Adam Lambert is working with Lady Gaga: Who benefits more?

lambert-gaga_lAdam Lambert announced yesterday in a series of messages on his Twitter page that there’ll be at least one more A-list collaborator on For Your Entertainment, his upcoming debut album: “Yes it’s true: I spent yesterday in the studio w the insanely talented and creative Lady GaGa recording a song that she wrote! I love her.” “Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It’s a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked.” “GaGa just gets it, ya know?”

Gaga may get “it,” but I’m wondering which artist gets the biggest career boost from this collaboration (even though it sounds like Gaga was only working behind the scenes, and not actually performing a duet with Adam)? On paper, the balance of power is a no-brainer: Runner-up from a televised singing contest that’s produced as many Katharine McPhees as it has Kelly Clarksons teams up with a woman whose singles have been a fixture in the Top 10 (“Paparazzi” is currently No. 7) for the last year and whose album remains at No. 27 on Billboard’s Hot 200 after 50 weeks on the chart.

And yet, maybe it’s not that simple. For all her chart success and blogosphere buzz, it seems as though Lady Gaga has morphed into a celebrity that a lot of folks love to hate. While I couldn’t stop giggling every time I caught sight of her fanciful “bird’s nest accouterment” (pictured) at last month’s VMAs, an poll the following day found that 71% of our readers were sick of Gaga’s fashion hi-jinks. And I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen or heard the Lady’s name without an immediate outcry of “Lady Gag Me” or “I’m so sick of her face!” So maybe the equation is more like this: “Beleaguered diva whose backlash is threatening to drown out the sound of her ubiquitous radio hits latches on to up-and-coming star with hotly anticipated album and seemingly endless media good will.”

To be honest, I’m not sure who really benefits more from this pairing. How ’bout you guys settle it with a good old-fashioned duel poll, and then further the debate in the comments section below. (And to stay abreast of all my Idol-related musings, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

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  • Aubry

    Love LadyG LOVE Adam epic pairing. So want a concert with these 2 performing. WOW just WOW

    • doug

      Very epic. Would be even MORE epic if Gaga was singing in it. Has she ever done a duet before?

      • Austin

        yes, with New Kids on the Block

    • berry

      I’m a GaGa fan and dislike Adam L. Sorry.
      I know both have many haters out there. Now the haters will unite and it’s going to be lose and lose. Where is your head GaGa?

      • Pan

        Where is YOUR head at berry? Who the freak cares if you don’t like Adam, your Lady Gaga gags me.

      • Ontherox

        As someone who appreciates both artists, and have always thought they should collaborate, I am very pleased. They have a similar appeal, both are visionary and possess dynamic vocals. I suspect in a few years they will be considered the pioneers of a new sound that is still in its inception.

    • Reality

      Adam lambert rides on Gaga’s coat-tail!!!!!!

      • Pan

        Gaga oh gag me with a spoon. She couldn’t even get a ride on his coattail. Be real.

      • BlueRose

        you are so right!!! lol

  • Jneen

    AWESOME NEWWWWS!!!!!!! so happy for you Adam!!!

    • Nick T

      lady gaga rules the world…

  • Marilyn

    Oh Michael, you are a brat!

  • Carley

    I am late to the Lady Gaga party but I think this will benefit both of them and I for one can’t wait to hear the song!

  • Marge

    I’m just surprised they’re still recording a new song for a Nov. 23 release.

    • Michael

      Maybe a sign that his CD will end up being pushed back until December. With Time for Miracles for sale on Oct. 27th (and sure to hit iTunes at #1 and debut in the Hot 100 Top 10–I won’t say #1 since it’s questionable if the song is going for adds on radio) and performing at the AMAs on Nov. 22nd, maybe a better strategy would be to release only the first single on Nov. 23rd and wait on the CD.

      • Carley

        The single is out now – you could buy it on iTunes starting last night

    • John

      I guess they both need the shock factor. Actually they both dont have that great of voices. Didn’t Adam lose on American Idol?

