Chris Brown outraged that stores are not carrying his new album; unleashes Twitter tirade

Singer Chris Brown took to his Twitter page to express his extreme displeasure with stores, including a Walmart in Wallingford, CT, that are not visibly stocking his new album, Graffiti.

“the[y] didnt even have my album in the back… not on shelves, saw for myself,” he wrote in a series of tweets over the weekend. “im tired of this s—. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f— do i gotta do.”
He continued: “im not biting my tongue about sh– else… the industry can kiss my ass.
WTF… yeah i said it and i aint retracting s–“

“we talked to the managers and the didnt even know anything. wow!!! but they had alicia keys album ready for release for this tuesday comin … the manager told me that when there are new releases its mandatory to put em on the shelves.. BUT NO SIGN OF #GRAFFITI. BS.”

“no disprespect to alicia at all,” he continued. “just givin an example to whos album is loaded and ready to go next week.”

The debate continues with fan’s responses and re-tweets on his page, but what do you think, readers? Do stores have the right to decide whether to stock Brown’s album, based on personal objections to his actions this year? Should Brown have perhaps waited to release a new record until his public image was less tarnished?

By the way, Billboard predicts that Graffiti will take the third-place spot on the charts tomorrow, with sales of 95,000 to 110,00; that’s no SuBo, but it’s still better than the much-promoted, scandal-free Shakira and Kris Allen did in their recent chart bows.

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  • Shay

    Okay – I can understand him being upset that stores won’t put his record out, I guess. I doubt it had a major impact on his sales. However, all this whining on Twitter just makes him look like a complete baby. I never found him to be very likable, even before the Rhianna incident. He really has done nothing but complain about how he is being treated. Releasing the cd so soon was such a bad idea (plus the cover art was just atrocious). Take some time, step back, delete your twitter, and grow up.

    • Sen

      I agree about the twitter, i’m suprised he had the audacity to bitch about his record sales after committing such a horrible crime. He really has a lot of growing up to do.

      • Damion

        A horrible “crime”??? Dude, the guy is an ass, not a murderer…get a grip.

      • Elzorz

        @Damion The guy assualted his girlfriend. That’s a crime jackass.

    • Jemma

      It’s easy to forget that he really is a child (at least to me). Girls mature faster than boys.

      • Doubtful

        I was thinking along the same lines…his immaturity is showing again!

      • deiko

        I don’t think it has much do with his age because people in their fifties would act the same way. Where did he go Fye music store. Do people buy cds anymore? I download songs from Itunes or Amazon.

      • Kalie

        I think this has a lot more to do with his anger issues than the fact that girls mature faster than boys. He beat up his gf. That’s why people don’t exactly feel like putting his CDs on the shelves. Obviously, he hasn’t learned a thing. He’s swearing and ranting on Twitter because people can’t get over the fact that he put his gf in the hospital. Boo hoo.

      • peace

        he is so young, he was not involved in drugs or guns and people treat him like he is 40. who knows what their 20 year old kids are up to.

      • hill

        He is 20. The little kid defense is no longer in effect.

      • david carrasco

        youre funny “girls mature faster than boys” sure they do they develop faster if you know what i mean. and there easier just like rhinna was with chris brown.

    • TellyB

      F*** YOU, Mr. Brown. Grow up, grow a pair, and just fall off the face of the Earth. Your music is crap anyway, and for what you did, I hope your career is over. (and I’m not even a Rihanna fan)

      • JRM

        I’m going to agree with you. I’m no Rihanna fan, either, but he had it coming.

      • Jennifer

        Totally agree. He can suck it as far as I’m concerned.

      • Chelsea

        agreed. i’m glad stores aren’t stocking his cd – he doesn’t deserve it at ALL. i hope in a year, nobody remembers him.

    • Monique

      Yeah, completely agree. I can understand him being upset, but the way he is handling it shows that he really hasn’t grown since the Rihanna incident. He’s really not showing that he has his temper in check so far.

