Exclusive Q&A with Adam Lambert on OUT Magazine scandal: 'Not every gay man is the same gay man.'

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has been in the news this week for more than just the upcoming release of his debut album, For Your Entertainment: After putting Lambert on the cover of OUT magazine, Aaron Hicklin, OUT’s editor, wrote the singer an open letter, complaining about certain stipulations placed on the interview and cover shoot by Lambert’s management team — allegations to which Lambert fired back via Twitter. (Read EW Idol Expert Michael Slezak’s take on the matter here.)

We caught up with Lambert at rehearsals for the American Music Awards in downtown Los Angeles today, and got his unvarnished take on the dispute. We also chatted about the new album and his AMA performance, and will bring you those answers tomorrow as part of our ongoing coverage of Sunday’s awards show. The first part of our frank and open Q&A begins after the jump.

Entertainment Weekly: Let’s talk about the OUT magazine kerfuffle.
Adam Lambert: Isn’t that fun? [laughs]

We now know the behind-the-scenes dialogue between the magazine and your management team. The thing I’m curious about is, from your perspective, how does it feel to have your image managed by someone other than you?
What people don’t realize is, I am managing my image, more than maybe the editor of OUT magazine likes to give anybody credit for. My team is a team. And I really feel fortunate that 19 Management and Simon Fuller said to me, from the get-go, “We want to do what you want to do. You need to tell us how you want to do things, what interests you have,” and they’ve been incredibly supportive of me. I really mean it. I’m not being puppeted around. I didn’t want to jump onto a gay magazine as my first thing, because I feel like that’s putting myself in a box and limiting myself. It was my desire to stay away from talking about certain political and civil rights issues because I’m not a politician. I’m an entertainer. That is not my area of expertise. I can talk about relationships and personal experiences because as an artist those things involve writing lyrics and that part of my process. But I didn’t feel comfortable talking about the March on Washington. I didn’t feel comfortable, so I asked my publicist to ask the interviewer to stay away from the political questions. I take full responsibility for that. I think that the editor has his agenda and has his opinions, which I respect, but they’re not necessarily my opinions. And I wish there was a little respect for that. Not every gay man is the same gay man.

They’re gonna take away your laminated membership card.
Apparently. It’s just sexuality. We’re all very very different, just like all straight people are different.

Who told you that?
You know? That’s the thing. But the funny thing is, in order for us to progress, we need to stop segregating ourselves. And a letter like that, that viewpoint — the letter that Aaron wrote is holding us back. Because it’s recognizing the big difference as opposed to letting us all ignore preference and just be people. So I think in attempt to champion a cause he’s actually taking a big step backwards.

With things like the phrase “gay-gay”?
That was taken out of context. It was all taken out of context. And also, the other thing that I feel about it? If there are things going on behind the scenes with my management, it has nothing to do with my interview with them. He really crossed a line.

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  • djm

    Go Adam!!!

    • harry

      Hell yes!!!

  • MacJef

    Lambert makes a lot of sense. I’m kind of surprised how articulate he is.

    • XSE Drake

      He’s been articulate from the first moment he appeared on Idol.

    • Super Sachiko

      Well don’t be surprised =) He’s awesome!

  • Katie

    If he was more open & transparent from the START, none of this would be an issue today.

    Instead, questions about his sexuality are distracting from the promo he should be doing FOR HIS ALBUM. With 2 singles already flopping, and a 3rd one not picking up very many radio spins yet – he really needs to refocus and work hard to make sure this era doesn’t flop on him
    (especially with his album coming out really soon!)

    • Curt

      More open? Lambert was never in the closet honey. And as for his singles. He’s just getting started.

      • chad

        honestly, i think sexuality homo or hetero needs to be private. i think some things need to be open and trasnparent, except matters of the bedroom. however, youre wrong curt. when those drag photos of him surfaced there was alot of spin made and initially it was said that those werent him. if thats not being in the closet i dont know what is. just because you and your “buddies” knew about his secrets doesnt mean everyone else did. lots of american idol runners up and winners come off the bat with a homerun, they didnt have to use the getting started excuse because they didnt do poorly.

        i think whats important is what both of you guys missed. i think he took a brave stance. probably more brave than coming out with that rolling stone interview. he basically said the gay political issues werent something he felt he needed to be a part of. i wonder how that alienates the rest of the gay community that he undoubtedly had a following of.

      • jason

        radio sucks anyway. if you don’t pay the station enough you won’t get played. oh well.

    • Kristen

      Adam has always been open, transparent and himself. He’s a nice, articulate guy, who loves to sing and entertain. He doesn’t define himself by his sexuality. All he’s asking is that we don’t either. It was shitty of this editor to use Adam to sell magazines. Btw, singles from new artists take time. Step off.

    • Emma

      Both his singles are awesome. They just haven’t been out that long. I can’t wait for his album. “Whataya want from me?” is already on repeat on my ipod. GO ADAM!!

