Adam Lambert talks 'For Your Entertainment' at AMA rehearsals: More from our exclusive Q&A!

Rehearsals for this weekend’s American Music Awards are underway in Los Angeles, and the Music Mix is on the scene to bring you as much of the action as we’re allowed to see. Sadly, so far, that hasn’t been much, as yesterday’s rehearsals — Adam Lambert and Jennifer Lopez, who coincidentally leaked a song called “Louboutins” today — were closed to media.

The LA Times’s Margaret Wappler was luckier than we: she managed to sneak a guerilla peek at Lambert’s rehearsal (before being booted), and reported back that “dancers sashayed across the floor in spangly harem pants, leotards with torn tights and in one particular eye-catching costume, leather pants topped off with a few leather suspender-straps and silvery chains on an otherwise bare-chested male dancer.” We can certainly report that the bass beat of “For Your Entertainment” pounding through the closed doors of the Nokia was hella catchy, and that yes, Lambert’s high notes do carry.

We ran the first part of our post-rehearsal Q&A with the Glambert yesterday, in which he spoke openly about his feelings on the OUT magazine kerfuffle. After the jump, the rest of our short but sweet conversation: How his club kid friends have reacted to For Your Entertainment, how his “rock” voice fits in with Chad Kroeger’s “rock” voice, and which part of his AMA performance he’s dedicated to our readers. You know you wanna know.

Entertainment Weekly: So as we’re sitting here, they’re running clips of Nickelback on the jumbotrons. You call the music you sing “rock.” How does it fit in the same genre as Chad Kroeger’s sound?
Adam Lambert: Genres are old news. Genres are a thing of the past. I don’t believe in genres. That doesn’t make any sense. An artist is an artist, you can borrow from lots of different styles of music. I am singing like a rock singer at the end of my pop song. Yeah. So what?

We’ve now heard For Your Entertainment streaming on MySpace, and I’m sure the fans are going nuts. But I’m wondering what your underground club kid friends think about it.
They’re really into the Gaga song [“Fever”], because it’s just crazy and campy. I went to an art show the other night and saw a lot of the colorful club kids I knew when I used to go out, like this kid who’s a drag queen, and the Gaga song — they’re all about it.  “If I Had You” — they’re really feeling that one. A lot of the kids who do the vaudeville circus performing love “Strut,” because it has that oom-pah-pah feel.

“Aftermath” is the one song that doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the album.
Sonically, it is a step out of the box — but what’s funny is, I wrote that one. It was important for me to do a song with a message that was really close to my heart, but then sonically create something that was even more accessible than the rest of the album. I feel like it’s very friendly. And I wanted to do a song that had that real modern rock sound.

If you could dedicate one part of your AMA performance to the readers of, which part would it be?
The pyro. The fireworks. [laughs]

Is that part of your commitment to glam?
Yes. Things that light up and blow up are essential to the gods of glam — the glam gods that have come before me.

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  • Sammie

    Great interview!

    • Janusz

      Mallory,We don’t have vending manehcis in our gym, because they require electricity to operate, and can cost up to a dollar a day just to keep the refrigeration going. So, I would suggest selling the bottles unrefrigerated. I guess I’m still wondering why we need plastic water bottles when it’s cheaper and easier to get a reusable water bottle.

  • Jamie

    Ugh, go away! He’s going to be more famous for his image than his music. O-V-E-R-E-X-P-O-S-E-D!

    • DD

      Jamie, you go away!!!

    • 2t2tag

      um, like, lady gaga,beyonce,madonna,usher,jay z,rhianna,jason mraz,and ALL of the other performers who are out there, making their way in the world? their images are part of the package. why should adam be any different ?

      • caar

        These people suck ass. They are sooo desperate for attention just like Adam Lambert.. Hello… do you not see his fake ass persona? Fu*k you, get a fu*king life!

      • Pete

        Caar, if you have nothing better to do than post ignorant comments with profanity then it’s really obvious the only person desperate for attention who needs to get a life is YOU!! Luckily they are on sale at Target for $1.99. Maybe your mom will give you a few bucks and let you out of the basement so you can buy one of your own. Just make sure you get a life that’s actually productive. M’kay Thanks! Go Adam!! Looking forward to the AMA performance and purchasing the debut album next week!!!

