,” and it’s aimed at Carey’s husband Nick Cannon: “You’re gonna ruin my career, you better get one.” (I love a good Nick Cannon joke.) Everything else is just so predictable coming from Em at this point. I really, truly couldn’t care less whether or not he and Carey slept together seven years ago. Didn’t care at the time, don’t care now. And sure, she bears some responsibility for keeping this dumb story going by blatantly taunting Em with her costume in the “Obsessed” video — but that doesn’t make Em’s retaliation any less lame.

Watch “The Warning” after the jump if you must (way NSFW, obviously). Then let us know in the comments: Do you care about this war of words anymore? Are you rooting for either side, or (like me) just hoping this whole thing dies down already?

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  • Mike

    Um…I honestly couldn’t care less what they did with each other SEVEN YEARS AGO. This whole thing is ridiculous. Get a therapist or something. Gosh.

    • Bruno’s Azz In M&Ms Face

      Wait another 7 years…M&M will spit out some dis lyrics about Bruno sexin’ him and shootin’ all over his back!

      • larryG

        Now…THIS is funny! Awesome comment Bruno!

      • Myangel

        HATER ; get the outta here you sound dumb AF

      • cherrie

        LOL that iz pretty funny but i am a big fan of eminem an i think mariah carey is a liar and needs 2 start tellin the truth

    • downstairsthreads(dot)com

      i actually like the song (and im a carey fan!), but i agree that em should not have even reenergized this weak war with his “bagpipes” song. here is my take on the whole thing:


    • Cole

      You clicked on the article?

    • NerdyBoiiDada

      its clearly obvious that you do care cus if you didnt you wouldnt have clicked on this article to read and wasting your time commenting.

    • nick p

      who cares? you’re commenting too idiot. and to who ever wrote this.. simon whatever your name is. Em basically achieved everything he set out to with this track.. he closed every door on every avenue possible right in careys fat face.. got the last word and finshed it, for good. its nice you and your small brain got a laugh out of the diss to cannon about not having a career.. but you obviously missed the whole rest of that song while you were masturbating to yourself.

      • Nina

        hell yeah, he owned her fat*ss in this song. Now what’s she gonna do about it? I think the whole dis is genius, Em’s my hero.

      • Mia

        Bravo Nick, that comment pretty much summed it up.
        Don’t think it could’ve been written any better

    • Myangel

      ugghhh stfu ; then why you even click this link smh

  • anon

    this is amazing, hope the drama continues.

    • Youngdent

      With you on this 1,cant wait for MC to reply again.

    • mimi


  • stiffy

    This song ‘Obsessed’ by Mariah is NOT about lame rapper Eminem. Actually, it is about Nick Canon and you can read this on Mariah’s website from like months ago. Somehow the press has lead you to believe its about M&M, but it really isn’t. Mariah and co. just allowed it (that rumor) for good controversy, but really it was intended for Nick Cannon (her husband) and not Eminem.

    • Laurie

      You apparently haven’t ever listened to the lyrics! Her song is NOT about Nick!

    • rossy

      Yeah, b/c Nick Cannon is infamously known for wearing hoodies & sweatpants in rap videos… Nice try, but no, it’s about eminem.

      • freshprince

        its gotta be about em cause in the lyrics she says “it must be the weed it must be the e(extacy-pill)couse u be poppin..u get it poppin” last time i ghecked nick didn do that haha

    • Whobaskin

      Hahaha… what a joke that comment is. Agreed to the comment about NC being known for that outfit. & why would NC be ‘lyin that u sexin me’… it’s his GD wife! idiot..

      • DCsofly

        Exactly whobaskin. Its his GD wife!

    • ff

      yea sry .. but the song obsessed is clearly about em.. watch the video.. listen to the words .. if u know anything about mariah or em.. ud kno its about em.. in any event i think mariah won first round.. but his come back was pretty dam amusing.. i hope she comes up with a come back… lol .. even tho i dont think she will because she didnt even write the first song by herself.. but maybe..

    • reanna

      if it isn`t about eminem then why in the video does the person who is supossly obessed dressed like him???? duh!!!

