John Mayer is very sorry about his explicit sexual and racial comments; do you believe him?

In a seven-and-a-half minute video posted to YouTube from a concert last night in Nashville, John Mayer embarks on a lengthy and tearful mea culpa from the stage, repeatedly apologizing for the controversial comments he made in recent no-inner-monologue interviews in Playboy and Rolling Stone.

Those published Q&As—in which, among other things, he uses the N-word, compares his penis to a white supremacist, and describes former paramour Jessica Simpson as both “like crack cocaine to me” and “sexual napalm”—have owned the internet for several days; gleefully recounting MayerGate 2010 online seems to have become a more popular Winter Olympic sport than speed skating, curling, and pairs ice-dancing combined.

Watch Mayer below, eviscerating himself for falling into “a wormhole of selfishness, greediness and arrogance”:

He has also repeatedly taken himself to task on his own Twitter, saying, among other things, “They don’t make rehab centers for being an a-hole.” Regarding some his more explicit Playboy comments, several figures in the hip-hop community, may nevertheless like to see him enter a professional facility of some sort, preferably one enforcing extended vows of priestly silence. And Simpson and Aniston would probably drive the intake van.

What do you think, readers? Has he earned a pass on this, hood or otherwise? Will the future bring a quieter, less soundbite-prone Mayer, or will he soon be back to his old-dog tricks?

In the video clip, he appears to be genuinely contrite, unless he has recently developed SAG-worthy acting skills that we are unaware of. Though fulfilling his final pledge—“I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done. I just want to play my guitar”—seems as though it may require a complete personality transplant, rather than a short-term spasm of regret, no matter how heartfelt.

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  • Trace

    Why is this guy still being talked about continually? He shot off his mouth; as if that was a surprise? Now how about we move on to something news worthy? He’s a good musician but an immature person.

    • Jennifer

      If you want newsworthy stories, are are you on an entertainment website???

      • Jennifer

        Uh, I meant “why are” not “are are.”

    • Jolie

      Exactly. Like so many, he’s a good artist, but rates as an idiot otherwise.

      • Jolie is Stupid

        You obviously know something about being an idiot.

    • DruBreezeCar

      Totally with you. He’s probably eating it all up right now, saying, “look how important I am.” “My words make news!”

      I’m wondering if he was neglected as a child.

    • Jack Johnson 69

      John was only expressing his true feelings and he shouldn’t be prosecuted for it.

      I think he should write a song about it “the little head gets the best of me”

      So what about Nicolas Cage?

    • Monica

      Another privileged Fairfield County spoiled child! The only minorities he ever saw were the help.

    • JO

      I have to agree. For the past few years, he has had diarrhea of the mouth. Sometimes you give a person enough rope they hang themselves, which he has clearly done now…

    • Jean Genie

      Trace, we all need a good backlash to make ourselves feel better about life. This especially fits when the ones we “hate on” had it coming for quite a while.

    • bill cameron

      He’s a rich jewish boy who shows no respect and he’s not that great.

  • Christian

    Wow. Get a PR rep, dude. You want people to take an apology seriously? Don’t apologize while your guitar is humming and fans are screaming WOOO. Also, your “clever” apology on twitter (about not having a rehab for a-holes). Yeah, stole that line from Chris Rock. Love watching this smug man get what was coming to him. You aren’t a comedian. Just play your crap songs.

  • Marie

    don’t believe him at all.
    he’s only trying to get back his “hood” pass, which he will not get.

    • Keeper of the “Hood Pass”

      It’s been revoked! Drew Brees and Jimmy Fallon’s applications are under review.

      • Ambient Lite

        What?!? No way would Jimmy Fallon earn a hood pass. Ugh, he’s such a tool.

      • Don’t Stop Me Now

        Ambient Lite, you a white girl, you can’t decide who gets a hood pass, so hush.

      • Ambient Lite

        Ha, so true!

      • Marie

        all your comments have made me laugh so hard today (on this page and others). it is so fun talking with you guys. thanks!

      • Keeper of the “Hood Pass”

        Ambient Lite…you get a weekend hood pass. Walk down any MLK Blvds in the U.S. without problems. Word to your Mother!!

      • Marie

        Who the hell would want a hood pass?

    • Celia

      He’s officially lost his so-called “hood pass” with me. I no longer find him sexy and his music hasn’t been good since 2005.

    • Dave Chappelle

      Dear John Mayer,
      Remember when I let you do a cameo on my hit comedy show and gave you all that undeserved hip-hop cred? Yeah, thanks for nothing jacka**.


      p.s. Questlove ain’t too happy neither.

