'Glee' Exclusive: Watch the cast cover Avril Lavigne's 'Keep Holding On'

Next week’s episode of Glee, directed by co-creator Ryan Murphy, is chock full of fantastic performances, including Mercedes covering Jill Scott’s “Hate on Me” and a Rachel/Finn version of Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown’s “No Air.” But probably the most dramatic moment is the climactic glee club performance of Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On.” I don’t want to spoil the episode for you Gleeks out there, but it proves to be a pivotal song for now-pregnant Quinn. I was actually fortunate enough to be on set for this episode back in April and I’m thrilled that I can now watch (and download) the final version. Glee just keeps getting better.

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What do you think of the “Keep Holding On” cover, Music Mix-ers? Is this the next big Glee hit? What songs would you like to hear in upcoming episodes?

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    luv this freakin show … Sue Sylvester ROCKS !!

    • Dan

      Chaeck out fox.com as there are a few sneak peek clips that in combination with this and the “No air” clip paint a tentative story for this episode at least in my gleeked out mind…. Just cannot wait!

      • Renee

        Just watched the clip of “No Air”…loved it. Can’t wait till Wednesday!

  • wtfnyc

    WHY IS IT NOT NEXT WEDNESDAY YET??? Seriously, that’s how bad my adoration of this show is: it’s making me type in ALL CAPS! How embarrassing. (SQUEEE!!!!)

    • J

      I know exactly how you feel!!!! IT IS SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW!!!

    • blondie79

      Couldn’t agree more from a felow gleek!

  • Jessica

    Wow… I’m not on Team Quinn, but that look she has at the end. Wow. Can’t wait!

  • Becky

    I loved this, but I thought there should at least have been one Puck/Quinn moment, glance, look, etc. etc. etc.

    • Jess

      I totally agree. I think at !:07 Puck’s staring at Quinn. I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m choosing to believe.

      • Jess


  • paige

    oh please tell me she sings “Papa dont preach”!

    • Tarc

      Ooooh! That would be great for her voice (and great for all of us!)

  • lysse

    Love the song, but it really shows Finn’s lack of vocal strength.

  • gd

    I like Finn, but it sounds like they keep tinkering with his voice! I really noticed it in the last episode, and it looks like they messed with it again here. I want Glee to really belt out their numbers, in full broadway fashion, not in a Disney-fied Hannah Montana “singing” way.

    • Jennie

      Yup. Total auto-tune on Cory Monteith’s voice. It’s driving me NUTS–it wasn’t like that in the first few eps w/him singing (“Don’t Stop Believin'” didn’t sound that way at all) but this and the last one–the mash-up were so overly auto-tuned it was ridiculous. He doesn’t need it!

    • Michael

      yeah…but Cory has, easily, one of the weakest voices in the cast. In the pilot, his limitations were clear when he was singing in the shower. Love Cory and enjoy him as Finn but I have a feeling that the “tinkering” is necessary. He barely can keep up with the powerhouse that is Lea with the enhancements, so I’d get used to it.

      • Kate

        I totally agree here. Frankly, it annoys me that he’s basically the only male lead getting to sing. Maybe if they focused a little bit more on Puck, the FATHER OF THE BABY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I wouldn’t be as irritated. If there was a good mix between all of the glee kids, I would love it that much more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total Gleek, but it’s not as fun listening to Rachel and the weakest link every time.
        Back to things, I agree. :)

  • crispy

    Avril Lavigne and Jordan Sparks? Gross. The fun of this show was Glee’s take on well-worn gems like “Don’t Stop Believin.” No thanks on the teeny-bopper trash.

    • trish

      Blending the newer and older music makes the show appeal to a wider audience. I didn’t completely love the show until the Single Ladies ep, myself.

  • rusty

    Please give Diana Argon a solo soon! Her story could be honed so well with a sad ballad!

    • Cassey

      I agree. I mean, if this song is about her storyline shouldn’t she be getting the solo? As much as I love Rachel, and her voice, I’m ready to really hear some of the other Glee kids show their stuff.

      • Abby

        This song was perfect as it was because it was about all of them being there for her.

      • Laura K.

        Having been in a situation where I had to perform a song that cut a little too close to my life–it’s really hard. Quinn looked like she was barely keeping it together as it was, which is right for the character. In that situation, it’s probably better for somebody else to take the lead. However, I agree that I’d like to see some of the other girls get leads on entire songs. Lea Michele is amazing, but I thought the character was supposed to be learning to modify her ego for the good of the group.