      • Mark

        Yes, he does have a nasty temper, and he seems so unapologetic too. I have to admit, though, that I’m on the fence on this one. I totally disagree with him beating Rihanna, despite what a b*tch I heard she was, and I don’t think people are ever going to forgive him for his actions; they’ll always look at him and see “woman beater”. He has ruined his career and lost all of the silly, hormone-driven teens who used to get wet off of seeing him perform.

        But on the other hand, when does it end? Will he ever be forgiven? Doesn’t everyone deserve forgiveness?

      • renee

        he’s angry. he’s allowed to be angry. he’s handling it well. he didn’t throw chairs, stand on a corner with knives. he got angry. i’m angry too.

      • Monique

        Well, it definitely starts with a sincere apology and showing the world that he really understands the gravity of what he did to Rihanna. His comments post-incident, along with these twitter posts, do not show that.

      • Sarah

        Mark, people *maybe* deserve fogiveness when they’ve actually shown remorse and done something to deserve fogiveness. This tirade is the opposite of that, so no, he does not deserve forgiveness.

    • Sally in Chicago

      If I was an artist, I would po’d too if my album wasn’t on the shelf. Lots of singers/artists sneak into Walmarts & Target to see if their CDs are on the shelf….Prince is an example of someone who tracks not only his sales but the CDs placement on shelf.
      Nothing wrong with being concerned. Are they blackballing him? Probably. But it’s the record company’s promo department that should get involved. Because if the do it to Chris, they can do it to Lil Wayne for carrying a gun; TI for going to jail, Kanye was dissing Taylor, and the list goes on and on.

      • peace

        i agree they are promoting these rappers who carry guns and drugs on them but i want to take Chris down and he does not have to apologies again.

      • Moviegirl


        Retailers decide what they want to carry in their stores. A call from a record label’s promo dept won’t fix a thing. And from prior experience of being a sales person for Sony Records I can tell you that no label would dare call an account like Wal-Mart and demand that they carry an album. That would only etch in stone that the next album the record company needs Wal-Mart to carry in big numbers will result in a slap in the face. Wal-Mart is the LARGEST corporation in America, they aren’t going to bend over backwards for some ass who committed a heinous crime and shows no remorse what-so-ever. He should take his lickings and keep his mouth shut. His album will still do well in other stores and in other markets and he will certainly not starve being that he has already made a ridiculous amount of money for the lack-of-talent he possesses.

      • hill

        I seriously doubt he posted those numbers without walmart stocking his CD. There were probably sold out.

    • So deserving!


    • davet

      Mr. Brown should take a few years off, grow up, do some charitable work and then come back humble. I’ve seen him in concert, he’s a great performer, but he needs to chill. He just looks like a spoiled brat now.

    • Angela

      I’m thinking it’s this lack of anger control and lack of judgement that got him into his problems in the first place. Clearly, he hasn’t learned much about controlling his anger. And he really, really should hire a secretary who can spell.

  • Chris

    Let me start off by saying that I am not and never have been a fan of his, but I think he has a valid point. i know someone who works in the electronics dept of a local Wal-Mart and although they are stocking the CD there is no promotional material at all posted about it. It is not displayed on an endcap. It has been buried in the racks with older CD’s.

    • BlackIrish4094

      So? He shouldn’t have kicked Rhianna’s @ss like that. Now there is a blowbac k and he is surprised. He deserved worse than this, if this is all the consequences he faces (along with lame community service) he should consider himself lucky.

      • AK

        And he’s just proving that his anger management/soul searching/self-reflection didn’t do anything.

      • Sally in Chicago

        You would be angry too if your livelihood depended on sales.

      • Moviegirl

        For Sally in Chicago (I’m now mortified that you are in the same city as me), he should have thought of that before he decided to smack his “love” around. Those who depend on the public to make a living shouldn’t piss the public off. Not only did he committ a terrible violent act (who knows how many times?) he had the audacity to complain about the treatment of his album to the public. This is the same public that might have forgiven him in time had he showed any desire for redemption. He made his bed, now he gets to lay in it.

