Adam Lambert performance on 'Good Morning America' canceled; will appear on CBS 'Early Show' instead

Adam Lambert’s scheduled appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America tomorrow has been canceled following his controversial performance at Sunday night’s American Music Awards, aired by the same network. An ABC spokesperson sent EW the following statement: “Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

Instead, the Idol runner-up and general pop culture lightning rod will be moving over to CBS’s Early Show, his publicist tells EW.

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for CBS has confirmed that Lambert will be discussing his AMAs appearance on the Early Show tomorrow as well as performing, and will also appear on the network again that night on David Letterman.

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  • Carole

    Lick me…

    • Hannah

      I find this offensive because swine flu.

      • Gayer Than Thou

        LOL, Hannah.

      • Sydney

        Im so glad they cancelled it. At lease they have respect for their viewers. I thought Adam’s performance on the AMA show was terrible his voice was awful he packed too much shock value into one performance, it was amatureistic. He really didn’t deserve to even perform, other artists have worked hard and deserved to be on that stage more than him. I dont think he is about the music. That saddens me. Poor guy believes in his own hype! Please stop hyping this guy and shoving him down our throats it’s leaving a bad taste.

      • Jeff Eastwood

        Did you read that Dave’s taking over for Oprah? It’s true!

      • raingods


        don’t be an idiot, if you don’t like him don’t watch. He has more talent than most of those on stage that night.

      • renee

        i’m sorry sydney, did you say respect for the viewer!!! i generally have much love for gma. diane and charlie were there for me during 9-11 in ways the today crew just didn’t get across, but saying they respect the viewer when diane just held up rhianna as the poster child of domestic violence when she admitted to the police she was on at least two occasions prior to the arrest of chris violent with him! nuh uh. some media brought this out but it’s been pretty much buried in favor of castigating chris when both needed help and we needed to have a real discussion on women who front men and are violent to them. now she’s pimping a cd on songs where she’s this survivor, lyrics she didn’t even write. puh leeze gma. respect for viewers. i think not.

    • Gay-mbert

      The only thing Adam could have done to be more offensive is if he would have worn leg warmers with a$$-less chaps, over pronounce all the s’s in his lyrics, and have his drummer splash warm yorgurt on his back at the end of his set….what a flame-out, this is why his people should not be allowed to be on live tv.

      • junk

        so it’s ok for janet to grab a guy’s crotch and bend him over not three hours ealier, but gays shouldn’t be allowed on tv? lol. wow, you’re so intelligent and thoughtful. i’m jealous. lol.

      • Marc

        lol his people!? u are probably the most ignorant disgusting repulsive closetet gay person I have ever had the displeasure of coming into contact with. I hope allll of ur kids are gayer then perez hilton and rosie odonnel combined lololololol its sad little insignificant animals like you that ruin our country lol i say we stick u on an island with the rest of the social retards with an IQ of 4 and let u guys livin ur own little world of self loathing.. PS ILL SEE U WEN U STICK THAT BIG TOW OUT OF THE CLOSET…

      • Grateful

        I feel sorry for you – sorry that you judge people based on superficial notions – its people like you that create hatred in the world – its obvious that you are a “gay” hater – soo why you chose to watch an openly gay performer – most likely so you could have an image in your mind to fondle yourself to before you went to bed – but that is not the point – please keep your ignorant comments to yourself – im sorry your mother did not hug you enough as a child – but we are going to love each other – and people like you aren’t going to stop gays from existing – and for future reference – if you have nothing insightful or intelligent to add to a conversation – just keep your comments to yourself – no one needs to have their intelligent lessened by someone like you –

        and you should DEF. check over your grammar before your start talking about other peoples!

      • VT

        Gay-mbert, I hope you feel better about your sad little life now that you’ve put someone down. When I see something on TV that I don’t like, I simply change the channel and move on. Surely, even someone this stupid can afford a TV with a remote.

      • ML

        Glad your follow up comment was removed! It was a lot more offensive than anything Adam Lambert did on that stage! Get over yourself you narrow minded red neck!

      • Johnny

        Really? Thank GOD the hate crime bill is in effect for jerks like you! Afederal affense. Jack$ss

      • Todd

        @Johnny, Really? Hate crime bill? LMAO!!!! Are you a little but of a drama queen?

