Taylor Swift wins Album of the Year: Did the Grammys get it right?

The Grammy for Album of the Year just went to Taylor Swift’s Fearless. Read the full post.

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  • kim

    It has nothing to do with if she can sing or not….Her album was the biggest in 2009. It has been in the top 10 for almost a year (making her the youngest to have a album in the top ten for that long). She was already big before kayne tried to play her. Give credit where its due…the girl can write her butt off….she’s 20…the older she gets the more mature and better her lyrics will be. YOU GO TAYLOR!

    • Emmy

      But it should have everything to do with whether she can sing. That is what this is about. She is 20 and she acts more like 16. She can’t keep posing as a teenager forever. You must have a young daughter. And the country female vocalist is only about the singing, and she won that. Just because a zillion teenage girls like her doesn’t mean she is the best vocalist.

  • J.C.

    I’m gonna say they got it right. Sure, she doesn’t have the best voice in the world. But the Album works because it’s a teenager, writing about a teenager’s experiences and not slutting it up. It’s a REAL album and she writes her own songs which it a plus for a music industry that usually forces young singers to sing songs by other writers. Good for her.

    • jon

      Taylors music has been done plenty of times before. Plenty of people before her have wrote about love and relationships using the lyrics that she has. The lyrics in Gaga;s songs, especially paparazzi and poker were different than you are use to hearing and the music sounded a little bit different than we are use to hearing. You can say taylors album was more ‘mature’, but mature does not make an album better.

      • kim

        I love Lady gaga but she is not orginal. No one in the music biz is. Lol….Taylor did her thing in 09

      • jon

        Ill prove to you shes original. Name another musician in our in the history of music to use poker face methaphors to describe their sexuality as silly as it may seem? I dont think you can name any. Name another musican in recent times to sing about the paparazzi? I dont think you can name any. Name another musican in the history of music to do acoustic versions of most of their pop/dance songs. Thats right, you cant name any. Gaga is original and even artists such as Pink recognize that.

      • Hurricane Drunk

        “Name another musican in recent times to sing about the paparazzi?”

        Lindsay Lohan- Rumors. Year: 2004. That should be recent, right?

        “Name another musican in the history of music to do acoustic versions of most of their pop/dance songs.”

        Beyonce at the Haiti Telethon- Halo with Chris Martin of Coldplay on piano.

        Gaga is original compared to Taylor Swift, but not original in general. You need to look up Madonna, Grace Jones and David Bowie, just to name a few, then come back and still tell me that Gaga is original. I’m not saying she’s bad, she’s just not original. Also, P!nk isn’t the definition of originality herself, so she would have NO business criticizing someone who isn’t.

    • B

      Well put JC

  • J.C.

    That should say “is” a plus. My bad. LOL

    • kim

      JC I WAS ABOUT TO SAY THAT! THANK YOU! LOL! I mean her record label took a big risk in letting her write ALL OF HER SONGS! And she stayed true to herself! That is why she deserved it! They got it right!

  • Dolly

    She’s a cute, and sweet girl…but no.

    Swift writes the same music, and I don’t think she’ll ever write or try anything new. Gaga keeps me, someone who isn’t much of a pop fan, interested.

    But congrats to her anyway. She’s achieved a lot.

  • rachel

    Even a major R&B and hip-hop fan, and also a fan of rock and pop music, I feel whole heartedly feel that Taylor Swift deserved that award. She has caught the attention of country and non-country fans alike, and is a great song writer and artist. Moreover, although I’ve only heard The E.N.D., Fearless, and I Am…, Fearless had a quality that really connected with me that few artists and albums have. And this is coming from a hard core R&B fan.

    • jon

      gaga had much more of an international impact that Taylor swift. But no one seems to care how other cultures feel about music.

      • rachel

        She may have had a stronger international impact internationally, but that doesn’t guarantee that she had a better album. American country music is not a genre that crosses over well, so by that standard, country music could pretty much never have a best album because the world hasn’t been as impacted. It’s about which album the academy thought was better.

      • jon

        thats true. that was a pop album, not a country album. I know what country sounds like and that was not country. Lady Gaga crushed beyonce in worldwide sales as well so your argument does not apply to beyonce. the academy chose taylor only because it was more “mature” than lady gaga’s album, but it doesnt make it better.

      • rachel

        Was Swift’s album more mature than Gaga’s? I have no idea, like I said I haven’t heard Gaga’s. I also know that Beyonce has been popular abroad, but again, it doesn’t guarantee the best album. I listened to it and as a big R&B fan, I didn’t think it was an overall great album. I think it had some great songs, with Halo being an absolute gem (and I hated Single Ladies…felt way overproduced to me). But Taylor’s album was more solid all around. Anyway, again, it’s about what the academy thought was better.

  • Timothy

    Taylor Swift is the biggest come up star in the world!!! Kanye West determines your future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Georgiann

    I do not listen to Taylor Swift,I really can’t understand much of what she sings and her voice sounds very immature to me. Its like bubblegum country. I can appreciate that she is talented and gourgeous, but its just not for me

  • Timothy

    Taylor Swift is the biggest come up star in the world!!! Kanye West determines your future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B*TCH!!!

  • sean

    Beyonce def. deserved it, but its all good. i kinda knew they would GIVE it to her.

  • pety


  • Elena

    Hm. Not much of a Gaga fan, but I thought she was gonna get that one.

  • Pat

    Am I the only one who thinks that Taylor Swift can’t sing? Know she’s cute and innocent and everybody’s darling but her voice is terrible.

    • G

      Same here. She sounded a bit…off, while singing today.

  • Roland

    This was robbery of the highest magnitude. I have yet to hear Ms Swift hit the notes in her own songs, including tonight’s rotten performance. Lady Gaga has hit the country by storm and is one of the biggest talents around. This just goes to show how out of touch and vanilla the Grammy voters are, and it’s time people stopped watching this show.

  • Am

    That was very much undeserved. I thought album of the year characterized an amazing album that will be considered a classic such as Thriller not the best selling teenage act of the minute. Based on her performance tonight she cannot sing a single note live. The Grammys pretty much reduced themselves to VMA caliber by naming her album of the year. Too bad Kayne wasn’t there to bum rush the stage.

  • Chris

    Of all the nominees in the cateogry, I think DMB or Lady Gaga should have taken the award. I especially would’ve liked to see Lady Gaga win that one.

    The Fame has revitalized pop music in a way that has never been seen in recent years. Looking at the history of pop music in order Lady Gaga is the marker for this generation.

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