Adam Lambert's 'Whataya Want from Me': Watch preview clips for the new video here

Forget the leather-clad fantasia (snakes! spikes! fancy walking sticks!) of La Lambert’s last small-screen effort, “For Your Entertainment”—on his Pink-penned third single “Whataya Want from Me,” Idol‘s most fantabulous runner-up is looking decidedly un-Adamy:

Wherefore art thou, Glammy Glambert? This young man with the lycra-free garments and low-product hair and mere smidgen of eyeliner, we know him not. Perhaps it is his second cousin, Glumbert.

But hark! What have we here? Ah yes, a sharp suit! The hair has met its good friend Molding Paste yet again, and rises like a Phoenix from the ashes! I think I smell eyebrow powder. Senor Glammy, he returns:

Hmmm. I was actually just starting to enjoy this somber Sadbert. The thoughtful dress-down actually suits him; it’s like a sweet little sequin-free palate cleanser. But what do you think, readers? The full video premieres on VH1 this Friday at 6am; will this be the song that finally pushes him past the top 50 on Billboard’s Hot 100?

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  • EWsMom

    I’m not surprised he “de-glammed” himself (at least to an extent)…..his original look/style just wasn’t connecting with audiences.

    But kudos to Adam for getting such a plush and coveted premiere slot on VH1 – 6am! LOL

    • LOL

      “His original look/style…” ummm what?

      Which is…..?

      You realize Adam Lambert is a vocal and visual chameleon, right?

      I wonder if the internet and media are even aware of the thousands of looks he’s had over the years, I bet y’all don’t even know about the “Adam rares” folder lol.

      That’s such a large part of his appeal, personality aside.

      Every song on his album tells a different story and he’s said he wants every video and performance to accompany that. He changes his style and vocals up constantly.

      The FYE video was f-n HOT. And judging by the “I’d f–k him all day long” YT comments by random people who didn’t even watch Idol, a ton of others thought so too rofl.

      He’s never going to stop reinventing himself.

      • Alli

        Well said. Adam’s a complete chameleon. His album is varied and he changes up his look all the time (don’t like a hairdo or haircut, give it a week or two ;). He was also a chameleon on the show, so I’m not sure why Leah’s (impossible to read) article painted him as being a “single type.” Yes, he can do glam, but he’s not Gaga. He’s not crazy all the time. He has depth as a person and as an artist. I’m really excited to see the ENTIRE music video.

    • quoted from p2 because someone people are…dumb

      “LOL how soon some forget that Adam created a new look and vibe for each performance week on Idol, fierce, fun, heartfelt, whatever felt authentic to that particular song. Why would his videos be any different. His ability to inhabit the song vocally is enhanced by his commitment to honoring it visually. Oh, plus, HOTT. Seriously. Sadzbert, I think I may love you most of all. Well, that is until the next video.”

      “Someone missed the point about how the guy is a performer and changes up his look to match whatever he’s doing. “What Do You Want From Me” isn’t a ‘glammy’ song – it’s a ballad about a troubled relationship with a lover (or in this case, a nutty fanbase one is unable to please).”

    • Troll

      He looks like a bloated Liza Minelli in this video.
      This dude is realy starting to look like a cartoon.

      • DD

        Nice try – but you are boring us to death here dude with your trolling!

  • jared

    For better or worse, I think his 15 minutes are up.

    • mitchel

      Jared, expect to keep saying that for the next twenty years at least.

    • LP

      Gotta love TROLLS.

      Butthurt Kris Allen’s album BOMBED? LMAO.


      Adam’s album is going Gold in Feb.
      He’s sold 434K +


      I LOVE that he has legends from Slash, Spielberg, Tyler, Tim Burton, Queen, Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Rob Marshall, Muse, Cuomo to Linda Perry on his side and wanting to work with him…yet the bitter trolls still think by spamming the same thing over and over again, it will come true lmao. So see-through.

      He’s barely even started yet is already part of Pop culture, people don’t even associate him eith Idol anymore. F-n everyone wants to work with him and his fanbase keeps grows by thousands every day. He has so many huge projects for 2010.

