Kris Allen's new song 'Live Like We're Dying': What do you think?

I already weighed in last week on the 23-second snippet of Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying.” (Okay, actually, that byline should’ve gone to the 12-year-old schoolgirl who lives inside my iPod.) But in all seriousness, the full version of debut single from the American Idol season 8 champ premiered this morning on Z100, and I’ll just say the additional 181 seconds now available for consumption only make the track sound more like a future smash hit to me. (Side note: I scored a pretty nifty interview with Pocket Idol from the Z100 hallway that will be included in the world premiere of the most important new show on the internet, Réalité, coming Friday to! Cheers, benches!)

As current radio fodder goes, “Live Like We’re Dying” is downright verbose — packing in some sweet, new-age-y sentiments about existing in the moment, living without regret, and saying “I love you” early and often to the people in our lives — but what could’ve come off this side of hokey winds up as winningly inspirational thanks to the conviction in Kris’ vocals. And in an world of top 10 hits like “Birthday Sex” and “Party in the U.S.A.,” it’s kind of refreshing to get a little lyrical nourishment. I’m particularly in love with the way Kris delivers the sing-speak breakdown at 2:30: “You never know a good thing till it’s gone/ You never see a crash till it’s head on/ Or why we think we’re right when we’re dead wrong/ You never know a good thing till it’s gone.” And as I noted last week, the “we’ve only got 86 400 seconds in a day…” chorus is 1-800-Too-Catchy. It’s enough to make you want to go forth, create your own personal bucket list, and schedule an appointment to swim with the dolphins! (Seriously, I need to make that happen.) Or at least it’s enough to make you want to head to iTunes and download this puppy the second it’s available, no?

What do you think of the full-length version of “Live Like We’re Dying”? Do you have any issue with the fact that it’s an obscure cover of a track originally recorded by The Script? Can Kris be the next Daughtry/Underwood/Clarkson-size success from the Idol franchise? Or will he be more David Cook/Jordin Sparks/Fantasia level? Or (gasp, no!) will he get the same tepid commercial response as Diana DeGarmo and Katharine McPhee? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak for all my Idol-related snacks!

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  • Richard S

    Love Kris and impressed that he’s managed to pull off a decent cover of the Macarena…

    • heythatscoolyeah

      LOL! Thank you for being the best first comment ever. Could not agree more.

      • Abbie

        Agreed, best first comment ever!

      • Richard S

        Thanks for the vote of confidence. Apparently anyone even daring to make a joke must be a “glambert”. How odd. For the record I think both Kris and Adam are great and will do really well.

    • chellewake

      OMFG. You CAN do the macarena to the chorus…yes, I tried.

    • Tina

      OMG! This is so great! This is our Kris from Idol? WOW! He is going to do even better than I thought he would. Oh I knew he would be a superstar but OMG, I think he will even do greater than that! He will go in the superstardom steps of Daughtry, Underwood and Clarkson. I am soooo ready for his album to come out. Congrats to you Kris, bass in your glory, you deserve every great thing that comes your way you hot thing you! ;)

      • Lisa

        I love this song. In one part he kinda sounded like Bob Dylan! It was awesome! Can’t wait till the album comes out. I have listened to this song over 100 times and I never get tired of it. WOW!

      • Kris AND Adam Fan

        I think you meant to say “bask” in your glory…

      • Tina

        Yeah actually I did mean bask, not bass. I sometimes type too fast and I either spell the word wrong, or put another word that sounds like the one I want but not the right one. Like write for right. Excuse the errors.

    • Marc

      OMG I didn’t notice before! You can totally sing Macarena to it. LOL

    • HeyDude

      Hey Richard! First comment from a Grade-A-JERK

    • Sarah

      You can tell you are Old farts cuz most of us young people don’t know that song, but I guess you old farts do.

      • KO

        Wait, what? You don’t know the Macarena? Is that the song you ‘don’t know?’ Wow. I’m only 26 but you are making me feel ancient with that comment.

      • JayNYC

        KO — 26 *is* old around these parts, unfortunately. :)

      • Cira

        I’m fifteen and I know the macarena. You don’t have to be a rude, Sarah.

      • Peyton

        Sarah, us “old farts” as you so eloquently put it probably know a lot more about music than you do so it’s really best not to be rude to us. In fact, you could probably learn a thing or two about what constitutes “good” music if you paid more attention to us. You could learn a few other things as well. For instance, how to state your opinion while still being polite to others.

    • When Glamberts attack

      Well here are the Glamberts.

      • PG

        Quit trying to blame every negative comment on Adam fans! That’s absolutely Stupid! Most Love BOTH Kris and Adam!