  • Colleen

    He’ll be contrite for a while, and then go back to his normal douchey self- it’s inevitable. I’ll believe his “apology” if he can make it 2 months without dating another Hollywood starlet. He’s a monster of his own making- I think he loves seeing himself in print.

    He’s a good musician- he needs to get back to that instead of all this ridiculous self-importance.

  • Mickey T

    This is enough. Stop hounding this man. Yes, he said some stupid things, yes, he has made himeself look foolish, and yes, he should learn to filter his mouth. But for goodness’ sake, stop with the media crucifixion!
    I am a black woman who was not offended by what he said, mainly because his actions speak louder than his misspoken words. The man is not racist, though he shouldn’t have used that word, clearly. He attempted to use it in a fashion that was non-discriminatory, but it backfired. Get over it.

    • angie

      The problem is we can’t forget that classy john-ism from the other interviews (like rolling stone just last month) Good luck with explaining away all of his other douchey comments — or are you one of those delusional fangirls who is secretly hoping he’ll “pitch his tent in your vigina?” It sounds like if you hang around the back door long enough he’ll get to you sooner or later.

      • Jean Genie

        Angie, I too think Mickey’s hot for him. I also like that statement from the autism charity John’s reportedly sponsored: another one of those underneath-it-all-he’s-SUCH-a-good-person. YUK!!!!!!

    • Karen

      So you’re not bothered by his inane comment, ‘that’s why black people love me’? Because all black people like to be patronized and they all like the same thing?

      • webhag

        Exactly. He and “Kramer” have lost a fan in me. I will never spend another cent on any product with which he is involved.

      • binkiwink

        Uh huh, uh huh- she tags on the comment and she’s right on the money. bang bang

    • DiMi

      I’m a black woman too, and I think it’s absurd that you’re not offended. He didn’t just say that he isn’t interested in dating black women – black women aren’t attracted to him either. He went beyond that He basically said we as black women are racially inferior to him. Do you even know who David Duke is? Do you understand the concept of white supremacy?

      Apparently, you are too busy sucking up to white people to realize when one of them is insulting you. You are making black women sound pathetic. Please stop.

      • webhag

        I think we all know who David Dukes is and we share your outrage. He is dead to me, and he’s no Lazarus.

      • Muffy

        Black people call white people the N word. Women call other women the B word. People throw the R word around like it’s the only word left in the dictionary. So, he doesn’t like black women. Who cares? But he should’ve said, “I’m not attracted to black women.” I’ve never heard of a racist private part. Do you insult white people when they don’t agree with other white people? DiMi

      • Anita

        I, too, am a black woman. And let me tell you, I had a huge smile on my face when I read Ms. Jodi Watley herself’s comment on John Mayer. No suck up, that one.

        Mickey T will come out of worship mode one day.

      • Orville

        Anita & DMI both of you are a disgrace to black women! How can both you claim to not be offended by Mayer’s racist and sexist comments? I swear,some women are so PATHETIC they love their idol so much their are blind to the idol’s racism and sexism! Both you two make me sick!

    • orvillelloyddouglas

      Anita you come across as very ignorant probably because you are a John Mayer fan. I feel very sorry for you because you are pathetic just like John Mayer.
      Mayer must be challenged for his sexism and racism.
      The playboy magazine journalist and Mayer are dehumanizing black women with their misogyny and racism. The issue refers to the fact in pop culture black women are viewed as inferior.

      Just because you Anita are not offended by Mayer’s racist and sexist comments doesn’t mean you speak for all black people. I am a black man and I am very offended by Mayer’s racist and sexist comments towards black women.

      • Jhon

        Orville, you should not start an analytical piece with the words “you come across as very ignorant probably because you are a John Mayer fan.” it pokes serious holes in your credibility. I am a completely neutral party, but I can see the harm in those words without finding a need to disclose my race, since I hope it will always do little to grant me an audience. Would we seriously address in this conversation that “in pop culture black women are viewed as inferior”? John Mayer, is the least of those evils, my friend. “White” pop culture seems to keep a respectful distance due to political correctness, but what about the “Black” pop culture? Is this statement coming afloat because a white entertainer believes he’s a philosophy gangster?
        I do not believe Anita should be shot down for speaking her mind, however feeble or biased her comment might be. Silencing people rarely succeeds at getting your word across. Let’s speak of the evils of his comments, put aside the racial badge of authority (belonging to a race doesn’t make you an expert at being that race, nor an embassador that should be privileged with more trust), put aside our lack of tolerance for people who sympathize with the subject in question, respect the opinion of the lowest common denominator, and maybe then we could all have a fruitful conversation. It would just happen to be a fruitful conversation on an entertainment website.

