Lady Gaga's new 'Bad Romance' video: Her best yet?!

I need to admit something: I have watched Lady Gaga’s video for “Bad Romance” five times in a row now and I have no intention […] Read the full post.

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  • Brooke

    I liked the song before, but with the video, I think I might absolutely LOVE it.

  • Tina32


    pop stars take note this is amazing

  • Vicky

    I love it all. I’ve had the song on repeat for a few weeks and the video is just completely awesome! I’ve watched it like 4 times now.

  • Phil

    Tim, I have to agree. I didn’t think she could possibly top the mini-movie madness of “Paparazzi”, esp. since she nabbed Alexander Skarsgard for that, but this video is truly FIERCE. Even down to the last 5 seconds….when this video is released to iTunes, sales will help the song rocket to #1 & convert many a disbeliever.

    • beb


  • paige

    cool video but I get a feeling that I’ve seen this before… back in the day when Mark Romanek was making great artistic videos like NIN’s Closer / Perfect Drug & Madonna’s Bedtime Story… Either way, albeit pretentous, its still a good video at a time when nobody makes videos anymore…

  • Mike

    The music video as an art-form has finally returned. Thank you Lady Gaga…. You dare your audience to be not just watch you dancing and singing and happy to be performing, but to be disturbed by and haunted by your beauty and complexity and the range of emotions which are explained in the visuals and the vocals is incredible. Pop elevated to an artform!

  • Captain Average

    Please! Lady Gaga couldn’t buy a hit until she started dressing weirdly. If she was doing her material without the odd outfits, she’d be a average performer doing very average material.

    • kim

      Well, a true artist is evaluated by the entire package he/she presents. Though she may not have the strongest voice, nor the best writing abilities, but ALTOGETHER with her odd style, committed passion, and artistic viewpoint it adds up to genius!!! There are tons of great singers out there who can’t surpass being background singers because they don’t have star quality.

      • RyRyNYC

        ARE YOU SERIOUS? You call her voice and writing skills weak compared to what?! The trite that is known as Rihanna-Britney-Pussycat Dolls??? For real?!

    • Matthew

      I completely disagree, and you’re obviously oblivious to true art when you see it. When people first heard “Just Dance”, they had no idea who Lady Gaga was, but they loved it anyway. Suck it.

    • Oh

      She didn’t “buy” any hits.

      SHE wrote “Just Dance” and every other song she’s sings and they’re ALL her hits.
      So you can kiss her curved yellow rump.

  • Andrew

    This is like TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Reminds me of great videos like THRILLER. Gaga is turning into an icon. She just blew away the competition.

  • Haldis Toppen

    Those strange costumes reminded me of something out of Pan’s Labyrinth or Sauron from Lord of the Rings. awesome.

  • Lauren

    Not sure I’m sold on the song yet, but the video is great. So many fantastic looks.

  • Q

    Amazing. She is the savior of pop music, elevating it from teeny bopper schlock to something artistic and worth watching. I keep trying to find a reason to dislike her and I can’t. I love her songs, I love her videos, I love that she treats every public appearance like a fashion event.

  • Kyle

    Whatever. Its a good video, but she tries waaayy to hard to be “artsy”. And if this is the prettiest she’s looked in her videos thats really saying something, cuz she’s incredibly homely. The songs good, i”l say that- even if it just a re-creation of Poker Face. I hate when people act like she’s original and so amazing. She’s a pop star. She’s Britney, Christina, and Madonna in stupid outfits.

    • coco

      THANK YOU. her “art” is nothing more the a mish mash of avant garde looks from the past ten years, and recycled beats and lyrics of all the pop tarts that came before her.
      i can’t believe so many people buy into it.

      • fancypants

        amen! she’s all style and no substance. and you can see her straining to be creative/weird/avant-garde. it’s completely calculated. plus her songs are lyrically simplistic. just dance, poker face, love game? anyone could’ve written/sing those songs!

      • Tarc

        Well, if that’s all it is, then why aren’t others doing it… and making the boatload of cash? The reason: it’s not. It takes a particular genius to do what Gaga has done. If she’s not your thing – fine. But to suggest something isn’t valid because someone, somewhere did something different but similar is pretty naieve. There are people that say there are only ten real stories in the world, and everything is merely a retread; those people only understand half the equation.

      • toodles

        stop degrading the word “genius”. Einstein was a genius, Gaga is not. what is genius about creating an over-the-top macabre music video?

      • jeremy

        Its okay to be jealous of someone really talented. I understand. Go on youtube and watch her SNL performance song medley where sings with an amazing voice, dances, plays the piano and improvises. Than please be quiet.

      • coco

        yes jeremy, becuase we don’t like her and see right through her we MUST be jealous. god. have you been to a concert lately? plenty of artists do all that you mentioned above, with out resorting to weird gimmicks. expand your horizons a bit and you will realize that gaga is nothing new and not a bit original. then please be quiet.

      • Nia

        Coco, shut up please.

        You don’t get her, and you don’t see right through her.
        Plenty of artists don’t do it like she does, show me Miley Cyrus on an instrument singing like Gaga does.

        Just cause she dresses differently doesn’t mean its all some sort of master mind ploy.

      • coco

        nia when did i mention miley cyrus?? i think of her as i think of gaga- people who rely on too much gimmicks and not enough talent. you do know there is music outside of top 40 right?

        and when did i say she has a master mind ploy? i’m sure she doesn’t. i only stated that she is not the genius, avant garde artist that everyone is so eager to paint her as.
        i think some one needs a reading comprehension lesson.

  • Jolene

    I see people turning into her fans left and right. I’m one of those people actually. She’s definitely the most entertaining popstar right now, you sort of cant help but pay attention.

    AMAZING video, btw.

  • Sweet Vid

    In those close ups, she looks a lot like Annie Lennox. In fact, she’s a great candidate for inheriting the avant garde video title from Annie & the Eurythmics. AWESOME VID!

    • redeye

      exactly what i was thinking!!

    • Anne

      thank you, I couldnt for the love of God figure out who it was she reminded me of! Annie! Of course!

  • davidsask

    It’s got high production value which is nice. Is also nice to see her face for once, not as butter as before. Having said that the close up of when doing bug eye pose looks like Carol Kane, other close-ups she often looks like gay porn director Chi Chi Larue! The real question remains can she do a video without any gimmicks/ outfits? I also agree with those who are irritated with the constant variation wordplay mention of her disco stick, so odd how she places that claiming she is BISEXUAL!!!

    • RyRyNYC

      Her first video was fairly good and gimmick free, if though just a rehash of the classic Fiona Apple “Criminal” video from late 90s…

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