Allison Iraheta's 'Friday I'll Be Over U': Does the teen 'Idol' have a hit on her hands?

allison-iraheta_lFull disclosure: I loved Allison Iraheta on season 8 of American Idol more than Grey’s Anatomy loves having characters bump into each other on the elevator. But I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been a little bit worried about what kind of material the red-headed rocker would get for her forthcoming debut album — slated to drop Dec. 1 on 19 Recordings/Jive Records.

Having recently reviewed the unspeakably awful new disc from Selena Gomez (and having also drawn the short-straw assignment of Demi Lovato’s 2008 piffle Don’t Forget), I’m tragically familiar with what I can only guess is a major-label edict that teenage artists be brainwashed into thinking that rock & roll dates only as far back as Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.”

Thus, it’s with a sigh of relief that I can say Allison’s debut single, “Friday I’ll Be Over U” (the first 2:20 of which is streaming at PopEater) is the real deal, an aggressively jaunty kiss-off track that juxtaposes genuine, hard-edged attitude from Idol‘s season 8 fourth-place finisher with a chorus as unapologetically addictive as Grape Bubble Yum.

Right from the opening “Oh yeah,” you can tell Allison’s having a great time dragging her lie-telling crush back to the customer-service desk for a full-money refund, and the age-appropriate lyrics (“Got my heart by tellin’ lies/ You weren’t what you advertised”) seem designed to spark mass sing-alongs with teenage girls (both inner and actual) across the nation.

Even better, when Allison repeats the song’s title at the end of the second verse — “No, no, I ain’t gonna cry/ Go and be with her tonight/ I really don’t care what you do/ ‘Cause Friday I’ll be over you” — the tart twist of harmony comes off like an homage to Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” (with hints of the Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb” and an opening guitar line that somehow reminds me of Blur’s “Song 2″ thrown in for good measure).

That’s not a surprise, seeing how “Since U Been Gone,” like “Friday I’ll Be Over U,” was produced by Swedish pop maestro Max “U > You” Martin. If I had one complaint about “Friday,” it’s that Martin has ironed out Allison’s vocals a little too aggressively on the chorus: Seriously, why starch into submission something that would only benefit from some wonderfully lackadaisical wrinkles? But all that aside, it’s undeniably thrilling to hear a radio-ready pop track from a teenage diva whose voice is strong enough to hold up all by itself (73 autotuned layers and small army of backing vocalists not included).

Bottom line: “Friday I’ll Be Over You” isn’t even available for download yet, but I sense this one is gonna get the kind of repeat-function treatment on my iPod that’ll rapidly propel it to my Top 10 Most-Played list alongside Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress,” Jody Watley’s “A Beautiful Life” and Roisin Murphy’s “Overpowered.” Which is exactly the kind of real world, post-Idol response Allison will need to propel herself from reality TV contestant to Billboard-charting threat.

What do you think of “Friday I’ll Be Over U”? Check out the high-quality PopEater clip (or listen to a rougher YouTube cut after the jump), see our references to “Friday” in this week’s Réalité, then vote in our poll. (And for all the latest in Idol insanity, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!)

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  • PJ

    Sounds like a reject from a Kelly Clarkson album, though Allison does an all-right impersonation. Nothing original or exciting to this song.

    • Zach

      Agree with you and the next comment.

      • Collin B


    • maz

      I am going to frikkin report you for uttering such blasphemy!

      • Ernesto Moreno

        I love my rock, and most any other music. If any one dislikes this song by the most talented vocals Idol ever, its obvious you ppl have issues. Major issues. ALLISON friggin rocks. This song is better than Katys, Kellys, Avrils, Nickelbacks, etc. Allison is more talented than most todays artists. You dont see young blacks being bashed, do you? R&B/hip-hop sounds all the same, but they sell. Support rock and roll, whether its Metallica, Green Day, OR Allison. Allison HAD to work w/producers’ will, so lets support her, and her 2nd, or 3rd CD’s will be more real deal rock. If not, she is enjoying this, and thats all that matters. STOP BASHING YOUNG ARTISTS.

    • M

      Your full of crap! This song is catchy and gets you hopping! It will be a smash!