      • paige

        People do much worse in the world than beat up their girlfriends. I am not condoning his actions, but I find it a little upsetting that this has went as far as it has. Instead of focusing on Chris beating her up, why don’t we focus on how often this occurs? Instead of calling him everything under the sun, why don’t we come together and draw attention to the hundreds of women who are in marriages that get beat? You think you are doing so much by calling him names and not buying his material. You are not really helping at all, you just group yourself into the category of people that want to shake their fingers at celebrities who mess up.

    • Paul

      there is a missing element to your point. it is the discression of the merchant to decide how to display a product and if they don’t expect something is going to sell it is going to get low real estate on the floor. Wal-mart, FYE are not the ones that are suposed to be marketing his music, HE IS. If customers come in demanding it then it will get put out there front and center. other wise he needs to shut up put his Passy back in and from the sounds of it get a diaper change

      • Nicolars

        Exactly. It’s a free country, and it is up to the discretion of the retailer whether to stock an item & also how to display it. If Chris Brown doesn’t like it, he can sell his album through his website.

    • Caitlin

      I agree that the stores should carry his album. However, Chris Brown is handling it like a child, and is an a-hole. It’s hard for me to feel for him, when he obviously doesn’t deserve it.

  • mack8

    Now, I in no way support Brown’s actions, but I think that the store manager’s should leave it to the public to decide whether or not they choose to support the album instead of taking it into their own hands. Brown now has an excuse for disappointing sales (compared to his last albums). Had shelves been stocked, and still the album didn’t perform well, he would have been able to see that the public is ready to forgive him just yet.

    • Jack

      It’s their business(es). They don’t have to sell what they don’t want to. You think if the public demanded it, they should sell handguns in CVS? C’mon.

      • mack8

        There’s a big difference between handguns and cd’s. I don’t necessarily trust making handguns readily available to the general public, but I don’t see any harm in putting a cd in a store.

      • stephanie

        I would be mad too if i worked and my job dosent pay me.. That is his income.. Wal-mart has no right to stop the sale of his album.. Jack ur a dummy, wal-mart sell dvds and cds.. CVS dont sell handguns, so therefore walmart should stock is album they did in the past.

      • Ambient Lite

        The thing to note here is that fans weren’t the ones disappointed in Wal-Mart looking for Chris Brown’s CD – Chris Brown was.

      • WOW

        they sell handguns at walmart

      • KT

        I was mad his CD was not in Wal-mart, wait……it is. Just not in front. They have it where all the other Cd’s are. You have to look for it, and hell I did look for it, I don’t care for what Chris Brown did, BUT, that won’t stop me from buying his music. His CD is awesome. Too bad you “PERFECT” humans commenting on here never ever did anything wrong. Heaven forbid the young man gets a second chance. I am tired of all of you bashing him with stuff that even Rhianna has forgiven him for. GET A LIFE YOU MORONS!

      • Khristina

        Wow KT…how about pulling your granny panty wedgie out- seems as though it’s blocking a stick or something. I’m not sure what comments you’re reading…I haven’t seen people claiming to be “perfect humans” or “never doing anything wrong”. Funny- you can’t come up with an intelligent response, so you start bashing other people right away. *Classy*… not

      • Missy

        Walmart won’t carry or publicize my CD either! Jerks. Don’t they know that I am an entertainer and therefore entitled to have my CD prominently displayed and hyped regardless of whether it is any good and regardless of whether about half of America wishes I would just plain go away? Come to think of it Chris, maybe your problem isn’t just your anger management issues but the fact that you seem to think that because of who you are you’re somehow entitled to forgiveness, entitled to a second chance, and entitled to have your records displayed and promoted.

    • niki

      Walmart doesn’t carry every artist or band’s CD anyway- last time I checked, my local Walmart didn’t have any Pantera for sale and you don’t see them whining about it. They should be able to sell (or not sell) whatever they want. If someone really wants the CD, they’ll go to another store. They won’t stop looking just bc Walmart doesn’t carry it.