      • glenda

        Gee, John, uh – to answer your snide question, no he didn’t “lose”. He came in 2nd out of over 100,000 who tried out. You’re just jealous because you saw his bank account statement.

      • lilyx

        lol.. I really don’t know how anyone with 1/2 a brain (and no bitter bias) could say Adam doesn’t have a great voice. You may not prefer his type of singing but the boy can sing, there is no denying it. I’ve also heard Gaga sing acoustic, and she has a pretty decent voice herself. Nothing like Adam though :)

      • Matt

        John I usually agree with others for their right to post their opinion, BUT your remark was a not so narly way to say a degraded stab at Adam. I don’t think your opinion really counts for much. Adam may NOT have won Idol, but in reality, NO he didn’t lose. By far he is making more money and getting more media attention than all the other idols combine. Who can even remember who did win Idol? It really is not that important, apparently judging by how popular Adam is. AND FOR THE RECORD, YES HE CAN SING. Can you say loser? Sure you can, it is what YOU are.

      • RR3

        Simple you relate to two things…”loser” and “Can’t sing”…that’s you … not Adam Lambert…

      • TV

        How do you know AL is rich? U R not his wallet. Stop bragging and stay facts Okay? The fact AL got media attention is becasue he said that he is GAY (references RS magazine)and he paints his face (reference guy-liner on American Idol).

      • Matt

        Hey TV how about you get your facts straight. I didn’t say he was “rich”, I said he is making more money. AL did not get because he is GAY, he gets the media attention because he is talented. You are delusional. How about you stop with the degrading comments and get your facts straight. What an idiot.

      • Matt

        BTW TV, you are using the reference to RS magazine as him stating he is GAY, and why he is getting Media attention. Ok then, how do YOU explain why all the top producers and song writers love working with him and call him one of the most talented singers they have worked with. Yeah they did it because he is GAY, right? What a moron you are.

      • Ontherox

        He didn’t lose he came in second, there is a difference.

    • cucumber

      i on’t think so– they’ve still a got a whil to release it. it could always be a bonus track. the single will give us something to chew on.

  • Brooke

    The more popular someone is, the more people there are who want to tear them down.

    Everyone knows who Lady Gaga is. I think anyone who doesn’t bother with reality tv is saying, “Adam who?”

  • Amanda

    I was actually shocked to find that many GaGa fans don’t like Adam! I think it’s a match made in Pop Heaven. LOVE.

    • Matt

      Really Amanda? I never heard this. That is too bad, he will make HER look good. Her voice is ok, nothing compare to Adam’s though.

    • RR3

      Amanda…Adam Lambert haters are hiding at Lady Gaga’s camp, so that they can attack him from there
      We don’t believe the real Lada Gaga fans hate Adam Lambert, quite the opposite..

  • Karen B

    Adam would have the finished product with his vocals. I know Linda Perry wrote for Pink, but it benefits her in the industry and financially… We still think of them as Pink songs, not Linda Perry songs… Or back even further Meatloaf (and in tiny letters, songs/lyrics by Jim Steinman). Artist always wins with the public.

    • crispy

      Totally agree. Another example: 99% of music fans have no idea who Bernie Taupin is.

      • me

        Stupid comment. Also Taupin was not an entertainer.

      • crispy

        My bad. You’re right… Bernie Taupin is a waiter at Red Lobster.

      • Matt

        I know who Bernie Taupin is. Had to google him though. Talented individual. I don’t know much about who is behind the music as you cripsy, but I sure like the end product. Yeah I mentioned this before. Oh well.

  • junebug

    I think Lady Gaga will benefit. Adam is sky rocketing right now. I hope he doesn’t explode or implode soon after reaching his star status. The sexy pix in Details mag worry me a little. He has always been so savy and in control of how he presents himself. “Edgy with a smile”, articulate, gracious,honest. Great live interviews. He can almost say anything in a live interview because his delivery is so intelligent and respectful. I worry that he is cutting off a whole segment of devoted fans right out of the gate with that photo shoot. He can push the boundaries without crossing all of them. As for Gaga, she is great, but frankly, he will be a superstar in his own right. if her star is waning, he might pigeon hole himself in his effort not to! In any case, whatever they collaborate on will be a hit.

