Adam Lambert's 'Time for Miracles': 29-second leak may cause sweating, palpatations

Adam-Lambert-Idol_lAs an Idoloonie, the fallow period from June-December has traditionally been a time for ennui,  heartbreak, and disappointment. Year after year, we invest ourselves knee-deep in the hoopla (God help me for using that phrase) of taking back the power from short-sighted record labels and forcing them to sign artists who don’t need no stinkin’ autotune. After the confetti falls, though, even in the best of scenarios, we maybe get to witness one or two stops on the Idol summer tour, wallow in the realization that not all of our favorites are getting major-label deals (#signmattgiraud, bitches!), and then brace ourselves for the inevitable sad trombone of songs like Bo Bice’s “The Real Thing,” which have none of the verve or personality or power of the upstart singers we fell in love with on Fox’s ubiquitous talent search.

This year on Idol, however, runner-up Adam Lambert promised us that a change was gonna come. And it may just turn out the man was telling the truth. Indeed, hot on the heels of excellent singles from season 8 champ Kris Allen and third runner-up Allison Iraheta, a verrry brief snippet of Adam’s “Time for Miracles,” a cut from the upcoming 2012 soundtrack, is now streaming at UK, and it sounds like it has the potential to be a power-ballad smash. (For the record, a rep for Adam’s label says “Time for Miracles” won’t be the lead single from Adam’s forthcoming debut disc; a decision on which track they’ll ultimately choose will be made in the next couple of weeks.) UPDATE: A longer, “making of” clip is available via AOL — I’ve embedded it below — and it puts the “edible” in incredible…or somethin’ like that!

But getting back to the Amazon clip, it begins with an acoustic guitar line leading into the last line of a verse, with Adam declaring “So nothing can stop me from trying.” After that, the bombast kicks in — the kind of building, building, building, nod-your-head, power-chordian crescendo you’d expect from what’s rumored to be the closing-credits cut to the year’s big-budget apocalyptic disaster flick, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and possibly the destruction of everything ever. Then we hear the start of the chorus — “Baby you know that maybe it’s time for miracles/ ‘Cause I ain’t givin’ up on love/ You know that maybe it’s time for miracles…” — which hints at what’s to come, but ultimately cuts off before Adam can really tear into the track with the kind of gale-force vocalizing his fans have been feverishly waiting to hear for weeks now. [UPDATE: Scratch that, peeps! The AOL “making of” snippet now embedded below gives us 86 seconds, with Adam-on-Adam layers that are destined to make my mother do something drastic. Mr. Lambert, if Polly Slezak approaches you and says she’s working on a feature for EW, she is telling a lie!]  On the Adam Idol Scale ™, “Time for Miracles” sounds like it’s got a little “Mad World” falsetto, a little “Slow Ride” growl, and perhaps the scope and grandeur of “One.” I’m going to reserve saying anything more till the full track makes its way to the internet, but for now, go forth and check out the 29-second leak streaming at Amazon UK, press play on the embeddable 86-second version here, and vote in our poll below. Then you can share your snap-judgment review in the comments section below. Oh, and do follow me on Twitter to get all my Idol-centric updates @EWMichaelSlezak. Yes, folks, I Tweet, therefore I am. trying to hang on to my youthful relevance. Now I’m going to take a cleansing breath, exhale deeply, and then raise the first alcoholic beverage I can get my hands on that no part of the beloved Kradison troika has been saddled with “No Boundaries”-esque pablum. That, in and of itself, proves it’s a time for miracles, no?

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  • Linda

    For some reason, it kind of reminds me of the Beatles. I’d love to hear more!

    • M

      This snippet sure is longer than the of the other two, Kris and Allison. It gives you more to judge on and my verdict is:

      IT IS FREAKING FANTASTIC! If this is what Adam has instore for us then his Album was worth the money I spent on preordering it from Amazon.


      • Nick T

        I’ve actually heard the entire Allison song and it sounds slightly better. Maybe this one would sound better if it were’nt accompanied by that sure to be awful film.