    • sayitrite

      then why the hell would she dress up like eminem?? your soo wrong…

    • man your dumb

      your a douche bag, she supposidly says the person in the video looks like her brother, but that is only because she got owned by em. my guess is her stupid bitch ass wont say shit and leave it alone after this song but i hope she has another diss song so i can hear ems

    • hahadiot

      wow your an idiot

    • jake

      gay ass idiot obsessed is about eminem he put her on hush after the warning though mariah ugly anyway she damn forty years old with the clap i got more money than her from movin weight

    • EmSmashedMC

      @Stiffy, Im sure she would ask nick why is he obsessed with her? “must be the weed, must be the E”?? get ya hand off it lol..
      Em smashed her with his come back.. and for all the people saying they dont care if they slept together 7 years ago i will ask you this… Why are you here reading this?

    • jesseniaa

      if that were true then nick canon would have been in the video. not her dressed like eminem.

    • Helen

      Omds, Are you stupid of corse it’s about em lol. An idiot could work that out. Buh you know wah, eminem is one ledgend, and it aint right to mention about his drug problem, he nearly died! Mariah will probs just have another breakdown lol. To be fair tho this has been blwn way out of proportion, and its their business not anyone elses:)

    • shanti

      DUMB AS

    • NerdyBoiiDada

      its not about nick cannon . nick cannon said that she got it from a movie she like which was “mean girl” that somebody said why you so obssessed with me ? and thats why she said it in the beginning of her song. but guess what i dont believe the whole thing cus theres too many stories behind why she made the video . it clearly show that she was go’n at eminem.

    • jamrok

      You are a dumb ass obsessed is in no way about niick cannon

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    I found this to be pretty funny. Simon, perhaps you are bored by this because you work at Vampire Weekly which is fascinated by vampires and what they are wearing and who they are sleeping with. Idiots. Some people dont care about vampires and want their old magazine back.

    • Rosslyn C.

      Hahaha. Burn. So true.

      • Jay

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m a Mariah fan, and I still think this track is fantastic. Sharpest stuff Em has written in a while.

    • jose

      good call. this is truth.

    • Jerome

      LOL, that was sharp.

  • pete

    Em looks like one of her skid marks

  • john

    Deng! Nick needs to wear the pan ts and back up his old lady.

    • Dashaun

      Mariah is NOT OLD. she is only 39, that’s the new 29. I don’t even think she’s old and if you want about talk about age, I’m a teenager.
      Mariah is very beautiful and nice, classy, YOUNG woman. and Eminem is a nice dude that cool and young too.

      • Taylor

        Dashaun,you are an idiot.Eminem is not cool.And he certainly not nice.Because he keeps saying that they slept together.A real gentlemen would not do that.You moron!

      • winzor

        first dashaun, that is the stupidest comment i have ever heard?, and taylor… just dont respond to anything ever again, your comment was almost worse than dashauns.

        Aside from 90% of the comments being completely stupid, mariah was stupid to make a song and video that could even be related to Eminem because if you didnt know, eminem isnt afraid to diss anyone and he is good at what he does.

      • Tom

        Dashaun, 39 is 39. She’s old. Thats it.

  • frogeater69@yahoo.com

    this should help somebody’s record sales. that’s all it’s about.

  • yotothedog

    I’m sorry, but Em’s song was hilarious.

    Say what you want, but there is no denying that Em is a lyrical master.

    • Taylor

      This is to yotothedog.Lyrical master?Have you completely lost your mind?His song was not hilarious,it was disrespectful.And the song “foolish pride”that he made a few years ago was so racist.Anyone who likes him is a racist.


        Who cares if it was disrespectful… it was still hot… and yes, EM is a lyrical master.

      • winzor

        once again taylor with a stupid comment. ANYONE THAT CALLS EMINEM A RACSIST does not know anything. He is one of the greatest rappers alive, and not to mention, he raps WITH people of a different race, he hangs out with people of a different race, andddd he works with them! if he was racist would Dr. Dre have his back? would he be rapping with 50 cent? how many other big names shal we throw in there?

      • winzor

        oh and he is a lyrical master, he is better than 99% of rappers in my opinion. you dont get many rappers that can put words together as well as him. nevermind these fruit loops rapping about getting laid or trying to get laid.

      • Duh

        Excuse me Taylor, but Eminem is THE BEST, and you’re about to get pimp-slapped through the computer.

      • Duhhh

        First of all, Taylor, Eminem is THE BEST. There’s no way you can argue with it, and why would anyone try? You just need to stop, because you obviously don’t know anything about music whatsoever.

  • john

    shot it all over her belly? deng…Mariah must have liked that one…ain’t that right Nick?

