Kanye West calls Taylor Swift to apologize during 'The View'

Well, that was fast: Mere hours after Taylor Swift told the hosts of The View that Kanye West hadn’t yet reached out to offer a personal apology for his behavior at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, reports indicate that the rapper has now done just that. A rep for The View tells EW that West called Swift to apologize before her interview was even done airing this morning. “During Taylor Swift’s appearance today on ABC’s The View Kanye West phoned the ABC/The View studio,” the rep’s statement says. “After the show he spoke personally to the country music superstar via telephone and has apologized to the 19 year-old singer. She has accepted Mr. West’s apology. The contents of the phone call are to remain private.”

“Kanye did call me,” Swift told ABC News Radio’s Andrea Dressdale in an interview taped after the show. “He was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology.” Asked if “going down the road, everything will be all right between you guys,” Swift replied, “Yeah, definitely.”

This is now the fourth time West has apologized for his conduct at the VMAs — but hey, who’s counting, right? Do you think this is an adequate resolution to this never-ending controversy, or do you still want more?

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  • AK

    Good, he finally did the one thing that he should have done all along. After all, he didn’t ruin my VMA moment, he ruined Taylor Swift’s. So yes, he’s made his retribution. But honestly, he took it too far this time, and my opinion of his will probably be permanently changed for the worse.

    • Hester P.

      I think Kanye should wear a diamond-encrusted “J” until the next award show. That way, the world will know his sin of being a grade-A, certified multi-plantinum jackarse.

      • chicken!

        This isn’t a modern version of the Scarlet Letter. He apologized. He’s a jackass. Everybody knows it. It’s done.

    • yo mama

      what if the shoe was on the other foot. what if she would of done it to him omg then she probably would be facing jail time or something. what kind of crack was he on and who died and made him in charge. i wish she had of slapped the taste out of his mouth

    • Singerofdreams

      Kanye has only proven what the rest of us knew, he’s a self absorbed manchild with an endless need for attention, good or bad. I agree that there was no sincerity in his apologies, that he didn’t apologize to her directly until busted but did make the talk circuit to apologize when he’s otherwise been ignored. I doubt his sincerity but we’ll never know as Taylor has had the grace to say it was sincere and move on. I say that if we don’t, we are just rewarding him for his behavior and that is wrong. Spank the child where it hurts, ignore him and his recordings.

      • MM

        Yep, it’s hard to buy the sincerity of his apology when he was apologizing on blogs and on talk shows, but not to the person he wronged. Kanye’s only trying to save face with the public, otherwise he would have contacted and apologized to Taylor first.

    • junebug

      Simon, you seem to be missing a BIG POINT here. Kanye may have apologized 4x, but this was the FIRST apology to Taylor, one on one, as it should have been. And he should have done it sooner. This was the only apology that was really important and he waited to do it. Only reason why he did it then was because Taylor said he hadn’t reached out to her, while she was on The View.

  • Deb

    He only did it to try and save his career because it’s going in the toilet

  • Felicia

    And… I never want to hear about this again…

    • Jason

      you act as though you’ve been listening to this for months. It’s been two days. Slow your roll, super impatient.

      • psyche

        the number of people talking about it? news agencies, all the bloody facebook status updates, it feels like it has been months.

        like this was something of national importance rather than an issue of manners. Kanye West has been an a@@ for years people, lets move on…

      • Hey Jason…

        She’s right….why do we have to keep talking about this when the man has apologized more than once AND directly to the person he offended most, who in turn accepted his apology?? What more is there to say or over analyze about this…so maybe you should slow your roll….some of us don’t like to beat dead horses.

      • Jay

        I heard this mentioned maybe twice on the news, (maybe it was all over facebook, but I wouldn’t know- I hate those types of sites). I don’t think its that illogical that any entertainment site might actually mention the most talked about event currently going on in the ‘entertainment industry’. If you don’t like reading about it go on different sites or read different pieces on this site.

