Chris Brown, 'I Can Transform Ya' video: Too soon?

He’s sorry. Sort of. But should Chris Brown really be making slick, boastful videos with lines like “Ciroc and lime, give it a lil time / and she can transform like Optimus Prime,” while the ink is practically still wet on his sentencing agreement?

Today, the 20-year-old R&B star released a snazzy-looking clip for the song “I Can Transform Ya,” featuring Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz, and it feels … kind of gross. Watch below:

Kanye “the GIF that keeps on giving” West notably bowed out of several recent public appearances after his now-infamous episode and continues to lay low, and the only charge he’s facing is chronic interruption; one would think a slightly longer grace period is in order for the man convicted of felony assault against Rihanna only two months ago.

But maybe I underestimate the speed of America’s forgiveness cycle? Tell me below in the comments section…

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  • Elizabeth

    I’m not bothered by it… I don’t love the song either. Hope there’s better material on the album.


    i’m a r&b/rap fan but this is CRAP; chris brown shuld have taken a break from the music biz

  • Jennifer

    I refuse to listen or watch anything with chris brown after what he did to rihanna period.

  • Snarf


  • stella

    If Rihanna can make an album wearing nothing but barbed wire and an eye patch, then why can’t Chris Brown make a video?

    • Es

      You are missing the point. What in the world does what Rihanna wears have to to with anything?? She was the victim of this sick little monster; she can do whatever she wants. He’s the one that needs to be walking on eggshells instead of getting angry that his reputation has faltered and then thanking the fans that stood by HIM during HIS difficult time. Tell you what, next time you’re assaulted or victimized, why don’t YOU watch what you say, do and wear? Is that fair? Make the victim behave in equal shame as their attacker? I pity you, Stella, and everyone else who was clearly raised in a lifestyle where violence against a woman is forgiveable, but being beaten by a man is not. Our civilization is devolving.

      • stella

        No Es,
        In no way do I feel that Rihanna or any woman deserves to be sexually assaulted because she wears or doesn’t wear a certain amount of clothing. What I am saying is, she isn’t hiding or cowering in fear. She didn’t let this situation keep her from singing or being a pop star. Why should he? Should his career be eradicated?

      • Es

        I did not say, at any point, that you thought she deserved to be SEXUALLY assaulted. What comment did you read? The point is that, NO, she should NOT be cowering or hiding in fear because SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG. Chris Brown DID. And, yes, his career should be eradicated. His entire life should be. It would be the same for someone in sales or service or whatever. This is not to say that maybe- MAYBE- he couldn’t be rehabilitated, but it seems unlikely as, not long after he mercilessly beat this woman, he was making public “Eff the Haters” declarations. And now he’s strutting around like he’s worth more than slime and people like you are saying we need to move past it. No way. Unacceptable. You seem to be missing the difference between them: She did nothing wrong. He did something very, very, very wrong.

      • HatToken

        Es, you’re a nut if you think that a reasonable solution is to prevent Brown from attempting to make a living. Yes, he was wrong in assaulting Rihanna. Yes, he didn’t handle it entirely well afterwards. But what do you expect? The guy is hardly a Rhodes scholar and forcing him to bag groceries the rest of his life (sorry if you’re a supermarket worker) doesn’t solve anything, and it doesn’t really make any sense to suggest it. If people truly believe that Brown doesn’t deserve to be in the music industry, he’ll be forced out naturally because fans/execs won’t want to back him — and that’s OK. I’d hate to live in your utopia (it means ideal society, in case you don’t own a dictionary), where every crime is punishable by a lifetime of broken dreams. Would you push for a fifth-grader to get not only expelled, but denied access to our public school system because he beat up another kid? Probably not. In your world, would a person who gets in a bar fight be not allowed to try to do his best to feed his family after serving whatever judgments imposed on him? Everyone with half a brain and some upbringing in decency understands taking a strong stand on violence against women, but chill out on the rhetoric, because you sound pretty silly.

      • jane

        No Es, national coalition for men tells the truth that rihanna hit chris 1st & multiple times before he ever touch her. now why isn’t she a monster?

    • fancypants

      true. this song is okay, not good and not bad. the video’s special effects are elementary, however.

  • James

    Maybe if he had at least finished his community service stuff, it wouldn’t look so uncomfortable that he’s back and ready to “Transform us” but this first single sucks. Nice dance moves though, but to compliment him in any way feels like the wrong thing to do.

  • underthefan

    This is a great video and a decent song, but everytime I think of the title “I Can Transform Ya,” I think of that photo of Rihanna bruised and battered. Is that the way he can “transform ya”?

  • graeme

    Decent track and solid video.

  • Noel

    He has a second single titled “Crawl” that in it’s way, addresses the situation. I’m sure his record company wanted to do both songs, as dancing is his major strength and then follow up with a more sensitive mid-tempo.

  • Muse

    Should’ve came out with a reflective ballad, maybe even a repentant gospel song. At the very least a very catchy & distracting dance song with great beats, not this.

  • WEndy

    Just further proof you can do anything when you are famous and no publicity is bad. I knew all these people would forget this little boy is a $%#@.

  • I can transform ya

    from an upright citizen to GF-beating pu$$y.

  • Katja

    Wow. I don’t know, this song just sounds so bland. After viewing this once, I think it’s pretty much a stupid song and a lame video. About the only thing I liked were the sort of ninja-badass outfits during the larger group dance parts. And yeah, I agree with underthefan, when I hear Chris Brown saying “I can transform ya”, all I can think of is physical transformation via pounding the girl’s face, as seen in the photo of Rihanna’s face “transformed” into a bruised mess.

  • California

    I am so over Chris Brown and everything he puts out as an artist. I don’t want to see his movies, I don’t want to see his videos, I don’t want to hear his music. I liked him because he seemed like such a decent guy, a good guy. Not only was I shocked that he would be violent like that (and to a woman no less, his girlfriend to boot!), I cannot believe his behavior since the beating.

  • Jas

    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who’s said he ‘transformed her into a mess of bruises” truly original and creative, maybe you guys should write both their songs in the future. (SARCASTIC)

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