    • L O L

      Lol are you KIDDING mate?

      His video interviews are hilarious. Talent aside, there’s a reason he connects to so many music lovers and musical legends. He is REAL. He is disarmingly sweet, chill, funny, friendly, bubbly, snarky, warm in person. There’s a reason all the other Idols said Adam was the one they went to for advice and the one they all leaned on.

  • James

    He’s so cool..can’t wait to see his performance!

    • caar

      I honestly wish he would disappear!

      • Lisa

        caar…does your mommy and daddy know how rude you are on the computer.

      • lol

        Go to bed Caar.

      • Lori

        Im sorry to tell u adam will be around for along time.

    • caar

      Lord have mercy on your soul. This poser is a jack ass in a wanna be costume. Hell NO to fake ass Adam.

      • Sara

        Lord have mercy on YOUR soul.

      • stopbitching

        the person you called “this jack ass” is loved by ton of people. but what are you?

      • linda

        All artists, buisness people,and others are wanna be. Adam is candid at least on what he wants and how goes about getting it.
        I’ve been to the ‘burning’ scene myself and there is something very liberating bout wearing costumes and being nude and dancing. yes, let’s play! it’s just life!

      • LP

        It’s called dress up. Costumes, lighten up. Madonna didn’t walk around her house with cones on her boobs. It’s all part of an exaggerated stage persona.

  • SCat

    Love him! – Great questions!

  • Jamie

    He is going to be a thousand times more famous once his performance is seen all over the globe… it will be the official launch of the new MUSIC ICON!

    • caar

      We’ll see about that.. I don’t give a crayon about Adam Lamert. He’s a disposable dumb ass.

      • just

        LOL, if you don’t give crayon adam lambert. Then why are you here posting about him? Why don’t you go away :P

      • donna

        Caar….You’re the “dumb ass” What’s the matter??? Jealous of a talented good looking guy who’s on the brink of stardom?
        Get a life……….

      • Lisa

        Big words coming from someone who is coming across like such a little person

      • oh

        SOMEONE has a crush lol.

      • Lori


  • Matter

    Hmmmm – some people are known both for their talent AND their personality, Jamie.

    • KL

      I LIKE HIM. He has talent AND personality.

      He’s not your typical AI. Aside from the obvious, he’s in control of his career & image. Dude’s been gigging for the past 10 yrs fronting all types of bands from metal to psychedelic just trying to break thru so when his mates dared him to audition for Idol, he did. He gained himself a huge global fanbase in a yr & a record deal, after yrs trying to make it. He single-handedly got everyone talking and trolled that family show.

      His band are badas.s. Smashing Pumpkin’s keyboardist Lisa Harrington, Madonna bassist Monte, Yellowcard drummer Longineu. He has musical legends on his side & others who contributed to the album or want to work w him; Slash, Queen’s Roger & May, Paul McCartney’s band, Weezer, Gaga, JHawkins, Pink, Aerosmith, Muse, Tim Burton.

      “There hasn’t been anyone who’s brought that ’70s eccentric over-the-top operatic thing to a stage in a while. A lot of people on the charts are stylists, but not great singers. He’s lucky to be both.”

      Honestly, I’m really impressed w this album. Despite the fact that they put it together in less than 2 months, it’s solid. Turned out exactly how he described his vision months ago;

      “As if a 70s time capsule blasted off into space & you’re watching it thru a holographic filter. Varied yet w a cohesive overall sound & lots of fusion.” The album is a remix sampler for all the different directions he hopes to take in future.

      • LP


      • marcus

        That’s a really funny comment. Adam has never had a band. Are you kidding me? He’s been on stage for the past 10-17 years but in music theater. Why was he never signed or recorded? He’s never been in a band. You are making up crap to soothe yourself and nothing more.

      • emme

        Marcus….you really should not speak on topics you know nothing about. Adam fronted Citizen’s Vein.

