Britney Spears lip-synching controversy: (not) shock of the decade?

By now, the “revelation” of Britney’s lip-synching on her current Circus tour is about as newsy as Jon Gosselin picking himself up a new lil’ […] Read the full post.

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  • hollywoodruss

    Hail Madonna! 50 years old and she can out sing and dance women half her age. She can’t act and that eats her up inside, so she still has that fire in her belly. The only thing burning in Britney’s belly is the scotch she washed her meds down with!

    • fancypants

      i’ve often thought madonna wishes she were Cher. Cher can actually sing well and can act (and has an Oscar).

  • kaf

    I saw Brit at her peak in 2004 for the Onyx HOtel tour and she was RIDICULOUS. Her dancing was incredible. Then I saw this show in NJ back in March and I completely agree with the journalist. Her lip synching in 2004 when she was working her ass off was totally fine, but on this tour, she looked bored, half asleep, and not even singing. I will never go to another Britney show and will count on my memories from the 2004 show.

  • britwho

    Britney Sing? Come on. Count your blessing that she is lip synching. Britney Dance. Again, come on. She has no moves because Janet Jackson has done nothing new. The old Britney dance stuff was all of Janet Jackson stuff when Janet was a kid. Know that Janet is not dancing, where does that leave Britney the copy cat? SLOPPY.

    • fancypants

      i agree. BS has stolen so much from janet it’s ridiculous.

      • missx

        Britney doesn’t steal anything – the 80 people who put together her show, songs and dance routines do.



    • MrNiceGuy

      Because it is not about talent, it is about moving product that the big wigs want moved.

    • Mr Nice Girl

      Dammit that’s really mean!!!! She’s still Hot and she’s making mega bucks! Why all the hate for an artist who has been through hell?

  • NUM4N

    This is weird to me, this isn’t news. If I had to produce 100 circuses in one year, consecutively, I’d probably look less excited than I should be for circus number 92 or 93. I mean, I could act, but come one, the same 3 hour acrobatic spectable for 100 times?!

    She’s very engaged in her music when she performs a piece for a couple of times. Her music sells. Yes, it’s doctored in a studio – but doctored well, in a way that sells millions of records with every turn she makes.

    Anyone can make robotic sounds in a studio. It’s HOW you produce those vocals. HOW you “fake singing” that’s art nowadays. She’s creative with her shows and he synthesized sound despite it all being recorded and robotic. End of story.

    • Sara

      Britney’s show is no way 3 hours long of “acrobatic” spectacle. In fact, she’s not even the one doing the acrobats. I’m a Britney fan, but even I think you should be able to turn it on for an hour a day (really less, with days off in between). That’s her JOB as a pop star.

    • LiLa

      Even as long as Paul McCartney has been performing, he doesn’t phone it in AND he sings live at his shows. He did a 100 show tour several years ago — I attended at the midpoint — and it was like he was performing it for the first time. THAT’S an artist!

      • gasp

        I almost feel bad that you actually mentioned a real musician/performer in this thread. It should be common knowledge that they dont’ make them like they used to, and if by some fluke there is a diamond out there, noone cares – and that person will continue playing in a local pub and being awesome, since you dont’ make the pop charts by being talented anymore – it’s all about how much money you have behind you. (Granted there are a few out there but I wouldn’t even say it was 10%) Music these days is in a very very sad state.

      • Branko

        To be fair, a fair few still do. I’ve seen bands like Spearhead, Gomez, Massive Attack, AIR – many or all of whom use a lot of electronics in their recordings – and all of them put on an incredible live performance that actually WAS live (some of the synth/sound effects were done from backing track, but that was all.) The Massive Attack performance in Perth, for the record, had only 1,000 less concert goers than did the Britney concert. While I’m not a fan of rock, both Tool and Pearl Jam sold out a larger venue than the Burswood Dome inside several minutes, and I wouldn’t doubt every second was genuinely live – friends loved them. There are still good artists out there and they are still filling venues.

    • Hazel

      I’m sorry, but did you REALLY just try to make the argument that being good at faking singing is now an art? Excuse me while I barf.

