Rihanna's Diane Sawyer interview, part 2: The night she was assaulted

rihanna-interview_lThe second teaser clip from Rihanna’s interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer just aired on Good Morning America. While yesterday’s segment dealt mostly with what followed her assault at the hands of ex Chris Brown, the 5-minute excerpt shown today focused squarely on the events of that awful February night.

Rihanna went into detail at Sawyer’s prompting, recounting a disturbing timeline that will be familiar to anyone who’s read the official police report on the incident. First she and Brown argued over a text message he received from a woman; then he violently attacked her. “It was ugly,” Rihanna told Sawyer, becoming choked up with emotion. “That’s all I kept thinking the whole time: When is it going to stop? When is it going to stop?…I was bleeding. I was swollen in my face. There was no way of me getting home.”

It’s a harrowing story, and one that unfortunately needs re-telling so no one can forget or distort just what it is that Brown did to Rihanna. (And while I wish that were just a hypothetical, I’m still seeing way too many blog commenters and others doing their best to minimize the reality of Brown’s inexcusable actions.) Say what you will about the timing of Rihanna’s publicity tour — she is doing something brave and necessary by going back over these painful memories in public.

Rihanna’s full interview with Diane Sawyer will air on 20/20 tonight. Will you be watching? What did you think of the latest interview clip? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Penny

    I have no problem with her giving these interviews because she knows she’s going to be asked about it so might as well get it out. But to state that it “needs re-telling” and that this is “brave and necessary” is absolutely ridiculous. What happened between those two is technically none of our business we’re just all nosy and want to know. It’s certainly not “necessary” as you put it.

    • Heather

      I disagree. Millions of women in this country are victims of domestic violence, yet it is never publicly addressed. Rhianna speaking out may help women who are being assaulted learn how to speak about it, it may cause men to hear the truth about their actions, and it forces us as a society to – even just a little – consider the epidemic of domestic violence that we have.

      • Penny

        “Never publicly addressed”?

        I applaud Rihanna, I think she is doing a public service. But Simon goes overboard in saying that its necessary and needs re-telling. Says who? What if she felt it was personal and she didn’t want to talk about it? Would Simon take issue with that, because as he puts it, its “necessary”?

      • Brooke

        It is necessary for society to talk about domestic violence more, absolutely. But no victim ever asks to become a victim, and individual victims should never unwillingly become a platform for others’ activism. Rihanna should not be expected to become a voice for all abused women simply because she was abused or because she’s famous. That she’s choosing to is great, and maybe it’s a way for her to regain personal agency and heal while at the same time contributing to the societal conversation about domestic violence. But it’s not her duty. She didn’t ask to be in this situation.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Sorry, but I read about domestic violence all the time….it’s in the news every week. It doesn’t need re-telling.

      • Monique

        I think Sally In Chicago’s response minimizing the impact of domestic violence is a fantastic example of why it still MUST be discussed.

    • Sally in Chicago

      As far as I’m concerned it’s over and they should both move on….but she’s got an album to sell…that’s why the timing is NOW….and for people to totally diss Chris…you have to realize he’s a 19 yr old, worth millions, there’s pressure and temptations. At least he hasn’t ended up a junkie somewhere with a needle in his arm, or dead…he’s 19 years old people! 19 yr olds don’t know their emotions!
      If this had happened when he was 30 y.o., then yeh, I would be down on him.

      • Sarah

        Yes, but most 19 year olds, famous or not, don’t beat women until they bleed. I’m so tired of people trying to justify Chris Brown’s actions, just because he’s attractive and otherwise marketable. There is NO excuse for beating a woman, it doesn’t matter what she said or did. Get control of yourself. The sad things, many men won’t unless they know there are lasting repercussions.

      • Tlynn

        What a TERRIBLE thing to say. His age does not exonerate him from his crimes. this is the same as saying that if a kid killed someone he’s not responsible. He could have killed her or caused her irreparable harm. To beat on someone for any length of time shows that he has a horrible problem and need to have a tremendous amount of counseling.

        I applaud Rihanna for coming forward and finally, saying that it was wrong and stupid of her to go back to him. I wish her all the best. I wish nothing but bad on Chris Brown and I will protest and boycott anyone or anything that supports him.

