Kanye West apologizes for interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs: 'I'm not crazy...I'm just real.'

Kanye West didn’t even wait until the next morning to apologize for his bizarre behavior during Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video win at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards. “I’M SOOOOO SORRY,” the superstar wrote in a characteristically all-caps entry on his personal blog, posted before the VMAs broadcast even ended, adding, “I’M IN THE WRONG.” While acknowledging that the 19-year-old Swift is “VERY TALENTED,” West also sought to explain his actions, writing, “WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!!!! EVERYBODY WANNA BOOOOO ME BUT I’M A FAN OF REAL POP CULTURE!!!”


What do you think of West’s contrite words? Do you think that this makes up for his outburst at the VMAs?

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  • nicko

    he’s a motherflippin’ gay fish.

    • Kelly

      nicko – that is an insult to gay fish everywhere. I’d say the man is just a low class pig, but I don’t want to insult the pigs either. NEVER again will one cent of my money go to that “thing”. As long as people continue to accept this crap, it will continue to happen.

      • Paige

        Yes your right he is a low class pig! and i’m not going to every buy one of his songs or cd’s again if this is really how big his ego is!

      • Kristine

        HA!!! My husband and I had a great laugh over this….I agree, it is an insult to gay fish everywhere : )

    • Emma

      I don’t know what that means but if it means “rude, classless bully” then I agree.

    • justamom

      West is a classless, drunken, mental case. He needs to be in a mental institution. He should be barred everywhere. I heard he is supposed to appear on Leno and if his appearance is not cancelled I will never watch Leno again.

    • Rob

      That’s awesome, I need to watch that episode again

    • karen

      He’s a spoiled child that thinks he should be able to do whatever he feels like doing whenever he feels like doing it, if he uses the excuse of “Being Real”. Go into rehab Kanye, you have a problem.

      • Barbara

        he’s a racist…nobody should stand for this and continue to buy his music. we’ve done well by showing that we don’t support this type of behavior and we need to continue this even when the person doing this is an African American…we can’t allow anyone of us to slip back in time..no matter what race is displaying this type of outburst

      • Peace

        To Barbara What racist comment did he make?

      • Lindsey

        It’s not the fact that he made a comment, but his actions, and I’m sure, were race-related. I think Kanye is being let off waaaay to easy for his antics, because vice versa this situation. If a white man were to do that to a young black pop-star, his title would be stripped and he would have nothing. And outside of this VMA disaster he created, Kanye is a racist, and a total douchebag.

      • Karen

        So Lindsey you in your infinite wisdom read his heart and passed judgement and decided since he was black and she was white this must be a racist incident. Do you hear yourself? Don’t judge people’s motives. It’s not fair to you or to them.

      • Rachel

        Karen, Kanye was recorded backstage screaming about how they needed to “give a black man a chance!”. So yes, I think it’s fair to assume that his actions were at least in part racially-motivated.

    • T-Man

      Nicko don’t insult gays by putting them in the same league as that vile filth Kanye. Kanye said he was being real? Well how this for you? You think it will be all good in the hood now that you said your little condescending apology, right Kanye? Think again A$$HOLE! I was, noticed the WAS, a huge fan of yours, I owned over 40 of your CD’s, but no more. They are worht over 400 smackers but I will gladly destroyed them. I no longer want to listen to your digusting mouth, nor do I want to look at your ignorant face ever again. Taylor Swift is not my genre of music, but guess what? I will GLADLY DONATE MY MONEY TO BUY HER CD’S. THEN GIVE THEM OUT AS GIFTS. THAT IS MY STATEMENT TO YOU.

      • Adriel Vaughn

        Even though I don’t condone what Kanye done it was classes. Did he not appoligize and was it not accepted by Ms Swift so how does what he done affect you and your sorry pathetic lives. what he did affects him and Taylor he really needs to grow up but all the other racist rants on here is trully ridiculous grow up and get a life and stop idolizing music performers and so called movie stars. GROW UP PEOPLE AND GET A LIFE

    • CHAD

      he is a racist ! AND RUDE plain and simple call it what you want, YES Beyonce video was awesome ! but please how can some one like him do that to taylor ! or anyone on stage PLEASE i will never ever listen to west again ! that’s being REAL !

      • Grace

        Then don’t listen to him again. I question if you listened to him in the first place with your racial issues. Go back into the past that you came fromt.

      • dell

        So-he’s black, the girl he dissed is white, and the one he dissed her in favor of is black, and you STILL think that’s a coincidence? Sometimes it goes the other way, honey-face facts.