    • Georgie

      Why do some bitter Adam fans feel the need t continually put Kris down? If Kris is successful, does that mean Adam won’t be? I don’t think so. One guy’s success or failure has nothing to do with the other’s success or failure. And there is plenty of room is the music business for BOTH Kris and Adam. By the way, Allison’s first single reportedly is going to be a cover also. So are the Glamberts going to rip on Adam’s OTHER best friend from Idol when that drops? It is this handful of bitter, nasty “fans” who give Adam’s fanbase a bad name.

      • Matt

        Why do Kris fans feel the need to think anyone who doesn’t like Kris or this song is a Adam fan? There are plenty of people out there who does not like Kris and NOT an Adam fan. So stop with the guessing.

      • Andrea

        Matt, how do you know Georgie (or others) are “Kris fans”?? Seems like you’re guessing as much as anyone… :\

    • Adamfan1

      I have read on site many nasty comments from Kris fans about new to Adam Lamberts new song Strut. It has not even came out yet, but already the hate is there. Why are you Kris fans so jealous of Adam? He is talented beyond anything Idol has ever produced, but that is no reason to hate him. Atleast his new single will be an orginal wrote for him. Not a stupid azz cover song. Yeah to all you Kris fans who are haters, mark my words, Adam will outsell, he can already out sing, and he will out perform Kris on any level anywhere. Just stay in your own boring little world of Kris Allen. And to the few hundred record sells he might have. Adam will sell MILLIONS, MILLIONS, CAN’T WAIT.

      • Tina

        Ok, I will comment on this but not be childish. Adamfan1 I feel for you. Your comment is way off base. I wish you would step back and realize what you just wrote. I don’t think Adam would approve. If as you said Kris Fan’s wrote nasty comments about Adam’s new song, isn’t what you just wrote as bad? You came on here out of anger and wrote out of anger. I hope after you calm down you realize you did what you accused others of doing.

      • Peyton

        I agree wholeheartedly with Tina. You just accused Kris fans of being mean to Adam but then you went and did the same thing yourself by writing that about Kris. It’s pretty hypocritical to do that.

      • Mary

        I’m not here out of anger, or out of hate for anyone. But I will throw my 2 cents worth into the mix here. I couldn’t stand Adam from day one, for the simple fact, his screaming gave me a complete migraine week after week. It got to the point where I would watch every single act, good or bad, until they got to him, then I’d step outside and come back when it was over. I do feel he’s talented, but not for mainstream America. Maybe for Broadway, he can be the male version of Ethel Merman! And I’m sure you all know that although they say AI is not a popularity contest, come on now. WE VOTED! And IF the person you wanted to win DID NOT WIN, guess who you can blame? YOURSELF! Not anyone else. You should have picked up the phone and voted for that person, just like some of us did for Kris! Now I’m done with my two cents worth. It may not be worth anything else than that, but at least I still can put that in there. AND, I must say, I thought Kris was going to end up some hokey country artist, which I do love country music, but I think this new sound is awesome for him! Best of luck to him and Adam and the rest of the crew!!

    • nancy

      What is Macarena? Who cares! I enjoyed Kris’s LLWD song over and over again on YouTube and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I put my money on Kris Allen because he amazed me every time. Thank you very much Michael for the article.

      • Tina

        I think Macarena is a song? Or a song move?

      • Peyton

        Tina, the Macarena is a song that came out around the mid-90s. It had a dance that went with the song that caught on big in the country for about fifteen minutes. Then like most silly dance crazes it was retired and is now universally mocked.

      • pamela

        They often do the macarena at wedding dances. Perhaps you’ve seen it there.

    • Vada

      If Kris’ song is as successful as the Macarena, then the intended insults will slide right off into the mire, where they belong. I seem to recall the elderly balding female secretary of state, doing the Macarena. That is true pop culture saturation.

    • kk

      hi. i love this song! what does it really mean though?

  • Nick

    This is good. Pop rocky. I’m worried this could get a similar reception, however, that Blake Lewis got with a similar sound – and we all know how that ended. Good luck, Kris.

    • kahuna

      Kris is a much better singer than Blake.

      • Jon

        Not really … Blake was much more creative than Kris ever was on the show. And from the sounds of this, will continue to be the case.

      • Lisa

        Jon your wrong. All Blake was good at was b-bopping. He was lucky to get to the top 3. Creative? Listen to Kris’s version of HEARTLESS and you tell me who is more creative. Even Randy said Kris’s version was way better than the orginal. Noone ever said that to Blake.

