Guilty Pleasures, Final Four: Follow all the matchups here!

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Above, please find the official bracket for’s Music Mix Search for the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Act of All Time Tournament Poll Challenge Thing, now updated for the FINAL FOUR, which will commence here shortly. We certainly hope your favorite advanced. Feeling disappointed? It’s only gonna get worse from here.

Check out the matchups, print out the bracket so you can play at home, tweeter your friends to get on board, leave your comments after the beep. Remember that only you can prevent forest fires. And please: no wagering.

Round Four
Phish (16) vs. Barry Manilow (2)
Backstreet Boys (4) vs. George Michael/Wham (6)

Round Three
Britney Spears (1) vs. Backstreet Boys (4)
Phish (16) vs. Ace of Base (4)
George Michael/Wham! (6) vs. ABBA (2)
Journey (3) vs. Barry Manilow (2)

Round Two
Britney Spears (1) vs. Lady Gaga (9)
Phish (16) vs. Mariah Carey (9)
Meat Loaf (5) vs. Backstreet Boys (4)
Celine Dion (5) vs. Ace of Base (4)
Hall & Oates (6) vs. Journey (3)
George Michael/Wham (6) vs. Spice Girls (3)
Styx (7) vs. ABBA (2)
Neil Diamond (7) vs. Barry Manilow (2)

Round One
Nickelback (1) vs. Phish (16)
Britney Spears (1) vs. Pussycat Dolls (16)
ABBA (2) vs. Hootie & the Blowfish (15)
Barry Manilow (2) vs. Matchbox Twenty (15)
Journey (3) vs. Fall Out Boy (14)
Spice Girls (3) vs. Rihanna (14)
Ace of Base (4) vs. Stone Temple Pilots (13)
Backstreet Boys (4) vs. Duran Duran (13)
Meat Loaf (5) vs. Garth Brooks (12)
Celine Dion (5) vs. Will Smith (12)
George Michael/Wham (6) vs. Phil Collins/Genesis (11)
Hall & Oates (6) vs. Poison (11)
Neil Diamond (7) vs. John Denver (10)
Styx (7) vs. Air Supply (10)
Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana (8) vs. Lady Gaga (9)
Ashlee Simpson (8) vs. Mariah Carey (9)

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  • E.B. Berman

    ABBA and Journey got knocked out??!? Inconceivable! (I’m not sure that means what I think it means.) I demand a recount and a thorough investigation into the polling process to make sure it wasn’t hacked or tampered with in any way.

    • RubyBaby

      Yay, for Barry – so can’t agree with you there EB. Aghast too, though, that ABBA didn’t come through to the semis.

      I love my George Michael but please ABBA should be the only Swedes still in the running, not those second-run Scandinavians, Ace of Base. Someone must have seen an awful lot of SIGNS, sigh.

      • RubyBaby

        Oops. I have poor eyesight…looking at the chart again, I see Phish threw out Ace of Base, last round. Silly moi. Go Phish (at least in that round) but go Barry in this one!

      • AMJ

        If I had the choice I would have thrown half these off the list much earlier and left it up to George Michael, Backstreet Boys, ABBA and Neil Diamond.

      • AMJ

        plus I didn’t want to vote for Phish or Ace of Base and would have kept one of my favorites given the choice

      • AMJ

        The way the bracket was setup made it a little lopsided in my opinion.

    • bob weaver

      Demand all you want, you are only a teenager for so long. But they got knocked out like the bantam weights they are.. PHISH is a heavyweight, brah! this poll is not fair to any other bands, since Phish is in a totally different class. As you will all find out.

  • Icculus

    I got $1 on Phish. Anyone want to take the bet?

  • sarah d

    Clearly this thing goes Manilow vs. George Michael/Wham. With the latter kicking the holy sh*t out of Bette Midler’s bathhouse piano player.

    • Mcgrupp

      you have no idea why Manilow made it this far, do you.

  • Harry Hood

    what’s up Sarah D? rule #1? Phish FTW!

    • sarah d

      From my personal experience Phish Phans aren’t EVER guility about liking the band, they’re kinda smug about it. So, teeeeechnically, they probably won’t win the round.

      • bob weaver

        Oh know you didn’t.. We have to be guilty, we can’t let our co-workers know- we’d lose our jobs because they think we are a bunch of drugged out losers.
        So, teeeechnically speaking, we still own this tourney, we own journey, and this circus is weaker than barnum and bailey

  • Steve

    If Phish wins, I’m going to vomit.

    Seriously, Journey got knocked out?

    • Mike

      seriously? You like Journey? Ba ha ha ha

    • bob weaver

      Good, grab the trashcan then, vomiting might help release your toxins. And then, while vomiting, HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING!

    • TEH SLAB

      get your toilet ready. Phish winning was a forgone conclusion weeks ago.

  • Sticky Ricky

    A 16 seed in the final four! Talk about a Cinderella story for the ages! I hear if they win they’ll open with “One Shining Moment” at 8.

  • josh

    christ on a stick, just take Phish out of this tournament. give the fans a special prize and let’s find the real guiltiest pleasure so they can stop ruining the contest for the rest of us.

    • Marco Esquandolas

      1. EW defined phish as a guilty pleasure act

      2. the poll only asks, “which do you prefer”

      3. phish always wins

      end of story

    • bob weaver

      Christ on a stick? Is that like, a corndog kinda stick? And we are the special prize. Sorry that you feel ruined. Maybe you should go out and eat a corndog, now thats a guilty pleasure..

  • shamzy

    … have you people even heard phish’s music (especially the creator of this poll?) definitely not a guilty pleasure. listen to the MUSIC before you judge my phriends.

  • jennifer

    phish sucks! gotta admit rooting for George Michaels!

    • Icculus

      There are multiple George Michaels in this competition? Oh wait no I get it. You are voting multiple times. EW!! EW!! EW!! Jennifer is openly admitting to “voting shenanigans”. You need to deal with this ASAP!

    • bob weaver

      she dances. but she also roots. like a tree.

  • orville

    Can’t believe that ABBA, Journey, and Britney didn’t make the finals.

    Looks like the Phish fans are going to get their wish.

    • Mcgrupp

      I wonder why they didn’t make it to the finals…

    • bob weaver

      Our vacumn came in and sucked up all of the competition. Believe it Redenbacher, your bands are popcorn compared to our candilicious band. Our wish was to get disqualified, but I guess we will settle for winning the tourney as a #16 seed..

  • Phluffhead

    phish > ew

  • the great and knowledgeable icculus

    put down your iphones!! put down your DVD things! when was the last time any of you read a Fv(king BOOK?

  • the great and knowledgeable icculus


    when was the last time any of you picked up a F*****g BOOK?



  • Mcgrupp

    a quote from miss integritys twitter


    The quote that upsets me: “The Phish fans are such retards. Do they really think I haven’t followed the trail back to their message board? I CAN SEE YOU PHUCKERS!!”

    • Marco Esquandolas

      I posted these quotes earlier and they were removed — ashamed much?!?

    • bob weaver

      Nice work Mcgrupp.. Seems like LNC and GMPT can be unified for a brief moment..

      • Mcgrupp

        indeed. This is what happened when the Persians invaded Greece and England tried to defeat the Scotts. Unite the clans!

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