Kanye West and Taylor Swift: Why do people care so much about this story?

Thirty-six-plus hours after Kanye West made his spur-of-the-moment decision to run onstage at MTV’s Video Music Awards and interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best […] Read the full post.

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  • sarah

    haha, how hypocritical! ew.com has more stories posted about this controversy than ANY other news outlet. it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Ined

    This is why rude “stars” keep being rude, because we are so easy to forgive and forget. I for one, will never support or buy his music ever again.

    • JA

      I’m with you. Why are we so quick to forgive and forget when it’s a celebrity? There need to be consequences to such horrendous behavior. Maybe he’ll actually think twice before his 10th obnoxious act. And he’s the worst kind of hypocrite. Imagine his reaction if someone had done that to him…

  • Murderpuss

    I’ve read waaaay too many stories about this, and this is the first one that even brought up race as an issue. It was about a grown man acting like a toddler demanding attention yet again. That’s it.

    • renee

      type nigger and kanye west into twitter. many many people reacted with extreme racism to this incident.

  • Ali

    It was an INJUSTICE and it makes people want to act! It’s a good, natural reaction!

  • Eli

    Simon, if you want it to stop, stop writing Homeric epics about the incident and ignore it. Ignore it and it will go AWAY.

  • em

    i think it’s more that we’ve all been watching him grow more and more obnoxious and this just pushed us all over the line and we snapped on him. i really don’t think race is at the core of this. entertainers of all backgrounds have stated he was out of line. he’s a jerk and we’re all sick of it. plus, he has an alcohol problem — not saying he’s an alcoholic but if you do things you regret when drinking, you have a problem that you should evaluate. he needs to do some self evaluation on a lot of levels.

  • Donna

    I think people were shocked not because they are racist. I was shocked and I was shocked because it was shocking! Kanye seems only to think of his own feelings, past the age of 5 that no acceptable any more. He was visibly hurt my Jay Leno’s question, “What would your mom say about all of this?” Kanye should have been ashamed long before that. It was reported that Taylor and her mother both cried after the incident. And because she didn’t scream, cry in public or make a scene, just shows she was much more gracious that her 19 years. Your article was biased, in favor of Kanye. I agree we are wronged in the press more times than not. But how are we being wronged here? If she was my little sister, I would still be crying. He was rude and hurtful, he should feel regret, from that comes personal growth. And we all need personal growth.

  • erik meade

    While I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of some undercurrent of racism involved in this controversy (after all country music has tended to appeal to a pretty whites only crowd), I think it’s important to note the positive spin that came out of this whole thing. Beyonces classy act of bringing taylor back on to finish her speech was such a wonderful show of solidarity that it got a standing ovation from the whole country, White and Black and everyone else, and probably did more to unify R&B and Country fans then anything since Ray Charles 1962 album, “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music” . in fact, that may be more of the reason this is being treated as such a big story. not Kanyes rude behavior, but beyonces gracious response.

  • michka

    I’m sorry, Simon, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé had the best curls of that event!
    Okay seriously now: Spare us, people!!! I swear to God, if Kanye or Taylor get to talkshows for that BS again, I’m gonna diss each of them really hard! Enough!
    Taylor Swift should not take compassionnate comments for granted, oh yeah, she’s 19, bla bla…but as soon as she won’t wear panties, the same people will crucify her. Next time Taylor, if someone upstage you, just throw the award to his head, right there!
    Kanye, you made a mistake, it was a pretty bad move. But I love your music, so stick to that!
    Please can we talk about Patrick Swayze?

  • Mr. FAMU

    Might have something to do with the fact that Taylor Swift looks like a innocent white whatever you wanna call it. All of the folks who want to protect white purity came out to rush.

    • Michael


    • Roland

      Nope, can’t agree with you there. I can honestly say that I would feel the same way if the tables were turned. I don’t care if you’re black, white, red, yellow, polka-dotted, striped, or paisley. Rude is rude, no matter WHAT the color.

  • Gretchen

    The reason people are still talking about it is b/c people are finally fed up with his antics. This isnt the first time he has done something so ignorant and if people don’t lash out, it won’t be the last. People are tired of celebrities and their attitudes in general and Kanye just spotlighted it and is getting the heat. He did it to himself.

  • Lori

    I think it’s sad that Simon thinks it might be worth getting all hot and bothered if Kanye had been out of control or violent, but that we’re over-reacting because of extreme rudeness. Personally, I’m thrilled that the country is angry over a show of rudeness. It’s proof that we haven’t become so desensitized that we allow to let such a display go unnoticed. Had Kanye issued a SINCERE public apology immediately followed by a personal apology to Taylor, he could have diffused a lot of the backlash. This has nothing to do with race. It’s just another example of a smug hypocritical spoiled celebrity behaving badly. And we’ve had enough.

    • KMH

      Thank you! More apologies don’t equate to more sorriness. It’s just another way of saying “I’m sorry I did this because now people are yelling at me and my career’s going to suffer.”

      • renee


  • Joshua

    My feelings are that, as a society, we are getting more and more judgmental and are pretty much in constant pursuit of someone to criticize and belittle, in an effort to feel better about ourselves. Additionally, as I wrote in another comments section –
    Pretty crazy how one person’s inappropriate actions bring out the worst in everyone. Everyone feels as if they have the right to judge. Beyond that, many people decide thats is acceptable to hurl insults and profanities. I won’t argue with the fact that Kanye’s actions were innappropriate, nor that he should apologize for them. However, those who react with anger, yelling, insults and profanities aren’t proving themselves to be any better than Kanye himself. Truly a sad reflection on our society, its obsession with celebrity, and how we are all so self-absorbed and egomaniacal.

    • JA

      If no one judged or criticized bad behavior, then this world would be a horrible place and all the bad people would be running it. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the obnoxious in line. It’s our world, too. And I for one am sick and tired of immature, ego-maniacal, arrogant celebrities making me look bad.

  • Maggie25

    I was pretty shocked that this happened and my reasons have more to do with Kanye’s sense of entitlement than any harm he may have done to Taylor Swift (read: none). For him to have thought he had any right to intrude on Taylor’s speech to defend Beyonce, displays a sense of entitlement that is beyond ridiculous. For him to have thought that Beyonce needed defending in the first place is also beyond ridiculous if you ask me.
    You brought up the racism inherent in many responses to his actions, but I think there is an element of sexism in the outburst itself. Why does he think he can go onstage and take a microphone from Taylor? Why does he think that Beyonce needs any defending and why does he think he’s the one to do it?

  • Elizabeth

    Really, undercurrent of racism. How about just an egomaniac, starving for attention overgrown child. Nothing racists about this event. And any one who needs to point to race, even to argue against it is self-conscious of their own racism and should hide their faces inside that hood they’re shamefully wearing.

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