      • Gay-mbert

        I guess I am the only one that thinks it is a double standard that gays (like Adam) ask to not be judged by their sexuality, but then go on national TV and act like a complete F@G! He should keep the simulated oral to the bedroom

      • Joshua

        I agree with Gay-bert’s point that some homosexuals will tell people not to judge them one minute then go over the top gay in public

      • 2Gaymbert

        You probably are the only one – most other people are enlightened enough to know that stereotyping people based on their color or sexuality is generally a bad idea because they are constantly proven wrong. The truth is that all people are different – regardless of their sexuality. Thankfully there aren’t many people like you in the world.

      • Out with the times

        You people are so stupid. Offensive for whom? So, you are saying that Madonna and Lady Gaga are offensive as well because their performances are as rasy as Adam’s performance…..

        Double Freakin Standards…now bleep that….

      • Johnny Cakes

        @Gay-mbert, I take offense to being called a f@g, just because I like to be in the middle of a threeway, doesn’t make me a bad person. I like to build bridges and since I know nothing about construction, I build bridges between 2 aroused men…if you don’t like it, then tough, because these lips are butter soft!

      • marc

        It is VERY sad that people like you exist in this world to spread hate and ignorance. Adam never asked not to be judged on his sexuality he merely said it should not matter …which it shouldn’t! luckily your kind is a dying breed because honestly I’d be afraid to bring kids into this world with people like you in it Gay-mbert….

      • Tracy S.

        “his” people???? Are you kidding me. People need to wake up. I will not get drawn into an argument here because I loved the performance, but what offends me Gaymbert. You are the one with the issues. ABC is being hypocritical and it will come back to bite them in the butt big time

      • Tracy S.

        Gaymbert, the only scary thing here is that people like you breed people like you!!

      • James S.

        Hey there, Gaymbert, I reported each of your comments. Don’t forget, your 1st amendment rights only cover you so much.

      • Skip182

        What’s funny is that the initial comment didn’t even mention him being gay. The ones attacking that comment did. Interesting that the criticism of lambert is “it was vulger to immitate oral sex” and the response is “gay hater.” Youre all delusional.

    • diana

      I understand this the entertaiment biz it’s not for all viewers. But it is not like we haven’t see this all before with different entertainers.

      • Tsai

        I saw in porn.I like this pornography with clothes stage version.S&M,Oral sex,kiss,rape,3 some,finger,etc..and I also heard scream..and I think we call them pornostar.I thought Falcon or Titan or whatever porn company commercial promotion in moment…and then I realize it was music show..honestly I real like it if it was porn fest.

      • Mark

        Exactly…not for all viewers. That is why there is an off button on the TV. Adam made a creative and artistic decision. We can make the same decision. As for the 1500 complaints and the PTC, they aren’t protecting children. My kids were two hours asleep by then. I am so sick of the ultra religious hypocrites that complain. Hell, you cant even blog on their websites. They invite no free thought or opinion. Maybe Adam made a bad move. If you thought it was offensive, you didn’t have to watch.

      • Reality TV

        I KNEW IT that ABC would cancel our dear Gaybert’s on GMA! A hot mass there.

        CBS is brave, but who watches CBS these days!

    • Annyong!

      I can respect his decision to be an “out” entertainer, but this early in the game with his career I think he should dial it back a few notches.
      Save these shocking moments for your follow-up records, dude.

      • cameobrooch

        Mr. Lambert should enjoy all the attention while it lasts. Five years from now (and I’m being generous), he’ll be just another forgotten AI contestant.

  • Teresa

    I am sure that Adam will be respectful of his audience and thoughtful of the time of day. Not all performances are appropriate at all venues and I am confident he knows this.

    • MFW

      So, shoving a mans head into your crotch and simulating oral s*x is appropriate for 10:55pm on a Sunday Night on national tv during a primetime show? Really….?

    • no

      His AMA performance was not appropriate for its time slot, so I think you’re wrong.

      • Isaac Rice

        His performance was the very last of the night, it could not have been much later. And why exactly was it any more offensive than something Britney, Gaga or Madonna have done in the past?

      • j

        your kidding me it was at 10.55p almost 11:00. women can wear clothes thats so tight and revealing. all he did was grab a couple of people and shove there faces in to his crotch.