      • Mauren


      • l.d.

        lol@ Mauren not knowing who Pantera is.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Mauren, Pantera is some loud band that makes unlistenable music. its just simply crap, so really they shouldn’t be complaining that Walmart doesn’t sell them. I have some of their stuff; it sucks.

      • Jason

        ACASEOFGEO- they suck so bad, that you bought more than one Pantera album? Bottom line: Chris Brown’s CD is terrible, no store is obligated to carry it, promote it, or even acknowledge it. Chris Brown is no better than my 3 year old niece that whines when you take her pacifier away- only he whines when you take his pathetic music career away.

    • Tim Tim

      If someome really wants it. It’s only a mouse click away. Best Buy online, Amazon…. I could keep going. The truth is he’s a cry baby. He beat up a women and got caught. Now he has to deal with the fallout. Boo Hoo

    • SYR

      I agree, the decision to not buy the album should have been left to the consumer, not the retailer. Now he has an valid excuse for why his album did not do well. Also why are people complaining that he should not Tweet about it? Isn’t this what Tweeter is for? I’d rather hear about this than other boring crap. Where else can he complain, CNN? Yes, Chris Brown messed up, but geez, the guy served his punishment let him make a living, if people stop buying his music, let it be our decision, NOT WALMART’S…

      • Ambient Lite

        Wal-Mart has a VERY long history of restricting what artists it chooses to carry, or editing the artist’s songs or even album cover to satisfy their tastes.
        Chris Brown is hardly the tamest of the lot.

      • Ed

        If he wants to make a living, then he should go work for an office that deals with abused and battered women.. maybe then the severity of his actions might sink in.

      • Ambient Lite

        I agree.

      • Michael

        Hate to defend Wal-Mart, but retailers can carry whatever the frak they want. If they don’t have something consumers want, consumers will speak with their wallets and the store will suffer. This is capitalism 101 guys.
        But the funny thing is, that’s not even the issue. Wal-Mart IS carrying the album. Chris Brown is just whining that they’re not putting displays up. What a waste of life.

      • JA

        Walmart didn’t even carry Green Day. But CB is an immature jerk who does deserve to have his career impacted by his bad behavior. It would be that way for the rest of us. Glad to see someone out there is more interested in shunning a bad guy than making money.

      • Jason

        It is left to the consumer- they can get it at other stores, or online. Chris Brown “blackballed” himself, and doesn’t want to own up to that. Instead, it’s the stores fault, it’s the industries fault, etc- when will it ever be Chris Brown’s fault? Since he “owned up to it” by saying “I don’t remember it, but I’m sorry”- he has yet to accept responsibility for what he did, and so the stores decided to hold him accountable (since he isn’t man enough to feel the responsibility on his own). The stores don’t owe him anything, and he has no right to constantly whine and complain the way he does. He ruined his own career. No one else had anything to do with that.

      • peace

        his album is good,these people saying bad stuff did’nt know chris before the rihanna incident. this young man is going to make it because he is talented

    • Mark

      Wal Mart has ALWAYS decided on what material to sell. Any CD with a certain rating is not sold there. They have to record a “clean” version. That has always been their policy. If they decide to limit his CD exposure, then that is his choice. HE should be happy that anyone bought his CD at all. I liked a few of his songs in the past, but refuse to support him after his actions. He should expect this.

    • Michelle

      It is up to the retailer’s discretion as to what they do or do not sell. If they don’t want to carry it, they don’t have to. If they want to put it on their shelves but not in plain sight, that is their right too. His outburst is again showing his temper and proves that the incident with Rhianna wasn’t a one time thing. He will blow his stack again and hopefully next time, no one will be hurt.

  • Sen

    For far too long celebrities have been able to get away with everything because the public loves them and allows them to continue their craft. These celebrities are role models to the world whether they like it or not, and I for one am glad to see that society has finally made a celebrity accountable for his actions.
    I am glad that some stores have chosen not to sell his album, because it teaches our kids that no matter how great you think you are, if you do something illegal or hurt someone, there will be consequences.
    Stores should have every right to make the decision of not selling a product that endorses an abuser.