      • Getalife

        Oh Dell you get real. They just happen to be two people who are different colors. They are both a million times better off than you.

      • Gina

        I agree !!! Anyone who spends a cent on his music is supporting his behavior. My friends, my family, and myself have made a pack to boycott Kanye.

    • Word

      Well at least he grabbed the mic and not his crotch. As far as being “real”…WTF is that all about!!?? Another excuse for having no presence in the momemnt and having no class at all…being real??? Yea right, that’s the excuse for the people who don’t have the emotional maturity to think before they act. That works when you are 10 but sooner or later you become a man. But you know what they say…when you smoke herb, if you never stop, you stay at the same emotional age as when you started smoking it. So what we have is a grown man acting like a kid and being “real”. I hope someone kicks his a55.

  • Dana

    Is it me or did that “apology” seem rather insincere and almost condescending?

    • Jenn

      absolutely. It’s the caps. He’s truly terrible.

      • BlackJesus

        If you haven’t deleted the songs of this racist, what are you waiting for? Do it now.

      • Bluebunny

        But he was real

      • Deb

        real stupid

      • Nadia

        I actually did delete his music off my iphone after I saw his classless behavior last night. I had never liked him personally, but, until yesterday night, was a fan of his music – that’s all done now.

      • Dark Dot

        Pay attention: the writer mentioned that Kanye characteristically writes in all caps on his site. It would have been more fishy had he done something out of the ordinary.

      • Jakob

        I got rid of all his music after watching this, I was so upset. I will switch the radio to a different station if he’s on, I won’t dance to his song at the club and deleted all the MP3s already. He lost a fan, congrats Kanye for being your own worst enemy.

      • wintaroxi

        yeah but you kno what even if he did write in his usual way in caps… it looks to me that he’s just saying this for his ‘fans’ instead of truly meaning it to taylor. if he was keeping it real he should have kept it real by just sitting at his seat and let taylor have her award. he made an idiot of himself and beyonce, who at least made it up to taylor to have her moment again when she went up. he’s just an idiot.


        MTV SUX

        /THREAD n00bs

      • Jane

        Yeah, typing in all caps means you are screaming. Maybe he’s trying to emphasize that what he’s saying is important, but if everything is important, then that makes nothing important. Either way, the content is insincere at best.

      • Nowhateskanye


      • alex

        It wasn’t exactly an apology though which was kind of annoying

    • nic

      He needs serious mental help. That was not an apology. People please stop buying his music. He must be knocked down a peg in life.

      • Fatima

        That’s a dumb reason not to enjoy someone’s music.

      • Rachel

        It seemed totally fake & forced… it seemed like he was saying sorry and taking it away. He is a loser!

      • cowboy

        It is the PERFECT reason to not buy someone’s music He has no respect for other artists or his fans. Why should he be rewarded with OUR respect by buying his music?

      • Yesenia

        I agree Rachel. It’s pretty insincere.

      • g

        He probably was right. Swift’s music went out back in the neanderthal days, when cavemen ruled the roost. Tell it like it is Kanye.

      • carolyn ecoff

        While I love Beyonce, I feel like Kanye should have let Taylor have her moment in the spotlight. (I LOVE Taylor Swift as well.) That was VERY CLASSY of Beyonce to invite Taylor up to have her moment….I felt bad for Kanye losing his mother like he did….maybe he needs some grief counseling, I DON’T think his mother would have approved of this move!!!

      • Bluebunny

        Nic that your lost in Mr. West music and many others gain the is real hes not a fake and remember freedom of speech only thing is wrong place wrong time but he kept it real.

      • Deb

        He needs rehab

      • M.L.Smith

        He has been knocked down, by the death of his mother.He is still grieving.this does not make it right, but wait until you loose your mom. Then see how you cope. I pray that God will give him peace.

      • wakeforce

        It has nothing to do with his music. If you don;t like his music, you don;t have to buy. You prolly wouldn’t anyway, but don’t tell me not to buy his music. It’s a f**k-in free country!

      • Rock Golf

        No lame excuses. Kanye’s mother died two years ago or more. Whereas Kanye has been acting like a tool for much longer.

        This was his way of saying “this awards show isn’t about anybody else. It’s about me.”

        I’d love to see an awards show where Kanye get called up in the category he’s nominated in and told by the present. “You LOST Kanye. Sucks to be you.”

        I applauded Kanye when he gave his “George Bush hates black people” speech in the Katrina telethon. That was a truth that needed to be said. But these are completely different circumstances.