      • dana

        No, the single should be “Fever” – that’s the one I play nonstop.

    • Beth

      Katie, where did you get the fact that his 2 singleas are already flopping? Are you kidding?
      And he wasnt transparently gay from the start? Besides the kissing pics, did you need some hard core gay porn for him to prove it to you?

      • Sammie

        Beth you’re hilarious and I think I love you!

      • Katie

        Yes, he was “transparently” gay – but he never really officially came out until well AFTER the show. That’s why he has to answer all these questions NOW, when he could have done it earlier.

        And yes, his singles ARE flopping.

        Time for Miracles has already PEAKED at #50
        For Your Entertainment barely got off the ground, at a paltry #84, before “Whataya Want From Me” was pushed out as single #3.

        THREE singles before the album was even RELEASED – TWO of which barely made any ripples. This is coming off the vast “American Idol” machine he came off, with exposure of over 35 million viewers.

        This is the definition of a flop.

      • to Katie

        you are clueless.

      • GoobelyGoop

        LOL why is everyone getting angry at “Katie”
        His singles ARE NOT doing well, and radio is not embracing his new songs. It’s a fact, not something that a hater made up.
        And it’s also a fact that he did NOT publicly come out as being gay until many weeks after the show finished.

        So what’s all the fuss about?

      • gasp

        Just to comment really fast but didnt’ he say he didnt’ want to talk about his sexuality (granted it’s really noone business anyway to begin with) because he thought it would distract from the Idol competition, since it’s supposed to be about the music, not what someone does in the bedroom? I don’t care if he’s gay or not gay or screaming it from a mountain, it’s none of my concern since it doesn’t effect me or have anything to do with me. It’s about the music people…

      • SajiNoKami

        to Katie:
        Based on the show portions I have watched, he was not hiding anything. There was no reason for Adam to declare anything. The first interview was: Hi, my name is Adam. I am 26 and from San Diego, CA. Are you suggesting a laundry list of items are needed? Sexual pref., religion, political choice… are all the idols supposed to do that now, so you can polarize them and ignore the talent? These are people who want to sing. Thats all that matters.

      • Sean

        Sadly it is true about the two singles. First there was the song from 2012 which went nowhere, immediately followed by the title track from his album which is also going nowhere.

      • Listen Up Katie & Sean!!

        If his CD flops (and it certainly won’t) are you going to laugh?? Really how pathetic!! Go find some friends to talk to if you guys are bored!!

      • charli

        he never said on Idol “I am Gay” and you know why. Because he wanted to be judged as a singer. not get votes cause he was the gay guy, or the single father, or the bikini girl or the loveable loser or whatever not ‘i think he’s the best performer’ reason folks have for voting on someone.

      • Jenn

        Katie and Sean the music industry definately does not see Adam’s single FYE as a flop so who the heck are the two of you to be pretending you know squat. Promotion on Adam’s CD including the single does not start till this Sunday. You guys want to see him fail but anything less than #1 is not a failure – are you freak’n nuts? You will be eating your cracker jacks behind a barn dying of embarrasment soon enough. Stop trying to pretend you know anything.

    • Breathe Katie

      Stop thinking in Idol time, be patient and wait.

    • tara

      Poor Katie, if you couldn’t tell he was gay you need a lesson on what boys kissing other boys means LOL…

      I love love love how honest and articule Adam is. He’s truly remarkable.

      • RoxSox

        What does that have to do with the original comment by katie? I agree with this; Adam was N-O-T public about his sexuality during the show. I don’t know when all these pics/videos/whatever came out of him kissing boys, but during the show itself & the press at that time, he definitely DIDN’T come out as gay.

        If you find someone who was hiding in the closet during the show as “remarkable” and HONEST, then I suggest you increase your standards.

      • D

        The pics were on the internet while the show was going on. He WAS out, just not in-your-face about it.

      • DE

        Plus I don’t imagine American Idol wanted him to be out out, he never hid it but I’m sure he was told not to flaunt it

    • LindaT

      The promotion for the first single, “For Your Entertainment”, and the album has just started. Adam hasn’t even done any radio promos for it yet (other than on KISS in LA when the single was released). The big effort (radio and TV appearances) start next week. So, it’s a little early to call the undertaker.
      “Time For Miracles” has never been actively promoted by Adam or RCA, except in connection with the movie 2012. It wasn’t even supposed to be on Adam’s album; its inclusion was a late decision by RCA.
      Again, it’s a little too early to declare his recordings failures.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Exactly. This is all about getting as much press and exposure as one can….and he’s working it.