      • KSH

        It’s all about the shock! Adam is great, he did his job – everyone is talking about him. Just like people talked about Madonna, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga….
        Adam Rocked!

      • chrltncdave

        Im sorry but 11pm at night isnt considered primetime….if you didnt like it, then change the channel, but get used to it the queers are here and we’re only going to get more obnoxious and in your face until we have the same rights as any middle aged white christian conservative!

      • 2No

        But you are fine with Janet grabbing a guys D*CK at 8pm – sounds to me like you have your priorities twisted.

      • For MTV, it was… ABC – NOT!

        The only issue I have with Adam was the network platform he used for his “coming out” so-to-speak. Instead of using a venue like cable television where that kind of performance is expected these days, he chose a BROADCAST network. He was not being a professional at all… he was classless and disrespectful. Period. As for the Early Show picking up the sloppy seconds… they have to do something to get ratings up. Being in Third Place all the time tends to tick one off.

    • Doug

      LOL you’re kidding….right?

      • John Beaudreau

        His performance is only considered questionable because he is a gay man. When Madonna and Britney licked tongues on TV no one thought that was inappropriate. Rock On Adam and now Ill watch CBS from now on, poor decision GMA.

      • Sara

        haha, yeah right, EVERYONE and their mom thought the Brit/Madonna kiss was inappropriate (don’t forget, Christina was there too). That’s why it’s so memorable.

      • whatevs

        If I remember correctly, the Madonna and Britney kiss was such a big deal because it was inappropriate. That’s why is was talked about long after it happened. Geez.

      • steve

        Plus it was on MTV meaning cable which isnt held to the same standards as network television.

      • Jane

        I don’t think it has anything to do with him being gay. If Madonna and Brit had simulated oral sex, I think they would be faced with the same issues that Adam is facing now.

    • Em

      Rock and Roll isn’t supposed to be appropriate.

      • steve

        Please dont tell me you consider Lambert rock and roll.

      • talkin’

        the winner!!! excellent comment

      • Samsonite

        Adam Lambert = Rock and Roll?

        I guess if we’re sticking to that theory, then:

        Britney Spears = Greatest Female Singer of All Time


        George W. Bush = Peaceful Intellectual

      • jl

        Auntie Em, are you sure that you weren’t the one injured in the tornado and haven’t fully recovered? Rock and Roll, pleaze.

      • Em

        Hell yeah, Adam Lambert is rock ‘n roll. He’s in line with Bowie, Mercury, and Plant. And if that kid can start writing his own music and getting his production team under control, he’s going to be unstoppable.

    • i know art

      I love how people completely forget the past. The Madonna/Britney/Christina kiss WAS controversial when it happened, all those many years ago. It was all that was talked about on entertainment shows in reference to the VMAs for months afterward. Same thing with Britney and the snake “shedding her good girl image.” I also love people’s equation of simulated oral sex and flipping off the camera to Shakira in a short skirt. It’s THE SAME THING, really. But you’re right. If he were say, a woman who let her shielded nipple slip for .5 of a second, the world wouldn’t make a big deal about it at all! It’s just because he’s a gay man. DISCRIMINATION! Or, it’s because it was a crappy performance meant to “shock” and not “entertain.”

    • Kellie

      To quote Adam from his Ryan Seacrest interview “I’m not a babysitter” so who is to say he’ll care how he performs on GMA?

  • Lucy

    ABC cowards. I thought his performance was over the top, although like many others before him. I agree with Teresa, Adam knows how to act!

  • 1234

    Adam is always appropriate to the venue and time of day he is performing…tomorrow’s performance will be straight ahead singing of a noncontroversial song. GMA’s action are beyond ridiculous

    • Diane

      Since Adam has been famous for all of 5 seconds, I guess it’s ok to say “always”.

      • Curtis

        So the AMA’s were only 5 seconds ago? American Idol was aired only 5 seconds ago? Diane had a lobotomy only 5 seconds ago?

        Think reaaaal hard before answering.

      • Shamrock

        Way to take things literally. Idiot.

      • art

        Oh, Curtis. When people call you a “tool” they don’t actually think you are a drill or saying that you are “helpful.” They mean that you are an idiot that thinks that 5 seconds refers to literally 5 seconds and not the short amount of time that Adam Lambert has been on people’s radar.