  • Melanie

    They are both a couple of tools…couldn’t care less about either of them, much less any previous relationship or lack thereof….they both need to get a life.

    • P.L.K.

      Tools and get a Life? Eminem is one of the greatest rappers to have hit the mic, and Mariah is the #1 selling female in her genre of all time. You’re a complete idiot. As far as getting a life, both Mariah and Eminem have made more money than you and your entire family combined will ever have. I think they have lives and they’re doing just fine.

      • P.L.K.

        Oh, and for the record.. you obviously care enough about them to have read this article, and furthermore leave a response to make your 2-cents known.

      • ff

        haha thats great!! .. u let her KNOW !!

      • DCsofly

        Sho did! Melanie is an idiot.

      • Taylor

        This is to P.L.K.You are stupid.Eminem is not one of the best rappers to have ever hit the mic.He is one of the worst rappers to have ever hit the mic,you moron!Next to Jay-Z,LiL Wayne,Soulja Boy (Soldier Boy),and Gucci Mane.

      • winzor

        hahaha again what is this the 3rd comment by taylor that SUCKED! i agree with Jay-z being good, but lil wayne? wtf does he even rap about? soulja boy, he raps about a dance he made up? i havent even heard a song by gucci mane so he cant be that great. Em is way better then these 3 by far, i still like him better than Jay-z too

    • dav

      You cared enough to read and reply

    • Kelly

      Tools huh? Thats funny because by you stating that you dont care about their relationships or lack there of on a site like this just shows that you do and infact makes you the tool.

      Eminem is amazing. he spit that $hit so good. Im somewhat a fan of Mariah, she has talent, but apparently no brains, because anyone that barks back at Em is a damn fool. of course he is going to come back and RUIN you!

    • mad rapper

      your just jealous because you didnt emaciate, er, emancipate, mimi, or make a fortune off being an addled rapper

    • Madhatter

      U must care otherwise u wouldnt be commenting…

  • john

    Nick better beat on his drum like he did in drumline and step up to eminem like a man!!

  • Ed

    Both “Obsessed” and “The Warning” are stale, horrible songs. Mariah Carey no longer sings and Eminem is no longer relevant.

    • P.L.K.

      Another ignorant moron. Mariah Carey no longer sings, yet she’s clearly putting out content. Do you make any sense? Oh and Eminem being no longer relevant? I believe he just released a CD pretty recently, it sold over 600,000 units in the FIRST WEEK, which by the way nobody else has done this year. As of June 17th, Eminem’s Relapse album has sold 1,049,000 units. It’s now July 31st heading into August sir. Relevance? I’d say hes pretty damn relevant, as he has the whole web discussing his diss track at the moment including you, as well as clearly over 1,049,000 people able to argue with you about how relevant he is.

      • Ed

        You seem very passionate, PLK, so let me explain myself further:
        1) When Mariah first came out, her vocals blew everyone away. Her voice drove each song. Now, though she is still “putting out content,” I feel that her singing no longer drives each song; instead, she does that talk/half whisper thing that other artists do. Her last single that, I feel, had her voice as the driving force was also her last big hit: “We Belong Together.” Her singles over the years seem to downplay her voice for the sake of production, that’s why I said she no longer sings.
        2) Our rubric for relevant seems to be different. For you, it seems that commercial sales = relevant. For me, sales measures popularity but not relevance. According to your logic, artists like Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers, since they sell many albums, are relevant. When Eminem released songs like “Stan,” “Like Toy Soldiers,” “Lose Yourself,” etc, he was commercial AND relevant. Now, with this song (and songs like “Bagpipes from Baghdad”), Eminem feels like the same old, same old. While the world has moved forward, he’s still stuck in 2004.
        3) Obviously this is subjective. Art in all its forms–music, film, literature, visual, etc–has different genres. This means that what some people like others will not. That’s fine, and just as I voiced that I was let down by the paths of these artists’ careers, you have a right to defend them. However, by starting your post with “Another ignorant moron,” you take the discussion off of the music. Your redundancy (both ‘ignorant’ and ‘moron’ mean the same thing), you actually don’t reveal anything about my intellect; instead, you reveal more about the type of person you are (quick to anger, not easily open to the opinion of others). It’s not my intent to make this personal; I’m just trying to point out that there are ways to express an opposing opinion without coming across as undignified. (As a person I am sure that you are dignified, but based on the way you replied to my and other people’s post, you come off that way.)