      • Jason

        “Time For Miracles” hasn’t been actively promoted by Adam or RCA? Seriously? I think a music video (which flopped) is a promotion. Yes, it was in connection with 2012, but a promotion nonetheless. Also, wasn’t his video on the front of the Michael Jackson movie? There was a big push for that on the internet. The song flopped. Period. As for “For Your Entertainment” – yes, it may still take off after the AMA Awards – we’ll see…

      • SajiNoKami

        So TFM was on the MJ thing. Not much of a promotion when the video stations will not play it, let alone let you vote for it. I tried soon as I saw it on youtube, nothing, the sites just error out. And when it comes to any of the singles, I have yet to hear any of them have air play. Hell the only reason i have hear any of the songs is because they were being streamed on the fansites and myspace. Even Kris is not getting air play at all and I have seen his video twice [only one time on rotation]. I want to know where this stuff is playing exactly to be flopping. I have been pondering something though. Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi is popular now finally, yes? That song came out in fricken June. I am like, really? this is how long it takes?

      • djm

        It’s taken Lady Gaga’s CD over a year to break and look at it now – it’s huge. He just shot the video for FYE and it hasn’t even been released yet – so I’d wait a few months before I called anything a total flop – and that goes for Kris and Allison as well.

    • Shar

      Katie you don’t know what you’re talking about. His first two singles haven’t flopped. The first one was just for 2012 a theme song. His 2nd is FYE is making history on Amazon.net, Myspace, AOL, and other sites. You really need to do your homework honey. Adam is going to be a superstar and he’s almost there already. You on the other hand sound like a fan of another idol we won’t mention who is just jealous and wishes he was doing that well.

      • Katie

        First of all, “honey”, I DID do my research. And despite all that “history” he’s setting on all those websites…Billboard stats SHOW that his singles are flopping.

        Secondly, I don’t even like Kris Allen…he’s pretty damn annoying if you ask me.

        So, darling, I think maybe YOU should be the one who’s doing their homework.
        (and lol that he’s going to be a superstar….)

        But you keep shaking those two marbles up there until you come up with some solid facts (like I have, with Billboard stats & radio spins which are available online, not to mention his declining online buzz, which can be seen on Yahoo Buzz & Google Trends). But I wouldn’t expect a ditz like you to be actually doing real research…

      • Nicko

        Ohh, snap and a half. Touche.

      • Pete

        Katie, well you can keep shaking those two marbles in your head because you can’t conclude that Adam won’t be a superstar. His album hasn’t even been released yet. So at this time there isn’t enough data for you to be able to accurately prove anything. Yahoo Buzz and Google Trends may show a decline but it will increase with his AMA appearance and Album release next week, it’s constantly changing. You don’t know more than anyone else does about Adam’s career. And based on your stupid comment regarding Adam coming out earlier it sounds like you know even less. He signed a contract to appear on American Idol as a singer, not to come out as the LGBT spokesperson. So please STFU already!

      • dusen

        Can everybody please STFU already? Not a hater, but I’m sick of people crowning Glambert the biggest superstar in the last decade BEFORE his album is even out. Let’s check back in 6 months. Maybe he will live up to the hype, maybe he will be in bargain bin with Blake Lewis and Bo Bice…too soon to tell either way.

      • JLM

        Katie: Billboard won’t pick up FYE until the album is released and it starts spinning in the radio stations. You don’t know what you are talking about so stop talking.

    • vv

      what do you mean flopping? Explain your criteria.

      • vv

        I just check google trends and they are up, not down. As for the position of FYE, it peaked at #25, not #50. It does not get much spins that is true, but after the video is released it might play more on MTV

      • Danielle

        LOL at those people arguing that FYE isn’t “flopping”. Hello!?!? Katie is absolutely correct. The song is a HUGE flop. Very few (if any) radio stations are even playing the song and it hasn’t made the top 40 on mediabase yet. Now..this could just be the result of less interest in Idol (after all neither Kris nor Alison’s songs are burning up the charts either), but, any way you look at it the lead off single is WAY underperforming. Argue all you want, but, those, my friends, are the facts!!

      • Kasha

        Well, let’s just wait and see AFTER Adam performs FYE on the AMAs Sunday night. That will bring the single some attention. Promo for Adam’s single (FYE) has been held back so that Kris Allen’s single and album (just out since Tues.) could get some promo first. FYE has not even had much radio play yet.

      • Jason

        Acutally, Time For Miracles did only peak at #50 – here in the U.S. anyway. Also, FYE debuted at #84. It may go up after the AMA awards performance, but even still, it’s not exactly setting the world on fire like Lambert fanatics have said he was going to do. I love how when anyone at all says anything negative about Lambert – even if they back it up – people attack them. Get a grip people.

      • lilx

        TO Jason: How about all the people who constantly attack every Adam article, do you love them? I’m amazed at the commitment of some of the haters, I think they sit all day and night refreshing EW to be the first with their negative comments. I’ve never seen such devotion, to search out every Adam Lambert article by people who supposedly don’t even like the guy.

    • dctoronto

      Go Katie!

    • Brandy

      He didn’t need to be open or tell anyone anything. Such a double standard just because he’s gay. I bet you’re some twilight fan who thinks those other two should be able to keep their relationship status private.

