Lady Gaga on Kanye's VMA outburst: 'He feels so f---ing bad!'

It was the “Imma let you finish” heard ’round the world — and now Kanye West’s upcoming Fame Kills tourmate Lady Gaga joins the celebrity peanut gallery (Obama and Jimmy Carter and Jay-Z, oh my!) of those who have something to say about his infamous Taylor Swift awardus interruptus moment at this year’s VMAs.

Speaking to a Las Vegas radio station, Gaga said, “It’s funny cuz while it was going on I was thinking, ‘Oh gosh … But I would say he’s a good guy and everybody makes mistakes, and he feels so f—ing bad. He really does, he really feels bad.”

She continues: “If you listen to the radio right now, with the exception of myself, really, and, like, probably Taylor Swift, Kanye is responsible for everything we’re listening to. Everyone likes to focus on gossip, but he’s changed music and he’s really prolific and an incredible person, and I think it’s unfair to judge somebody on one mistake they’ve made.”

“He’s really kind of shown me a lot, as a friend, planning this tour — it’s all about the fans … I felt like that [VMA] moment really portrayed him in a way that he really isn’t. It was just a random moment.”

What do you think, readers — just one controversial artist defending another, and trying to boost their co-tour, which she calls “a celebration of creativity and art and fashion and choreography”? Or is she articulating what you also feel: That it’s time to forgive ‘Ye his transgression already?

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  • Monique

    What he did was horrible and absolutely stupid, but I think it’s been overblown. He didn’t beat anyone. He didn’t murder anyone. Slap his wrist and all, but it’s time to move on. Taylor Swift is not a little girl like the media and everyone seems to portray her as. She’s 19 years old. Although that’s still very young, she’s old enough to move on and grow a thicker skin.

    • Jackie

      She has moved on. It’s everybody else that appears to be having trouble including lady gag me – I mean GaGa.

      • Julius

        Haha Lady GaGme chuckle chuckle

    • michelekamay

      Kanye West made an horrible mistake but this is history now. Taylor Swift herself has forgiven him, she’s 19 and from now onwards she knows that next time, she’ll have to use her award and hit the head of the d-bag who will outstage her.
      Kanye West is a gifted artist and producer. I really think that outstaging his mates in an awards night is the worst thing we can hear from him. Keep your head up, Kanye, I’m with you! Come on people, don’t be so heartless!

    • Nick

      When does this conversation ever get to end? It was dumb, those of you who do not like his music, didn’t listen to it anyway, and those who do should not stop now.

  • ImStillToni

    Although Kanye was extremely rude, I actually don’t disagree with him. My issue is why does a grown ass man do not get that tweeners are too young to appreciate Beyonce’s Single Ladies video as a throwback and homage?

    • lw

      Beyonce won video of the year in the end, so the fans clearly appreciated the video! Whether or not you agree with Kanye is not the point. It was rude and inappropriate. And it’s not the Nobel prize people! It’s the VMAs! Who cares? Clearly not Beyonce.

    • MTD

      You agree with his actions? Give me a break! I’m not a Taylor swift fan, but what I am a fan of is RESPECT. And for him to say that Beyonce (who I am a fan of) had one of the greates videos of all time, that is crazy. There has not been a greatest video of all time since the days of Michael Jackson….

    • Stevie

      So you approve of him being rude, crude? So anybody who has a disagreement about anything should just go and behave anyway you want because it is your right? Stupid.

  • Adele

    “If you listen to the radio right now, with the exception of myself, really, and, like, probably Taylor Swift, Kanye is responsible for everything we’re listening to.”
    What does that mean? The music on the radio is thanks to Kanye West? Or is she saying the gossip on the radio is all Kanye right now? Cause if its the first one, she’s in la la land. He is not that influential.

    • Carol

      What Lady Gaga means is that Kanye is also a producer. He’s practically on everyone’s album that does either hip-hop or R&B. I loved Kanye’s first two albums and think he’s talented but very insecure and feels entitled to awards to feed his ego. Sad.

    • Nikki

      Hey Adele – one word – PRODUCER! That is why I laughed when everyone was going to boycott him… they would be boycotting a lot of other artists too!

    • B

      Unless your listening to f&*#in Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus all the time, Kanye IS influential in most music on the radio.

      • Keith

        This is true, as evidenced by the fact that most of the ‘artists’ being played on the radio right now are classless, talent-free studio creations. Thanks, Kanye!

      • Matty K

        I’m pretty sure Kanye doesn’t even produce his own albums anymore, let alone ALL the other artists out there. While he did have some KILLER tracks (Trina’s ‘B R Right’) back in the day, his new stuff isn’t groundbreaking, IMO. He’s the current Diddy, and hopefully he’ll drop off charts just as fast.

      • Rachel

        Which is exactly why I don’t listen to the radio.

    • crispy

      Uh, I listen to Alt Rock radio, and he hasn’t influenced a single thing on that station.

      • mm

        crispy, i’m sorry that you listen to crappy music.. maybe kanye should influence that station so the music sounds better

      • Stevie

        Give the Heavy Metal station a shout out. Not influenced that station either.

      • Stevie

        Hey Mr. Crispy the King of Music Knowledge, I have a question? You listen to anything else besides Alt Rock? Say maybe Adam Lambert?