  • HannaBec

    His voice and music are awesome. Have loved the streaming but can’t wait to get my hands on the actual album so I can blast it in my car and house! :)

    • caar

      Good luck sweetheart. Oh My F**k, this album by AL is so innovative.. WTF… he’s the biggest disappointment since disco

      • steve

        dude!! so what?? you are TOO cool for disco?? HA~~hahahahaha!!!^^guess some needs to loosen up here! LOL

      • RR3

        caar a heart attack is waiting for your sorry ass…get off these blogs and go back to your pathetic life…

    • Lisa

      I can’t wait to get my hands on it, either. I love every song on it. I think it’s going to be great to exercise to, also. Adam will keep me going :)

    • James

      I got my CD in the mail yesterday – it was a very happy surprise!!

  • LT

    Love the album, love the voice- can’t wait till his post idol debut- and it was announced today in a Billboard article ( he shares the cover with Kris)- HE IS CLOSING THE AMA”S!!!!!!!!!

  • crispy

    Now this is more like it! I would much rather read this than about that silly Out kerfuffle. I like what he says about genres, and you can hear it on the album… there are a lot of genres represented. I can’t wait for the AMA performance!

    • Ade

      I don’t have any hard evidence (like a rerpot) that our gym has raised awareness on energy conservation. I can say that I believe our members are educated every day they use the gym on the ease of energy conservation. It’s not that hard, and actually makes the experience better to be able to turn on and off things like the lights, fans, tv’s and stereo.

  • Shamrock

    Jesus. Has this site turned into the Twilight/Adam Lambert showcase.

  • Jenn

    Got my deluxe version in the mail today. I am in AWE!! Adam truly delivers on this CD and I can’t get over how well he has fused so many different styles into one cohesive journey. I love the CD!! Broken Open is breath taking and Fever is down right HOT!! Very thrilled for Adam and of course myself. The reviews have generally been very good! Go Adam!!

    • sizzlingsmile

      Got my collector’s edition in the mail today and I literally screamed for excitement! What a way to start the weekend with the Ama performance on Sunday!!! I know this sounds cheesy, but this is the best cd I have listened to in quite a while. I really do appreciate the mix of songs as Adam can do so many different styles so well. It is still hard for me to pick a favorite, but I definitley love(!!!) Fever, Strut, Soaked, Sleepwalker, Aftermath and FYE. Time For Miracles is extraordinarily moving and spine-tingling and I am so glad that song made it on the album. Well done Adam! Keep doing your thing and the world will fall in love with you!

  • Chris

    The singles are already tanking on Billboard. I just don’t see this album doing well. When you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to no one. Sorry.

    • Lisa

      Maybe his singles aren’t doing as well as they could because most of the people buying his music are buying the whole album. That’s my guess.

      • marcus

        Dream on sweetie pie… A.L. isn’t the icing on your cupcake. Sorry to disappoint…

  • T63

    Adam is a rising star, for sure. For those who think his singles are “tanking”: Actually, they just haven’t taken off yet. “Time for Miracles” was never intended for radio release (not yet, anyway), and “For Your Entertainment” and “Whattaya Want from Me” have only been available to radio for about two weeks, with very little promotion. The fact of the matter is, Adam’s actual promotion is set to kick off with the AMA’s Sunday night. Let’s talk again a few weeks after that to see how his songs are being received. People who say he’s tanking obviously are not fans and were just waiting for a moment when the numbers were low to state their claims. Fans who have been following Adam know that the best is yet to come!

  • Lola

    Chris says he doesn’t see Adam’s album doing well. That was so amusing. Chris probably said he didn’t think Obama would win either. Wake up Chris and smell the coffee, Adam’s already superstar! Where have you been?

    • sbwm

      Obama’s win was 51% – so perhaps a different analogy . Love love love the Adam single releases and looking forward to the CD and watching the AMAs.

      • JA

        And how many hundreds of millions of people is that?

  • eli

    Adam is the most fascinating person I’ve ever seen…his album is AMAZING, his vocals are unmatched, he will be iconic!

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