Adam Lambert's 'Time for Miracles': What do you think?

Listening to Adam Lambert’s “Time for Miracles” is kind of like watching a volcano on the brink of eruption. There’s a lot of bubbling and buildup and anticipation, all leading to the point where things finally explode in a torrent of heat and magma and glory notes. That moment arrives at the 3:30 mark, as Adam exits the bridge and tackles the chorus once more (with feeling), riffing magnificently over the melody as a tidal wave of strings swells up around him. And while the Adam-volcano parallel is an obvious one to make — after all, there’s no use denying the American Idol season 8 runner-up possesses a voice that’s its own uncontainable force of nature — the epic scope and execution of “Time for Miracles” (which hit Belgian iTunes over the weekend, and is embedded below, courtesy of YouTube, or if RCA yanks it, you can listen to it here) never seems forced or ridiculous. Maybe it’s because you expect a track that’s rumored to serve as the closing-credits anthem for the season’s big-budget disaster flick 2012 to have the sort of industrial strength to stand up on its own after two hours of hurricanes and earthquakes and fireballs and global devastation. Or maybe it’s because despite the fact that there’s a whole lot of production going on in “Time for Miracles” — I’m especially partial to the Asian-inspired instrumentation that pops up at the 1:30 mark (coming out of the first chorus) — the melody is so immediate and so simple that (if you’re really, really brave or un-self-conscious) you can sing along after only one or two listens.Oh, sure, it’s as cheesy as a grilled Velveeta sandwich, but who’d say no to that orange, melted goodness right about now? (Side note: What’s for lunch?)

What’s surprising about “Time for Miracles,” though, is its decidedly old-fashioned vibe. I’ve heard a lot of folks compare the track to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (from 1998’s Armageddon), and while I’d argue that comparison has more to do with disaster-flick association than musical similarity, I do get the sense that if “Time for Miracles” had been written, say, 20 years ago, its power-ballad-on-steroids sound would’ve made it an obvious choice for Steven Tyler & Co. Lyrically, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “Time for Miracles” might be second cousins, too. The opening three lines of both tracks tap into the kind of romantic longing and “I’m conjuring up your smile” sentiments that are byproducts of true love, spatial separation, and/or insomnia. Compare:

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”: I could stay awake just to hear you breathing/ Watch you smile while you are sleeping/ While you’re far away and dreaming.

“Time for Miracles”: It’s late night at night and I can’t sleep/ Missing you just runs too deep/ Oh I can’t breathe thinking of your smile.

The question remains, however, if two decades from now, “Time for Miracles” will be ingrained in the minds of pop-radio listeners the way Aerosmith’s Armageddon theme still is today. And really, that’s going to come down to two things: whether or not Top 40 radio embraces the Glambert sound, and whether or not Adam can capture the imaginations of folks who don’t sacrifice every Tuesday and Wednesday night from January to May on the altar of Fox’s ubiquitous singing competition. The biggest challenge for Adam, as far as I see it, is there really isn’t anyone quite like him on modern radio — a male singer with a monster-truck-sized voice who isn’t afraid to bring the bombast and the drama to match it. But I’m guessing that Adam — with his vampires-vs.-aliens chic and booming instrument — will be impossible for even the least adventurous radio programmer to ignore. Listen for yourself and weigh in by voting in our poll, and sharing your own review in the comments section below. (And for all my Idol news and musings, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

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  • Orihara Kaoru

    Absolutely loved it! What a great classic rock power ballad. Can’t get over Adam’s gorgeous vocals.

    • Cheri

      Thank god you got here first. I hear some footsteps coming from jealous people. Hang on the fan war is starting!!!

      • Orihara Kaoru

        I like the top, etc. :P

        I’m not too worried about a fan war. Adam’s (and Kris’ and Allison’s) success will be based on far more than what a hundred or so fans/”fans” on the internet think. Thank god. :)

      • Sydney

        If you dont like the song it doesn’t mean you dont like Adam. I’m sorry all the hype in the world won’t make me like this song.

      • Carley


    • apple

      The video is out. I quickly read the comments. So many meh, meh, meh, meh… Looks like only the loyal AL fans liked this song. Is this song ears friendly? I doubt. Sorry.

