The 50 worst albums of the decade? See if you agree

Grab a bendy straw and and get ready to sip the haterade, Music Mixers — British music blog Gigwise has compiled its definitive list of the 50 worst albums of the 2000s.

While it has its share decidedly U.K.-centric picks — reality blow-up dolls Katie Price and Peter Andre grab the No. 1 spot, and quintessentially Brit outfits like Oasis, Razorlight and Robbie Williams are royally dissed — North Americans hardly escape their wrath.

Amongst the damned: Avril Lavigne (for 2002’s Let Go), Jennifer Lopez (2005’s Rebirth), Mariah Carey (2002 underwhelmer Charmbracelet) Guns ‘n Roses ( 2007’s Chinese Democracy), and the Black Eyed Peas, for their latest; plus less-than-stellar catalog entries from nu-metallers Staind and Puddle of Mudd, and Limp Bizkit.

Not to be outdone? few of our favorite actress/singer/spray-tan-provider hyphenates (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, the Simpsons Ashlee and Jessica); the odd sad white rapper (Vanilla Ice, Kevin Federline), grunge god Chris Cornell, the JoBros, and — last but not least — Celine Dion. Her heart will go on!

Get the full list after the jump (and see all its brutally snarky commentary compiled on one page here):

50. Oasis: ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants’ (2000)

49. Black Eyed Peas: ‘The E.N.D’ (2009)

48. Hard Fi: ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ (2007)

47. Razorlight: ‘Razorlight’ (2006)

46. Scouting For Girls: ‘Scouting For Girls’ (2007)

45. Daniel Powter: ‘Daniel Powter’ (2005)

44. The Darkness: ‘One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back’ (2005)

42. Queen & Paul Rodgers: ‘The Cosmos Rocks’ (2008)

41. Guns N Roses: ‘Chinese Democracy’ (2008)

40. Kaiser Chiefs: ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ (2007)

39. Mark Ronson: ‘Version’ (2007)

38. Puddle of Mudd: ‘Life On Display’ (2003)

37. Staind: ‘Break The Cycle’ (2001)

36. Avril Lavigne: ‘Let Go’ (2002)

35. Nickelback: ‘All The Right Reasons’ (2005)

34. The Twang: ‘Jewellery Quarter’ (2009)

33. Towers of London: ‘Blood Sweat and Towers’ (2006)

32. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em: ‘’

31. Limp Bizkit: ‘Results May Vary’ (2003)

30. Las Ketchup: ‘Hijas del Tomate’ (2002)

29. Westlife: ‘Allow Us To Be Frank’ (2004)

28. Tokio Hotel: ‘Scream’ (2007)

27. Jennifer Lopez: ‘Rebirth’ (2005)

26. Robbie Williams: ‘Rudebox’ (2006)

25. Lindsay Lohan: ‘Speak’ (2004)

24. Mariah Carey: ‘Charmbracelet’ (2002)

23. Geri Halliwell: ‘Scream If You Wanna Go Faster’ (2001)

22. Alice Deejay: ‘Who Needs Guitars Anyway?’ (2000)

21. Ashlee Simpson: ‘I Am Me’ (2005)

20. Kelly Osbourne: ‘Changes’ (2003)

19. James Blunt: ‘Back To Bedlam’ (2004)

18. Jessica Simpson: ‘Do You Know’ (2008)

17. Craig David: ‘Born To Do It’ (2000)

16. Insane Clown Posse: ‘Bizzar’/’Bizaar’ (2000)

15. Celine Dion: ‘Taking Chances’ (2007)

14. Gareth Gates: ‘What My Heart Wants To Say’ (2003)

13. Rik Waller: ‘From Now’ (2002)

12. Enrique Iglesias: ‘Escape’ (2001)

11. Daphne & Celeste: ‘We Didn’t Say That!’ (2000)

10. Vanilla Ice: ‘Bi-Polar’ (2001)

9. Victoria Beckham: ‘Victoria Beckham’ (2001)

8. The Cheeky Girls: ‘Party Time’ (2004)

7. Paris Hilton: ‘Paris’ (2006)

6. Chris Cornell: ‘Scream’ (2009)

5. Kevin Federline: ‘Playing With Fire’ (2006)

4. brokeNCYDE: ‘I’m Not A Fan… But The Kids Like It’ (2009)