    • Gene

      Katie, you are an idiot. Firstly, Idol contestants are practically owned by American Idol during the show and you can’t expect them to do whatever they want. Even Adam’s mother signed a contract with American Idol and was not allowed to discuss her son’s personal life anyway without their permission. Secondly, he was never directly asked about his sexuality during the show. Did Anoop, and Matt announce that they like girls and girls only? No. It is just an inappropriate question for people to demand to know your sexuality. Especially if you are a singer in a singing competition. There are openly gay guys who are successful in the entertainment industry in the US. But you can’t see any other mainstream young pop star who has ever come out as a gay man at a very early point in his career. Is’s not surprising that they don’t want to come out when they have to deal with all this BS from judgemental people like you.

      • windyday

        AMEN!!! AMEN!!!
        one point for Gene!!

    • illusion

      I know right? Like those photos of kissing his ex were so confusing during the season omg. And right away talking to Rolling Stone was so sneaky. And OH YEAH that TFM SOUNDTRACK for a movie that just opened 5 days ago what a FLOP. LOL And FYE on the charts for 2 weeks and only went to number 10 once. CAREER OVER. Yeah the 2nd single released uh…monday? FLOP FLOP

      Cool how you watch his every move and know so much about the business.

      • Khristina

        LMAO Nice!
        And being asked to perform at the AMA’s…man- that just proves how in the dumps his career is. I mean, seriously, to perform alongside such awful no talent hacks like Green Day, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige…that really makes it crysal clear what a “flop” his music is. ;-)

    • Alex

      It is utterly hilarious to me that people talk about not being out from the start. The first time I laid eyes on him (Hollywood week???) I KNEW he was gay. Some of you need to bone up on your gaydar.

    • SajiNoKami

      How can they be flopping when I have yet to hear them played on the radio?

      • JLM

        Totally!! They won’t start promoting till Sunday and getting radio station promotes till Monday and Tuesday so this is just BS.

    • Julie

      LOL, are there really still questions about his sexuality???

    • Curtis

      Oh yeah, appearing on AMA along with the likes of Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson is the DEFINITION of flop.

      Katie’s is one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve read here. As if songs normally top the charts within days of being released and stay there — must be an internet-addicted teenager who thinks all things happen as instantly as hitting the “home” button on the browser.

      Seriously ridiculous. In fact much of the anti-Lambert crowd are not so much against him or his music but against “the hype”; it’s a kind of frustrated resentment, gotta knock down Adam because they sure as hell aren’t ever going to make it UP to that level no matter how hard they try.

      • JB

        Nah, I’d say your’s was one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve read here. To suggest that anyone is turned off by “the hype” because of jealous resentment makes as much sense as when posters claim that “if you don’t like show X, it’s because you’re not smart enough.” Or if, say, I were to write that your idolization of Lambert is just you living vicariously through him since you “sure as hell aren’t going to make it UP to that level no matter how hard you try.”

      • Jenn

        Actually JB I have heard many posters say they don’t like Adam mostly because of the hype surrounding him. Not a bright decision process, but it seems to be the deal for some people.

    • Jennifer

      I was wondering,What business is it of yours or anyones? He is an
      Entertainer here to entertain.
      Who or What gives you the right to demand his personal life be public knowledge. He owes you nothing. He chooses to share his talent with the rest of the world, learn to be thankful for that and quit spreading crap. ENTERTAINERS CHOOSE TO MAKE OUR LIVES MORE ENJOYABLE. That’s all. They owe no one for that. Can you imagine life without music and movies, books or sitcoms? Even those crazy horror movies? I couldn’t imagine not having something in this crazy world to enjoy such as a good song, or a funny show to sidetrack our minds from the daily things we must face in life. So, my advice to you: sit back and appreciate the great entertainers of life and be thankful for the part that they play in life that brings joy to many peoples life. Stop thinking they owe you anything about their private lives. The have already given by choice. Thank You to all Entertainers who by song or by laughter or even by having a good cry over a sappy or sad flick. To those who have scared the problem off of my mind for a few minutes with your horror flicks, giving me the break I need to then deal. I Thank You All for the few minutes of sanity you’ve given me daily in this insane world. You Are All Appreciated by most. Katie, Get a Reality Check and be glad they choose to share their talent with us, yet anything else even. So to closed minded people like you: They or The Rest of the World Owe You Nothing.

      • windyday

        AMEN !! AMEN!!!
        100 points for Jennifer!!

      • DD

        Jennifer yes yes yes!!! Spot on!!!

        What Adam does in his own bed is NOBODY’S business so KATIE should just STFU about this.

      • Elle

        I agree with her. Why such petty bickering? Are these people really that unhappy?

    • Adam Addict

      My, my Katie. You sure do have a lot of time to throw dirt. Maybe you’re Clay Aiken? Could we be a little jealous? Have an axe to grind? I just wonder the motivations behind these very acid remarks that you have made. Give Adam a break, really. You have a lot of growing up to do.

