Taylor Swift wins Album of the Year: Did the Grammys get it right?

The Grammy for Album of the Year just went to Taylor Swift’s Fearless. That doesn’t quite count as a shocking upset, given how popular Swift is in the music biz (and the real world), but it’s still not the result that everyone foresaw. For instance, in light of the Recording Academy’s typical preference for established rock acts, I predicted that the big trophy would go to Dave Matthews Band’s Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Wrong!

And you know what? I say Swift deserved this one. Beyoncé’s I Am…Sasha Fierce, Lady Gaga’s The Fame, and the Black Eyed Peas’ The E.N.D. were all perfectly fine collections, too, each one of them packed with several undeniable hit singles. I wouldn’t have been mad to see any of them, or DMB, win. All the same, Fearless just worked better as a well-sequenced set of songs. There’s a reason it was the biggest-selling album of 2009.

What do you say? Did Taylor Swift deserve Album of the Year, or did one of the other nominees get robbed? Sound off in the comments section.

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  • fancypants

    NO. The Grammys got it very wrong. Very.

    • fancypants

      I don’t even like Lady Gaga or DMB, but either one deserved it over Miss Princess.

      • xyz

        Damn straight, that was clearly a pity win for Swift. Thanks a lot, Kanye. You just couldn’t keep you mouth shut for that one brief moment, could you?

      • JRM

        Same here.

      • Michelle

        I agree with you fancypants. I don’t Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas (I like some Beyonce, but not all) but I’d rather see them get it than her.

      • KatyCharles

        She writes her own music, she’s humble and knows her demographic. She also doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t. She’s the epitome of a successful entertainer.

        Not necessarily the most brilliant performer or even musician, but her album is well rounded and appeals to a larger number of people than most of the others. I think it makes sense that she won. I don’t think it was pity. I think it was respect.

      • Momo

        She writes music for 12 year olds, and her singing sounds like a rusty hinge. So much good talent out there and she’s the one being obsessed over. She’ll be yesterday’s news soon enuff.

      • Kristina

        I’m sorry, but if you feel Taylor deserved a Grammy after her horrible performance with Stevie Nicks, y’all are stupid.

      • zac

        i think that BEYONCE or LADY GAGA should have won because of what kayne west DID to taylor swift he just made her be more than what she is and the grammy awards they felt sorry for her so she just walked away with the award and BEYONCE and LADY GAGA just got JACKED!!!!

      • j9

        I don’t think there’s the word “pity” wrapped with the award. Looks like you just keep on ranting on about that whole Kanye incident everytime she gets an award. But hey, she already had a name even before Kanye, as a country-pop singer-songwiter, not something she may never have intended to be: a bona-fide, mainstream CELEBRITY. She deserves it more than anybody else, like what the writer said, “Fearless just worked better as a well-sequenced set of songs.”
        The collection was coherent. It was drop-dead great. It wouldn’t have sold a mere 5 million copies if it had been otherwise.

    • Nick T

      I was rooting for Lady Gaga (knowing she didn’t have a chance), but I didn’t care who won as long as Swift didn’t.

      • Hicktown

        yall are both crazy! she diserved that just as much as the rest of ‘em

      • Jon

        Swift is no way close to Lady Gaga’s talent!!!!!!! Watch Swift’s Grammy’s live performance – she sucks, this girl cannot put on a live performance!!

      • Album

        This award was for an album, not a live performance.

      • Ryan

        And Lady Gaga does? All she has is a large wardrobe. Her performance was horrible. Elton John saved her. On the other hand I also noticed that it seemed as if Stevie Nicks didnt know the words to the Taylor Swift song they were singing together and just decided to play tamborine instead.

      • LilysMom

        Who ever says TS cannot put on a live performance can go suck it. She had the best tour of the year, she was amazing in concert. Lady Gaga has more talent than TS? Keep smoking that crap…..

      • Huh?!

        Umm… I’m a Taylor Swift fan but she didn’t cut it last night! Her set was painful to watch!