      • M

        Sally, you’re a complete idiot. If you were beaten to a pulp by a 19 year old, you’d be singing a different tune. “At least he’s not a junkie.” Seriously? We’re supposed to be impressed with that?! Wow, what an accomplishment!!! I wasn’t in control of my emotions at that age either and had plenty of idiotic arguments with my girlfriend, but it NEVER once even occurred to me to hit her. You have some very low standards, Sally. I feel sorry for you.

      • Suntrap

        “At least hasn’t ended up a junkie somewhere”?!?! Are you insane? He beat the woman he supposedly loved. How is that better than being a junkie?

      • Ben

        How does his age excuse his behavior? Your exoneration of his guilt blows my mind. Are you a 12 year old girl?

      • Diego

        wow. He hit her. A “man” hit a woman. If she makes it public for others to speak up she should. And should be talked abuot. My father used to hit my mom and she never spoke her mind until she was able to grow out of it and ruin him. but it took her time. she was very young. they are fragile. so let her do it. Avoid someone go through this

      • Ama

        I am not saying you should not criticize Chris. His action were very wrong, but you are all hypocrites. Chris Brown is not the first celebrity to be involved with domestic violence but you are demonizing him but not the others. Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Mike Tyson, the list goes on. They were grown men when they assaulted women but you all have given them free passes. But when it comes to the 19 year old, you want his career to be over. I understand you want get the issue out there but picking on only one person and ignoring the others does not solve anything. If you are truly against domestic violence, you will criticize the others equally.

      • Melissa

        Sally, he knew his emotions. He just didn’t care to control it, and THAT is the problem. The man needs some serious help. Most of us are all taught at a young age that hitting others is wrong. You have personally contributed to the problem of domestic violence by dismissing him as a kid who didn’t know any better. Don’t make excuses for him – he wears big boy undies.

      • Tarc

        So, you’re saying that one adult is not responsible for their actions and not another? Or are you saying that a black adult should be given a free pass because he’s not a junkie? Finally, if anyone is to blame for the ‘ending of a career’ it might the the rich, spoiled self-important, violent man that chose to beat his girlfriend to a pulp. *That* is what ends a career – the action, not the telling of it.

      • Steph

        I am sorry but that is ridiculous- you cannot make a excuse for Chris Brown. I am 19 years old, so let me get into to my car, drive drunk, beat someone up, etc., because Hey! I’m just a teenager with lots of emotions and temptations! I don’t think so. I know better and he should have known better, and while do I hope he gets the help needed, I think he’s gotten off the hook far to easily and sometimes I feel he is very insincere in his interviews. Making excuses does not solve anything. I’m sorry but it grates on my nerves that you say someone my age, at 19, does not know their emotions and should be excused. There is no excuse whatsoever.

      • Jess

        I’m glad to see so many people standing up to Sally’s ridiculous attempt to exonerate Chris Brown and I’m also glad that she appears to have no response to everyone’s rebuke. Saying he should be excused and forgiven for assaulting someone just because he is 19 is simply outrageous. So what is he’s 19?! Does that mean we should just give a pass to everyone who beats up his girlfriend just because of his age? Or should we say ‘oh, that’s ok. At least he’s not a junkie!’ What if he raped someone? Should we say ‘oh that’s ok. At least he’s not a murderer!’ There are countless 19 year olds who know how to control themselves and realize that it’s wrong and illegal to beat up another person. Sally, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Tricia

        Sally in Chicago, I agree with M 100%. What is wrong with you to excuse his behavior. Attitudes like yours help to contribute to this kind of behavior. I think you should seek some help yourself as to why you dont see the seriousness of his actions.

      • WD

        Umm Sally….Yes, it is over and she is TRYING to move on. This interview is part of the process. Not sure what his age has anything to do with it….he beat the living day lights out of another (weaker) person. There is something wrong with you to even make such statement.

      • supadupamodel


      • Lala

        If you’re a junkie, you’re abusing yourself, not other people. Being 19 and worth millions is ZERO excuse. Money and power don’t equal doing whatever you want, whenever you want. What a terrible thing to think ‘well, he must be under sooo much pressure, and he’s a millionaire, it completely excuses any violent behavior and justifies his reasoning for doing so.’ That’s crap. Also, if you’re over 18, you’re an adult and completely responsible for your own actions, barring insanity. I don’t care what his circumstances are, rich, poor, stressed, tired, whatever, MEN SHOULD NEVER HIT WOMEN EVER. PERIOD.

