Taylor Swift talks Kanye West on 'The View': 'Cool haircut!'

the-view-taylor-swiftTaylor Swift just appeared on ABC’s The View to talk about her controversial encounter with Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday night. So what new angles were the talk show’s hosts able to wring out of this already fairly exhausted story? Well, they had the singer walk them through her thought process in those fateful moments after her Best Female Video VMA win was announced. “Wow, I can’t believe I won,” Swift recalled thinking, followed by, “Oh, Kanye West is here!…Cool haircut!…What are you doing there?!…Ouch.”

The hosts then asked Swift if she would like to meet with West. (Unclear what they think such a meeting would accomplish — maybe he could offer up a third or fourth apology?) “Sure,” she replied, adding that West has not reached out directly to her since the VMAs.

Though Swift remembered feeling “rattled” at the time, she was all smiles this morning. Now that we’ve heard from her, an apologetic Kanye (twice), Jay Leno, and even President Obama, I think it’s time to start asking: Are we ready to move on from this pseudo-scandal yet? Chime in below.

UPDATE: A rep for The View says that Kanye West called their studio to apologize directly to Taylor Swift during her appearance on the show this morning.

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  • Guest

    this story is so old already… get over it people!!!!!! ps… though leno was a little harsh last night, pulling the “what would your deceased mother think” card…

    • Rock Golf

      Yeah! How dare Leno deliberately hurt the feelings of a celebrity in public like that!

      Oh, wait…

      • Deb

        He appeared to be drunk on Leno last night as well and mumbled most of the time and I think it was a very valid question…what would his mother have done or said? She would have been ashamed of him and he should know that. He acted like a jerk to a young girl just starting out in the music industry and for people who say she can’t sing anyway; did you hear him last night? He sucked big time.

      • mary

        lol, hahaha

    • Mimi

      Kanye deserved it. He left that poor girl standing on stage speechless. Maybe he needs to be reminded that words and actions hurt other people.

      • chicken!


    • Jess

      Eh. If a white male had done this to a black female, people wouldn’t let it drop.

      • Lurking

        Really? The race card? Please go away….

      • Jolie

        Very valid point.

      • Domald

        I think if a white male had done this to a black female we would have a deeper conversation on who that person really is. They would not blanket it as racist but examine the past actions of that person. In doing so you realize that Kanye has become a living character and just acting out to what is expected of him.

      • eghead

        If a white male would have done this to a black female (or Pink), she would have probably gone a bit ghetto on him and we would have had a backstage brawl. Stop with the race already. Kanye’s an a-hole. Anytime a 30 something male bullies a 19yr old girl it’s wrong.

      • JAddison

        Um, I don’t know. A white man caused a black woman’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl and the black lady was the one who was vilified (yes, I know she was probably in on it, but still, she’s the only one who got any heat for it).

      • Racey Racer

        If a white man had done this to a black girl, the ‘news’ would probably state that it was the black girls fault. (Janet Jackson ‘wardrobe malfunction’ anyone.) People forgot the white dude was even there! lol :-) Yes, we have racial and economics power plays and stereotypes in America. But really? This issue is not really a place to air them. Sheesh…

      • Mike

        So if Moby did the same thing to Beyonce after winning Video of the Year, you don’t think it would have been a big deal? Take your race card else where.

      • Mike

        Please one need look no further then the police incendent with the black harvard prof to see that is true….

      • Deb

        This isn’t about race, it’s about a jerk who was drunk and did a really stupid thing to a young girl who didn’t deserve it…that’s it and nothing more stop with the race card and start talking about the alcoholism card because that seems to be his real problem.

      • mary

        Why must we bring race into this? please give me a break

      • Bridget

        I think any 17 yr old, no matter what race, would have been renderred speachless. He’s a self-detructive a-hole who crys for attention. I wish he would just go away…

    • Rochelle

      I think he deserved whatever he got from Leno…didn’t see it, dont really care.

      If he doesn’t want the “mom’ card pulled, don’t be an idiot in public. Simple as that…we all usually follow that tenet…he should learn something from the rest of us…

    • Deb

      The only reason he called her now is “damage control” when everyone is saying he is a jerk up to and including the president calling him a Jacka$$ he figured his career was going down the drain so a little mea culpa might help…wrong…try a little rehab

    • Laurie

      In Jay’s defense, one of the first reports of the “incident” that I read quoted Kanye as saying he had spoken to Taylor’s mother back stage and she had “… said the same thing my mother would have said.” Perhaps Jay was just trying to find out exactly what that wasy. (I’m hoping it was somethng along the lines of “Shame on you!”)