      • PJ

        I’m not full of crap, and I know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

      • Jack

        Yeah…this song is crap….it sounds like someone TRYING to be something they’re not

      • M

        My aren’t we defensive? So I didn’t use the proper you’re. Sue me. Atleast I know talent when I hear it. And yeah YOU’RE (happy) full of crap, still. BAha!

    • mkb

      PJ is right.

    • renee

      sorry, agree with pj. hated it. didn’t even make it through the whole song. expected so much more from allison. something edgier.

      • lexxi

        i expected more =/ its totaly not edgy enough …

    • Mental Heavy

      My question to all of you is this?

      Will you still buy Allison’s CD?

      Will this song make or break her?

      • M

        Yes I will be buying her CD. I like the song and I like Allison. Can’t wait to see what else she has instore for us on that CD.

        Love Da Rocker!

      • L

        Well, the song will make me more cautious about buying her CD. I’ll listen to it first online to see if I like it. Same with Kris Allen’s CD. His first single made me nervous too. Neither single represents what I love about either artist, IMO. :/

      • Sally in Chicago

        I’m not a teen and it’s not my type of music (I’m old school, Whitney, Mariah, Jennifer, Neyo, etc.) however, if I were a teen, yes I would buy it. It’s cute, happy, dancey, and it’s Allison as a teen. I’d like to see what she can do on the grown up side. She’s certainly better than Demi or Selena. And the girl can perform the stage.
        And like WhishesForfishes stated, autotune can be a bad thing. Here, it’s not so bad.

    • KatyMay

      I also agree. AutoTuned Kelly C. reject tune. Find another writer for Allison please.

    • regina

      utterly true, a poor single due to lack of originality and just trying too hard to be someone ( kelly clarkson, anyone?) else.
      oh dear. now i worry for her album

  • WhishesForFishes

    I just wish they didn’t auto-tune her voice so much.

    • James

      I actually think her voice sounds better here than it does on any of her Idol studio recordings. I loved her on the show live, but she always sounds sort of stuffed-up nasal-y on her studio recordings. I don’t get that here. I also think this single is stronger than Kris’ debut single, but with Slezak being in full blown Kris mania I didn’t think he’d point that out here.

      • M

        He should have because all during Idoltry he said he loved Allison more than anyone. Don’t know why he didn’t bring that up. Ummmm.

    • blueballs

      But Kelly Clarkson feeds off of Katy Perry’s scraps so you can call it Katys rejects.

  • Hannah

    Agreed on the vocals part – hopefully the rest of the album will have more of Allison’s rawness.

  • LoveDaRocker

    Solid start from The Rocker.

  • cubachi

    I absolutely love this song!! It was in my head all day.

  • Ugly Jenny

    I like this song. I’m a sucker for girl power songs and definitely is my type of song. I really loved Allison Iraheta on AI even though the judges didn’t give her as much love as she deserved (to take a cue from SNL’s weekend update: REALLY! Danny Gokey? REALLY?!). I hope she has a lot of success and will be buying her album! Rocker saved!

    • Akemi


      Someone please explain to me Gokey’s appeal.

      • so true

        He has a good voice but Allison knows more about music than he does. And he can’t dance.

      • love David Cook

        He has a great voice. It’s powerful, has an interesting raspy quality, and he really conveys feeling. He sings the hell out of songs.He’s the one I still listen to. And can do an amazing range of songs well, from ballad (You are so Beautiful), to Big Band (Rain or Shine), rock (Renegade, and believe it or not, Dream On studio version was fantastic), country (Hurts the Most)and pop (PYT.)

      • M

        To Love David Cook: I don’t believe it, Dream on studio version was fantastic? Did he do the screaming part in that one too?

      • to M

        I agree with you. I don’t believe it either. DANNY GOKEY DOES NOT KNOW HOW to interpret songs, imo. His voice is just different and he just keeps forcing it, no interpretation.

        I actually have SCREAM ON (~downloaded from tha netz) as an emergency WAKE UP OR UR GONNA MISS YOUR EXAM alarm. My roommates made me change it though, they were bothered by the screaming.

  • Kate

    I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded of the “dancing around my room with a hairbrush microphone” days. (Admittedly I still do that, but with much more frequency when I was a kid.) I heard shades of Lauper, a little late-eighties sensibility which I really love in my pop/rock fusion. Very very good, and I like it. I don’t LOVE it. I LOVE Kris Allen’s single. Hopefully Allison’s will grow on me, and I’m sure I’ll find some other tracks I love on the album, which I will be buying.

