Lil Wayne and Eminem drop new single 'Drop the World': What do you think?

“Drop the World,” a new single from Lil Wayne and Eminem, is available for free downloading on the ‘nets this morning. As the Music Mix told you last week, Lil Wayne’s album Rebirth has yet again been pushed back, this time from Dec. 21 to an undetermined date in 2010, possibly as his label tries to find a hit that’ll help the record sell, sell, sell. Could “Drop the World” be that song?

From a couple of listens, I’m going to say no, unfortunately. Not a resounding no, by any means—there’s some life in this single—but it’s no radio-ready jam that’ll take the masses by storm. Why? “Drop the World” has a mesmerizing sort of intro, where Lil’ Wayne seems like he’s being contemplative: “I’ve got ice in my veins/Blood in my eyes/Hate in my heart/Love in my mind” the rapper intones. And that feels nice, actually. But it’s not long before the song devolves into a slurring mess. Lil Wayne quickly blows out the song, begins a string of f-bombs and n-words, and tells us that he’s gonna “pick the world up and drop it on your f—ing head.” Um, alright then. No thanks. Eminem’s entrance—about 2:15 into the song—is a highlight, although it’s nearly as enraged.

But, what do you think, Music Mix readers? Are you a fan of this new collab? Would it make you buy Lil Wayne’s whole album?

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  • couchgrouch

    those lines are really weak. rappers can’t write.

    • Mark

      I dont have to hear it to know it sucks. Rappers are thugs and the main reason that our youth today are so corrupted.

      • brian

        ahhahahah dont judge people that u dont kno..and that isnt the mainreason why our youth is so corrupted, get the facts straight

      • Jayde

        Rap is what has tainted our youth.. that was pretty much the most asinine statement I have heard. Love the song.

      • john

        hip-hop is not corrupting the youth.. it is pop music that does that. Lil wayne is pop music and this song is proof of his inability to “do” hip-hop, however kills it lyrically like usual!

      • john

        sorry… EM kills it like usual… not wayne!

      • Tasha

        stop hating rlly. u dont know the first thing about music or the youth so stop trying. these ppl at least try to understand us. when the youth is mad who do they turn to? the artist. so try again.

      • QAZMAN


      • AJ

        Em definitely kills this song. And to all the haters of rap, it doesn’t corrupt or taint our youth, its called poetry. I listen to nothing but rap but I graduated as a how did it corrupt or taint my mind? You have to be mature about the lyrics…I would have to say that pop has tainted and corrupted our youth..can you honestly tell me britney spears and such are good role models? at least artists like eminem are saying it how it is and through their struggles we can all learn something from life.

      • colin

        grown ups are just as corrupt if not more so haha so clearly rap isn’t causing it

      • HARLEY

        none of you have the right to post judgement on anybodys past its there right to be who they wana be and do what they wana do. and its your right as a parent to tell your children that cussing is bad drinking cough syrup is bad. there pursuing there hapiness not trying to corrupt your child. its your fault your childs corrupt not lil waynes. its your fault you haven’t spent enough time with child haha.

      • keke100

        o shutup up with ur assumptions

      • Musiclover

        Haha people are stupid. Lil wayne had a hard life. leave him alone.

    • Mauren

      This songs blows, but to say that rappers can’t write is incorrect. Eminem is one of the best lyricist of our time. Tupac and Biggie both told great stories through their music with some of their songs, reflecting on what was really happening to urban youth at that time. Don’t be a hater. >.<

    • john

      sorry… EM kills it like usual… not wayne!

      • Tasha

        yeah! em was amazing! get out wayne and the song is great

    • Karmazz

      Lil wayne is terriblle as usual but em was crazy good reminds me sort of like the SSLP and The MMLP

    • keke100

      well thats exactly why the make millions and who are yu to judge? also you can’t say rappers because then you would be putting all rappers in the category of bad rappers and how could u possibly say that. so what i am trying to say is that u know nothing just keep quiet.

    • Musiclover

      Excuse me ? They can write. If you say rappers can’t write then neither can poets. Thats all it is. Hater.

  • crispy

    I would not waste my bandwidth. In fact, I wouldn’t even waste my employer’s bandwidth.

    • Anon

      You’re already wasting your bandwidth on the article, dolt.

  • niklas lane

    this dood look’s like a dweed

  • qt

    na 2 best in universe b

  • Steve

    Sickest song ever. Both rappers killed iT!

    • john

      how did wayne kill that? if talking/rhyming like a nursery rhyme counts.. then yeah he killed it!

      • Polzin

        haha man john youre just hating on autopilot right now…this is a song where, apart from the chorus, wayne got genuine and lyrical, and his contribution to the song was just as good as eminem’s, which is impossible for most rappers to do…don’t come in here reusing insults youve heard at a time when theyre possibly the most irrelevant…

  • grant

    This sounds more like a mix tape than a song that is to be on his next album. Are you sure the record company released this?

  • yungbuck

    yall mutha ers need to shut da up holla

  • ASID

    damn//Eminem owns that track

    weezy and shady..Best rappers alive

    • john

      wayne sucks to begin with, but next to Em he really sounds like butt!

  • nonny

    great song, eminem’s verse is amazing

  • Tasha

    Eminem KILLED it!!! wayne was aight nottin big but more of eminem would be great. wayne…wayne…wayne… more eminem less you = perfect song. lyrics are sick though.

  • duffy

    why is little wayne in almost every rap track?!

    • lee

      damn. did u really just call lil wayne ‘little wayne’. weezy is in every track because he appeals to the mainstream audience. em owns this song. seriously. i feel sorry fo weezy. sure it makes the song a thousand times better with eminem in it but it also makes a comparison inevitable. makes weezy look like sheezy. its like forever (drake) all over again. and aite haters its not hip hop or rap its gaga and every other pop clone corrupting youth culture. straight up.

  • Silent Rage

    I like both artists from time to time but this track SUCKS, I got a headache listening to this. Lil-wayne’s been drinkin too much up that sizurp and EM is more entertaining when he’s on drugs, go figure

    • Anon

      Very true.

  • mikeNYC

    Good track, but not a hit.. I agree the start shows alot of potential but its lacking something. Wayne lyrically is terrible as usual but his unique voice helps a bit as usual. Em wasnt at his best but with out his verse… damn is em really that much better than everybody else??

  • mikeNYC

    This would be a better song if wayne just did the hook… thats it. Wayne is an entertainer not a rapper.

  • kknl

    this song reminds me a lot of lose yourself. it’s got the same die hard feel to it. its amazing. and wayne has good lyrics too. but em just spits it better as usual.

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