      • sarah d

        I think you’ve got it right.

    • A

      Kanye’s all apologies to save himself and give him a couple of months and he’ll pull the same crap. He did this when his Mama was here. He’s immature and needs to be the center of attention(good or bad). Sucks because he’s so talented. As for Taylor, this will boost her up and help her grow a thicker skin. There’s a lot of stupidity & hatred out there. She showed she’s no wilting flower.

      • Tori

        yup miley also does the same crap over and over they both should get over themselves ( look at miley’s reaction to this )

  • Tyre

    I honestly cannot believe this is still news. I still hear people talking about it. This is taking focus away from real news such as health care reform. And for Obama to respond to this, why? I just don’t understand why this is going on for so long. he did it, he apologized, let’s move on.

    • Julie

      Obama’s comment was from an OFF THE RECORD portion of an interview he was giving. The question was asked by the reporter – shooting the breeze as it were.

      I doubt that Kanye’s behavior was in the morning briefing of Obama.

      Get serious folks. People think Obama sits on his bum all day and does nothing. *rolls eyes*

    • rossy

      Just b/c Obama is Prez, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an opinion. Jeez, some of you are so stupid. Republicans are just looking for stuff to criticize him for. Y’all didn’t worry so much about Bush when he said and committed acts of stupidities! Remember 9/11? He wanted to wait until the story was over!!! Then you republicans tried to put a band-aid on a bullet hole by saying that he was keeping his commitment to the children! Some people are so delusional… smh…

      • Rochelle

        How do you know it’s Rebublicans? That doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t read all of the posts, but was anyone seriously condemning Obama for stating his opinion. West was a jerk to a young girl with the same dreams as him. Yes, the story is done, but no he’s still a jerk that ruined a moment for a young girl she may never have again. That part is just wrong…and an apology after the fact does not change what he did.

        I’m so tired of people thinking that an apology means forgiveness or that it fixes the original wrong-doing.

      • Bone

        Really? The Republican card? Please go away….

    • Tyre

      I’m not a republican…yet, I still say that other matters are of more importance.

      • Modern American

        That’s why you’re surfing an entertainment website.

      • Jennifer

        And your president agrees. Move along.

    • Peaches

      Oh yeah, like you’re missing out on some all important nugget about health care reform. Ty-ree, please!

    • Bridget

      Get a life! The last president stayed on vaction 85% of the time! At least you have a president that is paying attention to the American people and not mismanaging a baseball team.

      • Bridget

        And how in the hell did we get on healthcare? Idiots and/Obama card pullers, please go away…

      • MAG

        Yeah and although you’ll claim I’m a republican, I’m not, I find it interesting we have spent 1.8 trillion dollars in 120 days on what? Bailouts, waste, etc. This is about Kanye doing what he does best. Open mouth, insert foot. Yeah Obama is paying attention. Our recession has ended, yet inflation grows, job loss continues and unemployment in California, not including those who are part workers is a staggering 12.2%. Here we go with J. Carter all over again. People need to admit we made a mistake!

  • Captain Canuck

    Yes. WE are ready to move. But are you EW? You have about 7 different links about this story and have been going on and on about it since Sunday. Now you are crying it’s over exposed. C’mon guys, you’re better than that.

    • crispy

      Hear hear! I thought pancreatic cancer would kill both Patrick Swayze and this controversy… but apparently not.

  • Ty

    He’s a douche, she’s a nice girl…so ready to move on!

  • Liz

    Kayne apologized and is (apparently) going into hiding. Taylor is being the bigger person and not letting it bother her. Let’s all move on.

    • GEL

      But Kanye hasn’t really apologized…not to her, not directly. He’s taken the cowards way out by making apologies that are never face-to-face, he avoids actually doing that…have ya noticed? Blog apologies are easy to throw online…no tonal inflection no actual confrontation with the person you hurt. Aplogizing on Leno…once again, avoidance…he’s not looking the eyes of the person he hurt. Personally, I don’t think he’s even begun taking accountability until he actually apologizes to her face-to-face, which is possible since she is willing to speak to him still.

    • Deb

      He didn’t apolgize to her directly until he saw his career going down the toilet and I seriously doubt he is sorry; he apologized because his PR people told him he better.

    • SUki

      How do you know Taylor Swift is a “nice girl” she could be a raging Diva bitch in person!

  • Gail Pansacola


    • Kristina

      Gail, your a dummy.

      • John

        Learn to speak English before you call someone a dummy. It’s spelled “you’re”.

