Lil Wayne pleads guilty to gun possession, faces one-year prison sentence

Lil Wayne entered a guilty plea to felony gun possession in an NYC courthouse this morning, MTV News reports. The rapper will likely be sentenced to one year in prison under the terms of his plea deal. He would have faced up to three and a half years behind bars if convicted.

The gun charges stemmed from a July 2007 incident in which police pulled over Wayne’s tour bus after a concert. (I was there in the audience earlier that night — it was an unforgettable show.) They found a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol. While Wayne initially pleaded not guilty, the situation changed this month when prosecutors said they had DNA evidence linking him to the weapon.

There’s no word yet on how this will affect Lil Wayne’s music plans, but it’s hard to see this as anything but a major roadblock to promoting his next album, Rebirth, which is still awaiting release after months of delays. Share your thoughts on his legal troubles below.

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  • minista

    The people who listen to Wayne…are complete idiots. So this will probably send his sales upward.

    • levelle gant

      fuvk you racist ass white boyy

      • may

        lazy thinker right here folks!

      • sluggsl

        irony right here everyone! (is that a hybrid of Lovelle Mixon and Oscar Grant?)
        Or perhaps you won’t buy the album as you can no longer look up to him as a role model.

    • rukahs

      i have somthing to say its kinda funny that rednecks can carry guns but artist cant u say drug abusing moron but hes richer then u he has being raping since he was 9 years old he droped out of school to contiue his dream and now he is very much acheved his goal and no matter how its put if a black man is making cash hes is harassed till they find a charge to put them in jail so they dont make any more money so the republicans can disgrace our united states constation and take all off our money like i said he made a quarter off a million dollars off his voice so before you talk bout someone look at what they have done

    • r

      Are i illiterate ?well if u r , get someone else t read a couple of lil waynes lyrics t u, since he raps too fast for ur brain t catch up. Try n understand. N c hw this guy raps thru his pain n suffering he endured in the past. . . NUTCASE!

    • Sunny

      Are u illiterate ?well if u r , get someone else t read a couple of lil waynes lyrics t u, since he raps too fast for ur brain t catch up. Try n understand. N c hw this guy raps thru his pain n suffering he endured in the past. . . NUTCASE!

  • Nick

    Stupid drug abusing moron should have been in jail long ago

  • Robert

    why is it that celebrity types and guns have to go hand in hand – sets a bad example for their fans

  • LoveTV

    Fool!! Hope you don’t think it is cool to get locked up. what, does rap and jail time go hand in hand. Is it in their contracts. Way to go!! thanks for making the black community look so good!!

    By the way, doesn’t he have two children on the way. He got two women pregnant at the same time. Money can actually make you overlook his uglyness?

    • Marie

      i agree. this is the problem with hip hop culture today. what kind of message does this send to young african american and hispanic males when a major hip hop star felt like he needed a gun on his own tour bus….why? and getting two women pregnant at the same time is a great way to show other young minorities about how to treat women.
      we all wish that our society could produce better role models for our kids. but who can compete with MTV, the junk on VH1, and 106 and Park nowerdays?
      all of his actions are being looked at by the young people who look up to him. with power comes responsibility. maybe jail will be a good place for him to think about that.

  • navygirl

    people always hatin, if i was on the road touring i would have a gun too.

    • LoveTV

      a gun for what? and who the hell is hatin on somebody having a gun instead of brains.

    • Real

      a gun is for protection,when on the road, in cities w/ haters like some of you, dont you think he can protect himself

      • Robert

        Real, you sound like a complete moron. Congratulations on dumbing down the population.

      • Real-e-Yung

        The fact that you call them haters make you seem your age, which I know is younger than 17.


    Simon, you are an idiot. “(I was there in the audience earlier that night — it was an unforgettable show.) “. Your probably white, and like Britney Spears too. Learn to like music that offers substance. Your the one that needs to be in prison.

  • aanamber

    Ok…I’m not normally a fan of rap music. However, I love Lil Wayne. A lot. He is an amazing performer and he is incredibly clever. As am I, so the crack about people who listen to being “idiots” is sort of pot calling the kettle black sort of situation. Do I think he should have gotten in trouble for the gun? I guess that depends on the details of the situation. But, you all seem to be quite the judgmental group. Maybe you should all take a look in the mirror and start picking out your own faults.
    I think most of the comments can be summarized in one age old phrase: Jealousy rears it’s ugly head.

    • LoveTV

      blah, blah, blah,

  • Aprilcot26

    I hope he goes to jail. He broke the law…period. Besides, if he’s in jail, at least he’s not out there knocking up more ignorant women. One less thug…I mean “rapper” on the street. And by the way, I like rap music…just not the rappers who act like complete trash.

  • Miguel

    YOU GUYS ARE idiots who care sif he does drugs or got to women pregnant at the same time did you not forget he basically built New Orleans over again by himself he didnt have the govt or pres to help he was putting clothes and giving food to the people that lost their homes. So what he got caught with a gun big deal our former pres was a drug addict so before you guys pint out his wrongs look at your self

    • LoveTV

      Point well made

  • kyle

    He deserves to go to jail. hate wayne. if T.I. had to serve the time, wayne BETTER do the same!

  • Joe Mama

    He is an idiot anyway. Get him off the streets. Maybe he’ll get a few more AWESOME face tats while he’s getting pounded in prison.

  • curtis

    the difference between wayne and t.i. is that wayne had one gun on his bus and t.i. had an arsenal in his house. whats worse? waynes personal protection or whatever t.i. had all those guns for

    and i just hope lil wayne dosnt pull that fake ish that t.i. did. t.i. played the jail time to make a ton of money.

    • Not your business

      First of all T.I. had weapons because he didn’t feel safe. After his friend got shot and killed he was getting death threats and so was his family. It is no wonder he was starting to feel unsafe. Then on top of that police are telling him that he is on some kind of hit list wouldn’t that freak you out?! As far as Wayne goes I love his music and I’m somewhat of fan of him. Everyone makes mistakes and he is paying his price like a man. I don’t think T.I pull anything fake. He took his community service seriously. He was looking to help at least one person change their life.

  • Ashumz



    Lil Wayne is not my favorite rapper, but some of the music that he makes with other rappers is alright. Since he has a new album that is about to be release named Rebirth, then while his is in jail he can get a new face lift. I understand when a person uses self expression from tattoos. I am sure his baby momas has to be high off on pills and alcohol in order to have any type of sexual entanglement with him. Right now, he is a father, so he need to represent himself like one and not with all that foolishness and tattoes that he has all over himself. I am sure he can be a very nice looking guy, but who would want to hire someone like him in the corporate world. Only the rap gang will accept him. All the money in world would not want an highly intelligent woman wants to support. Only the hands out, gangsta chicks will be down for a gangsta like. Yes he may have help New Orleans but still he is suppose to set an example for the young black americans. I assure you, my son will not grow from his teaching. He can not teach my pomerania and he is a very knowledgeable doll. Not to say Lil Wayne is not, but he need to be careful of how he choose to live his life and the people he keeps in his life that are thugs like him.

  • Matt

    Talented guy, but oh so stupid. Like others have mentioned already, this will only boost album sales. It’s a scary thing when jail time has become an effective tactic in promoting a movie, album, comeback, etc. Sure, that’s not why he was carrying a gun, but he’s a smart guy and realizes that publicity, even of this kind, can only be a good thing. He’s got us talking about him, doesn’t he? Mission accomplished.

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