Jennifer Lopez on AMAs fall: 'I meant to do that!'

Jennifer Lopez took to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show this morning to speak on the tumble she took while performing her single “Louboutins” at the American Music Awards last night. First came denial: “Did I trip a little bit? I don’t even remember.” Then excuses: “I meant to do that! You should know me better than that. That was part of the choreography!”

Okay, so Lopez was probably only kidding with all that nonsense, as indicated by her laughter throughout. After Seacrest graciously credited her with “the greatest recovery ever” following her spill, the diva offered some more sincere words of wisdom: “The measure of things is not what happens when you fall, it’s how you handle when you fall.” That’s deep.

After that topic was out of the way, Lopez and Seacrest chatted for a few more minutes about topics including Christian Louboutin footwear (of course) and her husband Marc Anthony’s obsessive Miami Dolphins fandom. She also promised that her next album, Love?, will be out in February or March of next year.

Are you looking forward to Love?? (Double question marks intentional. I take punctuating J.Lo’s album titles very seriously.) What do you think of Lopez’s explanation of her AMAs misstep? Do you even care about that anymore, or are you on to other celeb doings?

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  • Kyle

    I know people like to be mean about her, for reasons i haven’t really comprehended, but i still like J.Lo. She makes good romantic comedies, and her first few albums were pretty good for what they were. I hope her new album does well, though she needs to nix the ? in the album title. Silly.

    • paige

      good romantic comedies? as opposed to bad ones????

      • Kyle

        I think the Wedding Planner is good. Maid in Manhattan was decent. Monster In Law was decent. What do u want from me?!

      • maggie

        I like Monster-In-Law… Jane Fonda cracks me up with her maniacal laughter!

      • FABU

        You meant to do that? Suuuuuuurrrrrrrre you did Jenny.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      I love romantic comedies, they aren’t supposed to be soul searching movies, just fun entertainment that makes girls happy. What’s wrong with that?

      • hata


      • GrannyFierce

        Ummmmm……..J-NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • whatevs

      A good romantic comeday is an oxymoron.

      • John

        Ever heard of The Princess Bride?

      • John

        As for romantic “comedays”, you’re awfully crass, but yes, some of us still make sex romantic.

    • BLT

      kyle: “good” and “good for what they were” are not glowing recommendations. She is a tolerable actress and (as evidenced by last night’s performance) a good dancer. But singer? No. Big Fail.

      She is so full of her own hype.

  • Mr. FAMU

    She needs to go take care of those twins.

    Failed fashion line.
    Failed music career.

    No one missed her at all.

  • Lynx

    Fall or no fall it sucked.

    • Sally in Chicago

      She lies.

  • jasmi

    Jello is overweight and in her 40s — time to cut back on her routines. She is lucky she landed where she has LOTS of padding!

    • zo

      You think she’s overweight???

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      I WISH I looked like JLO

      • Krusty

        Seriously. Overweight? Let’s see what you look like at 40 honey–cause I know you’re not–and after carrying twins. I only had one and she puts me to shame (and I’m not half bad). Go eat something jasmi–it’ll keep your mouth AND your hands busy.

      • LoveTV

        Why would you want to look like someone else???

      • nbmora

        Love the comment Krusty!! So true

    • Aprilcot26

      I am not by any means a J.Lo fan, but…overweight? I WISH I could rock a body like hers at 40+.

      • TellyB

        I hate her, but damn…if Jennifer Lopez is overweight, then there’s no hope for me…I must be a whale

    • Anna

      Jennifer is at most a size 6. That is not overweight.

  • jer

    I do also really like jlo, i think she is a great entertainer. it sucks that she fell, but impressive was how quickly she got back up.. i cant wait for her new album..go jlo!

  • tobey

    I love Jennifer Lopez and look forward to her movie and new album. Yeah!!!

  • Snarf

    I like “On the Six” It’s her best album, but each one released since has gotten progressively worse.

    • Brooke

      I wholeheartedly agree with this.

    • TheObserver

      ‘On the six’ is her best album to date. the sampling from Love? so far are kinda meh (fresh out the over, Louboutins)I’m not sure how a public still recovering from an economic blowout is gonna take to a song entitled louboutins. just saying…oh..and J.Lo you did fall, you just recovered super quickly which is why you’re fuzzy on the details…how do we know you fell? the dancer next to you looked mortified for you. The performance was okay though… ‘A’ for effort

      • Monique

        Exactly! I just heard her song the first time this morning, and the first thing that came to my mind was, “Jeez, I wish I could afford a strap of a Louboutin. How grating to hear some rich woman sing about it over and over again”

  • Andrew

    In denial. Past her prime. Last time people cared for her was 2003. RETIRE ALREADY!

    • angela

      You’ve got to be kidding me with the “retire” comments. There are so many old male singers out there and nobody insists that they should ‘retire’. An artist will retire when they want to.

      • Q

        I think Barry Manilow should retire.

      • hata

        Retiring has nothing to do with her AGE, it has to do with her SUCKY talent!!!!

    • John

      God forbid a performer actually wants to work for their living.

  • WhatisaLouboutin?

    Worse than the song itself or the fake fall – she starts in on the mic with her first lip synch attempt too early. Even Shakira could do better… of course when you don’t actually sing – no sound was heard – cause the mic ain’t on – Y’all ready for some lipsynching? Chris Rock circa early J’Lo or Britney or Ricky or ?

  • Anoano

    Nobody cares about JLO anymore, her fall has people talking about her more than they have in ages!! She can’t sing and her singles are awful, her acting is not much better. She needs to just put out perfum, her time to shine in the sun over. Plus her being so full of herself and materialistic turned off people long ago. She needs to spend more time with those trophy kids she had for show.

    • ks


  • Fatima

    In spite of everything, I like JLo still too. The amount of hate people have for her has always puzzled me. She’s pretty likable in my opinion and always comes off charming on talk shows. Boo everyone else!

  • jimmyjo

    Poor JLO, she peaked briefly long ago and she will never attain that height again (she was always overated, it’s just now the lack of talent is catching up to her..she needs to stop “singing”). Must suck to be 40 and to have the best career years behind you already.

  • anonymous

    I was embarassed for her, not because of the fall but because of the whole boxing/the champ is back routine. I could imagine the snickering from her peers too, her proclaiming herself the all-star and champ of music. Puhleeze nobody even noticed she left and nobody even cared that she is “back” lol. I guess in her ego-inflated world that’s how she sees her careeer lol, but in my office today everyone was laughing and like “desperate for attention, can’t sing, time to go away!!”

    • kim

      Completely agree, she was not missed at all, maybe her new album will be a dud and she’ll realize that America is not interested in a J.Lo comeback.

    • Lili

      I completely agree with you. The WHOLE thing was so stupid. She’s pushing 40, had her time, and now it’s time to move on lady…

      • CMD

        So all 40 year olds should go sit in a hovel and die. Is that what you are saying. You people are so ridiculous. Who cares about age, its what your content is that matters and if the songs are good then work it. I will agree that the song sucked but I don’t think it has anything to do with her age. Her songs have never been that great, but I would never tell some one to stop keep trying cause they turned a certain age. Thats whats wrong with media today, we are obsessed with 20 year olds. I mean I’m 26 years old, I feel like I only have 13 more good years based on what you people are saying. Age aint nothin but a number.

  • Dean


  • bruno

    but does anyone care really anyway?

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