      • VT

        Umm . . . Lady Gaga was accepted to Julliard and studied at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts. Trust me, you have to have a tremendous amount of talent just to get an audition at both. Taylor Swift can write a great pop song and is very pretty, but she has a weak little voice with serious pitch issues and no lower register whatsoever. If you don’t like Gaga’s style of music or wardrobe, that’s one thing, but to say that Taylor has more talent just proves your vast ignorance on the topic of music.

      • MFW

        VT, well said. And all so true. Taylor seems like a nice young lady, but she wouldn’t last 5 minutes on American Idol, due to pitch issues, and no voice strength. Great writer though. That’s where she will settle in hopefully.

      • live does mattere

        The mainstream media has no clue what talent is ..taylor defenitly didint deserv that award…i thought gaga was gonna take that award home.. and live performance matters just as much .. taylor cant sing live that well .. gaga puts all her dedication on her live performance..and can sing way better then taylor .. and lady gaga is just talented period .. some dont like her just cuz of the way she dresses or so call weird.. the women has a view of music thats very artistic and talented ..

      • Tahnee

        I haven’t listened to Taylor’s album because nowadays whenever her songs come on the radio they make me cringe but when they did first come out I listened to the lyrics. Since theres all this hype about her writing her own songs and shes winning awards one would think that the lyrics should be amazing, but they are incredibly juvenile. why is her song “today was a fairytale” so similar to “love story?” i thought i was listening to a remake. her lyrics express as much maturity as a 14 year old.

      • Roma

        VT you said everything I wanted to say. I mean, Taylor is all cute and sweet and I like her and everything but more talented than Gaga???!!! I say ‘get off your cheap drugs’ to whoever said that… if you don’t like her music that’s fine but not recognizing her talent is just plain stupid. And come on! Taylor Swift’s songs aren’t THAT great, they’re all about freakin fairy tales! that and the teen homewrecker who tells the boy she likes: ‘your girlfriend sucks, leave her and be with me instead’, I say that’s not a very nice message to give to young girls now is it?

    • Sally in Chicago

      The Grammys have been getting it wrong for a long time….it’s a joke. Can you say “payola?”

      • nikki

        Do you remember who won the first metal/hard rock grammy? A folk band from the 70’s that played the flute and released a greatest hits ablum that year. There were other real metal acts nominated that were huge that year. I was a teen and metal music was my life. I had never even heard of Jethro Toll until then, “what a let down”. The grammy’s often get it wrong I don’t think they listen to the nominated music. But Taylor had a huge year and is very talented as did the others, thats why they are nominated. So what she had a rough show. NOBODYS PERFECT!

    • IrishSharon

      How did they get it wrong?! Check Billboard Magazine for all of 2009 and you will see it was the best selling album all year!

      • craig

        it has nothing to do with sales, these awards are supposed to celebrate the “art” of music and groundbreaking new ideas

      • Sally in Chicago

        Herbie Hancock and Joan Mitchell won about 2 years ago and their album didn’t sell diddly squat, it wasn’t even on the BB radar…but they still won. it has nothing to do with sales. But quality. And her music is so “thin” and the words speak to teenager girls. A total surprise that she won. It should have been anyone but her, anyone!

      • sunny

        aren’t the AMA’s decided by sales?? the Grammy’s are supposed to be about the music!

      • Jaba

        Sales are typically a good judge of music. You cant say that the top selling album is bought by a bunch of people that have terrible musical taste just because you dont like something.

      • J

        Sales should not be bought into questioning when it comes to making a decision. Think about each of their fan base. 16 and 17 year old high school girls are more likely to actually go out and buy Taylor’s album. Beyonce has a larger fan base and more than likely most her fans downloaded her album illegally from the net.

      • Elliot

        So, the Grammys should be based on sales? Why didn’t Britney’s Baby One More Time, N’Syncc’s No Strings Attached, and Britney’s OOPS I DIDI IT AGAIN win Best Album Grammies??? OMG!!!!! They were, like, totally robbed!!!!! They were the best selling albums of their respective years!!!!

      • JL

        No one is saying that they should be based on sales, they are only saying that you can’t deny the albums popularity or Taylor’s talent as she writes almost all of her songs and everyone is singing them/buying them. Just because people are using her sales as backup for the fact that her album deserves the award does not mean that they are saying the Grammy’s used sales as justification.

