3OH!3 explore 'Streets of Gold' in the studio: 'We're going full-ahead with the sexism and misogyny'

After extensive touring on the strength of their top 10 hit “Don’t Trust Me,” electro-rap duo 3OH!3 finally got a chance to start working on a follow-up album last month. “Sean [Foreman] and I went up to the mountains in Colorado for 10 days and wrote, like, 15 songs, super-quick,” co-lead vocalist Nathaniel Motte (pictured, right, with Foreman) tells the Music Mix. Next Motte and Foreman headed to L.A., where they’ve been logging studio hours with producers including Dr. Luke (Ke$ha), Benny Blanco (“Don’t Trust Me”), and Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, The Bird and the Bee). By now they’re about 25 potential tunes and counting into their third full-length, which they hope to release this June. While they’re far from done recording, they have settled on a title for the album: Streets of Gold. “It just felt right and big and epic and happy,” Motte explains. “It’s hopefully timeless.”

This is the first time 3OH!3 has had the luxury of staying in the studio for so long. “We recorded our last CD in, like, three and a half weeks, so it was definitely a lot quicker. There’s definitely an advantage to having this much time to refine our stuff. I think I’ve learned a lot as a producer, as a songwriter, and as a beatmaker. Hopefully this stuff is going to sound a lot bigger and more well-rounded…We’ve been doing some classic straight-up electro songs, and then we’ve also been doing some throwback-sounding stuff, some slower stuff, and then some harder rap stuff.”

One thing 3OH!3 don’t plan to do on Streets of Gold is tone down their lyrical style, which has been widely criticized as sexist. (Sample line from “Don’t Trust Me”: “Shush girl, shut your lips/Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips!”) “No,” Motte says with a chortle. “We’re going full-ahead with the sexism and misogyny. We’re trying to blaze new trails.” He laughs again. “Nah, man. I think we still like to write some things that are definitely tongue in cheek and more based on punchlines, poking fun at relationships and whatever. I dunno. I guess I’d have to go through and see if there’s something offensive in there. I actually would hope that there is. You know, it makes it a little funny.”

Sigh. Are you looking forward to 3OH!3’s Streets of Gold, misogyny and all? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Tim (@rural_juror)

    “Are you looking forward to 3OH!3’s Streets of Gold, misogyny and all?”

    Not at all. Blech. They can pick up Ke$ha and drive off a cliff.

    • Fatima

      The things dreams are made of….

    • @Popservations

      My favorite comment of the week.

    • gaflerp

      Are you retarded?

  • whatevs

    These kinds of bands are a dime a dozen. Why can’t real bands who bring something new get any airplay?

    • awesome

      lol. srsly? find me one band that sounds like 3oh!3. no joke, i’ll give you a benjamin right there. i mean really, 3oh!3 is awesome. btw, i for one am waiting on this with bated breath.

  • barrett

    What an awful band. It’s like if Linkin Park decided to do electro pop music (terribly). Who signed these guys?

  • “Sean [Foreman] and I went up to the mountains in Colorado for 10 days and wrote, like, 15 songs, super-quick,”
    Considering how deep their songs generally are, this doesn’t surprise me.

    • Juliet

      If you’ve heard Colorado Sunrise, you’d know that they actually do have some meaningful lyrics.

      • Hannah

        I totally agree, but also Still Around!! And most of their songs aren’t supposed to be deep. Most of it is satire, like Nat said, making fun of things like modern relationships. But they’re also really fun songs!!
        And the mountains of COLORADO are incredibly beautiful and inspiring, so I think that there will be some amazing songs coming our way!!!
        3OH!3 kicks ass!!!

  • Dinesh

    you guys are idiots.

    There music is so good.

    Me and my girl love that song dont trust me. It’s like so real.

    So lay off them. Their so good! and ain hurting no one

    • Erik

      Generally speaking, when you call someone an idiot, don’t use their when it should be they’re. It slightly weakens your argument… idiot.

      Oh, and 3OH!3 is some of the worst music on the radio today. Considering the dreck that dominates the airwaves, that’s truly saying something.

      • Erik’s self-righteous

        “There” was used, not “their” or “they’re”.

      • Maggie

        If you dont like 3OH!3 why are you looking up stuff about them anyways??