    • Sol

      It’s ok, but kind of like all of his songs. Kind of safe.

      • sara

        All of Adam’s songs are safe? I’m confused. Are we talking about the same person?

    • Matt

      Wow, finally a true fan was first to post! LOL Hell I had to work all day otherwise I would have been here earlier. Hey Slezak took YOU long enough to have a article about this, its only been leaked since friday! Loved what you wrote though, and yes, there is no denying Adam and is monster voice! Like Paula said on the finales of AI, Adam will be iconic, oh yes he will! Hold on for the wild ride of the Adam storm, coming soon, on the radio to you!

    • Emma

      yes, his vocals sound so gorgeous, he sounds like a girl. Anyway, I thought you put him as a “Bad boy.” that sounded slow and safe to me. Just like kelly Clarkson’s last hit. I got over it faster than Beyonce’s “Halo.” man, I hate beyonce.

    • Javabooknut

      I have always been in awe of Adam’s vocals, but wasn’t sure he would put out music i would buy. This is actually a great song. Of course I grew up on 80’s and 90’s power ballads and miss them. I Think it’s great.

    • jz

      Ditto… I loved Adam on Idol and I loved this song. Can’t wait for more of him. He’s so versatile… Gorgeous to listen to and to watch. WOW!!!

  • Karen B

    It’s already been removed for copyright violation :-(

    • Carley

      I read somewhere that it was being released here in the US on Oct. 20th – I sure hope so!

      • Sharon

        Adam has a hit with this one!
        The availibility date has been moved out to Oct. 27th per only available as download Mp3. No hardcopy

      • BrianM

        It’s for sale on iTunes now.

    • Melanie

      You can still find it on YouTube – just do a search for Adam Lambert Time for Miracle

    • Jack

      download it on

  • AdamFan

    I love Adam’s voice and I like this song. But while TFM is for epic movie 2012 I think it’s way overproduced. Hoping Rob Cavallo, who produced this and is producing 6 songs for Adam’s album, lets Adam’s voice stand out and doesn’t cover it w. background instrumentation on the CD songs he produced.

    • crispy

      The same producer of this crap is producing 6 songs on his album? That’s disappointing.

      • Kiki

        How is it disappointing to you, Crispy? You weren’t going to like anything Adam sang. But do go onto another website in your daily trolling of the internet sniping at Adam. Alternatively, you could get a real life outside your mother’s basement.

      • crispy

        “Mad World” is the most played track in my iTunes library… followed closely by “Whole Lotta Love” and “Change Is Gonna Come.” So go eff yourself… you don’t know crap about me, you stupid sheep.

      • Bravo!!!!

        Sorry but you are boring!!!

      • Bravo!!!!

        @Crispy, what are you trying to say BTW?

      • LT

        Yeah, and that same producer did Dookie, American Idiot, Welcome To The Black Parade and Dave Matthew’s latest album. THIS IS A SONG FOR A DISASTER MOVIE. It’s perfect FOR A DISASTER MOVIE. I also think it is going to become a theme for underdog stories in sports. And it is being preniered before THIS IS IT, so it doesn’t even need to be played on radio- millions of people will be exposed to it in the next few weeks. Go Adam!

      • crispy

        Yeh, and Paris Hilton’s album too.

      • Lisa

        Wow Crispy are you still around slaqgging Adam.

      • crispy

        Just the song, not Adam. Learn to read.

      • JLM

        Crispy you always read every article by Adam and comment. Adam must be your fantasy.

      • crispy

        I read just about every article on And comment on several of them. That said, yeh, I’d do him.

      • Matt

        People I have read many comments of Crispy’s and it took awhile, but yeah he does like Adam Lambert, it is just this song he doesn’t care for. He has stated that many times, so yeah. And while I am not quite a fan of Crispy’s comments, I do find him on other EW articles about music, like the Kanye West one. I am only stating what I have observed, that is all. But I do disagree about this song, I love it! My wife has played it so much since Friday or whenever it was first leaked that I know it by heart. The things we do to please the love of our life! ;)

    • Teri Thompson

      I agree. While I do like the song, I feel the instrumentation was way too heavy. His voice doesn’t need to be covered up or helped along. Let him do his thing as only he can. I absolutely love his voice and would like to hear IT, not too much background music.

