Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks' Grammys duet: Out of sight, or out of tune?

The last thing I want to do is ruin another awards ceremony for Taylor Swift. Read the full post.

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  • Jay

    Taylor Who? Stevie Nicks …You must be able to “tune” her out…

  • Diane

    I think Taylor’s cd are good and shes a good role model for young girls (not trashy or trampy) but live, the girl cannot sing to save her life.

  • JB

    Taylor had the best album. The sales speak for themselves. Especially the fact she could cross over. A bunch of girls (and guys) over 20 that listen to her music. I have been to her concert. She was great. The hating is mostly from the girls. What is it the blonde hair? She skinny? She is a good girl? All the above? Your inner pain must be killing you. lol!

    • sara

      How about her weak voice? You are so funny to think this is mostly coming from girls who are somehow jealous.

      I guess critics from the L.A. Times, Washington Post and others are also just girls who hate her for her blonde hair. Talk about delusional fans.

      Taylor Swift has mixed reviews from Grammy night

      Published by tuneinon February 1, 2010

      The good news: At 20, Taylor Swift has become the youngest-ever recording artist to win Grammy’s biggest prize, Album of the Year. She is now the only Nashville performer to win that prize with a solo album.

      “Nashville is my favorite place in the world and to see it recognized in such a beautiful way makes me so happy,” Swift said backstage late Sunday night after being told that her big win came on the same night that Kings of Leon notched Nashville rock’s first best record win.

      In all, Swift won four trophies at Sunday’s 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. After Fearless also won for Best Country Album, the singer-songwriter said, “I’m standing here accepting an impossible dream right now and I thank you so much for that.”

      – Now the bad news: The responses to that duet with Fleetwood Mac’s Steve Nicks have been harsh.

      The genre-blending duet — on Nicks’ “Rhiannon” with Swift’s “You Belong With Me” — drew sharp reviews from critics, both professional and in the social networking and blogging world.

      Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times wrote that “Swift gave a strikingly bad vocal performance at Staples Center on Sunday, sounding tinny and rhythmically flat-footed as she shared the microphone with the distinctive Stevie Nicks.”

      Chris Richards of The Washington Post wrote a piece that started with “A night in the charmed life of Taylor Swift: Give an incredibly wretched vocal performance, go on to win the biggest Grammy of 2010, anyway.”

      The Tennessean’s Dave Paulson chimed in on a live blog: “Maybe a smidge of Jamie Foxx’s autotune wouldn’t be such a bad idea for this duet.”

      Respected music industry blogger Bob Lefsetz first wrote that Fearless deserved to win album of the year, but then proffered that Swift might have single-handledly imperiled her career with this one Grammy performance: “How awful was she? Dreadful.”

      Swift’s camp gave no obvious response to the criticisms on Monday; her publicist did not respond to questions about it.

      A midday release announcing Swift’s awards noted that immediately after the Sunday show, Swift and her band “left for LAX, headed to Australia and Japan, where she will perform several sold-out shows before returning to the States to launch her FEARLESS 2010 tour March 4th in Tampa.”

      • Tank

        thanks for admitting how jealous you really are of her. see that is a start. now go listen to fearless because we all knwo you have it.

    • Tralfaz

      “Taylor had the best album. The sales speak for themselves.”

      Uh, no. If you’re going to base the “best” on sales then Britney Spears *gag* would have won best ablum back to back in the early 2000’s.

  • Marie

    I was embarrassed for Stevie…she had to be aware of how badly they sounded. The only reason that this girl is a performer and not just a songwriter is the way that she looks. There are thousands of 13 year old girls with notebooks full of teenage angst poems that rival “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story.” Once she grows out of the heartbroken teenager role and her audience grows up, I have serious doubts if her talent will be enough to keep her popular.

  • Carol

    To all the mothers who think Taylor Swift is such a fantastic role model, think again. By buying her silly “music” you are teaching your impressionable daughters that skinny blondeness is all that matters. Talent be damned. Do your daughters a favor by introducing them to real, genuinely talented singers and musicians who are various shapes and sizes. Wynona Judd, Ann Wilson, Jennifer Hudson, Aretha Franklin, Pat Benatar, Kelli Clarkson and the list goes on…

    • Dara

      I agree. You not only teach them how to squander money, but perpetuate unhealthy female stereotypes.