    • James S.

      Those pics in Details are tame.

    • Noopfan

      Adam has always been racy. Which Adam have u been watching???

    • redraiderdc

      He’s a superstar in his own right? The guy got second place on a TV show and hasn’t even put an album out yet. I think “superstar” is a bit of a stretch at this point.

      • agent227

        Agreed. BUT, while I still prefer Kris Allen myself, I do think he’s gonna be HUGE. I actually really love that song he did for 2012, and I HATE power ballads.

      • Matt

        Red he is a superstar in his own right. By your point of he hasn’t even put ouf an album yet says it all. How? Well for an album that has not even put out like you said, jumped number one in sales on amazon the first time it was available for pre-order. How many um regular artist or even superstars can say that? Yeah you can disagree, but he is a superstar and it does not matter that he came in second on a tv show. Noone even cares about that junk now. Adam is everywhere and he will be a world wide superstar very soon. Don’t hate, celebrate.

      • B

        “superstar” is a stretch at this point. Adam L aka American Idol loser. He did not have a cd yet. Twinkler twinkler little star fits better.

      • Pan

        Your initial B fits you perfectly. B*tch or B*stard, which ever fits you better. Maybe both.

    • heythatscoolyeah

      I think your assessment of Adam’s PR strategies is off. He may have seemed edgy but respectful while on American Idol but it’s clear to me that he has no interest in pandering to Middle America for much longer. He wants to be seen as a formidable presence in the music industry, not a people pleaser. He’ll continue to be controversial for as long as we’re famous. If the Details spread has you worried, then you might want to tune out now.

      • heythatscoolyeah

        as long as he’s* famous ;-)

    • Matt

      Those pics in Details are a work of art. It would have been different if Adam had been naked, he WAS NOT. If any fans are turned off by this photo shoot, then they were not real fans or they were very weak ones. So far he has done nothing to turn me off. It is refreshing to have an artist tell the truth for a change. The talk about how he down spiraled (sp?) and had done drugs and alcohol, well how many artist tell the truth of that? Maybe he overshares sometimes, but atleast you know where he stands. Like I said, refreshing.

  • crispy

    I think it’s fairly apparent from the hundreds of comments below each of your Lambert posts that no one but maybe 1 or 2 people cares who writes and produces these songs. For the most part, most fans don’t even understand what the producers do in the studio! Lady GaGa will be a mere footnote on the Adam Lambert album.

    • Matt

      It isn’t that I don’t care crispy, I just don’t have the musical knowledge or maybe it is the patience to look past the end product. Maybe that is alot of people’s problem. But I am learning, by just reading your comments. I then take the time to look some of these people up, trying to educate this old country hick. Good job. lol I also happen to agree Lady GaGa will be a mere footnote on Adam’s album, like you stated.

  • Akemi

    Interesting question, Michael! My knee-jerk reaction was to say that Adam would benefit more, because, like you mentioned, GaGa is an established recording artist, while Adam is just getting started. However, Adam is definitely creating a hell of a lot of buzz right now, so I don’t think this collaboration is going to hurt GaGa one bit. I, for one, can’t wait for them to tour together! (This is totally going to happen, right??)

    • agent227

      It better. I can’t imagine a better opening act for Gaga right now. He stands for everything she believes in: individuality, an appetite for excessive fashion, AND he gets bonus points for being one of the gays she dedicated her VMA to. Love him, love her. A match made in heaven.

  • Kia

    Seems like a perfect pairing. I’m no a fan of GaGa’s, but I do respect her as an artist.

    • Michael H.

      Thanks for this comment Kia – you’ve stated what I couldn’t quite figure out how to say myself – I don’t personally care for GaGa’s music but yet I do have respect for her talent.