        By the way, to the commenter going by “hey Jason…”
        If I said “You suck!” You would most likely respond by expressing your anger because that is what people do; they let others know when something has them upset. That is all that anyone here is doing, letting other people know that they too feel that Kanye acted in a deplorable fashion and that actions should be taken as reprimand, be it the boycotting of his ‘music’ or the banning of Kanye from future such events.
        Even if I said, “You suck! I’m sorry, but you suck. I’m really sorry, but you suck.” You would still be likely to be just as mad, maybe more so, because you feel that such an apology was not heartfelt just a way of covering my own tail.
        If I then went on to e-mail you a few minutes after you responded to me and I said “hey I really am sorry about what I said…” No one is suggesting that either of us would continue to feel the need to comment on it after the fact, just as no one is suggesting that anyone should cover this story anything further in the future.

        I’m just saying, there are plenty of other options for you, there is no need for you to complain about the people who were offended by Kanye’s shameful publicity stunt actually expressing that anger.

        Good Day. (Seriously everybody, have a nice day.)

  • Izzy

    Okay… Can this all be over now. Kayne West completely deserves the backlash but I’m pretty sure if Taylor Swift can accept his apology then maybe its for the rest of us to kinda move on.

    • chicagomac

      I agree…Did anybody get their panties all ina bunch like this when Joe Wilson of South Carolina TOTALLY DISRESPECTED OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF? Prioritize people…PRIORITIZE!!!

      • Stevo

        I agree with this statement :p

      • Joe

        or when someone threw a shoe at our last COMMANDER IN CHIEF? Prioritize people…PRIORITIZE!!!

      • Dave

        Actually it wasn’t an American that threw the shoe and yes the man did go to jail. Maybe a little jail time would make “Joe the Lier” a little more respectful as well.

      • outsideyourbox

        Joe- You reveal your own lack of understanding with a comment like that. Bravo

      • DJPrettiboi1

        Was this a rhetorical question? Obviously, there was an resounding uproar when Joe Wilson got out of pocket with our commander in chief. Of course, millions of people all over the world saw Bush dodge flying shoes. Kanye got called on his bad behavior, again. Plus, you’re on a Entertainment news website talking about entertainers, talking about “priortize people”. Quit playing. LMAO.

      • chicagomac

        Dave, learn how to spell. outsideyourbox, its not an unfair comment. Both occupy/ied high office and deserve respect. To say that one deserves more respect than the other is partisan play and exposes your political bias. Or perhaps you are suggesting that we should expect less from an Iraqi journalist than a congressional member? That might even be encroaching on racism.

      • Jay

        This is completely off of topic but I feel that I should end it now.

        Joe Wilson was not acting with the best conduct when he shouted at the president, but lets not act as though it was something new for elected representatives to fight publicly, even if it is in ‘bad taste’ to do so.

        President Obama is not the first president to be criticized by Congress or to receive shouts of disapproval when addressing Congress.
        In fact, this sort of thing has gone on for many years. President Reagan was labeled dumb, Senator Kennedy treated Supreme Court nominee Judge Robert Bork disgracefully during the 1980’s, in 1856, Congressman Preston Brooks even BEAT Senator Charles Sumner with his wooden cane in the Senate chamber because of a speech Sumner had made. And more recently, President Bush was booed during an address to the Joint Sessions of Congress in 2005. Yet now everyone is supposed to be outraged about one congressman having a momentary outburst of anger in which he expressed a sentiment that is held by most Americans: Political leaders cannot be trusted, because they are always lying to us.
        I’m not saying that it was right, but I don’t see the point of crying about politicians lying and politicians fighting, especially when it has gone on unnoticed and without public concern for years.
        Maybe we should worry about the actual policies being proposed and their affects on the nation rather than be distracted over two words of anger, even after an apology was made addressing the poor nature/ timing of those two words. Prioritize people.

        Basically, Kanye acted in a way that offended people and they should be able to say so without you condescension. Wilson acted inappropriately, but because its politics few people care to even notice, after all it has become pretty common place.