      • DE

        I agree, the guys album is not even out yet and you’re saying it flopped. I like Adam and kind of thought he was gay but so what? I for one will wait until the album is out before I put in my two cents regarding his career.

    • Cindy Sue

      Why should he be open. I do not go around spouting my sexual preferences to people why should he. He is right that he is just a person let him do his job and leave the rest of it alone.

    • charli

      it is an issue because the other side is making it an issue. which is what Adam is talking about. Out Magazine and the like should be a forum for showing that gay people are people first and not just gay. it is a factor not THE factor. Adam never claimed to be straight, etc. He even pulled a major by confirming he’s gay in a mainstream mag not a gay mag where the audience is more sympathetic (and generally going ‘well duh dude’). But Out tries to make it about being GAY as if that is the end all and be all. And as Adam properly put it ‘not every gay man is the same gay man’.

    • MK

      Erm, more open? Could you elaborate on that? Even more open? What?

      If you read his Out interview (…lol) he actually talks about how none of them were allowed to discuss certain things whilst on the show with the press because of favortism, one contestant getting more attention than the other and so on.

      Yet he was always open. The video montage package on finale night showed the other Idols talking about Adam. He was the one they all went to for advice and leaned on. And they all echoed the same things, “sweet”, “hilarious”, “so easy to talk to”, “fun”, “honest, genuine, unfiltered, open”.

      What should he have been ‘more open’ about? Why do you treat gay and straight people so differently? THAT’S the problem. If more people, especially gay people, had Adam’s mindset, equality would be a lot easier.

      And flopping? The promo starts NEXT WEEK lol. After his live AMA debut. His album went to #1 for pre orders even though it still isn’t available outside the US (which is funny because his fanbase is hugely global). Yet his album is still the highest ordered Idol album in history.

      TFM was a side project btw.

    • BrandonK

      Does radio matter anymore? It’s getting to be like a home phone…most of the people I know don’t have much use for either technology.

      • BrandonK

        This was in response to Katie up above…not sure why it posted here!

    • Andrea

      Your jealousy is showing. Mr. Lambert will transform more people’s strange ideas about sexuality simply by being the person he is…ubertalented, charismatic, highly intelligent, and financially shrewd. He has handled everything correctly…be a singer, entertainer, and an honest and forthright person. Stay out of politics, at least for now. Let people see you holding hands with your boyfriend, kissing him in public, etc. This will go farther towards changing opinions and consciousness than the outdated agenda of the editor in question. Lots of people right now are underestimating just how smart Mr. Lambert is…certainly this editor did. I was not surprised to hear Adam say he told the publicist what parameters of the interview he wanted. Notice to others: DOn’t get into a pissing match with the glam god. He will leave you in a trail of glitter dust, shaking your head and wondering what the hell happened. He wont be used for anyone’s agenda.

    • ianaleah

      Katie, ‘Rob’,’blondiegirl’ & etc.NNotice tho,Other singers,not just Kris, other singers have had massive marketing ads and promotions- but not Adam. Just a couple this very week on ‘Idol’ blogs. Tsk! however, just by word of mouth by his fans -he is doing amazingly well. It is what it is.He has never left top 100 pop at all, and it is a fluid place anyway, and as said, only by word of mouth.

    • Sally

      Please, Katie, grow up or at least get a social conscious. More transparent to whom? Do you really think there were many gay people watching American Idol who didn’t know…or that Adam was trying to hide anything by his performances. Are you mad because YOU didn’t know and feel left out? Adam did and does owe no one…and I mean no one…an explanation regarding his sexuality until, if, and/or when HE wishes. And, for Heaven’s sake, did you have an official coming out party to declare your heterosexuality?? I thought not. Also, I agree very much with what he said about us (the gay community) segregating ourselves from the non-gay world. I am a 57-year-old lesbian and did many years in the gay and womens right’s movements in the 70’s and 80’s. Looking back, I see it was right for the time but now I believe it is (and has been for quite a while) the time to work within the system. That is why I live an open life. After all, always living an open life, never having to come out because you were never “in,” sounds like such a more dignified way to live. It’s small-minded, bigoted people who continue to label and judge that makes this near impossible for most to achieve. We have many more serious issues in the world (like crime, drug use, environmental issues, genocide, AIDS, need for medical reform and social reform, etc.), that it seems ridiculous to still be putting us all in the same little boxes determined by who we love, what color we are, what religion we practice, etc. And, after all, Adam is, as he says, an entertainer!! Can’t we all just take wonderful pleasure in Adam’s talent and top talking about his sexuality? Okay. I’m calming down now…breathing deeply…hummmmm LOL Go Adam, in all your glammed-out deliciousness, and take us all to a new nirvana. I only hope I live long enough to follow you to the rainbow’s end!