    • eclipse

      totally agree….more of his pure voice, less production…he puts his heart and soul in everything he undertakes.

  • Karen B
  • Dee

    It’s amazing. I’ve been listening to it all day and it just get’s better and better.

  • momma bear

    I absolutely LOVE this song and can’t get it out of my head! But then again, I always liked big rock ballads, so this is right up my alley. Adam sounds fantastic. I especially like the second half of the song.

    • Matt

      I guess I agree with you. I am a sucker for the big balllads. And no I am not gay. Although I have been asked many times because of the things I like to watch. I am just a big music buff. I am not knowledgeable about the people behind the music, I just love listening to the end product.

      • Matt

        I guess that does not qualify me as a music buff, so maybe I should not say that. I do love listening to different genre’s. Never heard anyone like Adam, doubt we ever will again.

  • Karen B

    Well, the lyrics are definitely cliche and unoriginal, but he does sound quite good vocally (if over produced). I agree that I’m not sure where this fits in current radio-world, it’s very 1996-ish.

    • AdamFan9000

      As a major Adam Fan, I am dissapointed but not surprised by the recording industry’s lameness. This will probably sell records, maybe even tons of records, but clearly they were not interested in Adam’s talent, just his following. Over produced and boring. If this was the first song of his I had ever heard, I would not pay attention to Adam. Just another hired hand – though in the second half they let him open up a little it’s almost doesn’t match the blandness of the main refrain. It’s great that you did it for the publicity, that they wanted you to do it even, but now we are ready for the real deal, where we get your vision and your talent, front and center. Thank you Adam for your work, hang-in there and we love you.

      • jennab

        Thank you, AdamFan, for speaking the truth! It is over produced and just GAWD AWFUL! Uggh! Worst, most banal lyrics ever. Slezak, you didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid…you heaped a spoonful of powdered mix on a Fun Dip and are on a high-fructose high!

      • Matt

        Jennab, we all know by your several comments that you do not like Adam, much less this song. I guess I don’t understand why you even comment time after time about an artist you don’t care for? I believed you the FIRST time you sadi it.

  • Sharon

    Watch, this song will wind up getting an Academy Award nomination.

    • sheba

      I agree with Sharon. It’s an amazing song and will get an award. I am shocked by some of youe comments, some of you don’t make any sense. It’s a great song and it’s PERFECT for the movie. Adam, again, showed his amazing vocal range and abilities. Stunning. Go ADAM>

  • Tim disappointed

    • Carley

      That’s OK Tim – there are plenty of us that love the song (and Adam) so my guess is that you will have to get used to it over the long run.

    • DD

      Don’t like it?? Don’t come here. Simple.

      • PJ

        Yes, God forbid someone have an opinion different than yours. And God forbid that someone express a point of view that’s different than yours.

      • Matt

        PJ, I might agree with you in some respect, but I find there are alot of negative people who only purpose in coming in here is to spread that negativity. Most who say things like DD did never liked Adam in the first place, hence why most fans of Adam tell them to go away. Why comment on a site where you already know you don’t like the artist is beyond me.

      • Matt

        I meant Tim, sorry. DD did not say anything negative.

  • julieitis

    There should be one more answer on the poll… “meh”

    Put me in the “meh” column.

    • Summer

      Me too! I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it! I was really hoping for something a little more experimental…along the lines of his Ring of Fire or even some A3 or Seven Nations or just old fashioned Queen/Kiss/Stones would have been great….

      • Lisa

        Idiot….it is for a disaster movie….How would a song like Ring of Fire fit in.

      • Summer


        Go back and finish school. I said, and I quote (and heck, I’ll even put it in all caps so you get the point) “ALONG THE LINES OF HIS RING OF FIRE OR EVEN SOME A3 OR SEVEN NATIONS..” By which I meant, something unique, different, more true to his style and voice than this over-produced hokey soundtrack. He is better than this. Now shush before you make me HATE this song, cause I’m currently simply “meh” about it!

      • Matt

        Summer what Lisa is saying is that Adam did not do this for him, he sang this song for a movie soundtrack. It was not for him to say do it a certain way. Now on his album I believe you will find that Ring of Fire style you are looking for. Atleast there should be alot of unigueness on there since he had a say in what he wanted.