      • Cathy

        What I don’t understand is why Rachel needs to learn to take a back seat but Finn doesn’t? Rachel clearly has one of (if not the) strongest girl voices, but Finn’s just sounds thin a lot of the time. I want to hear the other boys sing! Artie was fantastic during Confessions!!

      • Jennie

        Reply @Cathy–I disagree in terms of Rachel being the best singer in the group. I love Lea Michele, think she’s a fab actress, and her top notes are incredible. But her alto is weak–you can hear it here, in her “duet” with Kristin Chenoweth, at the start of the girls’ mash-up from this week, and basically any time a song starts out a little low. Compared to the strength you can hear in Amber Riley’s (Mercedes) voice–who can belt high AND low–there’s definitely no question. I kind of wish the show would stop pushing the idea that a Glee club has to have a male and female “star soloist”–that’s not how my show choir worked, nor was it that way in any of the choirs we competed against. The way the boys have Finn and Artie trade off occasionally is more like a typical Glee thing. Don’t get me wrong, Rachel’s amazing–but the other Glee kids aren’t just supposed to be there to sing her back-up all the time.

      • Lawrence

        reply @jennie – Disagree – Rachel has by far the best voice overall. First, comparisons of voice size are meaningless when sophisticated studio amplification is involved. (I’m a longtime opera fan.) Dynamic and tonal range, smoothness of transition between registers, phrasing, enunciation are determinants of quality in pop music. Listening to Amber’s “…Windows” reveals continual vocal strain and unfocused sound. Lea can produce a thrilling focused sound that allows her to dominate even with the entire chorus singing in unison. Producing a short belted phrase is nothing compared to taking a song from beginning to end. Check out Lea’s performances at the Upright Cabaret on YouTube. Voice training does have its benefits.

    • Vanessa

      I agree, and furthermore all of these kids should be getting solos. This is an amazingly talented group of kids, I’m getting a little bored of seeing only Rachael and Finn sing.

      • Emma

        I think Finn is no match for Rachel. He and Quinn are actually a much better fit. Rachel would sound better with a lower male lead.

    • Christijane

      Quinn needs a solo – I like her voice and it is under-used. But in the end, Finn and Rachel will be together!

  • Sueda

    I love this show so much and look forward to it every week.

  • BenG

    Wow, I heard this song last week but it’s so much better visually. It looks like a lot of the characters are incredibly emotional not just Quinn, Finn and Rachel. Kurt and Mercedes also look visibly moved. Very intriguing. I love the direction the show is taking! So excited!

    • elena

      agree. I heard this song on youtube and I was like, eh. But the visuals of everyone, especially Quinn practically crying, is so many kinds of crazy-good.

    • Joseph

      I thought I was the only one who thought that Kurt was having a hard time as well. Toward the end when he has Quinns hand on his heart and than again when they are spinning they both look like they had been crying.

  • total gleek!

    WOW! Powerful – I don’t like Quinn, but couldn’t help feeling for her here. Another great performance… I can’t wait for Wednesday!

  • Aprilcot26

    I love this show. Wednesdays are my most difficult work day of the week, yet I still look forward to them for the ‘Glee’ filled end to the day.

  • Erika

    I predict Quinn has a miscarriage. That’s why they’re all supporting her.

    • elena

      Totally! That was my first thought, too. Which is so incredibly sad, but I kind of knew they weren’t going to end up with Quinn’s baby by the end of the season.

      • mindy

        I hope that she has a miscarriage so that scheuster’s wife is caught in her mess of lies!

    • Doug

      I was thinking that first as well, but know that might kill 2 major storylines right away, so my guess is that perhaps there was something that happened in her family, like a death or an accident…

    • Kim

      Definitely not a miscarriage. In a episode later in the season “Once Upon A Mattress” Quinn is reported as having a plump belly. So, still preggers. My guess is she either has some sort of scare or kicked off cheerios or is harrassed and bullied by people at school OR she finds out she’s having twins. Could you imagine. Then how would Teri explain an extra possibly identical baby?

      • cassie

        the visuals on this gave me goosebumps. i really hope that quinn gets her own solo and they show the other singers more and my guess on the situation is quinns parents found out and are extremly upset where they kicked her out or she got kicked off the cherrios. Now i really cant wait for wensesday

  • Jean

    Again, I’m another who definitely isn’t a huge Quinn fan, but that was a truly great performance. It’s always amazing to see such a strong display sans any dialogue.

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