      • aleksa

        You’re seriously trying to justify his actions by saying, “Oh, he’s 19, he doesn’t know his emotions?” My 12 year-old knows not to beat on someone.

    • Marge

      I really want my 15-year-old daughter to know about this for her own sake. She needs to know it isn’t right for a boyfriend to hit her. I’m really glad Rhianna is going public, even if it is self-serving, too.

    • LC

      Its necessary becasue their famous. Unfortunately, privacy is the first thing that goes when fame comes along. If a political figure did the same you would expect details to be divulged.

    • ChunkyRed

      I just think it’s funny she waits until her album drops to talk. It’s more publicity and it’s kind of old news that’s being bought up because she’s trying to sell records.

  • Kim

    So True! Sure, it’s being used for publicity but that doesn’t make the substance of what she has to say any less. People want to hear, and I don’t see how should we go through a promotional process without speaking on the issue. It always saddens me when people try to minimilize Rihanna’s victim status.

  • Vivi

    Simon, no one’s excusing what Chris did to Rihanna that night. But she’s just doing this to hype her album and tour. Period. She had a good 8 months to recount the tragedy. Do you know what would have been a feasible time to do so? When Chris Brown had his “interview” (using that word loosely) with Larry King. Her interview would’ve put CB’s to shame since he chose not to remember a damn thing that night.
    This is all a publicity stunt on her end. Yes, she’s brave for blunting telling us for what happened but the timing of it is susceptible.

  • Phoebe

    I disagree, Penny. I am sick of people trying to justify Brown’s actions or minimize them. Young girls especially should know what happened so they can realize how bad domestic violence can be, and that it should not be forgotten and forgiven. I applaud Rihanna for coming forward with her story.

    • Penny

      I’m hardly justifying Chris Brown. What I have a problem with is people insisting that she be the face of domestic violence. If she’s comfortable talking about it, fine. But don’t act like its her civic duty to talk about something that’s very personal and painful.

      • Chichi

        Then who’s civic duty is it. The last time I checked we lived in a society where we are all held socially and morally responsible to our actions.

        I commend Rihanna for being a responsible woman and seeing the bigger role she plays and seeing the need for her to get out there so other women don’t take domestic violence so lightly, and in turn, things may change.

        Mary Murphy from SYTYCD talked about how because of Rihanna she came forward to say that this can happen at any age, giving her the strength to show her face.

        It is Rihanna’s civic duty, it’s everyone’s civic duty to see a crime and do something about it, to speak up on it. Look at that poor fifteen year old girl who was raped and many people just stood by watching, accountability plays in every society matters.

      • Jess

        I don’t think anyone said this was her civic duty. Clearly, she is ready to talk about it – if she wasn’t, she would have continued to stay silent. Her strength to talk about her situation and the issue as a whole is educational and motivational. All too many young children look up to celebrities. She has a good message – I think everyone should listen up.

      • Penny

        I took issue with Simon stating that it needed retelling and was necessary. I don’t think you should put that pressure on someone who is a victim of a crime. If something like that happened to me I would not want to be told that its necessary that I go on national television and tell the world about it. It should be my choice. As a victim you can use your story to help others, but you shouldn’t be expected to.

      • Missy

        I don’t think anybody made Rhianna come out and talk about the assault, nor do I think that the columnist was necessarily saying that Rhianna was required to come forward and tell her story. His point was that as more and more people begin to excuse Chris Brown’s behavior as immature, or, even worse, blame Rhianna as a demanding and unfaithful girlfriend, it is important that people be reminded what actually happened in that car. When we justify violence, it makes it more likely to continue. Rhianna speaking out was brave and I don’t care why she did it. I respect her for accepting that whether she intended it or not, she is the face of domestic violence right now and taking a stand.