      • Ryan

        UMMMMM actually its “your” not you’re…you’re is short for you are

      • Luis

        Hahahahahahahaha. John: learn english before telling others to do so. Again: hahahahahahahahaha

      • Kate

        It would be either, “Gail, you’re a dummy.” or “Gail, your friend, Kanye, is a dummy.”

        I paid attention in English class.

      • Luis

        Ryan/Luis: John is correct. The proper word to use in Kristina’s sentence is “you’re.” As in, “…you are a dummy.”

        In addition, the proper word to use in Ryan’s sentence is “it’s” with an apostrophe, as what you are trying to say is “actually it is…”

      • Mike

        Just listen to Ross from Friends and you’ll never go wrong. “Y-O-U ‘apostrohpe’ R-E means You Are’, Y-O-U-R means YOUR!” lol gotta love it! :-)

      • Tina

        Dear Ryan: John is right–it’s YOU’RE, as in YOU ARE a dummy! Your (which you mistakenly believe is correct) is the possessive form. So YOU’RE (meaning YOU ARE a dummy) IS the correct form. So before YOU pretend to be wise enough to critique someone else’s English, might I suggest that YOU learn to speak/use it properly first!

    • Jack

      Gail Pansacola you are just a idiot like Kanye is

    • HDNKR

      Hey Gail Pansacola….Dont be a “WANKER”! Who are you to say she didnt deserve it? As they say “You can take the thug out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the thug”!!

      • Lurking

        What does that statement have to do with anything? Kanye didn’t even grow up in the hood or proclaimed to be “thug”. You are a dumbass

      • Luis

        THUG?!?!?! You are a complete dumbass. He’s the complete opposite: both his parents had PhDs. He’s anything but a thug, dumbass.

    • StephJ

      You are ridiculous! Way to speak your mind – are you kidding me? I understand that everyone says things they wish they could take back, but he is famous, therefore he is held at a higher standard. If he can’t say anything nice then say nothing at all! It comes with the job. What about other stars, like Beyonce who are also “real” and have WAY more class than he could ever have. He should strive to be a better person before he is like so 5 minutes ago.

    • Rock Golf

      The only thing she didn’t deserve was the treatment she got from Kanye.

      Just wondering how you’d feel if, say, Eminem got up when Beyonce won and stated their opinion that she didn’t deserve her award.

    • Gail Pansacola

      YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS!! You guys are probably the same ones that think that Michael Jackson deserves all these commemorations even though he is a pedofile!!

      • Kanye Worst

        Pedofile? Is that where one keeps one’s shoes. You’re as useless as Kanye is.

      • Dean

        Nice job, Gail: two displays of your ignorance in one sentence. Your momma must be so very proud. LOL

      • rossy

        The most abundant renewable resource: Human Stupidity. Someone should try to make that into a fuel. Gail you’re beyond ignorant.

      • Tina

        Hey, Gail! Pedofile? Is that what the use when doing pedicures to smooth out the skin? Duh… and what you seem to forget–the entire jury found that Michael was innocent of all charges. Were you at the trial? Did you sit there every day and hear ALL the evidence? Like the rest of us, NO, you didn’t. All you and the rest of us were treated to was bits and pieces conveniently served up to us by the biased media. So unless you were there and heard all the evidence, you can’t judge. And neither can anyone else who wasn’t there.

    • GEL

      How many other people have won awards that didn’t deserve it…but still received the respect of the industry because they were VOTED the winner. Don’t you get it? The INDUSTRY and FANS voted her the winner, no matter who you think should win…or who he thinks should have won. No one, NO ONE, has the right to publicly humiliate someone like that…especially when that person has done NOTHING to them. You admire a person who would do that??? That’s a really sad statement about you.

    • rossy

      even if that is true, it was still rude. it’s not about his words, it’s about his actions.

      • rossy

        i dont know why the comment showed up here. it was meant for Gail’s 1st comment. sorry.

    • kmellon

      Well, you’re a said person sticking up for the disgraceful actions of a publicity hungry rapper. beyonce still won for her video. yes beyonce’s was fun but there was nothing but but shaking during the entire video. taylors was fun, cute, had a Story Line. she deserved her award and congratulations for being the first country artist to EVER win a VMA.
      Now for anyone who is sticking up for kanye you are sad. you probably even stuck up for chris brown when he was wrong. how sad and pathetic.

    • anna

      Are you on drugs?

    • anna cooke

      Gail, you ARE on drugs!!!

