Weezer bus crash: Photos and chilling details

Weezer webmaster Karl Koch has posted photographs on the band’s website of the aftermath of yesterday’s bus crash, which left frontman Rivers Cuomo with three cracked ribs and what Koch describes as “minor but very painful internal damage.” Meanwhile, he offers more details about what actually occurred early on Sunday morning in a detailed and—when you consider how matters could easily have been so much worse—fairly chilling blog entry.

“The bus contained Rivers, his wife and daughter, their nanny, and Rivers’ assistant Sarah,” writes Koch. “Both Sarah and Rivers’ wife were pitched out of their upper level bunks onto the floor 5 feet below. Somehow Rivers’ wife was uninjured, but Sarah sustained 2 fractured ribs and a fractured lower vertebrae. The baby daughter was in her crib unit and was fine, as was the nanny who was sleeping near the floor in her bunk at the time. However in the back lounge, Rivers was tossed around violently, waking up as he landed back on his mattress.” Koch goes on to relate how EMTs rescued Cuomo from the bus by using the jaws of life to remove a rear window bar.

Koch, who arrived on the scene 20 minutes after the bus carrying Rivers and his family lost control as the result of black ice, describes “catching a glimpse of Rivers lying inside on his back surrounded by EMTs. I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me.” Koch also confirms that Weezer’s remaining December dates have been canceled and thanks fans for “their kind thoughts and good wishes, we need them!”

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UPDATE (12/8): Rivers Cuomo’s condition has ‘stabilized’

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Photo credit: Weezer.com


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  • alex

    this is so sad.. i’m sure Rivers is just so thankful that his wife and daughter are OK

  • Ashley

    Hope everyone recovers quickly!
    We <3 Weezer.

  • jimbo jones

    Weezer crashed in a BUS??? That’s crazy! For the past 10 years I thought they had been flying around the world by harnessing the power of Rivers’ and Pat’s over-inflated egos!

    • Bobby


      • Rich Uncle Skeleton

        Weezer has degraded so badly since Pinkerton that their new music actually tarnishes the quality of their older material.

      • jimbo jones

        I know! I’m not sure what the definition of “selling out” is, but man… On the bright side, maybe this incident will compell them to stop writing commercial jingles and start writing songs again. But that’s probably waaay too optimistic.

      • Mork Orton

        I got my hash pipe…

      • Connor

        Rich and Jimbo, this really isn’t the time. A man and his family could’ve died. Seriously…

    • john

      your a jackass

      • jimbo jones

        Too soon?

    • MBot

      That’s so wrong to say when you find out that yes he’s hurt… Thats terrible

      • Magood

        It’s a new demo and it’s about the life of a pig if you’ll listen to the lyircs a little closer.Very cool tune, mixing the free verse/rapping he did in Beverly Hills into the more standard Weezer fare (verse/chorus/verse).Great post.By the by, everyone realizes Pinkerton was an amazing album one amazing album should not negate following albums by a band who is clearly not trying to replicate its past and thank God for that. There are enough bands in the world who attempt to remake their best’ albums only to get labelled as boring and stale.Have a great April 24th!

    • nikki

      seriously. keep jerky comments to yourself…just because you don’t like thier current music doesn’t mean they deserve to almost be killed in a care accident!! I despise people who are SOOOOOOO conceited about music and think their musical tastes are better than everyone else.

    • Rich

      Hey, I hate Weezer’s last 3 albums as much as anyone, but have a heart. This IS the guy who is responsible for one of the most perfect pop records ever (the Blue Album)… as well as the blueprint for emo (Pinkerton).

      I hope Rivers recovers soon… and yeah, it WOULD be a nice silver lining for the accident to help him reclaim his muse.

    • Mork Orton

      I wonder if he destroyed his sweater in this crash?

  • James M

    All this about Cuomo who was barely injured, but what about the “assistant” who is looking at lifelong disability due to a fractured spine, not to mention months of recovery from broken ribs?

    “Fractured lower vertebrae” sounds nice, but it is a grievous injury that she might not fully recover from.

    • Bomfy

      It would appear that Cuomo is more seriously that “assistant.” Why does she get quotes, what are you implying? Granted she had a fractured vertebrae, but she is already been released and he is still there. Sometimes a fractured vertebrae is just fractured on the edge and not grievous. It’ll hurt like hell for a long while, but it could be a lot worse. Not all spine injuries equate to lifelong disability.

  • dave-o

    say it ain’t so-o-o

  • Jess

    aww that sucks man. i feel his pain though i just cracked my rib

  • omar o

    get well soon guys

  • SJB

    If you read the link to Weezer’s website, Sarah is already out of the hospital, albeit in a lot of pain – while Cuomo remains hospitalized because of his internal injuries.

  • Kerblah

    Last time Rivers was in the hospital he wrote “The Good Life.” This can only mean good things!

