Kanye West and Taylor Swift: Why do people care so much about this story?

Thirty-six-plus hours after Kanye West made his spur-of-the-moment decision to run onstage at MTV’s Video Music Awards and interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best […] Read the full post.

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  • Erin

    I think for a lot of people it was a matter of Kanye acting out one too many times. He’s notorious for this kind of obnoxious, egotistical, unprofessional behavior. He’s disrespected other artists (and former U.S. presidents) in the past, and this is just the breaking point. It didn’t help that it capped off a week in which televised displays of rudeness reached new heights- (Kanye is taking some of the heat that he should be sharing with Joe Wilson and Serena Williams). I hope he was serious when he told Jay Leno he needs to take a break. It’s a privilege to reach the level of fame as a musican that would get you invited to an event like the VMAs, and I think people have the right to be fed up with Kanye abusing that honor.

  • Samantha

    I do believe it was partly racist bc if a white person done that to a black person we would be all over that!! It’s only racist if it’s describing a white person!!
    Yes, I’m black!! He is what gives blacks a bad name!!

    • EthanArmstrong

      And I’m white, big deal. And I think you sound ridiculous. Define racism k. How was that, in anyway, racist? Idon’t look at skin color, unlike all those prejudiced people out there. It was an awkward, tense moment. Just leave it like that.

      • EEKstl

        I agree to a point. No one is arguing that West acted like a rude and obnoxious idiot, and my first reaction was that race had nothing whatsoever to do with this. But then I wondered: If it had been a black artist up there instead of Swift (other than Beyonce herself of course), would West have done it, even feeling as strongly as he did about Beyonce’s video? I’m not so sure.

    • Peace

      What is wrong with you? Why are you trying to stir up racial anger? Try to say something that will make life better.

      • yeff

        I think he is right peace, racial stuff is so yesterday but there still people like him…black and white and even hispanic WE NEED TO IMPROVE ON THAT BUT HE WAS WRONG ANY WAY!! IT WAS JUST INAPROPIATE.

    • Ama

      Everyone should be responsible for their own actions. Anyone who will judge all black people based on the action on one person is racist and I couldn’t careless about their opinion. By the way, I don’t believe Samantha is black.

      • Karen

        I agree. Well said.

  • K

    Good article, I strongly agree.

  • jjb

    kanye west totally flipped out over something that isn’t really worth a flip out. it’s not that it’s just rude to taylor swift, it’s rude to the entire audience, and he doesn’t grasp that. it’s like when a kid acts out in class, he doesn’t just apologize to the teacher, he apologizes to the class. but kanye west never apologizes – kanye west sort of treats all of his fans like we’re beneath him, and i think that’s the problem… b/c you’re like, oh hey kanye, no i actually went to college, and i travel the world too, but in coach, and i know an entirely different world than you do, b/c i’m not a wealthy pop star (yeah i said pop), so how dare you act like you’re smarter than me?

    • Michael

      He apologized to the fans on the blog. Get your facts.

      • Mayri

        Wow! Apologizing on his blog! Now doesnt that make him quite a man! Why then didnt he put on his blog his opinion about who HE believes should have won the award. Instead of making an ass of himself, like the people at the VMA’s all really cared!

    • Jason P.


  • Wendy

    Wow, Mr. Simon Vozick-Levinson, you’re not a very good writer if you choose to leave out all the details. The fact is that this is NOT the first time that Kanye has pulled this type of childish behavior, nor is the second time or the third time or even the fourth time. He has done this time and time again. The public is fed up with him.

  • Bryan

    Well, it matters a little more because we all dream of fame and fortune, and depending on our paticular craft…if you have a chance for an acceptance speech, you want to use that opp and thank the people who helped you get there. If Kayne had done that during a speech I was giving I would have taken that VMA and crashed it over his head. People barely get enough time to speak at award shows anyway..now throw in crazies who have to hamper even that.

  • Shelley

    and yet, here you are, Simon, still writing about it.

    • A

      LOL! True that.

  • Woo

    Why do we care? Its a much larger issue. Its the breaking down of basic values – having manners and respect for others. This incident along with Rep. Joe Wilson’s outbreak towards our President on national television represents sub-human decency. This is why we care.

  • Bryan

    The other angle if it isn’t dealt with other crazies are likely to steal the limelight from people who don’t deserve it…and that, in turn, will turn off viewers to award shows. Award shows are bloated enough without all the speeches we don’t need.

  • sam

    This is just one more example of how far society has fallen in losing common courtesy, manners and empathy. It is not the particular event or the particular person, but a series of rude events and hurt feelings. We need a return to decency in the way that we treat others.