  • Von Raschke’s Claw

    Dear John,
    We will forgive you if you just go away. Forever.

    • neice

      wow he is amazing his music is amazing i am sure anybody that knows you would want you to go away forever!!!

      • Via

        That’s right neice, you tell ‘em! And don’t you worry that light head of yours; Von Raschke’s Claw has gone away…to retirement.

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Wow, you just called John Mayer amazing. I feel sorry for you.
        Dang right I retired, and now I am chilling with my pal Mad Dog Vachon!

      • Glory

        Is Verne Gagne chillin’ with ya, too?

    • bundle

      HAHAHAHA!right on!

    • bundle

      right on!

  • Lynny

    I think he is egotistical and just doesn’t know when to shut up. Do I think he is actually a racist? no- sexist? hmmm maybeinadvertently, but his songs tell a different story. He seems like one of those guys that tries so hard to be funny that he overdoes it and goes too far with it.

    • Ambient Lite

      I wish John Mayer’s ego and Kanye West’s ego would have a cage fight to the death so they would both just shut up and make music.

      • DruBreezeCar

        *Best. Comment. About. Egos. Ever.


      • Mo

        Agreed. He is the White version of Kanye. They both make good music, but will not shut up and let the music speak for them.

      • Will

        this is the post of the day, hands down. I agree.

      • Rich

        Also, like Kanye, Mayer’s albums get worse and worse while his ego gets larger and larger.

        At this point neither one’s worth the trouble.

      • Rose

        Now that I have to disagree with. Kanye’s one of the select few mainstream rappers with albums that progressively get better and better with every entry. Not counting 808s of course. Then again in less than ten years from now even that’ll turn into his Kid A.

        I can honestly say that I can’t wait for his next album. That’s at least one person. And I sincerely believe there’s a good million+ other people who feel the exact same way.

        As for Mayor, eh, never really got into him. My sister on the other hand worships the ground his spits on. Never could figure out why, then again she is black. ;)

    • DiMi

      Don’t be ridiculous. Of course, he’s a racist. He identified himself as a racist. He alligned himself with David Duke and white supremacy. He told us who he was. A racist. The fact that you think he’s not just shows how ignorant you are.

      • Muffy

        He never said he was racist! God!

      • Jhon

        That’s right, DiMi: Rose is an ignorant because she doesn’t agree with your conclusions.

        Maybe you could start your own Crusades, where you could sanction anyone who doesn’t agree with you!!! It might be a good time, considering we haven’t had Crusades since the 15th century, you know?

  • whatevs

    Well, he will undoubtedly continue to give explicit interviews, so in that sense he’s not sorry. However, it was big of him to apologize while performing.

  • Ambient Lite

    Of course he’s sorry.
    Most of the people who were so outraged probably didn’t read the full interview. Though he should never have used the ‘n’ word, he was saying that he’s attracted to black females but hasn’t had sex with one. And as for the comments about Jessica Simpson, though crude, they were actually quite complimentary. And funny.
    Said it before, will say it again – he’s crazy, he’s sloppy with interviews, but he’s not racist.
    Part of me is glad he’s going to shut up and just play his guitar, the other part will miss the bizarro sound bites.

    • Wickeddoll

      The only thing I found really offensive was his line “black women throw themselves at you.” I’m sure women of all backgrounds throw themselves at him, so as a black woman, I had to call bull sh*t on that one. It’s always been true that black people use the n-word more than anyone else, so that’s moot. it should never, ever be used. Period. But his comments about women in general, especially Jessica Simpson, were downright libelous. She should sue, but apparently she forgave him. She’s a better person than yours truly.

      • Via

        Actually the interviewer asked if black women threw themselves at him to which he replied that he is not open to that. Ya know, with the white supremacist dong and all.

      • His body is a junkyland

        As a black woman, I didn’t find his comments about black women offensive, I mean, he’s not that hot anyway. He is even getting uglier. He can suck his own supremacist thing.
        I’m way more concerned by his ramblings about his exes, especially Jessica, he calls her his “sexual napalm”, he says they used to do it backdoor…WTH is wrong with this guy???
        GTFO, Mayer, seriously. Even the hood won’t take you. Just go away and zip it!