      • Mark

        I don’t think the two really compare that well, in those terms. Blake did make some choices in his songs that were, easily put, insane, often for good and bad. And I don’t think the Idol we know today would have quite happened without his presence on the show (he’s not the first person to succeed on the show with at best average vocals (Taylor Hicks won, after all), but he was one of the first contestants to be consistently creative, in a way that became trademark of the Season Seven and Eight critera). But I don’t think, by contrast, Kris has to be “not creative”, because he certainly wasn’t that. A lot of his songs were quite inventive and well arranged, and really intelligently done. And he’s really more of a singer than Blake, so even when the arrangements were relatively faithful (a la Falling Slowly, To Make You Feel My Love, amongst others), he was able to do something different with it. But the methods of the two are really different.

      • Mark

        Ah, right… “those terms” refer to the creativity aspect. If we’re talking about straight up singing, Kris blew Blake right out of the water. But I think it’s to Blake’s everlasting credit on the show that he wasn’t that great a singer and still succeeded in the way he did.

      • jessie

        no du losers

  • mandabutter

    LOOOOOOVE IT! Great job Kris. I was a little bitter after his win (Adam fan here) but I totally give him credit. He was superb on tour and this song is really catchy – I hope it’s a smash!!! Nov. 17th can’t come soon enough. I will be buying his album. :)

  • mandabutter

    I don’t hear the Blake comparison at all. Blake was too electronic and all over the place. And just imagine what Kris could do with this live!!! So happy for him.

    • Tina

      I agree. Where in the heck can you think you hear Blake style in this? This is orginal cover Kris all the way!

      • Ron

        I found the words ‘original cover’ funny.. hehe.. I feel so shallow.. xD anyways.. I love The Script!! x3.. and for this matter Kris Allen too.. :D can’t wait for his album to come out.. hopefully I have money by then.. hihihi..

  • Josh

    I think this song is good, catchy if a little bland (but isn’t all pop music these days?). I think this will be a big hit for him, he deserves it.

  • RustyT

    Bland and lame, totally forgettable.

    • Tina

      Well then Rusty T, why don’t YOU be forgettable and move on.

      • LauraT

        Um, Tina? Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean you should get personally insulting. Saying “I don’t like this” shouldn’t be met with the grown-up equivalent of “Then you’re a poopyhead!”

      • Tina

        Last time I looked Laura my mom was dead. So don’t think you can come on here and dictate to me. I don’t care if you don’t like what I wrote. But tell me how is me telling someone to be forgettable and move on personally insulting? I don’t think it is . So keep your comments on how I write to yourself. Like I said, my mom is dead. End of Story.

      • Jon

        Tine, it IS personally insulting. You were apparently personally offended by RustyT commenting on Kris Allen’s song. Don’t take it personally — you are not Kris Allen. Defend Kris Allen if you must, but there is no reason to dig at someone for stating their opinion on the issue at hand — Kris’s new single!!

        Don’t be so sensitive. And what does your mom have to do with anything?

      • Tina

        Well Jon, just like you trying to tell me what to do like Laura did. That is what a Mom would do. Hence me putting my Mom in there. I did not insult, don’t care what you say. Of course you and Laura say what you say because apparently you don’t like Kris. Well I never said I was Kris, but I will defend him, and I will say what I want. Just like you do. So again, don’t come on here and tell ME what to do. I have my right to my say, just like you. Don’t mean I have to listen to you nor do you have to listen to me. WTFE dude.

      • LauraT

        Okay, I’m not your mother, granted. But there are unspoken rules of etiquette that everyone on message boards are expected to follow … and if they don’t, they get called out because other people don’t really want to put up with childish behaviour. You’re being childish. And I actually really like Kris Allen and this song, so it has nothing to do with it.
        If you don’t like people objecting to childish behaviour, then stop making childish comments.

      • Kris AND Adam Fan

        This was the funniest little exchange I have read in a long time. Ha ha ha…thanks for the mid-day entertainment LauraT, Tina and Jon. That was great!

      • Tina

        I can not believe all this started over me telling someone to be forgettable and move on. It was not like I called him a nasty name or anything. Shhhhesshhh. To Kris and Adam fan, your welcome. I love providing entertainment. And to Laura T, actually after reading your last comment posted today, I can understand now what your talking about. I was being childish and I do need to stop it. My passion for Kris Allen’s talent sometimes makes me go overboard at the slight negative thing said about him or his song. I like how ADULT your comment was and THAT is something I can listen too.

    • ANGIE

      totally agree, boring and the tune is so annoying, i like Kris and his voice, he should have gotten a better song for his first single, not this stupid cover!

