Kris Allen's self-titled album cover revealed! (And the five things we learned from it.)

kris-allen-album_lSome people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Thankfully, we’ve only had to wait a little less than five months since the American Idol season 8 finale to see the cover art for Kris Allen’s debut CD. A spokesperson for 19 Recordings confirms that the image that popped up on and began to circulate around the Internet last night is indeed the real thing. Armed with that confirmation, I spent a tragic hour of my life analyzing the image to come up with five important lessons about Kris and his upcoming disc. Read on:

1) Kris Allen’s debut album will be self-titled: The absence of any words other than “Kris Allen” pretty much tells you that. (Unless there’s some insanely fine print creeping up in there.) Hopefully, that’s a good indication that the album will reflect the viewpoint of the charming Arkansas musician, and not the focus-grouped will of the 19 Machine. (That we do not want and will not accept, BTW.)

2) Back off, skeezers, Kris Allen is a married man: Yeah, Simon Cowell told him to downplay his marriage during his Idol run. And no, he and his wife only wore those matching red aprons early in season 8 at the request of a producer (click here to hear Kris confirm it himself). But the way the season 8 Idol’s wedding band glistens in the foreground of this memorable shot, you’ve almost got to think it’s a shout-out to wife Katy, sort of a “thinking of you while I’m touring/recording/promoting” love note. Or, well, that’s how my inner romantic chooses to see it, anyway.

3) Kris Allen don’t need no stinkin’ stadium seating: Nope, those metal-lined auditorium chairs don’t look cushy or comfortable, but who sits down during a Kris Allen concert anyway? On your feet, benches!

4) Kris Allen listens to BeyoncĂ©: See how he’s looking “to the left, to the left”? (Also: Flashback to No. 2 above…he clearly liked it and he went and put a ring on it!) But more importantly, as MTV’s Jim Cantiello points out, Kris is the first Idol winner in eight seasons who’s “looking off-camera for his debut disc artwork. Every other champ stares back at the listener — except for Ruben Studdard, who keeps his closed eyes obscured with a cap on the cover of 2003’s Soulful album.” Hmmm. I’d interpret that Kris is, in fact, glancing backward at his Idol “journey,” the empty auditorium signifying his anonymous past, and this moment signifying the last seconds before the crowds begin to flood his daily reality. Whatever the meaning though, Tyra Banks would approve, as Kris certainly knows how to “find his light.”

5) If you were hoping for a jaunty Henley, you’ll have to wait till Kris goes on tour: The black leather jacket is no surprise (hidden Daughtry reference!) but the gray tank-top (“designed to show maximum man-cleavage,” my Idolatry buddy Kristen Baldwin just said to me via IM) represents a change from Kris’ typical plaid flannel and/or Henley tendencies. Either way, dude accessorized thoughtfully from the Macy’s accessory wall. Carry on.

What do you think of the Kris Allen album cover? Share your thoughts, and your anticipation level for the CD (mine: feverish-with-signs-of-squee) in the comments below! And to get all my Idol update, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!

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  • Myolie

    I am so excited for the cd! I can’t wait! I just want his video out and then Nov. 17th to come right now!

  • Andrea D

    My first thought: he’s thinking, “Was that Adam? How many can I sell in a week?”

    • Chambers

      He’s think of Adam all right, but not about sales ;)

      • Kelly


      • amelie

        Kris looks really gorgeous. I can’t wait for his album!

    • Tina

      He is thinking “Adam, ride my coattails my friend”……

      • sparkle

        More than likely Kris is thinking,

        Now how do I ride Adam’s coattails since my first single is a bust.

      • Lisa

        Yeah….like Adam needs to ride Kris’s coattails……that is so funny

      • KFTW

        Well said Tina. It has been tooooo long that AL rides on the Idol champ’s coattails. Will AL also do a self-titled cd? We will see.

      • Tina

        @KFTW I doubt AL will have a self-titled cd. Hopefully that right only goes to the Idol winner. Wow it sure looks like the bitterberts are here trying to push Adam on everyone here. I love Adam, but this is about Kris people. Why can’t you leave it alone? Yeah I know Adam just got snagged to sing at the AMA, woohoo for him. Let the fans here enjoy Kris, please?

      • Kelly


      • Sherena

        Do you actually think a self titled album is a privilege? It’s not. The opposite is a privilege. Self titled is same old, same old, selling to the AI audience.