    • Dg

      I wouldn’t go back i’m sorry

  • TheObserver

    While there are people who are trying to diminsh Chris Browns role in this I think its important to look at every aspect of the case before drawing a conclusion. he was WRONG this should be undisputed. However here are portions of the report that says he slapped him first. what he should have done was pull the car over get out and leave. we all know what happened instead. whether male or female, hitting slapping…all instigation of violence is wrong!!! Women, even though you are smaller and not as strong, do not slap or hit men and expect them not to react, if it were another female you would expect retaliation! Men, keep your hands to yourself! it is NEVER okay to hit a woman! http://entertainmentrundown.com/9418/rihanna-slapped-chris-brown-numerous-times-after-seeing-text/

  • jmiklane

    Yikes. I have no problem with Rihanna telling the story; it is important for people to know (not about Rihanna, but about domestic abuse). I also don’t hate Chris Brown. They’re both kids, and everybody in the world makes mistakes. Some people make nasty mistakes and should pay for them, but people also need to forgive (but not forget).
    What is sickening to me is watching Diane Sawyer milk the interview after the clip aired. “There’s a lot more that happened in that car, and she will tell it all… in DETAIL.. tomorrow night!” I think it goes without saying that people are gonna tune in. I wish they didn’t have to use the story as entertainment as a means to get ratings.

  • Lauren

    I too questioned the timing of this, but I don’t anymore. I’m sure I would hold off as long as possible to tell this personal story. It’s so private and I’m sure she wasn’t looking forward to it. She knew it would be the big elephant in the room with her album promo and she’s stepping up and saying it rather than dodging questions. She can make a difference in the lives of young girls and hopefully encourage them to be stronger and not stand for this kind of abuse. I respect Rihanna so much for her honesty and openness. It really does serve as a huge reminder of what he did to her. If Chris wasn’t so famous, talented, and lovable, I’m sure as just another man on the street this behavior would not be excused or tolerated. Trust me, I am a fan and feel sorry for him. He’s a kid. But I’m not ready to support him with my $. Not sure if I ever will.

    • Ama

      This year Josh Brolin, Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn were nominated for Oscars even though they have history of domestic violence. I do not recall any criticism. People did not have a problem with them getting on with their lives and careers even with their past actions. I hope you are not supporting their movies with your $ because if you are, you have no integrity.

      • Muffy

        Ama, the list never ends! Don’t forget about Ringo Starr, Elvis, Charlie Sheen, Christain Slater, Biggie Smalls, John Lennon,etc. And let’s not forget about the women who beat men and their own children.

  • Chichi

    Then nothing changes and nothing gets addressed on a larger scale, a global scale. Domestic violence and other crimes against women are go unreported mainly because women are so ashamed and fearful of speaking out about them.

    It’s a major issue amongst women that needs to be explored and talked about and dealt with.

    Gabrielle Union was raped and speaks openly about it because there shouldn’t be shame and stigma attached to it. Crimes against women have lower prison sentences because it isn’t viewed as being a major problem with society, and a huge part of that is because a large number of victims refuse to talk about it.

    • TheObserver

      I agree with ChiChi the girl who was gang raped in Richmond was brutalised FOR HOURS while people STOOD BY AND WATCHED and because she is over the aged of 14 California law will not hold the bystanders accountable despite their blatant negligence. Anthony Sowell of cleveland Ohio possibly murdered 11 women. 11! And that was after they let him out after serving time for a brutal rape! where was this guys parole officer? I’m sorry but the american justice system is crazy broken and women get the short crappy end of the stick

      • BlackIrish4094

        Not just women get the crappy end of the stick, give me a break. Because there are no male crime victims. Everyone deserves justice but in this country, unfortunately, it’s bought and Rhianna is a lot better off than other victims of violent crime because her fame demanded some sort of action by the authorities.

  • Capo

    I’m not condoning Chris Brown’s actions by any stretch of the imagination. However, the timing of these stories and interviews is absolute garbage and makes me sick to my stomach. Yes, people need to know about this, and all that. However, this is nothing more than a sympathy play to get people to buy her album. If you think otherwise, then it’s time for you to take the blinders off. She’s had nearly 9 months to get this off her chest.. Now she’s got an album coming out, and conveniently opens up? Puh-leeeze.

    • Missy

      He pled guilty in August. No doubt the prosecutors advised her not to make a public statement about what happened until after the criminal case was closed.

      • Ben

        Good point, Missy, and as others have posted, she would have to address it with the promo of her album. I think it IS necessary that she retells it. Chris Brown would like it to all go away and blames his age on it, hoping a cute smile and “I was wrong” cut his vicious attack on his girlfriend. While I don’t like Rhianna as a performer (really, she’s hardly better than Britney), she needed to publicly share what happened.