      • Andrea

        what makes it boring? …you never said…

  • A non-idol fan

    I actually like this song. Very catchy. I am a huge fan of Jason Mraz..Jack Johnson type of music. I think this kid may have something here. He may not be Lady GaGa type hit pop, but thats a good thing in my book.

    • Kris AND Adam Fan

      I have never been much of an Idol fan either, but Kris Allen is the first time I actually went to Itunes and downloaded music from the show. I loved all of his stuff and actually often compared him to Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson often throughout the season as well! Love the song and hope he does well. ALSO, I was a huge Adam fan also and hope he has just as much success. Funny that people on here are so divided when they are both great talents. There’s room for both for sure!

  • A non-idol fan

    Ok, I have to post again as this is my third listen (Monday and work = procrastination)…yeah this is going to be a smash hit and I hate idol. I love the song and so do most of those in my office that can hear my speakers.

  • SharB

    I really like this. very catchy tune and phrases. This should be a hit. Time will tell. Congratulations Kris and I look forward to hearing the rest of the CD.

    • diana

      whats all the fuss about. its a good song,chris is very talented. as the beatles would say, “let it be”

  • Gina

    I loved Kris on Idol and thought he was very original so I’m very surprised to not like his first single. I think the song is boring and a little annoying.

    • Tina

      How is it boring and annoying? Your not much of a Kris fan if you think like that. I can’t wait till this single goes to the top in the top 40 and proves you wrong how it is not annoying or boring.

      • Pete

        Tina, well you’re not much of a Kris fan just because you attack anyone who doesn’t like the song. So STFU!

      • Tina

        Pete how about YOU STFU! I have every write to state my opinion just like everyone else. So I don’t like what someone said, so I write something about it. How is what I did different than WHAT you wrote? Atleast I didn’t tell someone to STFU until YOU said it. Get a life loser.

      • T-Man

        Pete that was not cool. I didn’t see where Tina attacked anyone. Your the one who attacked Tina. Don’t complain about something you just did yourself. You should be ashamed Bro. Didn’t your parents teach you any manners?

      • “Tina” is a Loser

        “Tina” is annoying. If the comments don’t agree with what she thinks she’s the first to attack someone. I think she’s really “Barb” but using the name “Tina.” If you are a common poster, you’ll know “Barb” she’s a negative ninny, just like “Tina” is. Get over it “Tina” people don’t have to agree with you.

      • EEKstl

        People’s musical opinions are just that – their opinions. If someone has an opinion which differs from yours that doesn’t make them wrong, it just means they have a different opinion! They are just as entitled to theirs as you are to yours.

      • EEKstl

        Also, just because someone is a fan of an artist does not mean they have to like everything they do unconditionally. They can be critical of a given work and still be a fan overall. The world is not nearly as black or white as that.

      • amadeline75

        Tina needs a dictionary so she can learn to spell. You’re is short for you are, not ‘your’. While in the dictionary try learning the meaning of write and right so you’ll know the right way to use them when you’re writing comments to post. Maybe people will respect your opinion more when you sound literate when you present it.

      • Tina

        OMG, now we have a teacher on board? I am sure I am not the only person to spell words incorrectly or use the wrong word. Amadeline noone has to respect my opinon, I really don’t care. Love all the people “bashing” me when you all are complaining that is what I do. Funny. Nope I am not BARB, I am TINA. Move on people move on. Wow, loving the attention, woohoo! ;)

      • Dory

        I think it is great

    • coffeecup

      Agree with Gia – boring & annoying. And it sounds like he’s using voice “enhancers” to compensate for his rather weak voice. Something Adam will never need!

      • Ross

        Why don’t you tweet that message to Adam and see how he feels about using his name to bash Kris?

      • Mark

        “Voice enhancers”? Please! It may be overproduced by your tastes (it isn’t by mine), but that’s definitely not happening. Kris can hit those notes easily.

      • Andrea

        coffeecup, even the strongest vocalists in the music industry use production on their voices for certain songs. And, like Kris, they aren’t using that production to “compensate” for some alleged deficiency… they’re using it to create an effect for the sound they want to give the song.

        Kris already released an independent album where he sang every song beautifully without any production on his voice whatsoever. America also voted Kris the winner of a live singing competition :) So… your argument is not only transparent, but it’s invalid.

  • Eric

    I love the song. I’ve been listening to it all morning.

  • Myolie

    I LOVE IT! It’s a great catchy song and has a good message. It’s already stuck in my head.

  • April

    I LOVE THIS SONG! I think it’s going to be a huge hit. I can’t wait to hear the rest of his album now.

  • Helena

    #bestsex is having this song on repeat.

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