      • Syd

        I didnt like it sorry :(

      • avanti

        Beatles???? No f joke.
        Beatles is 100 times better than this LOL

      • Matt

        Nick T, for you to say the song would be better without the film is like saying you could talk better if your mouth didn’t move. Stupid stupid stupid.

      • Matt

        Hey Avanti, if you like the beatles so freaking much go to their site. Adam is not a copy cat you idiot. He sang a song that was written for a film. Get a life you loser.

    • Cookiebr7

      I also thought of the Beatles when I heard it! And I love it!

    • yue

      Are you me?

    • Jon

      In what possible way does this even remotely sound like The Beatles?

      • jules

        Well, maybe they think it sounds like the Beatles if all four had the swine flu while trapped in a fire pit, and being tortured by a polka band squeezing accordions in their faces and poking pins in their feet. It could happen.

      • Lisa

        Think of their song writing… great melodies….simple and beautiful, the kind that make you want to sing along and harmonize. Beatles. Time for Miracles….Adam Lambert.

      • Dude

        I love the song, but yeah, I wouldn’t say it sounds like the Beatles. In regards to songwriting, it’s a stretch to compare Adam and the Beatles. We hardly heard Adam’s songwriting, and I think artists should deserve that comparison after having one to two albums out as an artist. We only know that he has a beautiful voice, and that he does classic rock covers well.

      • Lisa

        No Adam is not the Beatles they are in a class of their own. And no, Adam doesn’t have a proven track record….. yet but you can bet everything he does has his own hallmark stamp on it. It is his vocal interpretation of every thing we have heard so far that makes the songs he sings special and unique. Adam’s ability to make us feel
        is a unique talent, the Beatles
        made us feel, their melodies were/are incomparable, we loved the harmonies. So I think the comparison is ok.

      • divine

        Try listening to BEATLES’ STRAWBERRY FIELDS and you’d probably feel the same way as the others.

      • Matt

        Jules you are a moron. End of story.

      • Kate

        Why are you idiots even comparing Adam to the Beatles? He never said he was like them, you idiots did. Then you try to use THAT to put him down. Yeah real classy. Ok Kris fans, you can go back to your Idol’s site, maybe you can help his career. Don’t be jealous of Adam’s success, he was born a star. Haters to the left. NOW!

      • John

        It’s Beatles-esque in the dischordant strings and the chord progression. That’s where the association is being made.

      • Mars

        I don’t think they were necessarily referring to his singing, that, while extremely amazing, doesn’t sound Beatles at all. I did however think that the music had a sort of Beatles tune to it, if you took off the drums.

    • B

      aka “TIME for MISERY”
      Is this Adam Glitterbert on AI 5 months ago?

      • Kate

        You are not even funny. Dork.

      • Jess

        This comment makes no sense. English, please.

      • Go Away

        If you don’t like it why bother coming here? Too bored? No friends? Get a life baby!!

      • crispy

        Because this is Entertainment Not Adam Lambert’s fan club. Dissenting opinions are allowed.

      • Emo

        Sure they are Crispy, but repeating the same opinions sure does get old. You should know. ;)

      • crispy

        I do now… I’ve seen your same comment posted about 47 times now on this thread. It’s really sad for you.

      • Matt

        Actually it is sad for both of you. For posting the same thing and also sad that you counted that Crispy.

      • lou

        ha ha ha funny!

    • Carly

      I was hoping for something much better than this, it sounds just like EVERYONE else. Oh well I’m not surprised I didnt vote for him he was rentertaining but I thought he was over hyped. Here we go again!~

      • Kate

        Carly, Adam is NOT like everyone else. Could YOU sing his high notes? Hell no. Get your head out of your ass and read the article. He is singing a song written for a film. It is not his nor will it be on his album. Hell you can’t even spell retertaining? Adam sure did not need YOU to vote for him, and he sure don’t need you here either. Go away.