      • VT

        The Grammys are about talent. Britney Spears outsells Andrea Bocelli. Are you arguing that she’s the better singer? You should be watching the Billboard and People’s Choice Awards.

      • MissVampireDiaries

        So High School Musical and Twilight soundtrack should win right? Based on sales? Forget underground music…

      • Liz

        Well not to nitpick but like or dislike the Twilight franchise all you want but you can’t deny the soundtrack to New Moon featured many awesome acts. Thom Yorke, Lykke Li, Death cab to name a few. Just saying. Having said that there were a few other bands that should have been nominated for album of the year that weren’t. But no way was Taylor Swift’s album the best of the year.

      • Amy

        If sales determine quality, then I guess McDonald’s makes the best food in America? The number of albums sold indicates she had a popular album, not a good one.

      • Arin

        Amy – thank you! Taylor Swift is popular, not talented. The other 4 choices had more talent but not the same level of McDonald’s mainstream appeal. How disappointing that art and music continue to be devalued in our society, one where Big Macs are worth more than real foods!

      • Nikkie

        ya mad because ya cant sing and she could haterssss these dayz!!!

      • OG

        so why not give the oscar to twilight?
        because it’s ridiculous.
        the grammy and the oscar are suppose to be about talent and not who is the most popular.

      • ginaM

        Just because it was the best selling doesn’t mean she deserved it. Grammys are supposed to be voted from your peers and the awards are suppose to transcend all about the money aspect. That is why you go WTH at some of the awards in some categories because you never heard of certain artists. There are tons of artists with really good albums that don’t get noticed every year. I’m really curious to know what the age and music preferences of who is voting in the Grammy pool. They obvious loved very little rock and mostly pop and r & b & Taylor Swift.

    • craig

      They always get it wrong, no surprise yet again. They never even nominate the true worthy candidates

      • nikki

        I agree its only the household names anymore. I am tired of the beyonces and so on. GaGa is ok cuz she can play an instrument and knows music theory, though I really don’t like her music I can respect that. So T.S. was a resonable choice, what she lacks in vocals she makes up in her musical and writing ability. But she was a model and does fit the mold. I want to see Beyonce play her own music or any instrument at that. There are other super talented females who don’t get nods because they don’t fit in the “mold”. Is it really about the “music”?

    • alonso

      have u guys listened to her cd? Is perfect. It has heart, melodies. its not pretencious. perfect cd. and absolutely the best cd of 2009

      • Eric

        Nope, it’s mediocre and boring. Fated for the dustbin of history. And clearly it isn’t pretentious, given that her listeners can’t even spell the word despite the auto-spell check built into this website.

      • MSR

        Taylor Swift is essentially the Miley Cyrus of the moment. She’s getting her moment in the sun and she’ll (hopefully) disappear just as quickly. The problem with her is there’s no soul in her singing – she sings the words in the right pitch but she doesn’t know the meaning behind them yet. Compare her to the other artists in her category and especially in country music and she can’t and won’t stand up.

      • JL

        SHE DOESNT KNOW THE MEANING?! shes the one who writes them.

      • Nae

        Since she wrote the songs I am pretty sure she can understand the meaning behind them. She is twenty not a twelve year old, she can sing about things besides rainbows and butterflys. I think her album contains many uplifiting songs. Fifteen especially gives a great message to young girls. Swift deserved it as much as anybody.

      • Elise

        I don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with the fact that Taylor writes her own songs. Aside from the sales, her album was not groundbreaking in any way. The only reason she sells as well as she does is that she’s so MOR. I don’t think she deserved it. I’m not saying lady gaga should have won, but she writes all of her songs as well and has much better vocal ability.

      • Sheri

        to Alonso – perfect, really, that’s why they have pitch correctors and do a LOT of work on her live cuts before they are finalized. Agreed she is a marketing machine just not a vocalist.

      • kathie

        I agree with you. Taylor Swift appeals to all ages and her music is written from the heart. She deserved the Grammy as much as anyone else- she has a universal appeal and does it all: sings, plays and writes.

