Britney Spears covers Alanis Morissette: 'You Oughta Know,' it ain't half bad

Last night at the Greensboro, NC stop of her Circus tour, Britney Spears covered Alanis Morissette’s 1990s anthem “You Oughta Know,” and from this admittedly low-quality video (and […] Read the full post.

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  • Rick

    Didn’t sound bad. BTW, people like Brit, Madonna, and Janet don’t have the range of people like Whitney and Mariah, so they don’t wear their voices down over the years like VOCAL singers do. To me, they get no special credit for being able to sing and dance, because their singing requires very little. Give credit to someone like Christina Aguilera, who can dance AND sing her butt off.

  • Preston

    Britney Spears doing some Alanis Morissette! And singing it with some attitude too! She’s probably taking a break between her dance pop songs to do other songs! I think that you can only do lip-synching so much and Britney wanted to sing live for a change for this song. Sounds like she’s doing a few more liberties this time for the second stretch of her concert tour like doing this Alanis song. This is not the first time–she did Janet Jackson’s Nasty on one of her first tours.

  • lani

    Wow, I thought she would butcher that song, but she rocked it out. The girl can sing, who would of thought. She should sing live more often.

  • Travis

    Watching this video to me seems that it was a last minute thing because you can hear the recorded track in the back. If it was planned more ahead of time, imo, i think her backing band would be playing it. But anyways, she still does a good job covering the song.

  • jin

    regardless of the original song that some people say is playing in the background.. ~ you can still hear her VOICE right?! She’s still not the best singer but YOU HAVE TO ADMIT she did a PRETTY GOOD JOB covering this song. Why the hell can’t some people accept that?!

  • jesse

    i agreee she can sing live and the pop superstar has actual talent, how else would she be the queen of pop.

    • Classy:If U Seek Amy!


    • Laura

      We live in a world where the Black Eyed Peas break the record books with two truly crappy songs in a row – so anything is possible, including Britney’s success. It has nothing to do with talent, of which she has none.

      • Classy:If U Seek Amy!

        Breaking a couple records and being the arguable Queen of a whole music genre are not the same thing. The latter certainly requires talent.

    • j-hawk

      Queen of Pop is Madonna stupid! Britney is the Princess of Pop, everyone knows that.

  • Preston

    If Britney would use a live band to perform the Circus album’s songs and other albums’ songs and throw away the tape,lip-synching and prerecorded tracks, she would be taken more seriously as a singer and artist. She can still use her dancers as well as a live band. She needs to hear herself sing more in her songs. I believe she wants to bring the showmanship back to her live show by doing impromptu performances like this and not always the same show format. I think she’s trying new things for this second leg of the tour.

  • Thea

    Yes, a good karaoke performance. An average contastant on American Idol could do the same or better.
    So people get excited because she actually sang something live (with backtrack to help out and cover up a bit), and did not make a mess of it? Sad.

  • Classy:If U Seek Amy!

    I’ve always loved Britney’s performance style, but this was really badass of her. She should be this musically spontaneous more often! I applaud her pop-rock experiment. It was a total success. I already knew she could sing (even Christina Aguilera said Britney can sing for crying out loud), and now the haters know it too:-)

  • Lee

    A. She was not very good – was just doing a third-rate Alanis imitation.

    B. Do you really think that ‘singing’ one song live in an entire concert tour is enough to ‘silence the critics’? Is that really all it takes nowadays?

  • Lida

    Wow! You can clearly hear the song in the background, britney’s just singing over. On the few instances when she does sing live, her back-up singers sing in unison with her so she doesn’t sound so bad. I’m not impressed and it’s pathetic that this even made news. britney should be embarassed that her singing live even made news and that she sang a song that wasn’t her usual dance-pop. It shows what a one-trick pony she is!

    • Xander

      “one trick pony”? how old are you, like 50? go away, your just jealous. stop hating just cause shes BRITNEY SPEARS, i dont know what the hell some people think! Give the girl a break, shes on top of her game and SO many people love her, it doesnt really matter what the haters have to say. keep hatin, cause that seems to be a trick your pony-@$$ is good at.

      • Lida

        I’m actually 22 thanx! Obviously, it does matter what the haters have to say cause your replying to my comment so I obviously hit a nerve. You wanna love britney that’s fine, but that girl has no talent. period. and all you fans know it. It doesn’t take much to entertain u does it? Shakes her ass and flips her hair around and you’re in aww! I don’t care how many albums she’s sold or how many people love her, she still can’t sing and people set the standards very low for her! She’s a fake-singing stripper!

    • j-hawk

      Hey Lida its J-hawk! ho says one trick pony anyway? You need a life, because making jokes about Brit won’t help you any. Do you not have friends at all? Her standards are obviously higher than yours. You get on every Britney site to talk crap to people. Like we care what you think Lida! Maybe your jealous because people like her and not you in life. Tell them Lida who you like…. Lida loves Lady GAGA! Hates Britney but loves Gaga, and thinks she’s cute! Yeah if you want a man! Shut up Lida! Maybe your standards are low for liking Gaga!?! If a 22 yr old sounds like a fifty yr old with your one trick pony then you must not have many friends. What 22 yr old says that at all?? You keep talking about haters, you’re the one looking for Britney sites to yell at people. Someone that uses “one trick pony”,shouldn’t be using the word haters! You sound fifty and like a wannabe gangsta. Wannabe just like Gaga! Later underdog!

  • Tim


  • PNK

    How is this a “good” performance? Sluggish routine, no moves or energy on stage, and virtually no “attitude” which this song is all about. Just being able to sing and get through the song does not make it a good performance. I’ve (like many of you) seen many performers on stage, and this is tres lackluster in my opinion. Just pick up the check and go home!! Phonin’ it in.

  • ML

    I’m a big Alanis and Britney fan and esp. for Alanis to be put out there by someone who never seemed to care about anything outside of other popstars,it’s a treat. I’m glad Alanis is being recognized for her amazing work,even in unlikely places. She deserves to be put up there with one of the best women in music! I may make this a favorite on youtube!

  • vistaprime

    this is quite good…and I just thought of her as a dancer…like Madonna…but guess I was wrong…good on you, Britney.

    • j-hawk

      Madonna is more than a dancer! That’s where her best work comes in but that isn’t all she does!

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