        No one’s lives were at risk. The offended person had no control over getting the award. It’s a freakin’ MTV award! In two years, heck, two weeks, who would have remembered?

        Kanye’s behavior was the most classless act I’ve seen anyone ever do in so public a position. This apology doesn’t go nearly far enough.

      • Ailene

        So true! You can be real and not be rude…what he DID was the problem NOT what he said. Get it right people. You know if it was you in Taylor’s place you’d be upset.

      • Jess

        I agree that the death of his mother has probably affected him in a terrible way, but this is a pattern of behavior for him. I don’t think we can fairly attribute his actions to grief – he’s done this many times. Remember when he protested because he didn’t receive “Video of the Year,” saying that he deserved to win because he had “spent a million dollars and Pam Anderson was in it?” He is arrogant and this was so uncalled for. He needs to keep his mouth shut about things that are not his business and he really needs to learn how to lose graciously. He could take a few lessons from Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

      • wintaroxi

        i’m not going to stop listening to his music.. i mean i know what he did was immature and rude… but he is also human, if anything an idiot.

      • angel

        Its called a back handed apology! Though I dont care for Taylors music at all I think that not only was it in poor taste for him to do that to a kid and a collegue but had that been done to him I cannot imagine what his reaction would have been!

      • Trudie

        You cannot attribute his behavior on the death of his mother – he has been behaving this way for years. Anytime he doesn’t win an award he makes an ass of himself.

      • mle

        Wow! He has no self control! What an animal!!!

      • SSB

        I agree with you cowboy!! If we still buy and listen to his music after what he did we’re agreeing that what he did was ok!! AND IT WAS NOT!!!!

      • Country Pixie 77

        Ok M.L. Smith, he might be grieving but there is no excuse for disrespecting other artist! “Wait until one of you loses your mother”?!!! Are you freaking serious?! Lets take a look at Jennifer Hudson…Hmm, she lost multiple members of her family! I have yet to see her “grieve” by drinking and going on stage to act like a complete douche! And why might that be?Because unlike KWest she has class to respect her collegues! Something a true real musician can recognize! Beyonce has always shown class and respect throughout her career. What she did was a perfect photo opp and excuse for attention. MTV producers are geniouses!!

    • Chappel

      He should probably wait until he’s off his crack high to say anything in public. Not that he wouldn’t still sound like an idiot.

      • lula


      • Yvonne

        Kanye was wrong for what he did; however, he apologized. Some people in this “world” have double-standards. They accept a Senator who was in a formal address given by our President of the United States; called our President a Liar in a very disrespectful outburst….however, when Kanye apologized–somehow it’s not accepted. What is really going on here? Just like when Serena Williams had a meltdown. What’s really going on in this country? When John McEnroe would have temper tantrums and throw his racket—NOBODY said anything. He was NEVER fined. I don’t like what I’m seeing in this country. Before, racism was “underlying”; now, it’s blatant and obvious. I see these “protesters” as being KKK without the hoods and sheets. Shame on all of you for perpetuating this foolishness.

      • ben

        Yvonne. He was disrespecting on someone. Hell, taylor couldn’t do that feat again in entire life and then this monkey came and stole her moment. About the “you lied” thingy, the guy was voicing out a concern because in Emergency situations, you get treated first befoer being asked if one is an illegal or not. When it happens, we still gotta be paying for the illegals. John McEnroe uses displacement on his anger. Serena threaten and curse a person. —— Look around you. It’s your kind that’s making america look bad… well, at least most of the time.

      • Jordan

        Yvonne, that was an absolutely ignorant thing to say. John McEnroe was in a COMPLETELY different era first of all. Second, you have to include ALL the facts in order to form a valid argument, not just the facts that support YOUR side. Players of every race in ANY sport get fined and punished for their outbursts and poor behavior these days. Just because some of them happen to be African American does not make it a race issue. This whole Kanye ordeal was never a race issue to begin with.

      • Barry

        hey Yvonne… Obama called him a Jackass.

    • chelle

      DEFINATELY! It’s a big…”I’m sorry, but…blah, blah, blah..” How the hell is that a real apology?

      • Ugh

        Thats not what hes saying. He’s not saying he’s sorry for thinking she doesnt deserve the award. theres nothing to be sorry for. he says he was outta line getting on stage and announcing it. that is sincere.

        as for the caps, thats just his blog

      • cowboy

        WRONG, Ugh. ANY apology that is followed up by “but” is NOT an apology. It is saying what he thinks people want to hear, yet again instills what he mean to say in the first place. He’s a douche.

      • john

        what do you expect from him (them) ! nothing new!