    • JmichaelC

      Adam Lambert is the most spontaneous talented individual I have ever seen. I am 55+ and am very heterosexual. However, I think his artistic and spontaneous ability is a lift in this drab ass judgemental society of ours. In other words, “Its okay for this, but not okay for that country of ours”. Kudos for Adam. He is a firecracker of an artist and will soar before you schmuks can ever take him down. He rules the entertainment network and has the “shock and awe” that no one even seemed to questioned with Madonna!!! You go Adam.

  • crispy

    So he didn’t want to look “too gay” on Out. But he was totally fine with looking gayer than a Christmas tree skirt on his album cover. I just don’t get it.

    • MacJef

      Where in the world do you get this from that interview snippet? Guy said he just didn’t want to talk politics.

      • crispy

        Oh, puh-leeze. He said way more than that. Did you skim it? He’s now claiming responsibility for how his publicist handled Out, which included telling them to not make him look “too gay.” I liked it better when it was his publicist’s fault.

      • del

        Not “claiming responsibility”… he took responsibility. Good for him. Lots of people would be making excuses or blaming others. He did what he did and he’s willing to stand up for what he things.

        (And can’t wait for his AMA performance on Sunday!!)

    • steve

      He doesn’t want to talk politics. What’s so difficult to understand?

      • crispy

        More people with limited reading skills. You must be a Twilight fan too.

      • Monique

        Oh stop trolling.

      • Marti

        @Monique – I love that expression “troll” or “trolling”. I can’t believe the number of people involved in that. It is so hilarious.

      • crispy

        People who cry “troll” at the lightest criticism are fantards who aren’t smart enough to craft an actual reply.

      • ger

        Or maybe, Crispy, they just know you from Towleroad.

      • crispy

        I doubt someone named “Monique” reads Towleroad! But maybe. Anyways, what’s your point?

      • crispy

        Oh man do i crack myself sometimes! Oh, and I hate Jewish people.

      • Lock

        Oh, crispy, so you are a racist?

      • crispy

        I didn’t post that. Obviously.

    • LindaT

      Adam Hicklin claimed that Adam didn’t want to look “too gay”; that’s his interpretation of what happened. We don’t that Adam or his publicist literally said that. Adam IS confirming that he didn’t want to talk about politics, which is fine by me. He’s a singer, and I’d rather hear about his music than read about his political views at this point.

      • LindaT

        Sorry, typo, meant to type Aaron Hicklin.

    • Kristen

      You’re assuming that the editor of Out is telling the truth about how the conversation went down. Adam is saying here that his only condition was no politics.

    • Emma

      “Gay than a Christmas tree”? Hate to nit pick but that’s offensive.

      • crispy

        No, it’s not. It’s funny. Get over yourself.

      • Marti

        Yes it is offensive. I agree with Emma.

      • crispy

        I guarantee you Adam Lambert would think “gayer than a Christmas tree skirt” is funny. He has a sense of humor.

      • Mike

        Geez…I’m gay and I think it’s hilarious. I’m even “gayer than a Christmas tree skirt” myself. I have a feeling Adam WOULD think it’s funny.

      • Gayer Than Thou

        Offensive to whom, Emma? I’m now thinking of WEARING a Christmas tree skirt. On Christmas! Tra la la la la!

      • crispy

        I wore one to a party last year. People thought it was hilarious!

      • To crispy

        I want that Christmas tree skirt!! Even though he is Jewish and I’m not,I would adorn my Christmas tree with the magnificent,’glittery’ Adam in a ‘New York minute’!! And one ‘extra crispy’ point for you because you capitalized ‘Christmas’. You do have one redeeming quality,after all!!

    • Akemi

      “I didn’t want to jump onto a gay magazine as my first thing, because I feel like that’s putting myself in a box and limiting myself. It was my desire to stay away from talking about certain political and civil rights issues because I’m not a politician. I’m an entertainer.”

      Expecting him to look the same in every photo is…putting him in a box.

    • Julie

      Crispy dude you seem to live to find ways to criticize Adam. You fault him at every turn. Can you just get over yourself and your hate for Adam and let intelligent people talk.

      • crispy

        Oh, go screw yourself. Adam Lambert is not above criticism.

      • Super Sachiko

        Yeah crispy is so annoying…

    • Hey Crispy

      “I feel like that’s putting myself in a box and limiting myself.”

      He already did the “Christmas tree” thang, as you so delicately put it, remember?

      • crispy

        I know. And I love it. It just seems like not doing it for a gay mag is a bit of a double standard, no?

      • This is where we differ

        No, not for a performer. It’s his job.

    • tara

      sorry, but Adam looks gayer than anyone else on that cover. He’s he only dude wearing makeup and a bow-tie for pity sake.

    • illusion

      That’s the point. He is the same person regardless of what words transpired with his GAY PUBLICIST and the GAY MAGAZINE. Hicklin is a FAIL for semi leaking vague non specific conversations among all gay people then accusing rca of homophobia? How stupid can you be? He is the OLD GUARD who alienates people. This kid is the Age of Aquarius and already transformed Michael Sarver. God watch over the boy.