      • KatyMay

        I am a HUGE Adam fan, but I agree. But I place the blame on the cookie cutter song writer employed to pen this pedestrian effort. Nor does this song sound particularly “Adam”. I do find myself humming the “Crawl through Fire” song. Now THAT is Adam.

      • Renee

        I agree with you Carly…he’s been hyped up so much and he’s supposed to be soo different, then this track is released and its basically nothing new sounds like everything else.

      • Emo

        Renee, please explain in regards to how this song sounds like everything else? Example please. I bet you bring up the Areosmith song from way back that everyone else has………

      • Renee

        Emo..I’m just saying it doesn’t sound like anything new from the snippet that was released that we haven’t heard on the radio before. Also I personally would never compare Steven Tyler to Adam Lambert or vice versa ever. Who knows maybe when the full song is released i might like it..but for now I don’t. I have high hopes for Adam and hopefully he won’t disapoint.

      • Emo

        Renee I appreciate you explained that. Thank you.

  • Eva in Oakland

    Well said.

    I’ve fallen in love with you again, Mr. Slezak.

    • Sarah

      IKR? Slezak for the win!

  • Jess

    I think his voice sounds great. I’m just not sure I’d be into the song. Then again, it was only a small snippet, so I can’t judge.

    • Braley

      It’s the fitting song for a disaster movie.

      He can sing anything and change his voice a billion ways so kudos to him.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Sounds good what I heard, but it’s a movie soundtrack song. Remember — a movie soundtrack song.

      • Allie

        well said, sally. this might be different from what his album has to offer, we just don’t know yet.

    • Sally in Chicago

      The reason you’re not into it is — IT’S A MOVIE SOUNDTRACK SONG.

      • Jess

        I got you the first time but thanks for reiterating. I now know for sure that it’s a movie soundtrack song.

      • Chris

        The muffin man?

        All jokes aside though, being a movie soundtrack song has nothing to do with whether or not it is good. Tons of movie soundtracks have contained fantastic original music. Juno, Slumdog, New Moon (although the movie itself will inevitably make me want to vomit)… The list goes on and on. Personally, I don’t like the song because it doesn’t sound good. The fact that it is a movie soundtrack song doesn’t make it suck less. It just gives people an excuse as to why it is so…

      • Kate

        Jess why are YOU even on here? I know you are a Kris fan, and I know you are only here to be negative. Get a life.

  • James

    Um, I’ll have to wait and see. I love me some Adam, but I was kind of hoping for something a bit more edgy. Let’s hope the first single off his CD is better than this.

    • JLM

      His Album will definataly be more edgy you can bet. This is a movie sound track. Frankly I think his vocals on this are awesome. I bet when the whole song is put togeether it is going to be pretty phenomenal. Can’t wait to watch this guys career. He can do anything.

    • rose

      He has said in interviews that this is more “classic” rock ballad and it does not reflect what he’s doing on his album.

    • crispy

      I agree… this is horrible commercial rock like something Diane Warren (or worse, Kara Dioguardi) would write. It sounds like an 80s power-ballad Aerosmith knock-off. This is not the sexy Adam Lambert who blew us away with “Mad World” or “Whole Lotta Love” on Idol. This is milquetoast Adam Lambert controlled by 19 Entertainment. What a disappointment.

      • Kate

        Controlled by 19? It is a freaking song for a film. What part of that do you people not get? He gave his voice for a movie. It is not like he wrote to song, or had the song written. It is not even going to be on his album so if you don’t like the song, fine, get over it about Adam.

      • crispy

        I think you must be retarded. 19 Entertainment, who Adam Lambert works for, demanded he record a song for this crap movie and selected this crap song and the crappy song writer. Thus, we get this crappy song. He is controlled by 19 Entertainment.

      • Emo

        Crispy you “seem” to know so much about the music business, especially Adam, so tell me how you know this is true what you said?

        BTW, you seem to think you are allowed to give opinions but you sure do get defense when others comment to you that is different than what you said. Don’t call someone retarded, that was uncalled for. There is NO proof that what you said is true. Unless you can provide it don’t be knocking down others who may not know what you say you know. Noone is perfect, especially YOU!