      • Yvonne

        A real apology is the same “real apology” given after these Republicans cheat on their wives, and until they get caught–they go on with the lies and unfaithfulness–until the media threatens to expose them—then, they “confess” and apologize. This is utterly ridiculous and unacceptable. It should not be this way. Either this nation is going to forgive all people who make mistakes and apologize publically; or we’re not going to accept ANYBODY’s apology. This doesn’t make sense to me that we only accept caucasian’s apology, but not african-american’s? I know some people are going to suggest that this isn’t about race—but, if we’re honest—it definitely is. Let’s look at these “protester’s” at the Town-hall meetings, and the “Tea Party’s”…where were they when George Bush allowed billions of dollars wasted in the Iraqi war that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Nobody protested when wall street took home millions in bonuses and almost bankrupted this economy. We need an apology for this. Yet; rules for one should be the same as the rules for others. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Shame on yall.

      • Jordan

        Yvonne do you realize that YOU’RE the one being racist here?

        Racist is not strictly a term that applies to white people’s feelings against black people.

        It’s apparent to me that you have something against white people, thus contradicting everything you’re arguing here.

      • wella

        Yvonne, while we’re on the subject of racism, please stop referring to “caucasians”. Not all white people are from the Caucasus, and it’s a term as inaccurate as your punctuation. You really do need to calm down-I don’t think this situation quite merits being compared to George Bush’s defense spending or Wall Street’s peccadillos. Please go look up “perspective” in the nearest dictionary and read the definition through twenty times.

    • Flo

      In the world of politics this is what is referred to as the “non-apology apology”. ie; Kanye is real sorry Taylor Swift cried, not that he acted like a classless, self centered, ego maniacal, racist, pederast.

      • Keep it positive

        He’s rude not racist. He doesn’t discriminate in his rudeness.

      • mel

        If it isn’t racist then why does he do this sort of thing often? He’s done this to about five other artists (all white), saying someone else should have one (all black).

      • Kristy

        To Mel. Why are you pushing race? Do you hate the human race so much you want to divide it by make an issue out of race on everything?

      • Bluebunny

        Flo what race has to do with it ,he felt Beyonce was better and should have won this has to do with talent not rasism and Beyonce videos are better and everyone was shock when she didnt win .

      • Rose

        To John who said what do expect from (them) what are you referring to, Black people. You are an ignorant racist it sounds like to me. Yes he was out of line for how he approached the situation, but he has the right to like whatever type of music he wants. A big thumbs up to Beyonce for letting her have her moment.

      • eclav

        Whether Beyonce’s video “was better” is an entirely separate question from the appropriateness of Kanye’s behavior.

      • dmatt

        Now, that is keeping it real!! To the people that want to defend him, freedom of speech goes both ways..The “real” thing is that he has been a jerk for a long time.

      • P-D

        Kanye was out of line as usual… Taylor is so talented! BUT I dont agree that he is racist, in the past he said that Amy Winehouse should have won and award that went to someone else and we all know she isnt black. I think he’s just a hater of all people…. he needs to get off his high horse.

      • LaChelle

        Ok Yvonne you want to talk racism? Why is there still all black colleges but you don’t see all white colleges? There may be all whites in a college but it is not advertise as an all white college. How about there sure isn’t a white holiday, but hell there is a black holiday. Heaven forbid there be a white holiday. You can’t sit there behind your computer and talk about things you know nothing about. In case you haven’t heard, we have a BLACK President. I mean he is half black and half white but of course he is known as the Black President. Get off your high horse and get a life.

    • Anica

      I’ll be clicking off his videos and definitely ignoring his music now. That’s what “REAL” is.

      • Lucy

        I agree…although I wasn’t a fan before and never will be one now.

      • Babs

        Me too. He’s off the I-POD.

    • jp

      No, you’re correct. He’s an insincere jackass. And he can suck it.

    • Brittany

      I totally agree with you. That wasn’t an apology at all…it was Kanye being his typical, unprofessional self…there’s not a whole lot else you can say to that type of petty disgustingness.

    • pam

      In my opinion he was wrong but he really didn’t have to apologize. The VMA’s are geared for white people. As you can see, there weren’t many of “us” in the audience. I wasn’t shocked that she received the award of Beyonce, not because she was better but because of the color of her skin. I think Beyonce should have won it. A lot of people thought the same way but Kanye was the only person who had enough “Balls” to get up there and say it!!!!!!

      • Brigid

        I’m not sure whether we were watching the same awards show or not… but Beyonce won for best video of the year, and Taylor won best female video of the year…. Beyonce still won an award, and it was a bigger award then the one Taylor did.