  • Brandon

    Sounds to me like Simon is a black person. Kanye acted this way because Taylor won over Beyonce who is black. Plain and simple. Kanye doesn’t care about white people. It’s kind of like black comedians. It’s all fun and games when black comedians make fun of white people, but as soon as a white comedian makes fun of a black person, we become racist. Did race do this, Absolutely. See it how you want to see it, but look at the big picture!

    • Michael


    • fancypants

      Simon is white. You’re wrong. These are facts. Deal with them.

    • Krystal

      Considering the amount of Henessey Kanye West had to drink, I think that he was pretty tame(for Kanye anyway). I think what he said had absolutely nothing to do with Beyonce being black or Taylor Swift being white. The reactions to this outburst are definitely more racist than he was. Anyone who had seen both of these videos tht wasn’t a 13-16 year old girl or the mother of one of those girls would agree with what Kanye West had said, however I do think it was wrong of him to express his opinion in the way that he did.

    • Tracie

      How exactly does someone “sound like a black person”? In addition to getting the author’s race wrong (as if it even matters anyway), Kanye said Beyonce should have won because she is married to Jay-Z and he and Jay are longtime collaborators.

      And funny that you accuse Kanye of racism when you claim the writer of this article “sounds like a black person”.

    • Peace

      Try to be nice and say something kind and helpful. Maybe you would feel better about your life.

  • Andrew

    The reason people are freaking out about this controversy is not race (well the majority of people aren’t). It is because someone who already has a well-known reputation as an a-hole disrespected and nationally embarrassed a girl who is currently America’s sweetheart. Women and children absolutely LOVE taylor swift. hell, im a guy and i think her music is really good and shes very mature as a songwriter. people absolutely love this girl because she is sweet, polite, charming, and is a good role model for young girls (something we seriously lack today in popular entertainment). the fact is that people looked at the situation as “wow, this could happen to anyone”. imagine that you get an award at work for being salesman of the year for example, and some jerk comes on stage saying someone else was the greatest salesman EVER! i think people immediately felt sympathy for the terrible position taylor was put in. i dont understand the racial aspect, but people have found a trend in kanye wests criticism of other artists in the past but i have no intrest in that. it is about the fact that he acted like a heartless human being to a person who just won something they had worked for since she was young.

    • LC

      I agree, Andrew… but when does a black person ever get to be “America’s sweetheart”? I would contend that the phrase “America’s Sweetheart” nearly always means a teenage white girl. Hence, people are up in arms over Kanye going after America’s current favorite teenage white girl.

      • EEKstl

        Whitney Houston ring a bell?

      • april showers

        don’t we have a black president?? hello

    • Cathy

      I agree also But really she was the nice pretty one that the bully singled out in the school yard.Bullies like that have no buisness being involved in anything that our children can be subject to.It teaches them if things dont go our way lets hurt the ones that are better.

      • jakenolan2

        Umm bullies don’t pick on nice pretty people. They prey on the weak and the ones without people to defend them. This proves that you were most likely a popular or average child and never got picked on. Those who know firsthand know that pretty girls rarely get bullied though they may get picked on by other pretty girls. This is not the same thing.

  • emily

    I think people are justifiably upset about the situation and have a right to be – this type of rudeness and sense of entitlement should be met with outrage. About the allegations of racism – it is impossible to know if his actions were racially motivated or not, so speculation about his motives is immaterial. However, that is why there are forums like blogs and comment sections (like this one sponsored by ew.com) so that people can express their opinions on this issue. If you think the story should die down or that a certain element (i.e. race) should not be brought into the equation, then why have you sponsored all of these stories/comment postings?

    • EthanArmstrong

      All the terrible things goingon in this world and people are still on this? Seriously, you guys sound wierd. He got what he deserved, he apologized, Taylor doesn’t care, it’sover.

  • Ali

    He’s not the worst person in the world, we know. But this kind of thing rarely happens. Especially publically on national, live TV in front of a shocked audience of millions. AND the “victim” happens to be America’s Sweetheart. It was the perfect storm for an uprising of emotion from the rest of us. It was so painfully uncomfortable and uncouth. Yes some of us are taking a while to get over it. But we will.

  • John

    I have a feeling part of this is that overall people do not like folks with gigantic egos, especially a grown man acting like a spoiled brat. This is just a way to take down someone with a huge ego a few notches. I’m glad people reacted the way they did to this fiasco, or he would have continued doing “jackass” moves in the future. Even worse, kids that look up to him will see it as something okay to do in everyday life.

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