      • Beth

        Never heard a song before that duet with Nicks. Utterly horrendous and I like female pop music. Who is buying this stuff, oh wait 10 year olds! Beyonce, BEP or Gaga would have been a better choice. You just cannot give the award on numbers alone.

    • AK

      I’m surprised that Simon was surprised. It was very obvious Taylor Swift would win for the year she had, not because her album was the best.

    • DD

      They got it WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So damned WRONG!!! Lady Gaga should have won that award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alex

        Animal Collective was robbed. Merriweather Post Pavillion was clearly the best album this year.

      • Nikkie

        please that he she shouldn’t of one anything

      • SS

        alex, i completely agree with you!!! BEST COMMENT i’ve read, thus far. they view their music as art, not a way to gain profits and they write their own music as well. what now t-swift fans. i’m sure most people don’t even know who animal collective is though, simply because they are underground. and since they are underground people generally turn their nose to that genre of music. it’s sad, really.

    • UGH

      She won.
      Now go away for a long time.

    • meghan

      I love taylor swift. But, lady gaga totally deserved to win. She shook up what has become the dull world of pop music. Before her all the singers played it safe, and boring. She came out and wasn’t afraid to dress crazy, and unlike every other pop star she does not lip synch. The Fame is the best album i’ve heard in YEARS, and Gaga is AMAZING.

      • YouGaveUp

        I thought that i was going to have to comment saying how Gaga should have won. But you said exactly what i would have said…..Gaga is amazing. I like Taylor Swift but she has no where near te talent that Gaga has. Gaga deserved that award. I Love Gaga

      • nikki

        GaGa’s clothing and provocative rumors shrouded in mystery were the only reasons she shook up pop music. On the radio her music sounds like every other pop song. Without the shock and Aww she wouldn’t be this big.

    • Kate

      Taylor Swift’s songs is a wonderful mix of lyrics and music that the Grammy’s saw as talent. it isn’t JUST about the sales, although it always seems to feel that way.

      • NatyNormal

        you gotta have your ears checked too…along with whoever voted for her…. SHE CANNOT SING!!!!

    • Rashad

      I am so sick of Taylor Swift!! She definitely didn’t deserve to win Album of The Year. beyonce or The Black Eyed Peas should have won. It seems like ever since the whole Kanye West incident happened all these award shows are trying to kiss Taylor’s butt.

    • jared4ever

      I’m embarrassed for the Grammys today. It was a painful thing to see her win over such talented, seasoned artists. What a shame.

    • Me!


    • Laura

      Can’t believe she won. Not deserved at all. Catchy yes, musically sound not at all

    • Me too…

      Poor girl can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

    • D

      I agree that the Grammy’s got it wrong as well as all of the other awards that she has won. She is a great song writer, but she can’t sing at all. Her daddy has bought her way into the industry.

    • ng


    • michelle

      i never comment but i need to say taylor swift is a nice girl but thats it. she had the worst perfomance at the grammy’s not hitting those notes like lady gaga, beyonce, pink, or BEP. lady gaga was everywhere and deserved it but o well theres always next year

    • laurajinspires

      She, unlike many other popular artists, has a faithful fanbase that gets her major kudos because the fans are the ones voting, buying the albums and requesting her music on the radio.

      Point blank, there is justification in that alone.


      Laura J


  • j0an

    It was the biggest selling album of the year – I would say they got it right.

    • Bernice

      If that’s the case then Susan Boyle should be winning album of the year next year, Alicia Keys should have won in 2009 over Alison Kraus. Its not all about numbers or at least it shouldn’t be

      • Anon

        …and Vanilla Ice should have won in 1980whatever…

      • Sally in Chicago

        True Bernice…and you know what? Susan will win next year, even though she doesn’t deserve it either….the Grammys are record studios’ payoff to the Grammys…whichever record company pays under the table the most $$ wins.

      • Sara

        No, Michael Jackson would’ve won then.

      • marlene

        im surprised that alicia keys did have any part of the grammy’s.. taylor swift must know the right people, cause i dont think she is as talented as the others… IT WAS A MISTAKE… her winning best album… im dissapointed…..!!!