      • Johnny

        Actually Adam has been performing on Broadway for years. So he is very well known in the industry. please get the facts correct.

      • RyRyNYC

        Dude, dinner-theatre in California is not broadway… do not disrespect the actual hard working talents of Broadway. That being said, Lambert is talented but only new to the game… the perfomance was lame and tacky if anything. BUT i do agree about Janet and the d*ck-grab. I’m gay and even i gasped a little (mainly bc it looked like there was nothing to grab of that guy, if you know what i mean…)

    • Kam

      But…Adam can’t sing…so without all his silly antics, he’s just another snoozefest.


      • You so jealous

        You so jealous..>I bet you are fat, ugly and stupid.

      • Kam

        LOL funny, because Adam is ALSO fat (did you see his pics from the AMAs?), ugly….and stupid, for thinking that America would be embracing his performance.

      • Anniebee

        Surely you jest, Kam! I believe you could use a box of Q-tips and a new pair of glasses!

      • Michelle

        Oh Kam, it’s painfully apparent that you watched zero hours of the previous season of American Idol based on your observation that ‘Adam can’t sing’. The AMA’s were definitely not his best performance, but the boy can sing.

    • judy

      Did anyone watch Janet Jackson’s performance when she was doing all the crotch grabbing and a** grabing???? Oh guess not she is a woman so it is perfectly ok. Thats plain down right B***s***!!!

      • steve

        I think what most people find offensive is the part where faces were going into crotches. After that his whole performance was judged inappropriate.

      • junk

        steve, janet has been doing that routine for over a decade now on countless awards shows and does indeed grab the guy’s head and pulls it into her crotch, which was also included in the music video that has played for more than a decade without any complaint. this is a double standard, plain and simple.

  • Jerome

    Isn’t CBS the net that got the FCC up in arms of Janet on the Super Bowl?! Iguess rating and controversey prevail.

    • Mo

      Exactly. CBS was quick to have Janet shamed for her role in “nipplegate” but when GMA cancels they come running for the ratings. I get it…just don’t like it. And as I didn’t think Janet’s nipple was a big deal, neither do I think Adam’s random positioning of faces in his crotch is a big deal. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Period. People are so quick to run and hide at anything remotely sexual. Geez…get over it already

  • Karen B

    ABC is being ridiculous. Pretty sure they would’ve known what kind of staging Adam Lambert (and his team) were doing for GMA. Just like ABC knew the majority of what went down at the AMA’s. Their late-to-the-game outrage rings very false.

    • MIKe

      ABC is trying to cover its rear. ABC more than likely knew exactly what Adam was going to do – they milked the controversy ahead of time – or maybe they remained willfully ignorant about portions of it in order to deny culpability. But to pull this, when they were at least partially in on it – it’s completely hypocritical.

      • Lala

        Well, when it comes to Adam Lambert, I think it would be wise for everyone to want to “cover his rear” like ABC.

      • Shamrock


      • Jenn

        Right Lala because you know so much about him. He was on GMA last summer and did a very toned down version of Starlight. Adam already said he address by audiance and the feel of whatever song he is doing. He also said he is doing Whatya Want From Me on David Letterman on Nov 25th not FYE. Adam did nothing new on the AMAs and this is balatant discrimination with double standards thrown in!!! Total BS on ABC’s part after advertizing Adam as sizzling, controversial, etc all week before the AMAs – BS!!

      • Anniebee

        You’re absolutely right, Mike! It is hypocritical as are a lot of the comments on this and other websites. Personally, I find all the unnecessary violence on television much more objectional than anything Adam did on stage Sunday night. All I can say to the people who are bitching the loudest about this is to change the channel if you don’t like what’s going on instead of watching the entire performance and then running to the Internet to rant about it!

      • Lala

        Methinks that Jenn completely missed the joke.

    • Janet

      This is total discrimination by ABC. They got 1500 complaints from a viewer audience of 14.5 million!! The highest viewership on AMAs since 2002. They promoted Adam as controversial all week long!! Plus has anyone seen Soap Operas lately – they are all about having sex and the kids are awake during the day. Then there is the violence, murder, rape, etc during Primetime evenings. This is insane. ABC your lose!!!

      • MIKe

        Please, they have a daytime soap that features mobsters and their many kills – mobsters / killers they promote as leading men ‘heroes’.