      • Manna

        This is ridiculous. Beyonce didn’t win this because it was obvious she was going to win video of the year and no one wants to watch the same person take home all the awards in a night. It was about ratings which it always is with MTV. It was about keeping an audience through the whole program and you have to admit that when one person wins all the awards, and she was nominated for 9, people get bored and don’t watch. They lose the audience. So they spread it out. This happens every year with them. It’s not new and it’s not shocking.

        Whether anyone thinks Taylor Swift should have won or not is not the issue here. The issue is that it wasn’t OK for him to go up onstage and take away her moment. She didn’t deserve that no matter what and it was completely out of line. Also, he would never have gotten onstage and tried to take a microphone away from someone with a stronger presence and will. Had Pink won that award she would have kicked his ass if he had tried and I would have cheered her on.

      • arc

        I did not realize it was an “us” v “them” award show (how very progressive). I hope that everyone who claimed racism or inappropriate behavior when Joe Wilson said “You’re lying” during the President’s speech last week is staying consistent this week (ie, “Joe Wilson was the only person who had enough ‘Balls’ to say it).

      • Lori

        As far as the VMA’s being geared towards white people, you couldn’t be more wrong. Invitations are sent out to pretty much all musicians…it’s racist if black artists don’t choose to attend (re: seeing “us” in the audience). You sound quite racist yourself.
        And yes Kayne is an idiot…he wasn’t keeping it REAL. Keeping it REAL while maintaining professionalism would have been to keep his idiot, big-headed self in his seat and then talk about it rationally on a blog, or twitter, or whatever. This is repetitive behavior on his part…anytime the loser doesn’t agree with someone else’s win…he jumps up and tries to take over the other person’s moment. Whether or not the big-mouthed egomaniac agrees with something doesn’t give him the right to act like a complete jerk. But then again, that’s Kayne. Swift handled it a lot better than I would have. I would’ve told him, “hey little boy, we all know you want attention, but this isn’t your moment so you need to take your a** back to your seat. Or preferably…LEAVE.”

      • Mandy marie

        Pam, uggh. You cannot be serious. Ughh, you are. That is so sad and frustrating. If Kanye wants to disagree, he’s free to do that, but in another forum, NOT during the winner’s acceptance. Oh, and NEWSFLASH: Beyonce won the even bigger award for the same video. Is that because the color of Taylor Swift’s skin? Your idiocy is maddening.

      • T-Man

        Pam your an insult to your race. It doesn’t matter if Beyonce should have won that award or not, it still is unacceptable to act like a jerkwad to a young lady who had nothing to do with the voting. And if you condone what Kayne did, then your more of an idiot than he is.

    • Angie

      This sort of behavior is unacceptable from someone who our youth looks up to. Our youth takes there cues from people they look up to and want to be like. God bless us if our young adults start acting like him. My kids are no longer aloud to purchase any of his music. I hope other people feel the same way. Boycott bad behavior…

      • mrebl

        Yes we should definitely ignore all his music. just the way he made himself sound in his blog…a real apology should have been given to taylor swift first!
        just because he has his own opinion of who should have won it, does not give him ANY right to do what he did! It’s his own opinion and should have kept it to himself!

    • carole

      Kanye the master at being a PRICK and totally self absorbed..

    • Robert

      and how do we know that the blog entry was actually written by him – like in all his idea, all by himself – he probably had someone write out the “apology” and someone else typed it into this blog – BOYCOTT KANYE

    • Cathy

      Real? How about plain old rude, Kanye. Taylor, you’re a class act!

    • Lucy

      he was probably drunk when he wrote that message. he already took the message down. guess he’s feeling the heat!

    • Tanaka

      I think it was ok i can see where he was comming from now the problem with what went on was not how he felt but how he went about it that was disrespectful too Taylor Swiff but those are his beliefs (even though Beyonce’s video ws’nt the best of the decade) but neverthe less those were his feelings now people make mistakes let’s forgive him and hope he don’t do it again…

    • Deb

      I thought Taylor Swift showed tremendous restraint and grace and not kicking his a$$ off the stage. Each of their actions show who has more class. He is a rude insensitive jerk and she was classy and very mature given her age. If it had been me I would have given him a swift kick where it would have really hurt and taken back the mic. He is too full of himself…he ought to remember people like MC Hammer who thought they were God’s gift and made lots of money and spent it…he keeps up his antics and his spending and he’ll be working as a telemarketer in the not too distant future.

