Susan Boyle tells Oprah her hospitalization was 'a chapter of my life that is over with now'

Susan Boyle’s visit to The Oprah Winfrey Show just aired, and it was…well, pretty much exactly what you’d expect if you’ve seen any of Boyle’s other TV appearances. Boyle began with a typically clear-voiced rendition of the inspirational tune “Who I Was Born To Be” (sample lyric: “I’ve got the world in my hands, and it feels like my turn to fly”), followed by a short interview. Promos for the show suggested Boyle would come clean to Oprah about her hospitalization after losing Britain’s Got Talent last year; in fact that topic was dealt with rather briefly, with Boyle calling her three-day stay in a London hospital for exhaustion “a chapter of my life that is over with now.” And just like that, she was on to teaching Oprah how to do the “Boyle Wiggle,” a dance that looks like hula-hooping without the hoop. Major takeaway of their conversation: “Dreams can come true.”

Did you watch Susan Boyle on Oprah? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  • sandi

    Ummmm…..lets see…today is Monday….the interview is supposed to air on Tuesday.

    • The Calendar

      Today is Tuesday.

      • singlesugardaddies

        I luv her beauty

    • jason in mi

      Best comment ever.

      Blogs and computers are fine, but a calander is too high tech?

    • Sydney

      It’s tuesday……what planet are YOU from?

  • laura

    today is tuesday … and in some parts it comes out early or late. I get to see O at 4 pm

  • talkin’

    The song, corny and manipulative as it was, worked. New tears.
    It is obvious she is not a “good interview”, for whatever reasons. Oprah tried but didn’t get much. The song however cut through. And really, if you are not articulate and shiny – like Adama Lambert – why should you have to talk?

    The 45 minutes devoted to Adam Lambert were delightful. He shone and Oprah loves him.
    Nice show.
    Here, on Tuesday.

  • talkin’

    *not Adama – just a typo there

  • Allison

    hahahhaa that “today is Monday” quote just made my day. i make mistakes like that too sometimes but still. last week i had 2 articles open and i wanted to comment on one of them, and commented on the wrong one. so there my comment was, completely unrelated ranting about something. i havent gone back to it but im sure people were laughing about that one too!

  • Anastasia

    Adam looked so gorgeous! His voice was so beautiful. I knew Oprah would save him for last. He is always the ratings getter. I love the way he handles interviews. He always gives his undivided attention to whoever he is with. Adam is just so sweet, smart, and sexy! I just adore him.

  • Anastasia

    Oh, this story was about Susan Boyle, sorry. She is sweet too, love her voice.

  • elle

    “a chapter of my life that is over with now”. EXACTLY! Now why is it that no one else can leave this dead horse (the hospitalization) alone? There’s more to life that dragging ooooooollllllddddd rags through the mud.

  • PlayingHardToGet

    What a stale question by Winfrey. It was a lame interview that could have been conducted last August.

  • Jewel

    Too bad that Susan had to be on the same show as Adam Lambert. I dvr’d it and was able to watch her segment then ffd through the rest before deleting. She kind of got the shaft from Oprah in my opinion. Two to one on the time spent showcasing each singer. I’d have rather seen more of Susan’s background than watched Oprah gushing over Adam Lambert. You could tell that she wasn’t that into Susan’s music. Susan is one of my all time favorite singers and gave us one of my all time favorite cds. I play it several times every day.

    • Lily

      Even though I am a huge fan of Adam Lambert, I think it would have been better if the “shopping documentation” and “mother and daughter fan surprise” was actually featuring Susan Boyle instead of Adam… And not only Susan Boyle got “recycled questions”, the “Adam – Madonna” story was already told many times before…

  • realdeal

    It was a lousy interview. Oprah’s insistence on repeating Boyle’s answers as if nobody could understand, was insulting. She could not be bothered even pretending to be interested in Boyle – extremely unprofessional. The old, impertinent questions seemed intentionally rude. What a wasted opportunity to get to know the person behind the hype. Compare this with the Alan Jones interview – outstanding and skilful.

    • eva

      I’ve read from those who attended the show live had hard time hearing her, so Oprah had to repeat her answers at times. After she (Susan) left, Oprah even asked her audience if they understand her.

      • PlayingHardToGet

        Isn’t this why they tape these shows, so they can pause and have a do-over?

  • imrah

    Oprah was kind and professional with Susan, give Oprah a break, Susan’s fan would never be satisfied,Oprah was sweet and attentive and you could see her getting misty eyed when Susan sang,what do you want from Oprah?she invited Susan to her show and thats a big deal already.

  • Lyse

    J’ai aimé l’entrevue avec Oprah et adoré la chanson,j’ai son CD et croyez moi, si elle en fait un autre, je vais me le procurer. Oprah a fait montre de beaucoup de délicatesse dans ses questions à Susan, le reportage sur la vie de Susan était très bien également. Les deux artistes que j’aime le plus actuellement étaient là, Susan et Adam Lambert. Bravo à tous les deux. Et quand aux journalistes qui nous disaient que Susan avait joué à l’allumeuse, ils n’ont sûrement pas vu la même chose que moi, sa peite danse à la demande d’Oprah n’avait rien d’indécent, c’était juste cute.De plus j’ajoute que Susan est très jolie, le maquillage ça aide, comme pour moi et la majorité des femmes qui si elles se montraient sans maquillage seraient bien différentes.

    • PlayingHardToGet

      Yes, but Winfrey seemed so very serious and humorless in the interview. Winfrey did not seem at ease at all. This show was taped, so they should have tried it again.

      • Lily

        @PlayingHardToGet… About Oprah being humorless…
        Humor is a tricky thing, an American may not understand Scottish humor and vice versa. I only understood Indonesian humor after staying in Indonesia for at least 2 years, and I am an Indonesian born and brought up in Western Europe… If the interview is done one year later in 2011… then I think Oprah will be more daring… but then again, we may never know because Oprah’s talkshow will not be aired anymore.

    • Lily

      Yes, I would look also differently without make- up….

  • irene

    I am enthralled with Susan. Love her voice, love her appreciation of all that has finally come her way. She is so real, so unpretentious–and such an inspiring talent. I felt Oprah was deighted with her, and was very heartfelt with her. I love Oprah too. Susan was shining in her own right, and Oprah added in her admiration of her.

  • Drew

    Here are a few in-depth interviews you may want to try – Oprah really only spent 3 minutes..which was weird to me. Susan is funny. Guess she wasn’t getting the Scottish accent.

    Molly Meldrum (australia)
    Matt Lauer (Nov 26 2009)

    Radio Interviews
    Interview on Australian Radio 1 Dec 10 2009
    Dermot O’Leary’s Time Capsules Dec 25, 2009
    (due to rights restrictions – you need to google to find this one)

    • Lily

      @Drew, Thank you,thank you very much for telling about the link below… I am a great Adam Lambert fan but I am also very impressed by Susan Boyle… By watching the video of the Molly Meldrum interview, I understand much more about Susan Boyle’s goodhearted character and why Oprah did not push it to have a long interview with her in front of a live audience… Apparently Susan Boyle does not really like interviews, so why pushing her ? Some people (some are american) say on blogs that it was hard for them to understand Susan Boyle with her heavy accent. Has it ever occured to them that Susan Boyle might think the same thing about the American accent ? That the American accent is hard for her to understand ?

      Link adviced by Drew
      Molly Meldrum (australia)

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