    • jon

      Please stop saying that Taylor had the number one selling album without leaving out the fact that it was just number 1 in the US. Lady Gaga had the number 2 selling album in the world with 5.8 million copies second to susan boyle with 6.2. Taylor swift was 4th worldwide. So, if you were to go by worldwide impact which is more impressive than US sales, gaga should have won. its not debatable. Out of the nominees, gaga had the best selling album worldwide by a large amount.

      • tswiftdeservedit

        grammys is US ONLY… STOOOPID!

      • jon

        obviously, the grammys are in the US dumbass, but you are getting recognized or SHOULD be getting recognized for how successful you were worldwide. Everyone knows the grammys are the most important musical award show out of all the award shows in different countries, and you should be getting recognized for your worldwide impact

      • kaloalo

        yea i agree – the grammy’s are known worldwide
        someone on twitter from germany was wondering why taylor swift won cause she was never on their charts

    • craig

      you people are so dumb, you have no clue as to what the awards are supposed to be about, it is not sales

      • DiMi

        It is juvenile and rude to call people “stupid” and “dumb” for disagreeing with you. Grow up.

      • Eric

        Except, SiMi, that you’re wrong. The Grammy’s aren’t supposed to be recognition for sales numbers. It isn’t an “opinion” or “debatable.”

      • JL

        as I said before, no one is saying it is based on sales they are just saying that if you don’t think she should have won there are lots of fans out there who would disagree. and if they seem like the minority here it is because only the sore losers feel the need to find these blogs and comment.

    • Nope

      Your an idiot Joan, numbers should not mean anything when the album of year should be decided. The fact is Taylor Swift’s Fearless, did not push any new music limits or anything it was nothing new, or out of the box it was a girl singing about romeo and juliet, and being on the bleachers, and redhead abagail.

      • Kate

        Actually, Taylor Swift opened up a whole new demographic for country music. In that sense, she is ground breaking. I understand it is country music, which doesn’t count for a lot of you, but her impact on the genre has been significant.

      • kevin

        and Lady Gaga sings about what that is so groundbreaking? The Black Eyed Peas? Beyonce? DMB?
        I Agree with the writer here, Swift’s album was well put together. The sequence of the songs works great, the writing universally relatable, all and all a great album. Not to mention this young woman is a positive influence on the music industry and the biggest selling artist of the year! Gaga sings about “disco stick” and dresses crazy and we call this “groundbreaking.” Nothing groundbreaking about Gaga, Madonna did it 20 years ago

      • kathie

        But she wrote them all which is a lot harder than just singing another persons song

    • jovon77

      alot of people have had the best selling album of the year and still didnt win that award. This is kanye,s fault

    • NatyNormal

      yes because this year only the parents of the 10 years old could afford to buy the album for kids with a “ear problem”….LOL

  • Lizzy

    I think whoever produced her album is the true winner. Anyone who can take what is obviously a mediocre voice and make it sound decent deserves an award.

    • Celeste


    • Gabby

      Hahaha, I agree!

    • Megg

      Definitely agree!!

      • kim

        actually, taylor IS the producer of her album

      • kim

        Lol kim! Yup she is!

      • CMU

        Yeah, Kim, because she did the sound mixing and recording engineering…

      • UGH

        “actually, taylor IS the producer of her album”
        It definitely shows.

      • @UGH

        You are my hero. The sarcasm leaps off the page!

    • Ash

      well then half the producing for pop acts and rock acts should get grammys then. not everyone sounds good live.

      let’s not forget lady gaga DID win 2 awards herself tonight.

      what if this had been say someone who did not write all their own music?? would ppl be so much in arms then. this was HER year. she wrote all her songs produced and was the number one selling album of 09.

      half the people in the music industry do not write their own music let alone produce their own albums. for a 20yr that girl has a hell of alot of talent and seems to have a great head on her shoulders unlike most people her age.

    • jenner

      pretty sure she not only produced the album but wrote or co-wrote every song on it. at the ripe ole age of 19. give the girl some credit

    • mark

      I guess you don’t have to have a voice to get a grammy. That was proven tonite!!! The girl can’t even carry a tune!!!

      • mishka

        Until now, you didn’t a great voice to win a grammy but I thought Best album/record/song were safe. I was wrong. And Kanye was right.