3. Crazy Frog: ‘Crazy Hits’ (2005)

2. The Jonas Brothers: ‘A Little Bit Longer’ (2008)

1. Katie Price & Peter Andre: ‘A Whole New World’ (2006)

What do you think, Music Mixers — what sonic abominations are missing here? And who deserves to be taken off this list altogether?

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  • paige

    haha Mariah’s charmbracelet! watch all her crazy fans get all in an uproar about this one… ” The warbling diva surpassed even her lowly standards with this 2002 release. If any album on this countdown is intolerable enough to make you gnaw your knuckles hard enough to draw blood, then it’s this musical nightmare.”- lol indeed!

    • Lorey

      I always wondered why she thought charm bracelet was one word.

    • sierra

      Brokencyde was amazing!!!, you idiots have no taste in music, you closed minded communists

      • alex

        i completely agree

      • Riley

        I agree ^^^

      • Kaylla(:

        BROKENCYDE FOR EVER BABY!! You people have bad taste BC is ahmazinggg, loosers. Just because you guys are old and dont like their screamo awesome ness doesnt mean you have to put them on here. they are blood amazing!!

      • Hyphy

        Only those who are unwelcoming to change can sit there and say brokencyde sucks….
        They’re amazing and unique and some of the coolest guys on the face of the planet.

        Brokencyde will neva die!

      • kristen

        brokencyde is amazing! they shouldnt be on this list at all. being unique is not being a bad band + if u dont like their genre of music, dont hate on thier album. BC13!!

      • Kelsi

        If you people would take your opinions from under lock and key, you would realize that BrokeNCYDE is the next generation of great music. They’re young and unique, which is something hard to be accepted for. So sorry that your classics aren’t as popular as they used to be, gramps, but… BROKENCYDE WILL NEVER DIE!

      • j4n31

        agree!!! they rock and if u dont think that then go fck urself

      • You Know My Name

        Oh, my God… I wish you guys were a bunch of hipsters who think irony is hilarious.

        Seriously, I’m 13 years old and I see nothing good about Brokencyde. They push the line of subjectivity in music to a point where I instantly love anything I hear immediately after listening to them.

        Well, I guess I’m off to go fck myself.

    • blah!!


    • Josh

      brokencyde kicks ass! you guys have no clue

      • Caity

        Can you give one good reason why brokencyde is a good band? They do serious amounts of drugs, they sing about have sexing with girls around the age of 14 (when they are all 20+) , and the screamer sounds like he’s choking or something. If you want some real music, go listen to Gallows or something.

      • Xyro Syn

        stfu caity. you dont know music. and you obviously dont know brokeNCYDE.

      • zack

        hey caity you make it sound like doing drugs and having sex with 14 year olds are realy bad things
        you no taste in music

      • nick

        In which song do they talk about having sex with 14 year olds?

      • Isaiah

        My, it does appear that there are far more middle school kids who read this stuff than I previously thought, but then again, it’s not like this is pitchfork, so I probably shouldn’t be that surprised. I’d just like to point out that, even if you do think they’re unique (they’re really not, trust me on this), you can’t deny the lack of diversity within their rhythms, or that their music is written on about a fifth grade level, possibly with a little bit more swearing.

  • paige

    i’m suprised “just whitney” isnt on there…

  • Muffy

    Craig David’s album was good! What? No, Ashlee Simpson, Britney,Will Smith, Rihanna,etc.?

    • Patty

      Ashlee Simpson is #21

    • t

      ashlee simpson was on there #21

    • Gorkem

      What?? All of Britney’s albums rock, she’s the biggest-seller of the decade and the queen.You cannot put Britney’s name into your “simpson,smith,rihanna etc.” list!!