    • Jemma

      Not black celebrities. Don’t get it twisted. The R and B ones the mainstream could care less about, but when their kids start buying it, then that entertainer’s life is fair game for them.

      • Brandy

        Jemma, why do you bring race into this? Can you not think of any heavy metal bands or other artists that got a lot of bad rap back in the 80’s for children’s angst? How about Bowie or The Beetles? Maybe you’re too young.

      • Jemma

        I’m 41 years old and I remember a lot. I remember how a lot of white entertainers have turned the world upside down and continue to enjoy mainstream success. You know, sometimes race IS a factor. It wouldn’t be a race card if it weren’t in the deck.

      • andi

        I’m black also but if you do the crime you need to do the time. You don’t get to act stupid and get away with all the time.

      • Bianca

        Oh LAWD, Chil’! Jemma, really? Please don’t start making a fuss about blackness right now. Ike is in hell where he belongs. Chris is living out his nightmare. Both, certainly deserve what they’ve gotten. Let’s stick to what’s relevant. Chris and Rhianna seemed to be at the top of their game and he made the choice to go and screw it all up for HIMSELF. But his actions don’t sit well with so many; I can be nothing but proud to share the opinion of a lot of the commentators on this site. You can see by the boy’s responses on Twitter he is obviously not humbled. He still thinks he deserves more, more and more. “Forgive me..” Fine. Done. “Buy my record only a year after the incident”. Um, No. And if he’s not willing to take a break to let the consumers heal from what he did (learn to disassociate him with violence) then what’s wrong with a retailer making that choice? Like others have said on here, so many other stores will sell his crap for a buck. I’m not Wal-Mart’s number 1 fan, but I’m on board with this.
        Jemma-sometimes things aren’t about race…MANY things are…but this is NOT one of them.
        Yours truly,
        Little Woman of Color

    • leslie

      i am so sick of people promoting famous people to role model status. they are human who fail like all of us. as parents its our job to teach our kids to admire a persons sucess not the person. maybe if we spent more time being the best we can be we would be our kids role model.

      • Monique

        Really? I would think to teach our kids to admire the person. You can respect and acknowledge success – but who they are and what they stand for is much more important. I mean, Hitler was “successful” for a while, so was Bernie Madoff.

    • Karzan

      We hope and are praying that you both will be fneileg better soon. We want to get together and go out to eat when you both are well. Hope to see Jamie, Krissy and Asher when they come home too.

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    awwwww whats wrong Chris? You feel you’re being blackballed? Thats horrible. ALMOST as horrible as the job you did on Rhianna’s face. Chris, you poor poor thing. Life is so hard for you.thing.

  • Delvin C.

    If what Chris Brown is saying is true then that is dead wrong. I don’t like liver does that mean my company should stop selling it. couldn’t there be legal actions taken for what they are doing to him.

    • Brooke

      I don’t like liver either, but I’m pretty sure it never beat someone up and was convicted of a felony.

      • niki

        hahaha… nice one, Brooke!

      • Jemma

        He pled guilty, unlike R. Kelly, who had a trial and lied through his teeth the entire time, but Walmart is carrying his crap.

      • Ambient Lite

        I have trouble believing that anyone would disagree that BOTH R. Kelly and Chris Brown are filthy dirtbags.

      • BG 17

        If you or I have a criminal record, a place of business can refuse to hire us. So why are they not justified in refusing to carry a criminal’s product? I would do the same; it might make artists think twice before beating on someone weaker than them…

      • Bianca

        @Jemma: so now you’re saying black ppl DO get a fair trial? Make up your mind. R.Kelly beat the girl with his peepee and plead guilty, you’re right. But Chris plead NOT-Guilty until he needed to change it for a better deal. Jemma, keep up.

    • Ambient Lite

      Yeah buddy, I think you’re going to have a fair amount of trouble in your efforts to drum up support for poor Chris Brown.