      • Sophie

        I couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    • Justin

      Kanye isn’t just behind rap he is behind RandB, Rock, and other genres. So I can understand why he so cocky. People who say they hate him and won’t listen to things he are on anymore won’t be listening to radio period. Kanye took the spotlight from an 19 year old country singer who really cares honestly and I am one of the ones who can appreciate her music but mainstream doesnt have a place for country music and thats the facts….Leave Kanye alone he is going to continue making hits that we like even if we don’t know he’s on them idiots

      • Sophie

        She the highest selling artist in the U.S. in 2008. I think you not be such a good judge of what people like.

  • Dduellman

    One mistake? If Kanye West hadn’t shown a pattern of arrogant and bad behavior it would be a lot easier to forgive and forget. I think his recent behavior is truly who he is. He needs to do some deep soul searching and character building.

    • ML

      here here!

    • hello friend

      the pattern of bad behavior has been because his mother died, and no one can say that he should just move on after that. its just been a series of really unfortunate events. plus he is checking into rehab.

      • Mike

        Kanye West has exhibited this type of behavior LONG before his mother died. His sense of entitlement and self importance is almost unparalleled.

      • Boo hoo

        Lots of people’s mothers have died. Most of them didn’t turn stupid because of it.

      • JA

        REhab for what? Being an self-important, a-hole?

    • CountmeOut

      so just because his mind freaked out ’cause his mom died – we as the collective world – should allow this kind of behavior – so what’s next – his personality is going to change after his stint in rehab – is he going to be better or worse…HEY EW – having a slow news day, seems you guys are recycling a bunch of old news for the sake of having stuff here for us to gripe about

  • Sandra

    Of COURSE she’s defending him…she’s got tickets to sell! I agree that it’s time to move on, but duh!

    • sophie

      EXACTLY! Yeah, I tink everybody can stop obsessing about it now. Even Taylor wants everyone to move on.

  • Jeff

    I agree with dduellman. The uproar over Kanye isn’t just about this incident with Taylor Swift, it’s more of a combination of previous events. Everyone is sick of hearing about how great he is, how underappreciated he is, how he deserves awards, etc. To interupt someone else’s moment like that was just the cherry on top.

  • TDawg

    Not only what he did was rude & selfish, but it was totally embarrassing for Taylor Swift. Although he’s apologized to her and she’s accepted it, I still think he’s a immature baby based on this and other past incidents. In my opinion, he should be banned from the Grammy’s and MTV award shows.

    • Kim

      Absolutely true – but just FYI, ‘Grammys’ does not need an apostrophe.

      • Stevie

        Hold on the puncuation police is out. Hide. Run. Fast.

    • sophie

      exactly. if that was me up there, i would have reacted really badly. that must have been so embarrassing for taylor. i think i would have either ran off the stage, or burst into tears. maybe i would have sworn a lot at him. i dont know.

  • Jimmy

    Am I reading this correct, that she thinks her music, Kanye, and Taylor Swift are all that is being played on the radio right now? She only threw Taylor Swift in there because that is who this is all about. She really is an arrogant little twit isn’t she? I hardly ever hear her music or Kanye’s on the radio, I can’t believe she would be so arrogant!!

    • dwgt

      she proably means pop radio. if you listen to pop radio, kanye west has a bigger stamp on that genre than anyone right now (he’s rapping on or has produced an enormous amount of pop, hip-hop and r&b music).

    • Joey

      you hardly hear her on the radio? Poker Face came on every 2 seconds a few months ago. lol

  • jem

    Wow, it seems Lady Gaga is just as arrogant as Kanye West is — someone should tell her that even though she is popular, she is still not the only person getting airtime on the radio right now.

    • Chris

      She means besides herself and taylor, Kanye is responsible for most of the things on the radio (Producing, features, and his own successful career). Where did she say she was the only artist being played on the radio?

      • JA

        She didn’t say “excluding herself and Taylor” so she did, in fact, state that she, Taylor and Kanye are responsible for most of what you hear on the radio right now. Love how she threw Taylor’s name in there to make it sound less egotistical. But it is a ridiculously arrogant statement to make.

    • Stevie

      Hey don’t say that about Lady GaGa. The teens love her. Adam Lambert loves her too. LOL

  • Ryan

    Agree with all the posts thus far. She HAS to say something, otherwise her tour may flop. There’s really no way to candy coat his crappy attitude, but she does a solid attempt here.
    News flash though, you’re not the only three people on the radio and with egos as big as that, you won’t be there that long.

  • Q

    Kanye did a bad bad thing, but I believe he is sorry about it. After Chris Brown beat up Rhianna, Kanye came out and said he wanted to kill him, and I was glad to see him stand up and shoot his mouth off for a good reason. He’s a hothead and has no filter, and sometimes it bites him in the bum. Other times he voices outrage that most celebs won’t. He’s a jerk, not a villain, we need to drop this.

    • Joey

      beautifully said

    • Stevie

      Jerk, villain, ego monster, all the same.

  • Blair

    This conversation is sooooo 2009! Moving on!!

    • JA

      What year do you think it is?

  • to Lady gaga

    Stop making excuses. Just say “that’s Kanye” and move on!




  • KR

    Its not really just the one mistake. This is the most recent in a long line of d-bag moments from Mr. West. But I’m over this already.

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