      People like you crack me up. Who are you again? Seriously. Come back when you have all the above then someone may actually take you seriously too sweetheart ;)

      • LP


      • mitchel

        Cripes. You call this guy a troll and then you ruin any valuable thing you might say with being one yourself. Adam would not appreciate a fan like you dissing his friend. You should know they don’t consider it a competition anymore, they never did, and it’s ironic that it’s today that Kris’ single has gone gold, by the way. Singles and albums are different, duh, but it’s all positive. There’s no need for you to be a jerk about Kris just to pump up Adam. He doesn’t need it, and absolutely would not want it.

      • @mitchel

        Hang on. A Kris fan can diss Adam but no one can state TRUE FACTS about Kris? LOL!

      • mitchel

        to ‘@mitchel’ – you obviously didn’t get my point. It was the unnecessary rudeness in the comparison, and the comparison in itself. They’re both great, they’ll both do well, one doesn’t need to be dragged down to propel the other. Nevermind. With a response like that, I doubt you’ll get it this time either.

      • @LP

        Kris’ sales sucked because FOX refused to advertise his cd. They rejected the winner in order to pimp the runnerup(dont believe me? even before Kris’ album came out, they were already advertising Adams right and left(oh and than having Adam do the SYTYCD finale while having Kris going the week before)(Im calling BS on that one)), so yeah….I think alot of people could see the writing on the wall with how well his cd was going to do. So really you can’t say much about his sales when its pretty obvious FOX had no intention of letting him do well.

      • Troll

        He was supposed to be the “next big thing” in Rock. That’s why all those celebrities were flockin around.
        Album sales have shown that most people don’t have such a high opinion about Mr. Media and his crappy, self-indulgent album.

        Fusion? LOL!

    • Kristyn

      Thank God.

  • Darin

    One full minute of commercials and 42 seconds of video.. thanks ew

  • Jenn

    The look reflects the song. What’s up with all the haters? Love, love, love, love Adam. Don’t think he’s going anywhere. I, along with a large number of people all over the world, are in awe of his God given talent!

  • Anna

    Look great, I love the de-glammed look

  • dayum

    white boy is fiiiiine

    • Jada

      can i get an amen

      • Kayla L.


    • LOL

      Sorry to hear your taste in men is so crappy

      You must find Jay Leno sexy too, judging by your horrid choice in men…

  • Waxismo

    Adam looks most lovely indeed. However, ‘wherefore’ means WHY, you dilettante.

  • woah

    he’s stunning O___o

    • mte

      He has the nicest nose I’ve ever seen on a dude.

  • Fmartz

    This song is already number 34 in the top 40 and moving up.

    It’s great and moody with amazing vocals. And seriously, are we as a nation of music affionados so conditioned to seeing the same boring look on a performer for every song and performance that Adam Lambert changing things up in a music video is actually shocking?

    Seriously? And Glumbert? Since the entire tone of this review is on the ridiculous side, I’m going to call it DUMB-Blatt

    • Fmartz


      • Jake

        It’s spelt ‘aficionados’ ; ]

    • London

      Thank you.

      I can’t even say I’m tired of the Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Miley Cyrus, Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber types because I’ve never been into their dire and or generic, musically stunted ‘music’ in the first place. A lot of music makes me want to barf but I just focus my interest elsewhere, I don’t seek out posts on them or keep the channel when they’re on. That’s retarded.

      So f-n refreshing to have someone like Lambert in this day and age. Someone who’s bringing showmanship, REAL vocal talent, and persona to music again.

      I think it’s hilarious what Americans put at the top of the charts.

      Although aside from Muse and a couple of other decent acts, our charts our ridiculous as well.

      • tatiana

        to London. I coudn’t agree more! It’s to the point!

    • Sammi

      Agreed. Glumbert is stupid. Because putting words in front of people’s names is daring and funny! Dumb-blatt. Boring-blatt. Bothersome-blatt. Bumbling-blat. Are we all laughing?

  • Amelle, 24

    He is beautiful; inside-out.

  • wg

    As always, Adam changes up his look to match the story of what he is singing. Looking forward to the new video, but LOVED the FYE video – that one will be very hard to top.

  • voiceworkstk

    O-M-G!!!! He is soooo BEAUTIFUL and a voice to match. The haters will never come around so forget them…….their loss… GLAMBERTS are the real “sure fire winners”!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!

  • Dakota

    He is totally gorgeous glammed up or dressed down. Loved the first clip but it made him look 15 and me feel like a pedophile. How can one man have that many personas, and own them all?

    • ODO

      Even the second clip?

      He really is a chameleon.

  • Sacha Fox

    Boy is gorgeous.

  • well.


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