      • MiaS

        Totally agree with Janet.
        1500 complaints out of 14.5 mil? And I bet a good number of the 1500 didn’t even watch the show!
        Way to go ABC!

        It is sweep month!
        You could have overtaken the TODAY Show but you wussed out!
        Oh well!

      • steve

        1500 does sound like a small number but remember that most people dont bother to voice complaints because they just dont know how or dont care that much about it to find out.

    • shannon

      I totally agree, the entire show they kept promoting the “performance that everyone will be talking about tomorrow” and now they act suprised? Hypocrites.

  • Vahalla I am coming

    Jindal-Giuliani 2012!!!
    Jindal-Giuliani 2012!!!
    Jindal-Giuliani 2012!!!

    • mark in nyc

      whoo hoo! setting up a win for Obama! I love it.

      • chrltncdave

        how can it not be another win for Obama….with that jackhole Jindal on the ticket! Love the way the repub’s are slowing dying, just like the dino’s!

  • crispy

    Hey, what did you guys think of his AMA performance? Anyone?

    • Karen B

      Honestly, the vocals sounded sub-par, but so did the majority of the performances that night. There were sound problems throughout the night. The dancing was a cross between Madonna and Paula Abdul VMA performances (Vogue, Cold-Hearted Snake). But for how derivative I found it, I didn’t hate it. I rewound a few times to watch a few moments (was it a fall? was it choreographed?). I actually think this controversy is making me like it MORE in the long run as the arguments seem to be soooo week. I keep reading articles that mention the crotch grabbing… which Janet Jackson did at 8:05PM as opposed to his 10:55 performance!!!

    • Jenn

      He only commented that their were technical issues with the sound. Said that happens – Hasn’t said much about the performance itself.

    • Gayer Than Thou

      I think he misjudged the energy all that running around on stage was going to take, and got winded. Vocals suffered because of it. The other stuff? I’ve seen and done worse. He’ll recover. And now he’s a Bad Boy.

    • Erika


  • wakeforce

    ABC knew what they were getting with Adam. That’s why they sceduled him to be their closing act, hyping the performance as “something you have to see to beleve”. Now they are punishing him? I guess ABC will only have Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavoto and Selena Gomez perform on their precious network.

    • Anniebee

      Then there’ll be TWO Disney Channels and if that’s the case, I’ll take my adult viewing to a different channel. ABC is crawfishing, plain and simple! They knew exactly what they were getting with Adam and now they are trying to feign innocence (as are half of the complainers here!)

  • irisco69

    GOOD MORNING IRAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • crispy

      Goooooooood morning, Beijing!

  • Ilia

    As long as he will e making an appearance, I don’t care which network. Much respect for CBS though. As for ABC, I submitted my complaint, and so should the rest of his fans. This is unacceptable, talk about intolerance.

    • djm

      I sent my complaint to ABC too and complained about the blatant double standard regarding Janet grabbing a male dancers d*ck. They not only lost a viewer (I haven’t watched the AMA’s in about 7 years and only tuned in to see Adam) and the only good show on that network is Modern Family – which I will no longer watch.

  • moonshadow

    I agree with all the above comments. ABC knew what Adam was doing and promoted it to keep viewers until the end of the show. It was nothing that hasn’t been done before on award shows, theater, or movies (heck, I’ve seen worse in clubs). I am also confident that Adam knows the difference between a late night performance and an early morning one. He appeared on GMA before with no issues and has done many non-controversial performances. I’m glad to see that there is one network that is not willing to judge someone based on one performance. Adam is talented and deserves a second chance (if you believe he blew it in the first place). FYE is an amazing CD.

  • RBlues

    Adam knows that alleyes will be on him tomorrow morning. He also knows exactly what he’s doing. I’ll bet we get the “Mad World” version of him tomorrow.

  • LindaT

    Adam already taped the David Letterman show (for airing tomorrow night), and he sang “Whataya Want From Me”. A friend of mine went to the taping and said it was a good performance (and nothing like the AMAs). Adam is probably going to change his performance based on the song and the venue. I doubt Adam is going to duplicate his AMA performance on early morning TV.

  • ghota88

    Good for Adam..he is not supposed to make concert for free..big lost for ABC..You go you from Indonesia

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