      • Tank

        Aaaahhh. you admit to it. The blonde skinny girl is getting to you again, just like in high school. Get over it. People love her music. She is a great role model. Every knows this. You can’t stand it can you?

      • Sam

        Honestly, if they want a gorgeous blonde, show them 1970s Stevie Nicks. Listen to the Fleetwood Mac albums or her solo records–they are real examples of songwriting and musicianship without the stupid fairy tales.

  • Debra

    I have been a devoted fan of Stevie since 1976. My daughter’s name is Rhiannon for God’s sake. Watching her perform with Taylor Swift and hearing her butcher Stevie’s beloved “Rhiannon” was like a knife in my heart. When it was over I called for someone to clean up the blood. Horrible, horrible, horrible. That girl cannot sing. Keep her away from Stevie and her beautiful songs!

    • Adam

      Hear! Hear!

  • nigel

    I hate to admit this, but although he is the biggest a-hole in the world, he was absolutely right when he interrupted Swift at the MTV awards.

  • Debra

    I have been a devoted fan of Stevie since 1976. My daughter’s name is Rhiannon for God’s sake! Watching her perform with Taylor Swift and hearing her butcher Stevie’s beloved “Rhiannon” was like a knife in my heart. When it was over I called for someone to clean up the blood. Horrible, horrible, horrible. That girl cannot sing. Keep her away from Stevie and her beautiful songs!

  • LV

    Taylor Swift owes Kanye a thank you card! Ever since his out burst he’s actually helped Taylor Swift and hurt Beyonce everyones trying so hard to make it up to Swift that she’s undeservenly getting all of these awards. I love music but she’s not music she can’t even sing. Beyonce had an amazing album and Swift won??? Can anyone name more than 2 songs on her album? Hopefully this will be the last of her pity parties.

  • Adam

    I’m sure it was Swift’s idea for the duet. What a self-centered spoiled child to think that her “talent” is on par with that of the beautiful, talented, unique and legendary Stevie Nicks. What next, the Eagles as her opening act?? I wonder what goes through the minds of her band members when she is “singing” live. They have probably learned to tune her out.

  • rene taylor

    Hey steve…she wasnt singing under water…watch it again and it was during an interlude she was dipped in the water douchbag…pat attention

  • Bill

    A big embarassment for Stevie,Taylor who? I thought I heard a cat howling in my living room…..then I remembered I don’t own one! As I mentioned in the Neil Young blog what little respect the grammy’s had for him. The grammy’s are a high end American Idol contest!Based on popularity not talent!

  • Lia

    Taylor was great at the MTV Awards but this was just bad. Bad combo really, she should’ve sang on her own or dueted on one of Stevie’s better songs

    • MarkGreen

      Better songs????????? Are you out of your freakin’ mind?

  • Sally in Chicago

    While we’re talking about Taylor, her twin Miley aint too far behind. She cannot sing either.

    • Lisa

      But at least Taylor Swift is a good role model who writes and plays her own music. Miley Cyrus does none of the above, in addition to not being able to sing nor act. And she is 16 and grinding on a pole onstage. Classy. And a terrible person to compare with a sweet girl like Taylor.

      • Lorilea

        If you are looking up to celebrities, there’s a problem way bigger than Miley v. Taylor. Teens aren’t as stupid as their parents think they are. Good grief, the coddling of children needs to lighten up.

  • Sara

    So sick of all these silly teen/tween twits and their corny “music.” Confine them to the Disney Channel and keep them out of the real music awards. If only those morons would stop buying the garbage they put out.

    • JB

      I know you want to hear about h-ing and putting a ring on it. lol!

    • Lisa

      You’re right…. Taylor Swift’s songs are SO corny compared to musical masterpieces like “Poker Face” and “Single Ladies.”



      • Tank

        Yeah, not suprising “corny” to you, and “class” to the rest of us. As for the “Masterpieces” you mentioned the remixing in the studio’s to make those songs sound bearable…… hahahahahaha!!!! You and your musical taste are a joke!

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