        That aside, this is an entertainment site that people go on for fun, and because they have an interest in the happenings of pop culture. Don’t come on here if your not interested and then complain about people expressing there views on the issue presented by this particular article of this particular entertainment site, about an something that interests them. If you’re looking for political discussion online there are plenty of political websites out there, but this is not one of those websites.

        If you want to give your opinion on Kanye’s misconduct feel free, but no one wants to listen to you complain about those of us who do, period.

      • outsideyourbox

        Jay- You too reveal your own lack of understanding with a comment like that. Bravo

      • Just sayin

        Yeah but Joe, GW deserved that shoe.

  • Amy

    It’s about time that punk apologized to her personally and Taylor being the classy girl she is, she accepted his apology. I’m sick of hearing about this but I hope thie incident damages his career forever, he is a disgrace to the music industry.

  • jill

    Kayne did the same to Evansence
    when they beat him for won “Best New Artist Grammy”

    • Matt G.

      Actually Jill, not to nitpick but it was actually 50 Cent who walked on the stage and walked away vicariously in Evanescense’s shot during their acceptance speech.

      • Jesse

        Kanye did do it when he lost a best song competition(cant remember which one) to Justice vs Simian, We are your friends.

      • Don F.

        Yeah, Kanye did this to Gretchen Wilson when she won best new artist grammy.

        Maybe he just has a problem with white female country music singers who outsell his albums at a rate of 5 to 1. . .

  • JOHN

    Kanye is brilliant and is an amazing artist… HOWEVER this desperate attempt for publicity only shows he has no class and is way out of line. I already deleted all his music off my ipod.

    • jak314

      He is not brilliant, he is average. He has never done anything that hasn’t been done to death and has done it with less class than most people. The music industry could easily survive without him.

  • Steve Holmes

    I see a Swift/West duo song in the works. The music mogels will make some bucks out of this one.

  • Jan

    So he’s STILL in the news. Are we going to see an update of his apology tomorrow? He’s not only uncivilized, he’s a publicity whore.

  • Lee

    It was not about him and he made it about him. So yes you are sorry and now everyone is talking about you. mission accomplished

  • herschel

    Yes! He has apologised, she has accepted…let’s move on!!!

  • Jeff

    I believe that Kanye’s apologies, both public and private should be accepted. However, there is a difference between forgiving and forgetting. The apologies should not mean those that were offended should now go buy his albums, restore his songs to their iPods, or buy tickets to his concerts. Nor, should it mean that Taylor needs to chill with him at his crib for afternoon mint juleps. He should be banned from attending future MTV events. Just as you or I would be banned from a venue if we disrupted the event, an apology doesn’t mean your actions are washed away and you get a chance again. As I said… Forgive, but do not Forget!

    • James

      I agree. I mean if I showed up at the VMA’s and came on stage during Kanye’s acceptance speech not only would he never forgive me, but MTV would ban me from their events forever. Since Kanye has a history of acting like a 2 year old he should be banned as well.

    • Jay

      I also agree.
      Kanye acted rudely to a young girl during a great moment. I’m glad that he apologized for what he said, but I doubt that he could mean it. It seems like he always does something controversial every time that people start to forget about him. This was a calculated plan to get attention and it worked, hopefully not in the way he wanted it to.
      If Kanye would just disappear from the ‘music’ industry we would all be a little better off.
      If people were smart they would never buy his ‘music’ again.
      Finally, I just want to say:
      May Taylor continue to succeed and to be so awesome!
      May Kanye, just get lost.
      And May we just drop the story and drop Kanye.

  • Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na Na.

    Hey Hey. Goodbye.

  • Damian

    He is a big time Jerk. It wasnt his time to shine and like allways he needs to be in everyones business. He needs to get a life.

  • TONY

    He says he is the voice of the people….which people are you talking about moron, you are NOT my voice, shut up and go home.

    • Jay

      Context please. What are you talking about, TONY? None of the comments near to your seem to be on this topic. I could best associate what you are saying to the discussion about Joe Wilson, but I would appreciate some clarity, thank you.

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