      • Sherelle

        Deb how you can compare Hammer to Kanye really?? Hammer went broke because he tried to put everyone from his neighborhood on the payroll so they would have a job and not be in the streets on top of spending. What that has to do with him being like Kanye I don’t know how that is even valid. I do agree Kanye is a jerk for what he did it was beyond uncalled for and I do think he needs supervison at every award show he attends going forward to control his outbursts. Lets face the facts here if he wasn’t sorry he wouldn’t have said he was because you know as well as I do that Kanye doesn’t care what people think about his opinions and this is why he is always saying exactly what is on his mind. Saying his apology wasn’t real would contradict his personality that he says what he feels which he does most of the time it’s wrong but lets just be glad he at least issued a apology because he really didn’t have to do that. I’m not saying he should apologize because he really should I’m just saying he didn’t have to and that would not have been a surprise if he didn’t.

    • crystal

      u are so right.that is the most insincere apology i have ever heard!

    • Ted

      KW is a marginal talent with a lot of challenges, one of them being he is so 2007….

    • Amy

      It’s the crack about her lyrics… it was extremely condescending, he was making fun of her while pretending to give her a compliment. Seriously just disgusting, the whole thing.

    • Stephanie

      yeah, i don’t think that so called “apology” was real, because if it was then he wouldn’t have put it in alll CAP letters…hes a jerk

    • Miche

      I used to respect Kanye West. But he’s become nothing but your average attention whore; making a scene to put the spotlight on himself, then apologizing for it later to seem like the good guy again. Seriously, Kanye? Give it up.

    • Angela

      He’s not one bit sorry about stomping all over the winner (and let’s face it, it could have been any of the nominees he decided to crap on, it just happened to be Swift) , he’s just sorry that his usual calculated VMA “kayne” moment didn’t play as well as he hoped. And apology by blog? That only shows how dim and classless he is. When you apologize you look the person in the eye. He’s just a coward.

    • Maryann

      I completely agree. If that’s how he apologizes, Taylor shouldn’t even have accepted it. She did take the even gracefully and acted really classy about it. She didn’t lash out at anyone, although I would have. Kanye West has NO reason to have that big of an ego. Definitely not real, having an ego that big will not get your MORE fans, idiot. It’s going to drive the loyal ones away.

    • Wendy

      I completely agree.

  • He’s a Real Jerk

    Kanye… F being real. You are a real jerk. No excuses.

  • Jenn

    That’s the worst apology in the history of the world. Only Kanye could make an apology all about him.

    • Man

      Very well said, perfectly executed. He disgusts me. He apologizes but then defends his outburst? I like his music but I would be fine with him disappearing into obscurity, where he probably belongs.

    • Shel

      Hey, Serena Williams did a good job too. During her press conference, you wouldn’t have a clue there had actually been a woman she verbally abused and attacked with all her comments about SHE (Serena) trying to move on. gag me.

      • JERI ROSE

        stick to the issure.kanye and see serena was right.if they were not black ,this would be over.he did what so many people wanted to do.
        it is amazing how they could judge
        country,rb,hip hop and whatever all
        in one pot. bad move that’s why mtv is now banned.they created this
        it is like mj did nothing to educate the people.then again it is ,what it is,no fan but she didn’t deserve the award and i’m not afraid to say so.

      • Rock Golf

        Just wondering, Jeri Rose, what your opinion would be if Tom Hanks walked up to the Oscar stage when Halle Berry got her Oscar and said that Judi Dench deserved the award more than Berry did.

        Just keepin’ it real.

      • To Rock Golf

        Why would you make a comment like that? You are part of the problem not the solution.

      • Lori

        TO ROCK GOLF,
        The original Rock Gold was just making a comparison. He was saying, what if the roles were reversed…and kayne saw Tom Hanks (a white actor) try and steal Halle’s (a black actress) moment by saying she didn’t deserve to win and a white actress (Judi Dench) did. But then again, Tom Hanks would never do that. To classy. Do you understand what “Rock Golf” was saying now? He wasn’t saying Tom Hanks SHOULD have done that, he was saying “how would Kayne react in that scenario?”
        Kayne is a waste of air.