      I feel the same way her timing was a load of crap. On top of her album coming out, he is also getting ready to start his tour. To me Rihanna is full of it! Wasn’t she the one that wanting the judge to restringing order against so they can be together and this was after he beat her and was seen together at P Diddy house in Miami or whatever? And no one on here can tell me that she didn’t him as well. As women what to be treated as equals to men, but when it comes to domestic violence its okay for a women to hit a men but not okay for a men to hit a women. I am a woman and I know if I seen a text message from another woman on my men phone I’m going to be pissed and probably hit him for it and I’m sure that many women can relate. Its two sides to a story and baby girl Rihanna is not going to tell the full truth because she doesn’t want to look bad. Many of women are abuse by their partners and now everyone making a big deal because she has gotten hit, now its just public issue when it should have been a public issue in the first place.

      • Sean

        Rihanna is not telling the whole truth? Maybe, but at least she is telling some truth. Chris Brown has repeatedly told interviewers (Larry King etc.) that he doesn’t even remember “the incident”. Okay, so he was emotionally traumatized and blacked out. Interesting that the car stayed on the road during this blackout. Interesting that there is a picture of her smashed face but his face looked pretty fine on TMZ the next day. All of you women defending Brown had better hope people are kinder to you if this ever happens to you. I pray it doesn’t. More than Chris and Rihanna it is very sad to see people’s views on domestic violence.


        Me and my Ex- Boyfriend got into plenty of times and i always hit first because i wasnt going to put up with any bull from him. yes i should left the relationship at the time but i didnt but when our daughter was born i knew that this was not going to work. but anyway to me i seems like she is trying to ruin him to better herself. if she wants to help young girls then go to DV shelters and talk to them but she not.

  • Sass

    PUBLICITY S-T-U-N-T. Rihanna is an attention crazed meglomaniac. The moment the lights began to dim on this “incident” she went and did a drastic hair color change as if she was to say “wait! Dont forget about me! I was beaten remember?”

    What Chris Brown did was inexcuseable, but what is the point of someone doing time, (in his case Community Service) and is staying on top of his service and he still wont catch a break because she had to come out of the woodwork (right before her album came out….hint) to relive a story that she said she was never was going to tell the public.

    When Chris had his interview, he said repeatidly “I want to keep what happened between us out of respect for her”…but “oh he was a monster! No soul in his eyes!” Buy my album please feel sorry for me….

    She should be talking to women, empowering them with thought on getting out of a bad relationship.

    Im sorry but, women set themselves up like pins to be knocked down. If you see that the relationship is going for a bad turn, LEAVE. Rihanna was in that relationship to gain more fans.

    Im not a Chris Brown fan or a Rihanna fan. They both are just dumb kids.

    • Missy

      Sass, you seem to think that Rhianna talking about being beaten is worse than Chris actually doing the assault. That is exactly the reason that Rhianna needs to keep telling her story. He hasn’t done his time. He is what, four months into a 5 year probation and you are already saying that we should forget? Chris Brown will live with what happened in that car the rest of his life, but so will she. To blame her for going back is irresponsible. No matter how may bad decisions she made, she doesn’t deserve what she got. If he had raped her, would you have blamed her for being in a car alone with him? I sure hope not, but thats the mentality you seem to support.

      • Sarah

        Well said, Missy.

    • Leslie

      “Women set themselves up like pins to be knocked down”? Really? Blaming the victim is ridiculous. Do some research on the psychological abuse that comes hand-in-hand with domestic violence before you blather on and blame the victim for “allowing herself” to be abused. Not everything is so simple and easy.

    • Lala

      “Women set themselves up like pins to be knocked down”. Wow, what a statement. Way to blame the victim.

  • M

    Thank you, Simon, for mentioning 1) how brave it is of her to finally come forward, no matter what the timing. And 2)the disappointing and unexcusable comments being made by readers on this subject…it’s sick.


      that’s funny how she is coming out now and when her album is coming out and when he is going on tour. She is a BIC.. that’s all. And I was a fan of both and still is.


        i mean BIT.. lol

  • jetjaguar

    did she mention how she went upside his head first and she waited to speak publicly to promote her album

    • marnie

      Yes i was hoping she wouls address that as well. Its not okay for a women to beat or hit a man. im not justifying CB actions but she needs to tell the whole truth.

      • Missy

        Good to know thw two of you were in the car and know what happened. You should have called 911 though when you saw her hit him. Then none of this would have happened.