    • PatriciaTX

      that isn’t “dead wrong”. a retailer can choose to sell whatever the heck they want to. if he’s being “blackballed”: SO WHAT. maybe you should have thought about that before flying into a rage. but you didn’t and now you’re paying

    • Michelle

      But Walmart (or any other store for that matter) can choose what or what not to carry.

  • Al

    How is his anger management working out? I can forgive what he did but I’m not going to rush out and buy his CD. Maybe he should look into another line of work that doesn’t depend on being liked by the public.

    • Brittany

      I love this. So hilarious.

      I totally agree. He needs to grow up and stop being such a baby.

    • Melinda65

      Like the DMV or a used car salesman.

  • Greg

    Of course Chris Brown threw a temper tantrum. Just goes to show how little the guy has changed, how out of touch with reality he is, and how all those apologies he made during interviews were just an act…. The guy should be glad ANYONE bought his album in the first place. He should be grateful to the people who are willing to overlook the fact that he’s a woman beater, instead of lashing out at people who don’t support that kind of behavior. And I think it’s perfectly fine for retailers to refuse to sell his album. They have reputations to uphold. If they don’t want to be associated with a man who beats women, that’s their prerogative. (Though it’s gotta be a slap in the face when WALMART of all retailers thinks they’re above selling your album)…. Sorry, Chris, but you’re career is never going to be what it once was. Be happy with what you’ve got. This is it for you.

    • dworm

      The voice of reason. Thank you.

    • Andreia

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  • Ambient Lite

    I love that his life is reduced to lurking at Wal-Mart, looking for his own CD. What a d!ck.

    • RyRyNYC


    • Josie

      Yes, see this is exactly what I thought the first time I heard about all this. So did he go to several Wal-Marts or just the one before he started going off? Who buys CD’s at Wal-Mart anyway? I doubt his sales were hugely affected…

    • OMG

      YAY!!! That is too funny!! He doesn’t even deserve a job at Walmart let alone to have his CD sold there. If I owned a record store I wouldn’t sell his CD either. Sorry buddy, it’s time to start being accountable for your actions.

      • Capo

        Being accountable for his actions, like doing the community service that he was given? Or how about serving his probation sentence? :P

      • Bianca

        For real! It’s hard to get hired there, I’ve applied like twice and nothing. But I respect them at least for this. Chris Brown’s freedom would have a vastly more profound negative effect on the way our youth would view domestic battery if EVERY store was pushing this 3rd cd like the first two. The tables have turned Breezy, and it’s not in your favor. Twitter me this: what will you do when the money runs out?

    • nancy

      He hangs out at Walmart. Ha. That sounds about right.

    • JRM


  • Brittany Shawnté

    I don’t feel like it’s the managers’ decision to decide whether or not to stock albums. Their personal decision is keeping fans from being able to buy Chris’ album and that’s not right. While I do not condone what he did AT ALL, I think it’s time for everybody to let this go. The boy has been sentenced, although some may disagree with the level of punishment given. Rihanna is moving on with her life, so why don’t we all move on? Just saying.

    Buy Graffiti! The album is hot!

    • BlackIrish4094

      You buy it stupid and sypport that woman beater. Maybe if you are lucky you can get a guy like this in your life too! If the store chooses not to sell it, it is completely within management’s discretion. So since you think it’s time to let it go, everyone should go along? You follow your conscience (or lack of one) and let everyone else follow theirs.

      • Brittany Shawnté

        Lol I did and I went to one of his concerts. So because I support him still I have lack a conscience? Point blank, none of us got hit by him, and people are acting out more than Rihanna is. It’s ridiculous.

    • Bethann

      _I don’t feel like it’s the managers’ decision to decide whether or not to stock albums._
      I disagree. I think corporations absolutely have the right to decide what they do and do not want associated with them/their image. I think it’s completely appropriate for WalMart to effectively say, “We don’t want to be seen supporting the career of someone who’s guilty of a violent crime.”