    • hope

      I thought it was totally uncalled for. I don’t care much for this sort of thing, but I know injustice when I see it.
      I think he was hungry for the limelight and had a crush on Beyonce’ to say that, but poor Taylor It was her moment and he ruined for her… So he deserves to go into hiding at least for a little while.

    • Tina

      Preach THIS, Gail! Just curious… don’t you realize that the FANS are the ones who voted for her? Just can’t stand the fact that someone else besides “Queen” Beyonce won something? Get over it. And like I said, Preach THIS.

  • Peace

    Taylor is a class act.

    • rossy

      i concur. and so is Beyonce for letting her have her time to shine. Since that douchebag so selfishly took hers. and even then, Taylor will always remember that. Even Beyonce was embarassed by this clown. smh…

  • John

    Kayne is a horrible “musician” and as previous person said just a plain tool!

    • Jolie

      Then idiots should stop bying his songs and then he’ll go away.

    • Kylie

      By any measure that counts for something–John–Kanye has been proven to be a great musician. He has many awards, high album sales, and a technical ability that is sought after in the business. You are not the arbiter of taste.

      But from the view point–we do see he lacks class.

      I think what people forget is competency and kindness have little to do with each other. And it is immature to expect that they do have any corollary. I could not sing two words of a Taylor Swift song and her career will probably will not have a great longevity but that her moment–and he did not have the right.

  • jane

    From Rep. Joe Wilson to Kanye West…it just shows how lack of respect and civility have no boundaries. It’s a state of mind, and hopefully more people, especially young, will move away from this kind of behavior towards others. At least Taylor seems to be handling herself with grace through all this, and at such a young age. We all can learn from this….

    • Jackie


    • rossy

      couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • dedee

      right on! Its about the lack of respect in today’s society and just plan rudness. I think we all need to be more kind to others

  • This Guy

    Kanye is a racist, and he has shown that he is several times. If only we could get rid of this double standard that exists when it comes to racism. I say his record label should drop him like Imus got dropped for his comments. At least for a while so maybe he will learn that he cant act like a fool in public without consequence.

    • JAddison

      But the difference is KW would’ve done this to anyone (except a rapper cuz he would’ve known he’d have gotten his a** kicked) but Don Imus would never have said that about an all white basketball team.

    • Callia

      Well, he certainly is a jerk, but are you sure he’s a racist? Isn’t he dating a white chick? “Racist” is one of the worst things you can call someone, in my opinion, so I think you should be careful slinging that term around.

  • Jackie

    Here’s the thing – well the way I see it anyway. What happened at the VMA’s (and really, let’s get a grip it is the VMA’s not the Nobel Prize) is just another indication of where society is heading. The fact that this man thinks it is okay to interrupt an awards ceremoney to offer his opinion on who should have won – and take away someone else’s moment in the process – once again illustrates the complete lack of consideration for other people that is permeating (did I spell that right?) society nowadays. He obviously not only felt entitled to behave that way but that it was his right. He could have twittered about it later like everybody else. The sense of self importance some celebrities acquire is just mind boggling.

  • Gail Pansacola

    YOU”RE A TOOL!!!

    • Tina

      Wow, Gail… once again, how articulate you are? A tool? Wow… someone get her a dictionary for her birthday, she might acquire a vocabulary.

  • Heather

    Kanye is a prick! I’ve hated him ever since the whole “George Bush hates black people” nonsense. He’s an idiot and can’t keep getting away with talking out his butt whenever he feels like it. You can bet he’s not sorry and he’s just saying that to save face.

  • lmchimere

    I think the story is already tired. Was anyone really surprised by Kanye’s boorish behavior? False apologies are nothing more than publicity stunts to appease a disgruntled public. This is not his first, and probably not his last, childish outburst that belies an over-inflated sense of self. When a star is rudely interrupted by another public figure and told live on camera that basically she did not deserve the award that IS scandalous. I cannot think of another time in the last four decades where I have seen such a spectacle. Don’t trivialize his blatant disrespect and flagrant impropriety. It only adds to the problem. A cad is a cad! Taylor Swift on the other hand remained composed and classy.

  • Dee Dee

    Okay, its officially time for this “scandal” to die.

    • Jolie

      Yea, let’s go back to theRhianna and Chris Brown scandal so they can be on Oprah again. I’m sick of these hiphop losers.

      • Ashley

        Umm… Rhianna and Chris brown are not hiphop artist. Rhianna is a pop singer and Chris Brown is an R&B/pop singer. A hiphop artist is a rapper, not random black people who happen to be in music.

      • Tina

        Hopefully we don’t have to keep hearing that stupid UMBRELLA, ELLA, ELLA song… ick.

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