      • TheObserver

        but Diane Sawyer would never ask. a foray into whether or not she ever instigated an incident by slapping him would be perceived as attacking her which I understand because what she endured was cruel and brutal but I do think its important to note that on the issue of domestic violence in what is considered a post feminist USA, women are still considered damsels in distress and DV against men is often swept under the already lumpy rug. As a woman, my attitude is anyone…ANYONE who puts their hands on me had better be prepared for the Beatrix Kiddo style a** whopping Imma unleash on them. ( I understand that not everyone is like this though)

  • pp919

    Chichi, you really need to look at the whole picture, be more compassionate and put yourself in their shoes. Women of domestic violence, or any other type of abuse.. are not REQUIRED TO DO ANYTHING/or OBLIGED TOO. They have already been a VICTIM of force and should not be a VICTIM of force once again to reveal what they went through. Their main focus is to get better/and never put themselves in that position again. If they do speak out when they’re ready they should be applauded for their strength.. if they choose not too, that is their choice. If anything, it is the ABUSER’s “civic duty” to come forward and shed light on how manipulative, and dangerous these situations are. There has been so much backlash towards Rihanna, through this whole ordeal, so I commend her strength. But if she chose to not speak on it.. that is her decision.

    • Chichi


      And what basis do you find your lax of required obligation? Do you know how many crimes can be stopped if one victim opens her mouth and says, I was a victim and a rapist or abuser is placed in jail? Do you have any idea how many men beat women all of their lives and move on from girlfriend to girlfriend or wife to wife and keep that pattern going until they die and pass that pattern onto their children?

      To stand by and be morally blind is a horrid thing to do. Like I have stated and The Observer has stated a 15 yr. old girl was brutally raped until she was unconscious because not one single bystander said or did ANYTHING.

      Your whole argument is based on diffusion of responsibility and that is why crime against women is so rampant.

    • Jen

      Hear Hear pp919. Expecting a victim to come forward when they’re not ready is taking the same power and control from them that was stolen during the crime itself. I still question the timing of Rihanna’s interview, but she should not be forced to become the public face of domestic violence unless she chooses.

  • Cheri Solomon

    Okay I am sorry to say but, I have no sympathy for Rihanna at all. I mean I am 110% sure this is not brown’s 1st time hitting her. He’s done it before certianly. She should have left the 1st few times. Its not that much love in the Universe. She is a pretty young lady an has her own money, she didnt NEED chris. Nobody knows her situatuion but if she stayed around to keep letting it happen then shame on her. No i am not taking cb side, no man should ever put their hands on a female for any reason, but shame on her for staying with him. I wish the best for both them. They are human an it happens all day everyday……difference is there famous, and their situation just got exposed an it’s ashame that had to be her wake up call to leave him!

    • Brooke

      You might want to spend more time learning about why people stay. On average, it takes an abused person 5-6 times to leave their partner. It’s not just about money. It’s about emotions and the manipulation that abusers are really good at. Everybody thinks that they’d leave right away, that they’d do better than Rihanna and other abused people, until they’re in the situation themselves and find it all very confusing.

      • April

        I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Cheri Solomon

        You are right, but maybe thats where the problem starts. Rihanna or any other woman should have been more strong willed to not have let this man manipulate her into staying with him. When thins start to get physical, your intake on the relationship should change. Some ladies will let a man do that an some wont, especially do it an get away with it. God uses these girls as exampels. Even Rihanna said herself it can happen to anyone. I just have no sympathy for these women……solely because they dont get up an leave…..1 time okay maybe he was just upset. But she said 8 or 9 times I mean c’mon!

      • Lala

        Cheri-You don’t get physical abuse without some psychological abuse thrown in. A lot of very smart women are victims to abuse, and they stay. And many (eventually) leave. Blaming the victim doesn’t solve anything. The crime shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    • Missy

      “I wish the best for both of them” and “if she stayed around to keep letting it happen, then shame on her.” Not once did you say shame on him for assaulting her. A very telling statement and a sad example of one of the MANY reasons that domestic violence do not come forward sooner. “Oh, he hit you before? Shame on you.”

      • Cheri Solomon

        You hit it right on the head!!!!

      • whatevs

        That’s because people don’t expect men to change. It’s the same reason why people make excuses for their boyfriends cheating or porn addictions.

        Oh, well every man does it so I can’t expect him to be different. However, you would think that a woman would know better than to be with a man who beats her. I guess women are held to a higher standard, it is what it is.

  • keith

    Well said, Simon. Well said.

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