      • Sherelle

        To Lori,

        I don’t think you are getting the point. Why would either of you bring race into the equation is the point. Why would you say something like what if Tom Hanks took the mic from Halle come on now. This is not a race issue by far. I don’t know why the race card is being pulled out at all. The issue is that Kanye needed to keep his opinion to himself instead of voicing it in the middle of someone’s speech. I don’t think he thought Beyonce deserved it because she is black I think he really likes Beyonce’s video more and I agree it was a great video and she should have won, but I don’t agree with him jumping on stage and being a jerk about it. People need to chill on this black white thing because that had nothing to do with it. Kanye is not racist he is just a little outspoken for people’s taste not a crime but sometimes it’s not exactly appropriate either. This really bugs me that immediately you have to say stuff like what if Tom Hanks did it to Halle you do know Halle is half white right?? Come on now just agree what he said was his truth but he just shouldn’t have said it on stage like he did. He does not need to apologize for his opinion and he has already apologized for ruining Taylor’s moment which is what he needed to say sorry for so take it and get over it because really if Taylor forgives him and he did this to her then why should anyone else harp on it??

    • Deb

      I am waiting for him to apologize for his apology because he didn’t mean it and you know the only reason he did it was damage control. They are going to end up banning him from awards shows.

  • Yesenia

    Whatever Kanye. Grow up. Respect other artists who take this award as an actual honor. Thankfully Beyonce was gracious enough to call Taylor up there. I think Kanye really is talented but he’s such a jerk.

  • Knappy

    His behavior was just selfish an unjustified. He’s just desperate.

    • Freddie

      How the hell is kanye desperate… Know what you’re talking about before saying anything. Yea he was wrong for that but it has nothing to do with being desperate

      • Trisha

        He was desperate in the fact that he NEEDED some air time. He was nominated for how many awards and didnt win any! Hello that says alot right there!!! He’s just a RUDE man and this was no apology!

      • katt

        Kanye west is truly an a**hole,he took a very important moment from Taylor swift,and his sorry ass apology.please what a loser.

      • Stephanie

        yeahhh he was being desperate bc he wanted attention from Beyonce and everyone ELSE!!
        Go Beyonce and Taylor!!

  • Vivi

    Truly, I was like, “Taylor Swift over Lady Gaga and Beyonce AND Pink?” But I like Taylor, so it was whatever with me and she was so adorable in her floor length glitter gown lookin’ like she hoped it was the Grammys. Then BIG BAD Kanye came and blew her shine down! I’m glad he was hella quick with his apology but still, what he did tonight was wrong and so completely random. He looked like an ass. And this is coming from a HUGE Kanye fan. I’m still a fan.

  • Fantasm


    • Da Sensualist

      lol! Love it!

  • tuneman


    • katt


      • jp

        yes. douche.

      • Yesenia


    • Reese

      You mean Gayfish!!!!

      • Get A Q

        Thats the best response yet!!!

  • becca

    i still think he was totally in the wrong. why would a grown man even go up on stage and take a 19 year old singer’s thunder? kanye should be ashamed of himself. there was speculation of him being drunk and i hope he was because i think its disgusting of him to do that if he was sober. nobody should go and ruin someones moment even if they disagree. now thats being real…

    • Ugh

      oh really? because Kanye agrees!

      remember that part of the apology when he says he was in the wrong?

      learn to forgive, people. im sure Taylor forgives him (shes a fan for christs sake!)

      • Jess

        There is no excuse. He should be able to control himself. He is 32 years old! And he shouldn’t even have been allowed to get up on that stage!

      • linda

        It is not alright to act a fool & hurt people, then afterwards say”oh I’m sorry”. This is not the first time he has made a fool of himself and I’m sure it won’t be the last. He thinks that his opinion is right & he doesn’t care who he hurts. Of course Taylor will forgive him, but that won’t take away from what he did to her. He is a crude person and if he were white & said that about a black person, then it would have been racist. Of course this diferent. RIGHT!!

      • cowboy

        Your comments have shown that you, too are an idiot. Wake up.

      • Roma

        An apology that contains a diss is not an apology. This apology still contains the information that Kanye believes that Taylor doesn’t deserve her award (clear in his statement that Beyonce’s was the video of the decade). Who cares what he thinks anyway? If he wants to decide who gets awards he should create his own awards show. Maybe the statue can look like the backside of a large bull.

      • Tom Terrific

        your as stupid as he is, or should I say get off your crack b4 it kills you, or better yet don’t and die fast !!!

      • Keep it positive

        Linda. Why would you bring race into this? He’s rude. I think we can all agree on this. Please don’t stir things up when you don’t have too. If you have issues please work them out but remember they are your issues.

      • del

        That was no apology. He ends up trying to justify himself. He’s only sorry because everyone is so pissed off.