      • t

        Well, BlackIrish4094 and Bethann, I hope you guys didn’t buy “Chinese Democracy” or pay to see Sean Penn in any movies, since Sean and Axl both were abusive to past girlfriends at times. Oh yeah, speaking of which, there’s footage of Axl beating up a paparazzo at LAX airport last week. Best Buy isn’t dropping ChiDem from its stores.

      • BlackIrish4094

        In a lucky coincidence, I neither purchased Chinese Democracy and haven’t seen a Sean Penn movie since the one about the Irish mob in like 1990.

    • pjamese3

      Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting. That community service “punishment” was a joke. I’m surprised they didn’t just have him do PSAs. If Chris Brown had just been an ordinary guy, he would have gone to jail for beating his girlfriend like that. He should have gone to jail, but his celebrity kept him a free man. Well, even though we have a two-tiered justice system in America, he still has to pay for his actions. He’s paying in his wallet. (Maybe Chris Brown should have done like that other douche R. Kelley and drug his trial out for years while putting out music so peoople would say, “He’s probably guilty, but check out this album he just dropped.”

  • LaToya

    I visited Walmart over the weekend and they did not carry the cd. It’s none of our jobs to judge anyone, that is a little ridiculous that they will carry guns but not a music cd. Has no one ever considered that people use music as a way to express themselves. Therefore with Chris Brown being young (and he is very young) shouldn’t we be willing to forgive and help, not hate and bash. There are tons of parents going through tons of issues with their 19 year old sons but they don’t have to deal with it in the public eye. Everyone is so quick to point but no one is perfect.

    • RyRyNYC

      Ok… but LaToya, Chris Brown is the one hating… his twitter is the one blasting everyone and everything. Obviously its not a huge deal to music fans because they could have walked over to a computer and downloaded it on iTunes. And using ur example of 19-yr-olds not in the public: if a child beats the sh-t out of his girlfriend most parents don’t reward their kid if the kid bitches everyone is against him.

    • BlackIrish4094

      If their 19 year old sons are beating women up, they don’t deserve to have their cd’s old in Walmart either. That’s fair. No one is perfect but not everyone is beating women like this clown.

  • kellen

    uh, yeah. alicia keys’ album is ready to go because she didn’t beat up her girlfriend. just sayin’.

    • Sarah


    • mishka

      But she’s a homewrecker. Just saying. I guess you didn’t get the memo?
      Not that I care about Alicia’s lovelife, but if fans want to buy Chris Brown’s “Graffiti”, they have the right to do so. CB is pissed and it’s his own right.
      People should stop judging the others and take care of their own garbage.

      • llevinso

        What memo is that? Mishka’s Newsletter? Also, “homewrecker” or not, last I checked that’s not a felony.

  • JPX

    Narcissistic people are absolutely fascinating to me. I mean, this guy has zero insight into the fact that most people now view him as a vile human being for repeatedly beating his ex-girlfriend. There’s nothing less appealing than someone who walks around with an undeserved sense of entitlement. Although he will never accept culpability for the problems he creates, I derive satisfcation in knowing that others puninish him by not buying or selling his music. What a jerk.

    • Bianca


  • RyRyNYC

    I see nothing wrong with this… sorry. It is the equivalent of movie theaters nation wide not playing a Coen Brothers or smaller independent movie. Deal with it Chris Brown. P.S. not only is he sounding like a child but I’m fairly sure his Publicist is going to get fired… during the holidays… for this! – so bravo Brown.

  • TheObserver

    I believe its a matter of timing more than anything because America will eventually embrace him again….for example, Mike Tyson, who bit off a mans ear on national TV and was arrested and convicted for RAPE and everyone loved him in The Hangover… no one boycotted the movie because he was in it….people are even campaigning for an oscar for this film despite his involvment in it…i think Chris is gonna have to wait a couple of years befor the public embraces him again is all…and in the meantime, stores have a right to decide what they put on thier shelves unless its in violation of any contract they may have with the record company, its their store…

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