      • Random guy

        Britney = failed musician

  • BigC

    Funny how most of these albums had some major hit songs off of them. But ya, alot of them do suck, the artists at least.

  • Danielle

    ‘Rudebox’ is so underrated. I do have to wonder how many of those Gigwise actually listened to or just put on the list because of the artist.

    • Anna

      I agree, good album

      • Katie

        Glad I wasn’t the only one put off by that list addition. Give Robbie another chance!

    • Nasri

      I still love the old big black piastlc things with the hole in the middle Today I have a problem to read the liner notes of a cd-cover – to small everything.I don´t like the jewel-cases either. The digipack, CD packaging is for me very attractiv, but they could be a little bit bigger.

  • Doug

    Um, neither Avril nor Celine are Americans.

    • Patty

      This isn’t a strictly American list.

    • Megan

      EW mentioned it about being North Americans, which includes Canadians

    • T-Deo

      And Americans couldn’t be happier about that.

    • AMJ

      This is a British list that includes international artists.

      • Davoud

        Great riveew.This psykes me up to riveew Juliani’s Mtaa Mentality and Wenyeji’s Taifa

  • a person

    WOW i only owned three of those-Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, and Lindsey Lohan! Though the last one was a birthday gift, which me n my friend scratched on purpose 2 try out some stuff that was supposed to get rid of scratches (i wanted to fix my Kelly Clarkson Breakaway cd) but it didn’t work so I threw that one out!

  • Mike

    In no way should “Version” by Mark Ronson be on that list.

    • Pat in Harrisburg PA

      100% agree.. That Ronson disc is way too cool!

    • Chris Richards

      Ditto! That is an AMAZING CD

    • Via

      That is the only album I own from this list and I had to do a double take when I saw it on here. Not deserved at all.

    • Carmen

      I love Version. Completely off base on that one being on the list.

    • trepithet

      my thoughts exactly.

      • Fevida

        To begin with, I would like to thanks in the slletar as well as informative access. I will have to acknowledge which often, We have not heard concerning this information. We now have observed quite a few new information with regard to cause. Many thanks a lot for providing this effective as well as interesting information. We’re waiting around pertaining to other thrilling posts due to you from the nearest long term.

    • Kevin

      If for no other reason, it deserves to be on the list for having Phantom Planet butcher Radiohead’s “Just”.

    • Lauren

      Very much in agreement with all of you. Can think of ten albums right now to take its place. Liked Hard Fi’s “Stars of CCTV” so I’ll have to check out their album listed here. Interestingly, think Ronson produced the Kaiser Cheifs’ album on this list, so I’ll be checking that out.

    • DM

      totaly agree. innovative, interesting and unique. fantastic producer.

  • Angie

    Any “worst of” list that contains Nickelback is a-ok with me.

    • crispy

      They really should be higher.

    • petunia

      Heh, well said

    • MargeThatch

      I AGREE. I was just surprised it was that high on the list, and that only one of their albums made it.

  • Tom

    Avril with Let Go?
    That album is awesome.

    • Taylor

      I agree. Look, I’m not a huge fan of her in general, but that album was a really strong pop album and I remember playing it to death. Sure, it was a little angsty but not overwhelmingly so. It seems as if her other albums should be on this list instead of this one.

    • Gorkem

      Avril sucks. That album was horrible.. She’s fake and untalented.

  • Muffy

    Oh, I see. Ashlee is on there, but the list is nothing to brag about. A lot artist are not on there, and a few artist, who souldn’t even be on there(it’s like 2 or 3)

  • Ned

    The inclusion of brokeNCYDE lends this list all the credibility it needs.

    • Tim

      100% agree. Although they should be #1. Worst album of all time actually.

      • Kat

        Agreed whole-heartedley. I’m just wondering why on earth 30h3 (however you spell it) isn’t up there right after them…

      • kristen

        just because you dont like the genre they chose, doesnt make them bad bands. brokencyde and 3oh!3 are amazing bands.