  • Ella

    I think Lady Gaga will benefit more than Adam. She can sing (nothing really special) and write some music (only some of it good), but mostly she is famous for doing tricks and looking outrageous. People will get tired of her antics eventually and she doesn’t have much voice or personality to compensate. Adam on the other hand is on his way to be a big Star with exceptional voice, charming personality, sexiness, humor etc, etc, etc. His album is not available yet, but already on the bestsellers lists from the first day of the offered presale (Amazon, B & N for example). He can sign anything and he is great entertainer with different sides to it. He is never boring.

    • An Nacirema

      she can sing (far better than you could) and write ‘some’ music (check your facts: she’s been writing for other artists longer than she’s been writing for herself)

      She’s not famous for doing tricks, she’s famous for writing songs with actual lyrics beyond the ‘oohs and aaahs of most other pop artists.

      • James S.

        Wow, someone’s bristly today.

      • Alyssa

        Ok, I would agree that her songs are catchy, but “songs with actual lyrics”? “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”? Seriously? Listen to some good music and then you will see how vapid her lyrics really are.

      • GinaBallerina

        Right on, Alyssa. Or how about “papapapapapapa poker face?” DEEP!

      • An Nacirema

        Really Alyssa..what, pray tell, is your idea of ‘good’ music (considering, of course that music, like most other art, is subjective)?

        You might think her lyrics are vapid but I guess you are in the minority considering all her singles have sold tremendously in just about every market they’ve been released.

        Oh, and GinaBallerina.. how about coming up with your own comments instead of riding on someone else’s? not able to?!? I am not surprised..

      • Matt

        For people making light of Lady Gaga’s talent, well you sure remember her words to her music. You might not like the song, but you do remember it and talk about it. Isn’t that ironic?

      • Alyssa

        Ok, I didn’t argue with her marketability or catchiness, which could be considered talent. In that regard she, IS very talented. Those d*mn songs stay in your head all day. However, Lady Gaga will NEVER be considered a talented song writer, up there with the likes of John Lennon, Ben Gibbard, Tom Petty, or Sam Beam. I think it is ridiculous to pretend that she is something that she isn’t. Talented performer, yes. Songwriter? No way.

      • Alexis

        but then how is talent measured if not by writing songs that are a) catchy and b) marketable? Ultimately, the goal for any artist is to gain notoriety and be able to generate interest and ultimately, sales. She has done this.. not just for herself but for others as well. Lady Gaga has been writing songs for other folks until she decided to record her songs herself. How is that not being a talented song writer?

        You have to remember.. like annacirema said, art is subjective and what you might find talented others might not… the only way to measure that talent in a situation where opinions vary is by their marketability, no? If you create a product and that product sells, then you’ve suceeded. Anyone can write a song, not everyone can write a song that will sell. That’s a fact.

  • glam3675

    anyone who works w/ Adam Lambert knows their career w/ get a ‘push into fame’! He’s just that talented that artists should be thankful to work with him.

  • TellyB

    Buzz doesn’t equal actual sales.

    As of it stands today: LG: 4 top ten hits, out of which two have been # 1, a 4 million-selling top five album, AL: All buzz.

    Clearly, this is his to benefit from.

    • James S.

      Thanks for actually putting up facts–as opposed to fannish garble–to back-up what is so clearly obvious: This Lady GaGa person is already a star, Adam Lambert will benefit from her work on his album, and this entire post from Slezak is really just stupid.

    • bunnygirl

      Actually, he does have lots of sales…. iTunes for Idol and previous songs, ITunes for Time for Miracles and pre-sales for his album. I know it’s not even close to Gaga, but considering how many albums have been paid for without even knowing what’s on the album yet, I’d say that’s success!

    • Syney

      Thank you. GaGa has one of the most successful albums. Adam, no album yet, but enormous buzz. Working with her only helps him. Seems like a perfect collaboration.

    • Matt

      What some of you forget to say, Adam has not had the time to establish himself as a major artist like Lady GaGa, YET. But he sure is swinging out of the gate and it will not take him long to equal or maybe pass many of these million in sales artist.

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