      • Emo

        And yes I don’t present myself as well as you do, so don’t be insulting me about that, I never claim to be a writer. I might not express myself as well as others, mainly you, but hopefully my opinion comes across. If not, oh well. Sure is not the worst thing in the world.

      • crispy

        In June 2009, Adam Lambert signed with 19 Entertainment/19 Recordings and licensed his debut album to RCA Records. I would expect you should know that… aren’t you his #1 fan? (Cue Kathy Bates hysteria.) They have a controlling interest in what he produces. If you don’t understand what that means, then clearly you weren’t paying attention during the Kelly Clarkson/Clive Davis drama.

      • Matt

        I don’t think Emo is Adams number one fan but what you said Crispy rings true to me. Emo, can you understand what Crispy just wrote? Not too many people remember the Clarkson/Davis drama but I do, that was a headache for Kelly.

  • Udjat

    I found Tequila! I join you in a very lathe sigh of relief!

  • kaaketu

    I think it sounds amazing and there is also a video clip on youtube with a bit different part of the vocals.

  • Dwight K Schrute

    Oh shut you you big queen Sleazesack.

    • Myolie

      What the F–k?! Slezak rules!

    • Nick T

      whoa! that was uncalled for!

    • Abby

      Poor Dwight, outa control. Boohoo.

    • Sarah

      Your name is Dwight – your argument is invalid.

      • Mark

        He used the name of a character from The Office. You’re the one looking pretty foolish right now, not him, even though it was uncalled for.

    • Annie

      I F’ING LOVE DWIGHT SHRUTE!!! not you idiot, the character! but this song is f’ing GOLD! it’s god damn miracle!! and for those of you who said its a crappy song, it wasn’t adam choice. He didn’t write or choose to sing it. He had to. This isn’t Adam’s real music. Wait for his album that will be HIS music

  • Jay

    Well I don’t love you Mr Slezak, because we haven’t been foramlly introduced, but as a Brit, I agree with Linda, there is something Beatlesque about it and I love it to pieces!. Watching him perform this song will be extraordinary.

    • Jill

      The word would be ‘Beatlesesque’. And just because you’re a Brit, it doesn’t mean you have a better handle on how The Beatles sound. Pretentious twit.

      • Lisa

        Be nice….

      • BN32

        What a strangely rude remark! Jill, Jay made a perfectly straightforward comment that you had a weirdly bad reaction to. Go see you doctor. You need treatment.

      • V

        Take a pill, Jill. Yeesh! There was nothing pretentious in that simple statement. Get over yourself already.

      • Matt

        Jill I thought your remark was funny. It is the others who need to take a chill pill.

      • OMG

        Jill must be on the rag to make such a harsh comment. Hopefully someone close to her can give her some Midol and she’ll feel better soon.

  • Lisa


  • Taliesin

    More of the song plus Adam’s comments on it and movie clips can be seen here:

    It sounds really good! You hear more of the crescendos and rock wailing here.

  • Deana

    AOL’s movie phone website has a longer snippet. You will LOVE the power vocals… seriously, it’s much better than the Amazon clip! ;-)

    • JLM

      Pretty much the same video as on youtube. Really love Adam’s killer vocals on this, he is brilliant! Wish they would release the entire music video and Adam’s song. Can’t wait!!

  • eli

    OMFG, this is a perfect song for that movie….I LOVE it and I LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terie

    I LOVE .. LOVE .. LOVE .. IT!!!! Can’t wait to hear the rest … but why such a short preview? Brian May was right … ADAM is the next rock star!!!! GOOOOOO ADAM!!!

  • Isis

    Go to MJs. She’s got a promotional clip from the movie with the song in the background. Better sound quality than the audio clip. The clip also features Adam talking about the song.

  • Christina

    Slezak, here’s a longer clip of the song with Adam talking about it in the beginning:

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