    • Nick B

      “It’s like so real.” How old are you?

  • Menchy

    Honestly, I find their music incredibly entertaining. It is in no way great art (or evey good art for that matter), but no matter how hard I try I just can’t hate it. I’m the same way with Ke$ha… and it terrifies me.

    • Karrah

      I completely agree. It’s not the kind of music that you listen to and appreciate its musicality and lyrics. It’s music that’s FUN. People need to not take it so seriously.

  • Celia

    A girl in my class made out with them over spring break. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    • KRibbons


    • KRibbons

      They’re kind of the secular Family Force 5. Which means I kinda love them

      • Stephanie

        Yeah, a secular Family Force 5 minus the talent. These guys scream “one-hit wonders” and so far it’s looking to be true, since they’ve only had one HUGE hit so far lol.

  • Muse

    Well, I’m excited. I really like 3OH!3. All of their songs have at least one part that is very catchy and gets stuck in my head. Their lyrics are fun, and their songs are great to sing along to. I love all kinds of music, and I’m excited to have some new stuff to listen to and enjoy.

  • Nick B

    I hate this band. Stupid song after stupid song. I don’t understand why people find them interesting. Garbage music.

  • Angela

    really moronic, incredibly stupid; and they have to make up for their lack of talent with their juvenile insults towards women. Don’t buy their record.

  • Elizabeth

    Though 3Oh!3’s lyrics are a bit sexist, they’re not meant to be serious. They are just doing as they said in the interview and that is “poking fun” at the jerks who really think that way. I love 3Oh!3 and can’t wait for their new album.

    • duffy

      instead of poking fun, how bout they, you know write some lyrics that aren’t sexist and misogynic? i highly doubt their fans can tell the difference between poking fun and being serious.

      • ghyn

        if people don’t want to listen to sexist lyrics, then they don’t have to. i like them, because at the end of the day, they’re entertaining. at least they’re not trying to act like their music actually means something; they both admit to it just being just for a fun time. it isn’t supposed to mean anything. if you don’t enjoy it, then just ignore them. i’ve done the same to plenty of other bands/musicians. its possible.

      • duffy

        you are missing my point. the majority of their fans are too young to even realize what they are hearing is sexist. its not about if you don’t want to hear it, then dont. its about these two dbags writing offensive stuff and trying to pass it off as a “good party time” when in reality, they should really have evolved past that kind of behavior. you can have fun music without having to resort to sexism.

      • awesome

        fail on you man, assumptions make an ass out of u and mptions. keep to yourself or dont let your kids listen to it or whatever. btw, im 15 so dont even go to that place where you assume im some self righteous kid, cuz that’s exactly what i am. there’s enough negativity in the world dude we dont need more hostile audiences. if you dont have anything nice to say, what did mommy say to do…?

  • Kp

    I love 3Oh!3. Don’t call me an idiot or stupid, I like their music, it’s funny. if you like serious music then listen to something else.

  • Dave

    People really think their music is funny? Probably the same people who think Two and a Half Men is funny.

  • catlin

    Unfotunately they are going on tour with Cobra Starship this spring…not looking forward to their fans.

    • duffy

      like cobra fans are any better! me and some friends went to a cobra show pre hot mess and the scene girls did everything in their power to make it a misrable experiance for everyone involved. never thought i’d see so much colored skinnys and black eyeliner in one place. combining 3oh3 and cobra fans…you couldn’t pay me to attend that show.

      • Elizabeth

        Okay? I love both 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship.
        And isn’t what you’re saying offensive? Get off 3OH!3s jock. They are a talented band and I love their style!

      • R.J.

        I love both bands as well. If you hate the band so much, why do you keep coming back to this site; to try and shoot the rest of us down? If you don’t like them, whatever. IDC, but quit trying to be so manipulative. You’re not changing anyone’s mind, so bug off!

  • dijaflerp

    Are you people aware that they attended CU Boulder, which is a very good school? Maybe you people should think twice before you call these people “idiots.” And their tuns are extremely catchy. They rose from complete obscurity to this, and part of being a fan since the beginning is knowing that it’s all just for fun. Grow up.

    • robyn

      I agree with you. Most people don’t know what there all about

    • awesome

      THANK you. finally sum1 with a brain posted on this thread.

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