Britney Spears lip-synching controversy: (not) shock of the decade?

By now, the “revelation” of Britney’s lip-synching on her current Circus tour is about as newsy as Jon Gosselin picking himself up a new lil’ […] Read the full post.

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  • MrNiceGuy

    What difference does it make? It’s not about the music, it’s about a lifestyle. The fans will line up like lemmings and fork over their cash no matter what she does/sings/doesn’t do/doesn’t sing.

  • w w

    Why isn’t the FRESH talent of TV song shows being promoted? Brit’s done. If anyone has to fake their way through a “comeback”, then what’s the point? And yeah, if you paid $100+, you screwed yourself.

    • Scott

      Brit’s done?

      Please. She has the highest selling tour of 09. I dont think thats a sign of the end of a career. haha

      • Sean

        Actually, you should read Billboard – that would be Madonna and U2. Britney is nowhere near either of them.

  • britme

    why doesn’t janet jackson get this treatment. i saw here on the today show lipsynching on her last album?

    • Justin

      Exactly. Beyonce lips syncs to a pre-recorded track too. Why not bitch about them?

      • stacy

        It’s not that different so I can see your point. But at least Beyonce does actually have a good voice and boy can that girl DANCE! People want to be entertained so yeah they’ll pay a bunch of money to do so, but you should at least have the talent to back up your prices.

    • Stan

      Huge difference between lip-syncing on a TV show as opposed to every song in every concert of an entire tour.

  • Justin

    Britney has been in the business for 10 years and has always lip-synced while touring. Why is this now breaking news? Haha…her fans don’t care, so why should you. If you don’t like her, don’t go to her show.

    Love ya Britney!

    • toodles

      you should be ashamed of yourself. you really should. i mean, why not just burn your money instead lol

  • jbdsm

    Britney lip-syncing is fine for a performance like hers, which is more about the show and the spectacle than about the actual music. But if you’re going to lip-sync, you should do it well enough so that nobody notices you’re doing it. That’s the real problem here. If she can’t lip-sync well, and can’t handle singing live, then she should just stick to making records.

    • Jake

      Actually, the real problem is that people now regularly accept and make excuses for no-talent ‘performers’ who lip-sync their over-processed studio tracks.

  • Scott

    People don’t go to a Britney show for live vocals. Her fans know what they are getting and they love it. She has pretty much sold out every 80 plus stops during the tour. If anyone went to that Australia show and was too stupid to know she lip-syncs, then they are an idiot and deserve to be disappointed. Haha

  • Richard

    This is a newsflash? Britany has never sung her own songs as long as she has been performing. This is a typical Mili-Vanili (not sure of spelling), hoax. ANYTIME she has ever sung in public you can tell it’s not her singing. Never has, never will be. She is a body and looks and the voice is someone elses. I just cannot believe the amount of people who fell for this all these years. I have been involved in music for over thirty years and it does not take anyone with an average IQ to see she never sings. The BS that she can’t sing and dance at the same time is just that BS. There are hundreds of real talented performers that have no problem singing and dancing. Not a big fan of Michael Jackson but he was a good example. Give it up Britany. You had a good ride now put it to rest and use that body for what it was meant for (professional stripper). Because you have no other talents!

    • Devon

      First off, it’s Britney…not Britany. haha

      Second, that is her voice. Your invalid points make no sense and you just wasted 30 seconds of my life reading that rubbish comment.

      • Richard

        Devon, first I have no use for 30 seconds of your useless life. Second, if you had any musical talent at all (which I am sure you do not), you would know that it is not her voice. Third, let me guess, you also think RAP is music!

      • george

        Yeah, it’s her voice after countless hours of Auto-Tuning, processing, pitch-correcting, etc.

  • Jenna

    Ok, let’s use our brains here people.

    First, if you don’t like Britney then don’t go to her show. Obviously hundreds of thousands of people love her since her tour has sold more than any other this year.

    Second, she sings her slow songs live and also sang You Oughta Know live during the tour.

    • Richard

      Jenna, first I agree with you about not going to her show. If I wanted to watch a stripper I could go to a strip club and pay less. Secondly since most of the people who love her are under the age of 13 and have no musical talent this is not a viable excuse. And I’m sorry but are you saying she can only sing songs that are slow? What talent!

      • Devon

        Are you serious or joking? You really think that’s not her voice of her albums? She lip-syncs yes, but it’s her voice in the audio. Also, you are right, I don’t have any musical talents. What does that have to do with this? I see, you don’t have any musical talents either which is why Britney is selling millions of albums and you are stuck at your computer

      • Pat

        “most of the people who love her are under the age of 13″ What are you still living in 1999? The average age at her concert these days is closer to 23 than 13.

      • Jordan

        Actually, I don’t think her core audience is “under 13″ but likely under 30. She’s popular in the clubs and has been around for 10 years, thus making her initial audience in their 20’s.
        I never understand why people who dislike something so vehemently spend time posting on boards about the subject (artist in this case). Aren’t you just encouraging people to talk about her?