    • Shut up Crispy!!!

      Who said he didn’t want to look gay? Does he need tatoo I AM GAY on his forehead!!! I like the way you come to every single Adam story!!! I am thinking you must be huge fan!!! WTF is up with your brain man??? You are one lunatic!

      • Crispy loves Adam

        He is at every Adam story. He has some love-hate thing going on with him. I think more love then he wishes to admit.

    • windyday

      I love Adam Lambert for his talent and for being himself, so i read articles about him. but what are you doing here Crispy? u r the loser of the loser.

    • Gayer Than Thou

      I love Adam with a love that’s just shy of unholy, but I’m with Crispy on this. How could anyone who puts out an album cover that makes him look like a total girl ever complain about anything making him look “too gay?” Makes my head hurt. The cover should have been the pic he used for FYE — that one is androgynous and AWESOME.

      • crispy

        That is my favorite pic too. It’s the one I have in my iTunes folder for all his songs. BTW, thanks for backing me up!

    • LOL

      Did you know his publicist, the man who said “don’t make it too gay-gay. He’s a musician not a politician” is a GAY man himself?

      It wasn’t about LOOKING gay, it was about talking POLITICS. He chose MUSIC not POLITICS.

      I just read OUT is in danger of closing down L M A O. Everyone behind the scenes knew this for a while and if Perez or whoever picks this up, everyone else will too. I don’t care if he’s in danger of losing his job, to mess with someone’s career, especially someone who is really dam.n nice and so new to all this, just to save his company, is a S.H.I.T.T.Y SH.I.T.TY thing to do. Hicklin I hope you fall into a well buddy.

    • waynob33

      LMAO..Too funny. I’ve been told I’m as gay as a picnic basket, but I never heard the gay as a christmas tree skirt.

    • Julie

      Adam has said that all comments between them were taken completely out of context by Hicklin so why keep repeating them when we don’t know what was really said and how it they meant.

  • mrgrk

    Yay, Adam. Now can we all just go back to listening to the music…?

  • Curt

    Lambert is an intelligent guy. Old school gays take heed. This is a new generation.

    • austingrrl

      Thank you Curt. Well said. And the songs aren’t flopping people. They’ve only been out 2 weeks. Geez, give it time and proper promo, ok?

      • Aybolat

        enough. But bringing that kind of thninikg with you to the first date will make you a magnet for unrealistic expectations. It’s way too easy to attach larger-than-life expectations to what is “supposed to” happen

    • Gayer Than Thou

      Don’t worry, we know. Every time I try to make out with one of you young punks, I get a mouthful of jewelry.

  • Amber

    Very well spoken, and I am not a Glambert or even a particular fan of the music he makes. However, I agree, we are each more than our sexuality, whatever it is, just as we are each more than our eye color. Good for him!

    • Suze

      I agree! Many people don’t “get” Adam.
      He is himself, and he’s not trying to be anything or anyone for ANYBODY! I am SOOOOOO different from many of my hetero friends, so why should gay people be expected to be the same? They do not all believe the same things, like the same things, or act the same way. Isn’t it ridiculous to expect that?
      I’d say the editor needs a lobotomy- oh, wait! He already had one!

      • TJ

        So… your hetero friends are funny? Is that the difference?

    • Jennifer

      go Amber> Thank You for Signs of Intelligent life on this Planet.

  • MusicMind

    The album is amazing. The reviews are great. The AMA performance is going to be out of this world. And Lambert is gonna sell a lot of albums. Enough with Out and politics. I wanna hear this guy sing live!

  • MusicMind

    Um Crispy. You’re seeing things that just aren’t there. Being blinded by hatred is kind of tough. I understand and we all love you. I’m glad he took responsibility for what went down. It makes him look better IMO.

    • crispy

      Blinded by hatred? You are retarded. I genuinely like the dude and am enjoying his album. But he’s starting to seem like a walking contradiction… real gay here, not too gay over here. WTF? It’s not an engine you can rev or brake. Just be yourself. But asking a magazine to avoid making you look “too gay” is NOT being yourself.

      • Midget

        You sound very confused. I never read that Lambert asked a mag to not make him “look to gay” but I sincerely think this is what you want to think happened. If you chose to believe the editor of Out over Lambert that is your right. But many of us think they Hicklin is a moron and chose to believe Adam.

      • Monique

        This guy has to infuse his opinion with insults in almost every single post. He’s obviously just trolling for responses.

      • crispy

        Oh Jeezus Christ! That’s why this whole thing happened. That’s why EW interviewed Adam Lambert today it! Even Adam Lambert doesn’t deny it… he clearly says it was “taken out of context.”

      • Crispy

        I don’t think you’re trolling. Your opinions aren’t void because others don’t agree, but I do think you are presenting your opinion in such a way that no one will ever listen to what you have to say. To Everyone Else, relax. It is just an opinion.

