Mariah Carey delays album, 'Today' show appearance: What's going on here?

If you marked down any Mariah Carey-related events on your calendar for this month, you’d better hope you used erasable ink. Not only has the release of her upcoming album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, been repeatedly pushed back — from Aug. 25 to Sept. 15, then again to Sept. 29 — but the diva recently postponed several promotional events, including planned appearances on NBC’s Today show, on VH1’s Storytellers, and at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What gives?

“Mariah is working tirelessly on finishing up her album, doing promo for her film Precious and launching a new perfume with Elizabeth Arden,” a rep for Carey’s label told the Music Mix. “Release dates change all the time…It’s really nothing unusual.” The label rep also pointed to a post on the singer’s official site announcing that “we have shifted all of our TV and promo appearances to coincide with the new release date.” Fair enough, I suppose, though that strikes me as slightly circular reasoning. (The promo events were postponed because of the album release delay, which happened because…?) “It’s no big deal,” added another Carey publicist when contacted by the Music Mix, echoing comments made in a recent interview with People. “Everyone seems to think that it’s a big deal, but it’s not. She just wants to fine-tune some things [on the album].”

It’s certainly true that release dates often get changed without prior notice in the music industry. And maybe Carey’s label is just waiting for a single that’s bigger than the decent mid-level hit that “Obsessed” is shaping up to be so far. So what do you think? Why does Carey keep postponing things? And, if you’re a Mariah fan, are you content to keep waiting for Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, or will you start to get impatient at some point?

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  • Brad Niesmertelny

    I stopped being a fan after the Fantasy album. She used to sell her albums because of her voice. Now it’s the rappers that collaborate with her and her lack of clothing on her album cover that sell. What is with artists like Mariah, Janet and Britney who feel they need to release an album every other year. TAKE A BREAK, get some mental help and then actually record a good album instead of a lot of crappy ones.

  • Mark

    She’s either preggers or she was caught strolling down the street with a shopping cart handing out lollipops again.

  • Twist

    Obsessed bombed and the cd will follow suit. Mariah and producers are scrambling. Possibly a second single release before the cd drops…?

  • Troy

    It was Carey’s label that picked the release date of August 25th (to allow the album to be eligible for Grammy nominations), but the album wasn’t even close to being finished. The promos have been pushed back to allow Carey time to finish the album (it is rumoured only 7 or 8 tracks are in the ‘completed’ phase). As a loyal fan, it is frustrating that the label would announce a release date without the album being finished and it only adds pressure (and negative press) on Carey. While I’m irked at the label, I will patiently wait for Memoirs, as Carey has yet to disappoint this fan (with her music).

  • wrp

    Since they are reportedly recording more songs, I’m guessing they finally realized the album was crap.

  • tyre

    I’m a mariah fan and I really didn’t notice that the release dates being pushed back were an issue until YOU AND PEOPLE said they were. I think one is making a mountain out of a molehill

  • mscisluv

    The “comeback” hasn’t been as big as they were hoping, clearly. They’re just trying to buy themselves more time to find a hit. But this just screams desperation.

  • RG

    People forget that “The Emancipation of Mimi” and “E=MC2″ were both delayed as well… as the article says, album delays happen all of the time. Plus we really don’t know the full story… labels set release dates but if an album is not done…then it’s not done. Personally, I’d rather wait the few extra weeks if it means additional songs that might have never been created…

    and to twist… Obsessed didn’t bomb… sitting at 14 w/ a bullet… as EW said, it’s a mid-level hit… she certainly has songs that did far worse. “Obsessed” is actually more successful than “It’s Like That” and we all know how the album “The Emancipation of Mimi” did… so please check your facts.

    and to Brad… it’s ashame that you stopped after “Daydream” (that would be the actual name of the album that “Fantasy” is on)… contrary to what you say… all of her albums… focus on her voice… big example… “We Belong Together from “TEOM”.

  • a1

    First off, obsessed is doing just fine and will likely climb a couple more spots this week on the hot 100. sure, it’s no #1, but it’s just shy of the top 10, which is nothing to sneeze at. she’s just trying to record more songs to make the album sound exactly how she wants it, which is why everything is being pushed back. the same thing happened with the emancipation of mimi, and we all know what a huge hit that one turned out to be, so definitely don’t count her out! i’ll be waiting patiently even though the anticipation is killer! lol.

  • joeinmemphis

    I think she’s scrambling due to Obsessed not doing well and trying to regroup. I don’t hate or like Obsessed but it seems like something should have came out years ago.I honestly think she will push the album back again to sometime in November. November is the big release date for artists and in September every one will still be engaged in the new Whitney Houston afterglow.

  • Alex

    the august 25th date was stupid from the start because she was never finished with the album. She was sill recording with a release date which was absurd. “Obsessed” as a bomb? Please It is still in the top 15 on Itunes and top 15 on on the billboard charts and gaining in airplay. Just remember “It’s like that” from “The Emancipation of Mimi” album didn’t even hit the top ten and last time I checked that album was at 3 top 5 singles and 6x platinum… “Obsessed” is a buzz track and a ballad is going to follow… Don’t count her out.

  • wakeforce

    Album release dates get pushed back all the time. Anyone who knows anything knows that public appearances relate to the album launch. It is more of a story if you can attach meaning behind it. and to Brad, when you can make money selling your music, then you can talk otherwise STFU!

  • Eric D. Wilkinson

    Let’s face it, Mariah’s been at this for 20 years now and 15-year-olds just are more into Lady GaGa than Mariah Carey. As far as her new single is concerned, It debuted at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and immediately dropped to #20 in it’s second week. It crept back up to #17, and then up to #14 where it’s stalled the last two weeks. For the most part, this has been based on sales and not on airplay as Mary Poppins’ song isn’t even in the Top 20 Pop songs. The only reason it crept back up on the hot 100 was probably due to slightly renewed interest as a result of Eminem releasing “The Warning” to the internet answering back with a scathing portrayal of the againg pop star. Look, I understand that there are a lot of Mariah fans out there, but kids today aren’t like kids 25 years ago who welcomed aging popstars like Tina Turner and Cher to their “Walkman” with open arms. Today’s teens prefer female performers like Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, Katy Perry and the aformentioned Lady GaGa partly because THEY feel like thy discovered them all on their own. Mariah’s pushing 40 and belongs to their parents and has more than outlived the average shelf life of 4-5 years for a typical popstar. The older Mariah gets, the harder it’s going to be for her to connect with an audience. Just ask Madonna & Janet Jackson.

  • jfms777

    Just wait. She will come through again. No one expected “Emancipation” and no one
    anticipated “We Belong Together.” Enough said. (But my gut tells me that it’s Whitney’s new cd that will bomb.)

  • Kalie

    I don’t think this is any big deal. It’s not like they changed the release date by months. I remember many times that artists have pushed back the release of their album, and it probably just means that the album wasn’t going to be ready as soon as the label hoped it would. I look forward to her new album and I’m sure the release date won’t be pushed back again.

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