Chris Brown sentenced: Has justice been served?

Chris Brown’s formal sentencing in an L.A. court this afternoon brings his experience with the criminal justice system to a symbolic end of sorts. Read the full post.

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  • VA

    Why wasn’t it ever mentioned how she smacked him around?

    • Ricky. C

      Because smacking someone once in anger is justifiable. Reducing someone’s face to a pulp is not so much…

  • Kodie

    I feel extremely bad for the young girl, and I don’t believe Chris was open minded enough or at the time had the heart built inside of him to handle the situation better than he did. Period.. Now, after the flames of violence and Hatred stemming from him and the ones of Jealosy and feminism dwindle from her, and the smoke clears and tie alone for the next five years is spent, I believe you will see A Different person, if he hasn’t already began progress toward change..

    • j-hawk

      Seriously doubt that! He’s apologizing because he needs fans to make money on his new cd. He’s not that sorry.

  • Muffy

    Wow, I had no idea he was the first male celeb in the history of mankind to hit a female! I could care less about my favorite stars personal lives! I, LMAO at the ones who keep saying “A man should never hit a woman.” All of them are lying through their teeths. Some mnay celebs male and female have hit their love ones(I’m not saying its okay) but millions have done it. Sean Peen beat Madonna; he still won an Oscar. I heard she started it.

  • Muffy

    typo: “So many”

  • tcw16

    I hate chris brown now,ddn’t used to but that stuff he did wasn’t cool at all. He can apologize all he wants but I will never buy anything of his, and I sure as hell wont listens to his crappy music on the radio either. He won’t last that much longer in the industry if he can’t make money. To abuse a girl is bad enough. But the way he did it was pure torture and shows deep problems with him. His apology wasn’t sincere either,he only did it somaybe he could get someone to buy his album coming out. What he did wasnt about his music is hat some have said so it shouldn’t matter. I dont wont to buy anyone or listen to/like anyone who isn’t a good person outside of the spotlight.So it doesn’t matter if it was personal and didn’t have to do with his music. Who wants to represent or endorse somebody that would do that at all. I’m surprised his label didn’t drop him, they probably will if he doesn’t sell anything. He’s a loser who’s got serious issues. He won’t last.

  • tcw16

    Only reason he became a little famous is because he imitates MJ. Obviously he isn’t that creative. He basically got famous for dancing like MJ, thats it. Now he’s famous for being a piece of sh**. Not to mention a pussy for beating up a girl. Once an abuser, usually always an abuser.He deserves no respect in the industry for anything. He’s a horrible human being that deserves jail. The only people that will want to work with him are rappers, it’s not like they have a great deal of morals either. They treat women with no respect too,like objects and possesions. I wouldn’t bet on chris brown being around for even 3 more years in the industry. He’s a half a$$ entertainer who beats and tortures women. Chris Brown sucks!!!!!! Let’s all just ot buy his stuff and hopefully he will go away. Most radio stations are’t playing him either and won’t. We will all just protest against him. Maybe it will work!

  • princess

    I sure won’t be listening to the guy again after what all he did to Rihanna. He should’ve gotten alot worse of punishment than he did for the things he did to her. That’s crazy!

  • Lana

    No you all dont know anythinq about Chris Brown,
    and as for all the poeple that say he deserves it , i really think he dosent, he has so much qood talent and he has done alot in the music industry. so i dont thinkk any ov you faqqots should be putting him down, if you dont like Chris ? Well why comment on what hes done ?
    Just move on in life, theres no need to keep carrying on about the mistake he made.
    Im with Chris 100% all the way.
    LoVe You ChriS BrOwn


    • j-hawk

      What are you obsessed with him, because pretty sure you don’t know him at all either except in your head. He hasn’t done that much in music either, a few hits. Sucky artists even get a few hits too. You should definately learn to spell before you want to call people names, it would make you look alot smarter for sure youngster. We didn’t make the question, we are just responding to it. These are our opinions, that makes you so important that you can yell at everyone on the site, because you’re obsessed with the guy or part of his dinky fan club. Sure says alot about you! You don’t care as long as the music is good, what normal girl would say that about a guy that beat women!?! Very odd and a bit strange.

  • tcw16

    We’re answerng the question lana. Chill out! You probably are the girl that would alway go back to the guy for beating on you. Get some self worth, Rihanna did. And he’s done alot for music, yah in the few years he’s been around,What 3-4 hits? WOW, doesn’t make him a good person though. IF you were smarter you’d realize that his music has nothing to do with him as a person. If you want to yell at people then you should learn to spell correctly first, because that makes you look dumb! You’re probably young though, teenie boppers love him because they don’t know much of anything.

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