      • Tina

        Well Sherena maybe I was wrong, but I still think it is a prvilege. Sue me.

      • Muzakfan

        No, Adam will not be riding Kris’ coattails. Adam is not competing, just enjoying singing and so is Kris and the other idols. If there is anything the idols are thinking is..CAN I REST A LITTLE..

    • regina

      haha! he’s frightened of adam! looking over his shoulder to see if adam’s coming!! and isnt looking back a BAD thing?

    • laura

      no, hes thinking: “is that adam? ew gay guy behind me!”

      • Dave

        Ohhh laura,
        Get a freakin life.
        Kris welcomed Adam’s coaching. Adam’s the one who suggestd Kris do Kanye’s song..the one everyone raved about and got Kris in the Finales. The only reason Kris won was because of people like you. Very sad.

      • Tina

        Laura, you make Kris fans look bad. Stop with the gay jokes, ok? Not wanted here.

  • Chambers

    HE LOOKS HOT! I can’t believe they finally put out a good looking idol cd cover! My level of anticipation is also: feverish-with-signs-of-squee.

    • Joe

      I agree! Kris’s hotness should be points numbers 1-4 on Slezak’s list.

      • Brenda

        This is someone named “Joe” raving about Kris’s hotness? LMAO!!
        Joe likes little boys!!

    • Tina

      That Idol CD coveri is hot. I like that he is not looking straight at the camera, very sexy.

    • Chanda

      I’d give her a 1/10. She has a nice face, but she’s too damn skinny, and worse yet, she’s flat ethsecd. She has a disgusting body. She’s got NOTHING to flaunt. Shame on her for embarrassing herself like that on national TV

  • jas

    The cover’s so perfect for Kris just like everything else Jive has done for him thus far.

  • a person

    Yay!cant wait to buy the cd! loved the references to Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson in the article!

  • Nita

    It is a nice American Idol cover.

  • Heather

    Kris Allen is so pretty.

    • sme

      pretty hot

    • Dion

      10. And the fact that she OWNED the new judge makes her an 11. One of my all time favorite mmtenos on Idol as a matter of fact. She apparently made out with Ryan Seacrest afterward, leading me to believe that she might be a lesbian, LOL.

  • Josh

    He does not fit the leather jacket image but it is an okay cover.

    • wm

      Why do you think that? He wore a leather jacket on the show and also post Idol. Just curious…
      I think he looks yummy!

  • Michelle

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I had no idea what to expect after the abominations that were the Davids and Blake’s cd covers in the recent past, but Kris’ peeps did good on this one. Of course, Kris’ pretty face does most of the heavy lifting, lol.

    • crispy

      Compared to the Blake Lewis trapper keeper cover, this picture belongs in the Louvre.

    • Tina

      I agree Michelle.

  • KrisKrazy


  • SaraK

    You crack me up, Michael. He looks awesome and I know the album will sound spectacular. Love ya, Kris!

  • Julia

    He looks a little “Freddy Prince Jr. ish” Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • MamaKath

    Sorry. I was hoping for that signature smirk/smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as it has been in so many other great photos of Kris. I also think the lighting kinda sux. Bottom line-pissed off twice now at Jive for not making Kris everything he should be. The song is too bubblegum and the album cover is ?enhh? at best. I love me some Kris Allen and really hope he doesn’t get curb stomped by label/management.

    • What?

      Hmmm. Lighting kinda sucks? Do you not know or understand photography? I can respect that you dont like his styling but the lighting is spot on.

  • Wino

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn. I know Slezak, he’s a married man. But a girl can admire from afar, no? Im liking the font, the colors, and the clothes. I would’ve preferred a non self titled album. But the rest looks great!

  • Diane

    I think its beautiful. I’m from Arkansas…I went to church with Kris…and this cover is very “Kris Allen”. Never pretentious, never ashamed of who he is or where he came from, aware of his surroundings and mostly aware of his blessings (his wife, his ring). Thank you Micheal for seeing all of this in Kris…for that I am a huge fan of yours.

    • Tina

      Diane that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. You said it all. WOW! Love it! You should write his intro…..
      This part you wrote really is all about him:

      ” Never pretentious, never ashamed of who he is or where he came from, aware of his surroundings and mostly aware of his blessings (his wife, his ring”.

    • Springtime

      Well written Diane! My family and I are huge fans of Kris Allen. We are from Southern California.

      • lucky

        Perfect Diane. You just summerized Kris Allen and why we love him!!!!

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