      • mishka


    • cjk

      actually the pitch correction software deserves the Grammy

    • chesz

      100% true!

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Finally, something to smile about

    • Kentrice Brown

      I so agree with you Lilly. It’s not that Taylor’s music is bad, but she is so Blah! Her stage presence is horrific. She lacks personality.

      • NatyNormal

        I agree, it is not only that she can’t sing but she has no presence and no personality…The music industry has some issues…

  • sam

    Lady Gaga should have won–it was obvious from the performances tonight who can really sing.

  • nate

    no!!!they got it soooo wrong!

    • Hicktown

      NO!!!! they didnt! they got it right on the money.

  • Celeste

    DMB was robbed.

    • Jeff

      Dave Matthews Band stinks

      • brad

        Agreed, Dave Matthews is overrated and mediocre at best

      • Samsonite

        Yeah, I guess world-class musicianship is way overrated. I’m not a huge DMB fan, but to say they are mediocre is just ridiculous.

      • Andrew

        World Class? Really?

      • DaniVt

        Yes, World Class- you may not like Dave’s voice, or the style of music but you cannot deny that they know how to play their instruments incredibly well.

      • EWsMom

        LMFAO @ DMB being “world class”

        I’m seriously LOLing over that

    • Chris

      Never heard of them to be honest!!! I hope Lady Gaga was the best!!

  • Emma

    totally got it right

    • Ryan

      Totally agree. Usually the Grammy’s pick an obscure, but decent, album for the win. However, this year, they picked one that had universal genre appeal and was written and produced by the artist (Beyonce is good, but has she ever written anything worth listening to?). I think the biggest travesty of all was the The Black Eyed Peas were even nominated.

      • ger

        Not in my universe

      • Mauren

        To answer your question Ryan, “Um… YES!”

      • Eric

        Except that what Swift has in “universal” appeal (more accurately broad-based appeal) she more than lacks in artistry or originality. There’s really not much there that’s new or very interesting.

        And oh, man, she needs some serious voice lessons.

  • maiv

    Nope. You can’t say that she deserves it solely on the fact that it was the biggest selling album of the year.

    • IrishSharon

      Then what would you base it on?! If you say talent, then you have to say that the album that sells the most, is the artist that the people most like and to THEM, that’s talent.

      • maiv

        ok, so according to that, album’s like Kesha’s will reign supreme! and while we’re at that, why don’t we give oscars out freely to movies like Transformers and New Moon.

        Grammys should be given to people with good producing and….actual singing talent

  • jaime

    They got it right. She cant sing live but you have to give it to her that album is amazing!!!

    You can listen to it start to finish…its a story its cohesive its good!

    • Sally in Chicago

      It’s a kiddie album…she writes for teenagers.

      • Nikki

        She is a teenager. What do you expect?

      • Alpha

        I’m 38 and I like both of Taylors albums. So does my 10 year old daughter. No I don’t like any other teenie boppers. I didn’t even like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany when I was 15. I like old new wave and old and new country.

      • jenner

        who are the driving force behind music sales nowadays. and her appeal goes beyond teenagers. she takes people back to that time in their lives. it makes people whimsical, that’s why she has the #1 selling album of the year. and while her voice may be mediocre, her talent as a producer and writer is undeniable

      • Sally in Chicago

        Nikki, her lyrics are teenie lyrics. She relates to teens. I don’t give her more than 3 years…she’s the Norah Jones of this decade…one hit wonder.

      • ugo

        i cannot stand taylor swift, but i have to ask: just how is norah jones a one-hit wonder?

      • J

        The teenage years have always been culturally influential e.g. James Dean Rebel without a cause. Taylor Swift draws on the emotions of teenage years but that doesn’t mean that you can’t relate unless your a teenager, unrequited love, being cheated on, a relationship not being what you thought, you can go through these at any stage in your life. Is single ladies any more profound and adult?!

      • J

        Also plenty of musicians write songs that reference specific places, times or cultures. Musicians would have a pretty narrow audience if in order to appreciate their music you had to appreciate every reference, how would a white person appreciate soul, or person from the North appreciate country. Can’t you understand ‘You belong with me’ as a song about a girl who likes her best friend but he already has a gf and not just focus on the cheer captain reference!