      • P.L.K.

        Just to respond because you do make some valid points, you did state that “Mariah no longer sings.” Well that’s a generic statement. She is still putting out content therefore she still does sing; now does she sing *WELL*? Apparently you think not so much, and I can’t say I agree or disagree as opinions differ from person to person, and one would be neither right nor wrong. Had you said, Mariah doesn’t sing well anymore, I would have agreed, but to merely say she doesn’t sing anymore is generally implying she is no longer a singer(artist) which would be false. Therefore I based my statements accordingly. As far as relevance, as I said before you make a good point in it being subjective. So I won’t bother to argue that, I’ll just say in my opinion, someone in the music industry selling millions of records to the general public, and being the first person to really come out with that much strength this year in the music industry, is pretty relevant in music. While Eminem may be immature at times, he is entertaining, and he IS one of the best out in my opinion, his lyrical flow and word-play is remarkable. Maybe you won’t notice it in every song, but a real fan of hip-hop would. You could say that he’s the same old, same old, but in making that statement is there really a winning situation as far as change is concerned? You have half the fans complaining, “his new stuff sucks, its the same old eminem.” Then, you will have the other half of the fans “his new stuff sucks, I want the old eminem.” Can’t please everybody, that’s for sure. And while I apologize for calling you an ignorant moron, because such is obviously not the case, I still believe I was correct in responding to your statement of Mariah not singing and Eminem not being relevant, it was very generic. I’m not quick to anger either, I just was scrolling through the comments after reading this article to view other peoples opinions, and it sure seemed like quite a few people had many complaints towards him, as if he were so foul, and your post was just one I picked to respond to because I strongly disagreed with your statement. Just to shed some light to everybody else here acting like he wasn’t justified in making this track; Sure Eminem put out a song that may have angered Mariah and/or Nick (Bagpipes from Baghdad), but he does this with many pop-artists on usually the singles he releases before his album. They don’t get all angry and go as wild as Nick Cannon did on his blog, or Mariah making a video about him. Kim Kardashian took it with a smile. While I do believe Nick Cannon was right to protect his wife, he went way over the top in his blog and made some big threats and talked ALOT of garbage. So was Eminem right to put out a song like this? Maybe not, But he did what hip-hop artists do, someone comes at you with a song directed at you, you serve them right back. In my opinion they both had this coming, while it’s not something thats going to hurt anyone, it was very entertaining to listen to and he put it together well, I got a laugh out of it. And hey, he has a second album coming and people are going to want to hear what he has to say furthermore because of this situation. It’s partly marketing.

      • P.L.K.

        Sorry about the huge block of words, I forgot to put breaks in it. =P

      • Dashaun

        I give you props P.L.K. good one. Mimi does sing and Eminem does rap, they both sale records still.

      • Taz

        I just want to point out both of your arguments were amazing. After reading each reply i thought, nah he cant top this, but you did. kinda irrelevant but still, both of u impressed me. congratz, treat yourself to same cake later on.

    • Eatlimegreen

      I totally agree with you Ed. Both artist have released unoriginal songs to battle at each other and it just makes them both look like idiots.

      • umstrum

        absolutely true! not only do they look like idiots but they’re also marketing their private lives, which is really stupid cuz then they will end up complaining about how the media is always after them and paparazzi don’t let them live, etc, etc…
        bottom line is sort out your shit in private and stop making fools of yourselves!

        m. @ http://umstrum.com

      • Tina

        go ed. that was well thought out and on the money. at least i think so. you should write for ew.

  • denise

    I love mariah’s music and I like most of eminem’s. But eminem’s stuff is just to much. Threats, very foul language, it’s just inmature. Let it go.

  • funny

    MM is such a little repressed queen, who cares what he says or thinks anyway?

    • KG

      millions of ppl.. probably why he has sold the most records in this decade and considered one of the best rappers of all time

  • Silly billy

    eminem is OLD!!!! move on and end your rap plz

    • paige

      ugh mariah is OLD! for a 40 year old woman to act like she’s a 16 year old tease is just weird…

      • rossy

        haha, so true!

      • Dashaun

        Aaaah, that’s weird how you said that Because MARIAH IS 39!!!!! I DON’T THINK SHE ACTS LIKE A 16 YEAR OLD, AFTER THIS IS COMING FROM A 16 YEAR OLD!!!

    • Babi Doll

      mariahs older than eminem stupid a** b****

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