    • Jordan

      You LOVE Kris’ single, which is merely a cover…showing no artistry. Yet, you only like Allison’s ORIGINAL song? Allison is more of an artist than Kris could ever dream of being.

      • Karen

        Jordan, your comment is a joke and couldn’t be more wrong.

    • BewareOfBears

      I like this song in the same way, to dance around the room to, but unlike you I am indifferent to the point of dislike for Kris’s song. Wish I liked Kris’s song as much as I like Allison’s though both are pretty generic.

      • M

        I happen to agree. About the generic part. Still a hopping song. It gets you moving like Kris’s song does. If this is the way they are treating the Idols first song, I can’t even image what Adam’s will sound like. Electronic? Please nnnnnnnoooo!

    • but…

      Hmmm. I’m a fan of The Script before any of the idols this year. I have to say that arrangement of Kris’s single is definitely the Script’s signature style. The rappy-upbeat parts and fast pacing of the song is very much Script-style. If you don’t believe me, listen to the Script’s Rusty Halo (“It’s been a long time comin'”), Break-even (“I fall into pieeecesss”~) or We Cry. Sooooo. I’d say at this point… FRIDAY I’LL BE OVER U >>> LLLWD :) mainly coz FIBOU is something you can actually SING to.

  • Alan

    FULL song now up on popeater… and the end is very strong BTW!!!
    Like the song a lot, love Allison.

  • x_fcf-X

    I love it! Allison’s so talented and the song’s really catchy!

  • Pwopah

    I kind of wish Aranda’s “whyyawannabringmedown?” hadn’t gone on Kelly Clarkson’s CD, because I think it would be perfect for Allison.

    • Ethel Merman

      I will agree with your statement. Initially, I didn’t like that song but it’s grown on me. It would be PERFECT for our little rocker,.

  • WitchyWoman

    Love Allison! Like the song. That said, I think it’s over-produced. Allison’s raw power would be better showcased by a more spare arrangement, IMO. Still, I think it will probably sell well.

  • Bebe

    omg this song is amazing i can’t wait to buy it on itunes allison rocks!

  • Michelle

    Much like Kara’s first ever comment on Allison, I wish we had her in a few more years.

    I’m not a teenager, and although the chorus is catchy I wish Allison were singing something with the maturity her voice commands. Compared to her tour repertoire this song feels like wonder bread.

    Then again, I can’t make her something she’s not – even if it’s what she sounds like.

    I just hope her career outlasts her teen years – unlike Avril et al.

    • Diana-TX

      WOW…exactly my thoughts. Just a few more years.

    • misty

      Michelle, those are my thoughts exactly. I wish Allison had waited a little to grow into her voice. She’s stuck singing these trifles due to her age when her voice calls for something more mature.

    • mimi77

      That’s exactly what i thought … I’ve been hearing Allison’s AI studio recording of i can’t make you love me and she is so awesome on that song, friday is a cute song but it’s not special , and she is such a special girl it feels like a song i would like alot for the next two weeks but not for a long time , but i’m sure if she stays in the game for long enough she will mature naturally and choose songs that have more depth.

    • HelloHelen

      I agree that when one saw Allison on Idol and the tour, her voice just made you really take note!
      I was hoping she wouldn’t be pushed into the Mylie’s, Selen’s, and such ‘sounds’. But, even though this song is catchy….it’s not the Allison sound we all came to know. Her renditions of the classic: whether it be rock or other pop showed off her powerful range. Now, this new song kinda shows her in a line of cookie-cutter clutter. But hey, maybe she decided the dollar sign was just right.

  • Ellie

    Great review Michael. I do think the song is over produced in some parts, and they really don’t take full advantage of Allison’s vocals. But i think the point of a debut single is to get radio play, and this song will be played, a lot.

    • seattlejohn

      I totally agree…not what I expected but upbeat fun to hopefully entice buyers into checking out a wider range on the CD

      • Sally in Chicago

        Totally agree.

  • OldRockerDude

    I’m an old guy and love the song. It’s perfect for today’s teen audience. Still has enough edge for my liking too. BTW the full version is now up on PopEater. Even better.

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