    • Sally in Chicago

      Her tour has NOT sold more than any other. U2 and Springsteen are way ahead of hers. She’s like 5th in concert sells.

      • George


    • Potch

      This is actually in reply to Devon… it may be her voice on the album, but it is completely changed digitally from what is actually coming out of her mouth. Studios have the ability to make voices seem richer, changed the pitch when it’s off key, and numerous other things than what is actually coming out of her mouth. If you think what you’re hearing on the album is truly her, then you are severely dellusional.

  • NT

    I attended a few years back (’04 Onyx Hotel) as well as this year (Circus). I go for the performance not necessarily for her to sing live. however she does sing the slow ballads live. BUT this year’s performance was lackluster, robotic. In 04 (this is right as Kevin F came into her life) she performed great. Dancing very energetically. Not so much anymore…not sure if its because of previous injuries or just going through the motions as she knows its her paycheck.

    • Gregg

      FYI, she does not sing the slow ballads live. They use pre-recorded tracks that are meant to sound ‘live’ because they are not over-processed – but she is not actually singing those, they are lip-synced as well.

  • CB

    Spears has the thinnest voice in music. Second place would go to Rihanna.

    In 40 years, we’ve gone from Aretha Franklin and Barbra Streisand to this.

    Personally, I blame Madonna. She single-handedly lowered the bar for what constitutes talent as a singer in the music world.

    • MrNiceGuy

      Great point, CB. However I blame the consumer even more. We/they are the ones who buy the slop.

    • Heather In New York

      CB, you’re spot-on. I remember the Eighties, seeing this chubby fake blonde with her roots showing snapping gum like a Jersey girl and writhing around in a shreeded black workout outfit, and said, “‘Madonna’. This will never last.” But the mainstream media promoted Madonna like she was the second coming (pun intended) and ridiculed any public figure who said otherwise. Female entertainers were then obliged to become strippers in order to get a record deal, and it’s been downhill ever since. Madonna is 75% of what killed pop music and MTV is the other 25.

      • Danielle

        Oh please…GET real. “Madonna is 75% of what killed pop music????” LOL!! For a long time she WAS pop music. I can get on board with the Britney bashing..but..”M” bashing??? Not so much. The woman is unequal in pop music. ’nuff said. She really doesn’t even deserve to be in this conversation as her shows are 85-90% live. She lips a few songs/lines here and there, but, otherwise she sings live.

      • myself

        i understand what you’re saying danielle, but you have to realize than Madonna has no real singing talent. yes, she’s very succesful, but it doesn’t change the fact that she can’t sing. she would not be where she is today if she didn’t continually sell sex.

  • DM

    I have been to a number of live concerts with performers perform more vigorously than Ms. Spears, despite the fact that she is “dancing”. Musicians like U2 & Springsteen, who sing their hearts out every night. And They are running around, playing instrucments, working the stage, and do it all while singing…LIVE. Yes, i imagine it is hard, but isn’t that why they have spent years honing those skills and why they get paid so much?!

  • Anon

    To the author: For the record, it’s not misdated. In Australia, they put the day before the month. That show was dated November 6th.

    • gasp

      Your comment is asinine. Show choirs, musical productions, even marching bands are all a combination of vigorous movements and air control(singing, yelling, playing a horn for example) which takes heaps of practice to be able to have the stamina to maintain long performances. It’s done all the time by hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve partisipated in all of these activities and they are not that hard once you practice. If anything, playing an instrument while singing and moving around on a stage is a hell of a lot harder than just shimmying around on stage(which constitutes as dancing these days) and singing pop music. Also think about the actual difficulty of the music she is singing. The range is only an octive and a half at most and it’s only around her range. None of her songs would be considered even remotely difficult to sing, which is why she’s centered so well in Pop music, because basically anyone can sing it. At least read a Wiki page and pretend you know what you are talking about before you post things.

      • gasp

        Mine was a reply to Bluejeans below. >.<

  • Bluejeans

    Wish some of you would try dancing And singing at the same time before you pass judgment. This has been the norm for performers for a long time now!

    • Potch

      Um hello…. people with REAL talent can do both. Ever heard of Broadway?

      • ChunkyRed

        Oh, that is true.

    • Potch

      Oh, and I DO sing and dance at the same time. I do musical theater.

    • Heather In New York

      Been there, done that, toots. I was on Capitol. You CAN do it. It’s called a) exercise, b) practice, and c) giving a d–n about your audience.

  • Potch

    This is precisely why I will never ever ever spend a dime on anything that has to do with her. If I go to a concert, I want to see someone with talent, not someone that can kind of dance but can’t sing.

  • ?

    I am Broadway singer/dancer and she is not doing anything here in terms of “dance” that cannot be done while singing. I know from personal experience. And oh yeah, I have trained to do it.

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