  • EA

    One point of contention might be comparisons of this show vs Pink’s similar-themed “Funhouse” tour. Pink has received a bit of press specifically because she does NOT lip sync, and has perhaps raised the bar on what audiences for this style of “spectacle-show” expect from their stars. True: Spears has been granted a free pass for a decade, but expectations have since grown, perhaps?

    • Jenna

      Well Britney has out sold Pink and has the highest grossing tour of 09. Does that answer your question??

      • OMG

        WRONG AGAIN JENNA – that would be Madonna.

      • Me2

        The only reason this retard manages to have the “highest grossing tour of ’09”, as you think she does, is because of rebid loser fans like you who can’t seem to come to the realization that she’s a terrible singer/dancer/whatever and doesn’t have an iota (that means a tiny or scarcely detectable amount) of talent.

      • dan

        Jenna…even though she has sold more records and has grossed more money on her tours, honestly, Britney doesn’t have anywhere close to the talent that Pink has. And I seriously like Brit’s music…but if you want to honestly talk about songwriting, singing and performing LIVE, Brit’s not even in the same class as Pink.

      • Branko

        Um, Pink sold out exactly the same Perth venue for 2 nights, just like Britney, implying about the same number of people saw her. In the eastern states Pink actually had more dates than Britney does, at many of the same venues.

  • Patrick J

    What a surprise, but then she’ll always have her flock who defend everything she does.

  • WiseOne

    The woman has no talent. Blame Michael Jackson, who lost all of his by the time he was 20, and Madonna, who made it without any but worked her rear off to learn along the way and ended up earning her fame.

    Britney will never bother. SHowbiz has NOTHING to do with music, and it never did. It only pretended to.

    • fancypants

      did u not see This Is It?! MJ had talent to spare HIS WHOLE LIFE. i mean, did you actually think before you commented?! MJ lost all of his talent by the time he was 20?! do you realize that “Thriller”, one of the greatest albums of all time, and the highest selling album of all time was released when MJ was 24? please show some respect to the King of Pop.

  • jasoninTexas

    The real story here is that she can charge over a hundred U.S. for a ticket. lol…whoever pays that to watch some dancers is an idiot.

  • Kerry

    I’m glad to see more people are coming on board with demanding more from our entertainers than just that they look good and pump out electronically enhanced music. Brit is nothing but a glorified stripper. Looking at a pretty girl moving her body around in pseudo-sexual undulations and lip syncing to music is EXACTLY what goes on at strip clubs. I like what others have said in that other, much more talented entertainers can manage to sing AND dance. I feel that if someone is being paid a tremendous amount of money to put on a concert, then they should be up for the task, which includes singing and dancing at the same time. For all those others who are die hard Brit fans, they would pay $100 to watch her chew gum and that’s a shame because if we demand more from our entertainers for the major money that they make, maybe they would become better for it.

    • stacy

      I totally agree with you! Man I heard a bit of her song 3 the other day and First of all you can barely hear her over all the effects! Secondly i can’t believe that people continue to buy her albums and put her on the charts! Music should be from the heart and soul. If you like to dance to it that’s cool and if not that’s cool too but come one these people that we idolize should have at least SOME talent!

  • Jimbo

    As someone who knows something about creating studio ‘magic’, I think we’re reaping what we’ve sown. It’s so easy to make ANYONE sound good in the studio that it’s more possible than ever for people to make simply because they look good. Talent of ANY kind is no longer required, merely the right look. OF COURSE, Brittany lip-synchs. She can’t sing. Until you, the listening public, demand more of your artists, this is what you’re going to get.

  • Lee Lewis

    Skip the cost of a ticket, and buy song at your local store, if they sing go back to the shows, if not forget it.

  • Martel

    Who would have thought that Britney lip-syncing would be news?

    She’s always lip-synced her ‘concerts’.

  • Mikee

    She can’t sing. She can’t dance.

    Why is this skank famous?

    Oh that’s right.. for being a skank.

    • me

      Well, a skank she’s not. She could probably work on her singing and dancing though.

      • Clarissa

        Why are you defending her? She sells sex for a living and you say she is not a skank?

  • Ryan

    everyone that posted something on here – get a life

    • LiLa

      Would that include you?

      • Maureen

        Haha! Good one Lila! :)

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