      • orvillelloyddouglas

        I doubt black women throw themselves at John Mayer. I think the women that throw themselves at Mayer are probably white women. Mayer should of just said that black women do not know themselves at him. The media are also ignoring the fact Mayer made some very racist and sexist comments about Kerry Washington.

      • Jhon

        Really, Wicked? The “b flag” on that one? I’m glad you can speak for a significant portion of the world dwellers only because you share their skin color. Maybe we are all more in sync than I ever knew!

        And Orville, you have outdone yourself. The funniest thing about you commenting here is that you’re obviously upset at his “racism”, but you don’t mind sounding racist yourself! At first I thought you were just misconstrued, but you’re just an a-hole, buddy!

        A funny thing about life is that everyone thinks they’re an essential part of it.

    • Ambient Lite

      Well, I agree with you that the ‘n’ word should never be used. I wouldn’t call what he said about Jessica Simpson libelous though. Can’t prove or disprove that he’d sell everything he owned to hit that. ;)

      • Nolan

        But he should have some respect for her and not run off his mouth just to sound cool or edgy – of which he is clearly neither – in an interview.

    • DiMi

      I DID read the whole interview. He didn’t say he was attracted to black women. He said black woomen were racially inferior and that he would not have sex with black women because of it. He named his member after David Duke.

      Stop trying to clean this up. What he said was racist. He called himself a racist. I believe him.

  • Mike J

    He’s just a stupid kid. I kind of like when celebrities talk off the cuff. His comments were interesting, not that I agree with them. I don’t see why he is being publicly whipped. Free country. He came across as an idiot, a cute and talented idiot.

    • michelle

      A kid? Um, he’s 32. And it did not come across as cute.

    • DiMi

      He’s a 32 year old man. What he said was profoundly offensive to African Americans and to women of all races. If you can’t see that, there’s something wrong with you.

      • Jhon

        DiMi, you were President Bush’s biggest fan, weren’t you?

    • webhag

      He is 32. He is not a kid.

  • crispy

    I read that in the same interview he admits he tongue-kissed Perez Hilton. Isn’t that punishment enough?

    • Ambient Lite

      Well, that would explain his behavior. The syphilis has likely spread to his brain.

    • Wickeddoll

      ROFL! You guys are a hoot.

    • walter

      To be fair, it is a Hollywood rite of passage.

      It’s right after eating an In-n-Out Burger while looking totally hot.

    • 4rocket

      Self-inflicted punishment. He’s a sadomasochist.

    • binkiwink

      yes! yes! yes!!!

  • duffy

    he is sorry that people are actually calling him out on his word vomit. i give him 2 months tops before he gives another mind numbingly ignorant interview.

  • PHD

    lame…pass revoked

  • mishka

    Advices for you John Mayer:
    1. Stop doing drugs
    2. Stop playing “Beecher and Keller” with Perez Hilton, you’re both f*cking annoying
    3. Stop talking about sex with Jess; poor girl is over you since forever.

    • besimon

      Also, please please stop posing shirtless. Yuck!

      • Norah


  • Anne

    Totally not surprised by his latest idiotic comments, although I was surprised that even he was stupid (and evidently racist) enough to use the “n” word. He seems to be someone who loves to see his comments in print and has now really stepped into a pile of _hit. Oh, and John? They do make rehab centers for being an a-hole. In my world, it’s called church. You might think about trying it.

    • chris

      oh snap!

    • crispy

      Umm, what? I know plenty of a-holes who go to church.

      • Juniper

        Hahaha! Some of the worst a-holes I know are the churchy ones!

      • whatevs

        Church has a lot of fakers too who have no interest in God. Just thought I would throw that out there.

      • Jennifer

        All the a-holes I know go to chucrch… coincidence?

      • Ambient Lite

        Going to church doesn’t ‘fix’ anyone, Anne. It’s not supposed to be a self-serving institution.
        That said, everyone else just settle down. Going to church doesn’t make you good or bad. Duh. But yes, I too go to church with a-holes.

      • Will

        yes, this is so true! being a-holes while clutching their bibles at that!

      • webhag

        It’s sad but true. The worst hypocrites, the biggest a..holes, always define themselves as religious; living by the “Word.” Right. Spare me.

    • myway

      Anne, I agree with you! I don’t care what the other say. John Mayer is disgusting….he’s got a “hood pass”. I’m not sure what that means but I have a bad feeling about the term. Oh well he’ll get away with it like Charlie Sheen! Some ppl can do or say anything in this society without fear of repercussion.

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