      • crispy

        Sweetie, you forgot to lower-case the “C”

      • Sweetie

        I stand corrected.
        Hey crispy (See, I forgot the “Hey”, too). Better?

      • crispy

        Oops, my bad! I thought you were the same person who stole my identity. I called a “friend” though and had that person assassinated. :)

      • cubannerd

        dude, your making a storm in a glass of water like all this media reporters. I couldn’t care less if he’s gay, hetero or if he’s hiding something. I only care about his music. Since when a performer is measure by his personal life or the way he acts? This is just a nonsense. I really like Adam. I love his album but because of these kind of yellow journalism I prefer listen to non-mainstream music.

      • V

        gay, too gay, not gay enough… please! it should be about the music and his amazing voice. whether he’s looking totally butch today or flamingly queer tomorrow, the truth of the matter is the boy can sing.

  • Sasa

    @Crispy: Why would a musician want his first big magazine cover to be on Out? Anyone with half a brain would have said YES to Rolling Stone. Sometimes it’s not about the Gay. It’s about the music. And Lambert is a musician so Rolling STone makes sense.

    • crispy

      Why wouldn’t he?

      • Sasa

        I don’t get this vague question? Why wouldn’t he come OUT on OUT? Even the idea sounds tacky. Rolling Stone was a great idea career wise and Lambert has a right to think about his career.

      • crispy

        I don’t disagree. I like the Rolling Stone cover and think it was a wise choice. But your immediate dismissal of Out as an option reeks of homophobia.

      • LindaT

        Because the readership of RS is a lot higher than Out. It’s all about publicity. For a first cover and major interview, I’d pick RS, too.

      • Tasha

        Because he’s a musician/singer/entertainer first, gay man second.

        He doesn’t want to be defined by his sexuality, and if his first interview was with OUT he would have been. But at the same time, he isn’t going to try and cover up the fact that he’s gay…he’s out and proud of it.

        Just not so INCREDIBLY proud that it overshadows his actual vocal talent.

      • Now you’re just playing with everyone…

        Because it’s expected.

      • Gayer Than Thou

        crispy, because coming out in Rolling Stone = musician cred, and coming out in OUT = queer cred. Adam had all the queer cred he’ll ever need the first time he slept with another boy.

  • ooi

    Well said Adam!

    And thank you for owning your decisions and standing up and by your team – which any great team leader or captain would do.

    Which is more than I can say for Hickling – he claims Adam for Team Gay but proceeds to jab a very sharp and claw-like knife in his back… talk about sabotaging your own ‘team’. Yah… what Hickling has done would just encourage other young, newly-minted star to come OUT of the closet in Hollywood… heck they would now be jumping out and to OUT magazine with joy and abandonment especially with the ‘support’ given by this mag and its claimed ‘community’.

  • Jamie

    Oh no! Crispy is here! Lambert’s biggest hating fan!

    • sallas

      Quote: “Be nice to the haters, they are your biggest fans.” People like Crispy keep Adam in the news. Thanks Crispy!! Your ignorant opinions are good for something.

  • AB

    Good job Adam. Well said, well dealt with. I think OUT really blew it by attacking an individual in this way. They sounded like babies whose feelings were hurt because they didn’t get their way. Who are they to tell Adam how to market himself or worse, how to BE himself?

  • jim

    So, we arent some borg-like army out to destroy the heteros? There isnt an agenda. As a football loving, deep voiced gay I would like to thank Adam for his comments. There is no such thing as too gay or not gay enough or gay-gay? Knock down those sterotypes, please.

    • Marti

      Amen, thank you for that comment

    • Shar

      Thank you so much for your opinion. I respect you!

    • paola

      Amen. Thank you for that comment. I’m gay. I don’t need to be a crusader. I do enough in my day-to-day life.

    • Lola

      Weren’t the phrases, “too gay” and “gay-gay” brought up by Adam Lamberts management team? In which case shouldn’t we be criticizing Mr. Lambert and not the magazine editor? On the level of Adam Lambert should be called out for being such a diva at the start of a career, I’m on the magazine’s side.

      • crispy

        Careful. Unless you’re 100% behind Adam Lambert, they’ll crucify you around here.

      • Lock

        Have you subscribed the magazine yet? Be the magazine’s reader, as loyal as you want. LOL

      • Lola

        Holy crap. Poor crispy. I can’t believe how horribly you were attacked for raising some completely legitimate (if I do say so myself) points. It makes me wish I could delete my comment. Some of these people are total nutters! I honestly don’t understand- it seems completely illogical to be backing Adam Lambert on this argument.

      • crispy

        Adam Lambert fans have officially become Claymates 2.0. I feel the same way about Adam as I do about Jesus. I really like him a lot, but I can’t stand his followers.

  • dp


    • Beth

      Your name suggests that you do know how to use the caps lock key. And yet…

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