      • Elliot

        I don’t care if she is a teenager or not. But this teenager is an UNTALENTED teenager. Tanya Tucker and Stevie Wonder are just two examples of artists who started very young, and they always were talented, and amazing singers beyond their years. More recently, Joss Stone comes to mind (when she first started) I don’t have a problem with a singer being a teenager as long as that teenager can sing. Taylor CAN OT sing to save his life, and her music is infantile and imbecilic…

      • hannah

        Of course she writes for teenagers. She IS a teenager.

      • DiMi

        Actually, she isn’t a teengaer. She’s 20 years old, only a few years younger than Gaga. She just writes teenie bopper music. I expect more maturity from a best album winner.

      • Joanie

        Actually, this album came out when she was 18. She probably even wrote some of the songs when she was 17, so this album technically reflects the teen years of her life.

    • kevin

      I like her voice, it is perfectly imperfect. It makes her who she is, but no she is no Martina Mcbride or anything lol

  • stmarkus

    wheres kanye you need him?

    • maryannbomer

      LOL…too funny!

    • Mari

      Yeah, we miss Kanye!!!!!!!!

    • DiMi

      Yes, Kanye has been redeemed completely in my book. When I heard her sing live, I was like, “How did the winner of the 10th grade talent show get on the grammies?” She did not deserve to share the stage with Stevie Nicks!

      • DAN

        Winner of the 10th grade talent show? You are giving her too much credit. LOL

      • KayKay

        I agree, she would never win our school’s 10th grade talent show.

    • sheilakyuchang

      crack me up…lol…


    yes taylor deserves best album of the year.

  • Jack

    I can’t believe Taylor Swift won this thing. A album where every song sounds the same and is about teenage romance wins album of the year? Total BS. Swift’s album is literally like 4 chords. I have no idea what the academy was thinking

    • WTF

      It’s just sad that this is what passes for quality music these days. Hell, just look at Stevie Nicks tonight. She wrote actual music and lyrics that stand the test of time. Anybody gonna be passing this gem down to their children in the upcoming years? and I don;t mean the way you pass the Olsen twin videos down to your toddlers.

    • DiMi

      It was disturbing to go from the complexity of Stevie Nick’s ‘Rihanna’ to Taylor Swift’s ‘You belong to me.” song. You could really hear how simple Taylor Swift was musically. Stevie did not seem impressed.

      • Wow

        ‘Rhiannon’, ‘You Belong with Me’, and you’re right!

      • Preston

        She might have been so excited with performing with Stevie Nicks instead of concentrating on singing Rhiannon. Taylor sounded terrible on that part of that performance, but she got better when she shifted to her own song You Belong With Me.

  • Kerri

    Yes, I think they got it right! Though all of the albums nominated were amazing!

  • Kelly


    Go away for a few years PLEASE!

    • ann

      maybe not a few years but maybe a while…

    • Troy

      Amen! I didn’t care who won, as long as it wasn’t Beyonce. I was peeved enough that she beat Pink & Adele for Pop Female Vocal Performance. What a joke! The Academy hands out grammys like they’re candy… winning a Grammy means NOTHING anymore.

      • jovon77

        i love adele but pink cant touch beyonce in vocals sorry

    • MissVampireDiaries

      She has a new album coming out this year. lol

    • dizzy

      Totally agree, lol. I cringe everytime I here “Single Ladies”. The fact that it won Song of the Year baffles me. I don’t care how popular it is or whether it was in a Chipmunks movie.
      I don’t mind Taylor winning. I like her album.

      • 4rocket

        At least Beyonce can sing without making you ears bleed. Can’t say the same about Taylor, unfortunately. Say what you want about Beyonce and her music, but if you say Taylor is better than her in any way, shape or form, then something’s wrong with you. Seriously, I don’t like Lady Gaga, but even I think she has more substance than Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is vanilla ice cream, but without the flavor.

  • calvin


    • Alex

      Apparently you didn’t listen to the Dirty Projector’s album it was much better than Gaga’s

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