    • Taylor Williams

      UHM. ACTUALLY, BROKENCYDE ROCKS. AND SO DOES 3OH!3. I have met both of the bands and they are killer awesome guys. If you guys don’t like there music, then dont listen to it. Don’t talk about how bad they are. They have worked as hard as every other artist to get where they are today.

      • Robert

        I Agree w/ taylor, both those bands are THEE SHIZ ok and whoever put them on this stupid list can go fall in a hole xP they deserve WAY more credit than these DA’s r giving them, so stick that in your juicebox and suck it EW!!! :P

      • Brooke

        Brokencyde and 3OH!3 are amazing bands for their genre… don’t say they’re bad bands just because you don’t like the style of music they play…

      • Matthew

        I agree and disagree. All of the artists on this list have worked hard to get where they are. And all of them have put out horrid music at one point or another.

        Brokencyde have some good songs. And others are an insult to the ears. That’s why they’re here.

      • james fulop

        BROKEN cyde BC13 is F@#$ING great they dont deserve to be up ther and 3oh!3 is just as good so you all can chop your nuts off and choke on them 4 all i care

      • Random guy

        Yeah i agree with brooke they play the best in thier genre’s just because you dont like thier genre’s doesnt mean you have to hate them personally

      • Cynthia

        I totally agree with Taylor, BrokenCYDE is AMAZING

    • Chris

      Brokencyde, 3oh!3 are AMAZING.. whoever did this are wrong..

      • spatula

        I’ll agree with you Brokencyde fans when at least 75% learn how to spell. Brokencyde isn’t completely without merit, they show us everything that’s wrong with youth these days.

      • Zombeh Luv

        BrokeNCYDE and 3oh!3 are great bands. I <3 them. Just because you don't like them, doesn't mean you can just bash them and our generation like that. I may not like all of your generation's music, but you don't see me going on about it. I don't care what you listen to and quite frankly.. I think what today's youth has done with the english language, in regards to abbreviations & chatcronyms, is clever and practical. We're great at expressing ourselves in a sense.. and in my opinion- itz k!ck a$$, jst lyk thse b@ndz!!!1! rotflmao ;]
        (jk I don't type that extreme haha)

    • BRee Bree

      sounds like you oldies miss the elevator music huh? * so sad * BROKENCYDE w00t!

      • John

        Posted on Hey Victor ~So glad you found this page helpful. Keep us poestd on how greening your production goes. Yes, banding together with other green filmmakers is vital. GREEN POWER!

  • jaime


  • Ceballos

    Wait…Vanilla Ice release an album in THIS decade?!

    • Elisabeth

      I oreerdd my tickets for the CT concert at the Fox in St. Louis on October 20th. I will be sitting in the orchestra pit this time and have tickets to the meet-and-greet. I hope you are one of the guys who take part in the m&g. I may just faint dead away if you are one of the guys. I am an old man–old enough to be your grandfather–so it would be a sight to see an old fat man faint dead away at the sight of his favorite CT member. I am glad yuu and George are staying safe despite all the bad weather out East. I have been worried about you two boys.I can hardly wait until October 20th. I am hoping the weather is as warm as it was last October so we can stand outside the stage door and watch you guys board the bus! AND I am hoping as Sharon and Phil put together the rest of the concert, they allow you to sing a couple of your own songs.Stay safe. Enjoy Australia later this month. You are a good kid, Ryan. And that is important in this day and age.

  • Tony

    Yeah, I think Britney should be up there. A few of her albums ARE TERRIBLE! Same goes with a few other “artists” that have come out with stuff. I don’t think Mark Ronson or Hard-Fi should be on there. I know The E.N.D. wasn’t the best BEP album, it still better than a lot of other crap that comes out.

    • Gorkem

      Britney is the biggest-seller of the decade and her all albums rock.. Of course she is not in the list..

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