  • mike

    Every successful adult is a sellout in some way or another. Everyone sacrifices things in their life in order to be a “productive member of society.” No one can blame weezer for wanting to make money, its what everyone in this country does now. Its (partly)what soldiers die for(sadly, in my opinion. that doesnt make it untrue.) Grow up. If you don’t like the new music, dont buy the album. simple.


    • Rich

      Well, the new Weezer has the worst sales of any of their albums to date so far. Unless it kicks up, it might not even get to 150,000.

      By comparison, The Blue Album sold 3 mil. And Pinkerton, the “sales disappointment,” sold about 400,000 in a year. (It’s now up to 820,000 or so…)

  • Nathan

    Oh to be a famous musician…I’d hate to deal with the fans too. Constantly crying for Pinkerton 2.0. Yeah, its my favorite, too, but fans don’t realize the truth…Weezer’s output has surprisingly changed very LITTLE in the last 15 years. The fans just won’t except that themselves have aged into adulthood and their 30’s/40’s. Tastes have changed but they still relate Blue/Pinkerton to happy times in their youth. I’m hear to say I love Raditude. Its one of their finiest. Each of their albums has quality tracks.

    • jimbo jones

      I heard Pat say the same thing on Carson Daly, and I almost threw the remote at the screen. That is demonstrably untrue. Post-Pinkerton Weezer uses far fewer minor-key harmonies, subtle rythmic changes and is much more formulaic and hook-based than their first 2 albums. There’s just no creativity from them anymore. I’m still in my 20’s, and despite hearing the Green Album and Maladroit during “good times” I found both albums terrible enough to stop listening to Weezer altogether. Then I hear the guys talking about how they’re the greatest band ever, and then Rivers puts on his Rick Morranis glasses puts down his guitar and gets all gangster-thug, and then I die a little inside.

      It’s like listening to old Metallica after Lars came out against Napster, or listening to Kanye after he went public as a douchebag. Metallica at least has the sense to show some respect for themselves and the fans who launched their career and “get back to their roots”, i.e, pre-Black Album every once in a while. Given that Weezer are heavy metal throw-backs, I will regain respect for them when they start taking their music back in that direction (not necessarily metal). Their stable fan base and steady income put them in a unique position to show that they value their artwork over their popularity and that they give a rats @$$ about us suckers who bought their albums and watched them on MTV back when it still played music. To hear them in interviews now, that is clearly not the case. Also, their music would suck a lot less if they simply got off of this perversion of Kurt Cobain’s alleged “formula”.. If Kurt did indeed stumble out of his heroin-induced stupor long enought to use a formula, he used it a hellofalotmore effectively than Rivers!

      • Rich Uncle Skeleton

        I concur, and add that River’s lyrical content has not progressed even past the blue album. Seriously, how old do you have to be before you stop writing songs about topics that typically preoccupy the mind of a teenage boy? Peter Pan syndrome, anyone?

      • Jason

        Amen Jimbo Jones! Once bassist Matt Sharp left (after Pinkerton), River’s ego had no barriers. It stopped being about 3 guys (Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, and Matt Sharp) who would both wail away on guitars and do vocals, and it became the Rivers Cuomo show. You’ll never have another Sweater Song or The Good Life if you’re gonna stick to the formulaic – go with what brought you to the dance!

      • Nathan

        I must admit, you made good points. Especially your reference to their minor chord usage. I do believe that a lot of the ‘dark’ chords were influenced by Matt Sharp. I hold the Rentals “Return of the Rentals” up against any Weezer album. I miss them. I just can’t go as far as some fans saying they’ve totally sold out or suck. Band interviews show a Rivers Cuomo that still cares about his output Songs like “Greatest Man”, “Dreamin'”, “Hold me”, “Let It All Hang Out” and others still gives me satisfaction. I hadn’t heard them rock like the end of Greatest Man since the Pinkerton days of messy and rough around the edges.

    • Sidiq

      Red plus Raditude with some edits (bonus tcraks put in, a few album tcraks taken out) equals best thing since Pinkerton for me. It is right up there with Blue and Pinkerton as a matter a fact. They’re just well crafted pop songs!I do like Heartsongs but it isn’t one of my all time faves, but I would keep it on the list for things to keep on the album. It just has a great vibe.

  • Mike

    dude this totally could have turned into Cliff Burton part 2

  • Peter Piper

    Real rock stars leave the wife and kids at home, so they can tiger woods their fans. He is lucky but should of known.

    • mtraptor

      …that if he kept the people he loves near him, they’d all be in a bus crash? It’s so obvious now that you point it out.

  • trevor

    THIS guy is so annoying i really hate his music. but i hope hes okay

  • Ray

    Blessings and healing to the Cuomo family, his assistant, and all others involved.

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