      • Summer


        I did get that portion of it, although, as an artist, the only power you really have is the power to say “no”, which I think he maybe should have done. What I took offense to was the “idiot” portion of her remark. Disagree respectfully all you wish and/or simply make your case, as you did. Despite the late Aerosmith sound of this single, I do hold out high hopes for all of the debut albums of the Kradison trio.

      • Matt

        Summer lets hope you are wrong. I bet this is one time you wouldn’t mind being wrong. I want Adam’s album to live up to the hype.

      • Somebody!

        Say ‘YES you sexy thing’ for Adam and ‘NO he’s just a kid and a lousy singer’ for Kris Allen!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shaun

      Haha, totally agree! I was hovering between “awesome” and “disappointment” but “meh” would’ve been just right. :)

    • Leigh

      Agree. Meh sounds like a good option.

      • Lisa

        could be worse….It could sound like Live Like We’re Dying

      • Matt

        Wow Lisa, that was kinda harsh. I like Kris. LLWD is ok. Not a big fan but don’t think it is in the catergory of “meh”……lol

  • Lila

    Gorgeous. Not a song you can just ignore and put background, Adam’s voice captures your attention

  • Carley

    The link above doesn’t work, but I found another one on YouTube that works. I like the song OK – I am a HUGE fan and I can’t wait until his CD drops – I hope it’s AMAZING.

  • Destry

    Love it, especially the gorgeous vocals that build from subtle to bombastic so effortlessly. I forgot how much I loved those high notes.

  • crispy

    I agree with most of your last paragraph: Adam Lambert has a sound of his own, and there is nothing like him on modern radio. It will be interesting to see if broader audiences embrace him.

    That said, this song ain’t that and does sound just like all the commercial crap on the radio. Worse, it sounds like commercial crap on the radio 10 years ago. Bring on his album… I’m pretending like this song never happened.

    • Jason

      That said, I’m kind of betting that you’ll hate the album too.

      I enjoyed TFM for everything it is rather than what it isn’t. It’s a cheesy, movie theme song power rock ballad performed by a master vocalist. I rather enjoyed it and I hate to be repetitive but I can’t get the darn thing out of my head.

      • crispy

        If the album is all glammie like he says it’s gonna be, I will love it!

      • Kelly

        Great perspective Jason! Enjoy the song for what it is – a cheesy classic rock power ballad for the closing credits of an epic disaster movie – rather than what it isn’t.

      • Matt

        I agree with you Jason. I can’t get it out of my head either, not like my wife would let me anyways.

    • RR3

      “Crispy”…move on!!
      stop contradicting yourself and leave space for everyone else

      • crispy

        It’s the internet, dummy. Space is unlimited.
        And what contradiction do you speak of? Do tell.

  • Bravo!!!!

    This is a #1 for me. Don’t care what others think. I only care for Adam!!! Go speak to Brian May if you don’t like it LOL!

    • crispy

      You mean Brian May who hasn’t had a hit song in more than 15 years? Ok, sure. I’ll tell him to turn on his hearing aid before we talk.

      • Jason

        Oh Crispy, why so nasty?

      • DD

        Crispy, we don’t care if you don’t like it!!! Not too sure why you are coming here in the 1st place. Please go and post something good somewhere else, thank you!

      • crispy

        Sweetie, this is Entertainment It is not Adam Lambert’s fansite. There will be dissenting opinions. Get over yourself.

      • Matt

        Awww Crispy. That comment was uncalled for about Brian Mays. It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t had a hit song in over 15 years. That does not take away from his talent or his knowledge. Hate the song if you will, but to say that about Brain Mays was not cool at all. IMO.

      • Matt

        I said Mays instead of May. Excuse the error.

      • Jackie

        Wow, what a hateful comment.
        It was uncalled for, mean, spiteful and unnecessary to this discussion.

      • Jackie

        And further, Crispy – Brian May had nothing to do with the production of this song. He just said he really liked it.
        Please leave him out of this discussion.

      • Jesus!

        Mr Potatoes ships! LOL!!!! What a nice commnent!!! May you RIP!!!

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