      • Robert

        he got the face time – now he says sorry – should have kept is sorry ass of the stage in the first place – total staged publicity stunt at the expense of another person – if that does not qualify as being as total JERK – maybe he should stop thinking with his penial implant

      • JA

        How many selfish, egotistical, classless moves do his fans need to forgive? If I was a fan of his, I’d be tired of it by now and he’d be a has-been. So desperate for attention. If you think he respects his fans, you are delusional.

      • Lori

        He says he was in the wrong but then defends himself. If one truly feels they are in the wrong, they apologize and leave it at that. They don’t apologize then go on to say why they were actually right. I acutally like Kayne’s music more than Swift, but, I will never, ever again purchase his music. And losing his mother doesn’t give him the right to act like a complete a**hole. Get over yourself Kayne. He’s a lunatic, and should never be invited back to an awards show. He lacks grace, maturity, and self-constraint. He’s a damned child in a man’s body.

    • Jeff

      For everyone talking about she is 19. She is a celebrity and she is going to hear a lot of gossip about her in her career and I really dont think that her being 19 makes the situation worse. She is old enough where she can deal with it. Whats messed up is that is was her first moon man.

      • trish

        Kanye is a talented artist with strong opinions, no doubt about that. But there is never an excuse to publicly humiliate someone, no matter what their age. A SINCERE apology is in order.

    • Bluebunny

      Becca never go by hear say ,why does he have to be high or drunk to speak the truth ,and the only thing he did wrong was it was the wrong place and wrong time ,he dont have to be sorry for telling the truth.

      • Dee

        Truth or Opinion? The truth is Taylor Swift won the award. It was her moment, Not Kanye’s, Not Beyonce’s!!! There is no excuse for his actions. Nobody needed or wanted his OPINION!!! He should be blacklisted. He really needs to be knocked down a few pegs!!!!! Bigtime!!!! He severely overestimates his importance!!!

      • pogirlinc

        I agree, this was the wrong place for Kanye to voice his opinion. But lets face it MTV caused the problem. Use your head – How can it be possible to win “best video of the year” if you did not win “best female video, best male video or best group video”. Technically, Beyonce should not have won “best video of the year” since she didn’t win “best female video”, (LOL). Why not have MTV apologise as well. MTV caused the problem when they tried to “split the awards” between Beyonce and Taylor. Kanye’s apology is not sincere because he is trying to apologise for interrupting Taylor only and not his opinion, when everyone wants him to apologise for his opinion.

      • Lori

        Stop condoning this idiots actions. He doesn’t have to be wrong for what he thinks (everyone is entitled to their opinion), but he SHOULD be very sorry for how he acted. If you don’t think so, YOU are part of the problem.

      • Jordan

        Dee, careful saying blacklisted… you might be a racist for it ;) haha

  • Laurie

    I still think he is a tool. He had NO REASON to interrupt HER moment. That was very selfish and uncalled for.

  • Laura

    Kanye knows he’s in a LOOOOTTTTTTT of deep sh*t from everyone….best he start doing damage control ASAP

    Good luck with that, doofus.

    • g

      They deserve no thunder. There’re days are over. ow in the hell do you people listen to that crap anyway. It’s god Awful. She didn’t deserve the award, thats why he did what he did. Rude or not. Bush was rude for not helping in Katrina.

      • me

        G, you mentioned katrina, what relevance does that have to what happened? Stay on topic please!

      • Jordan

        her deserving the award is a matter of opinion. You, with your poor spelling and grammar, clearly do not speak for the rest of America. (not even the majority of Americans)

        Don’t try to speak for all of America when expressing your own personal opinion, because it makes you look quite foolish and ignorant.

      • Wendy

        Hmmm. Maybe Obama was rude for not helping out during the mid-west flooding. Yet, you didn’t hear much about that, did you?

      • me

        hey “G” Katrina ? where did that come from ? West was rude period .As for the no help in the mid-west.. he didnt show up for the flooding in Alaska either .

  • nunnya

    Kanye just saved me a lot of money that I would have spent to see him and Lady Gaga. Sorry LGG, we’ll just have to see you at your next solo tour.

  • Dave

    You’re still a douche Kanye!!

  • JRL

    He’s gonna have to do a lot better than that. What a douche rocket. Of course, Jamie Foxx made crude jokes about Miley Cirus’ gums on his radio show and all seems to have blown over for him. I hope that is not the case with this…

    • Bing

      Now if Miley Cyrus were the one who got an award and Kanye did this to her I’ll be jumping up and down in joy LOL

      • jp

        ha! yeah…

      • lbc

        Bing your an idiot. Why the need to thrash on a young girl! Isn’t that what this whole blog is about?

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