Avril Lavigne, 'Alice': Watch the 'Wonderland' video here!

Avril Lavigne’s video for “Alice” (from the upcoming …in Wonderland acid trip movie) hit the internet today. Give it a look-see:

What do you think, Mixers? I for one am awed by Ms. Lavigne’s continued refusal to make facial expressions, and I may have liked this whole concept better when it was called “Paramore’s ‘Brick by Boring Brick,'” but there’s no questioning that this little Canadian still has some world-class pipes. Belt it, Avril! Belt it and run! Run really slowly!

Weigh in with your comments below…

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  • kerrie

    You really think she has world-class pipes? She sounds terribly shrill.

    • Whitney Pastorek

      kerrie, I’ve always loved her voice. don’t know why, it just sets off that little ‘ping’ in my brain.

      • kerrie

        Hey, to each their own!

      • Momo

        I think she sings well, I just wouldn’t classify it as “world-class.” I actually attended a concert with her in it … and her live singing just does not do it :P

    • Rich

      If this was 1996 she wouldn’t even place in the top 100 of female singers.

      I guess she’s “world class” compared to Britney, Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, etc etc. Still, as others have said, most of those “pipes” are coming from a computer program.

      • lindsay

        not to cause beef, but she has only used auto-tune or anything like that on 3 tracks (that weren’t even singles) or at least thats what her cd credits say :p

    • Lisa

      My thoughts exactly. Fingernails on a chalkboard.

    • susan

      I agree with you kerrie. I thought she sounded very shrill. It was actually hurting my ears.

  • Average Levine

    she has so much street cred. she’s all punk and stuff. Yeah, death and dark stuff! Woooo!

  • maiv

    I think the single’s okay. It’s not as good as her other songs.

  • much_mischief

    i think her voice is best on ballads. It has a gaelic lilt that just sounds amazing. Just have a listen to “when you’re gone” and “innocence”.

    • Jo

      i agree w/ you there. i absolutely love her ballads and ‘ when you’re gone is one of her best.

    • joey

      Haha, I totally agree about that Gaelic lilt! There was a time when she first came out that I wasn’t so keen on her, but after listening to some of her songs that haven’t been singles, I really enjoy her stuff. She may not have the best personality, but I dig some of her tunes.

  • Rachael


  • darclyte

    I think she has a good voice, but here it seems like she’s trying too hard and nearly screaming at times. While not terrible, I think if she would have reigned in her voice some and not pushed it that it’d be better.

  • Bailey



  • Bree

    OMG – she is AWFUL. Completely overproduced and her fake piano playing is cringe-worry. Anyone that has seen her live (or in my case, read reviews of her live performances) knows her “pipes” are completely computerized. The mere fact that she is involved with this movie makes me rethink whether I want to see it or not.

    • For Real

      It sounded alright until she started screaming around the 56 second mark. I had enough by 57 sec. & turned it off. But later on if I can summon up enough courage I’ll try to give it another listen.

    • Vicky

      Computerized? Check this link to her live performance of “Slipped Away.” It’s super pretty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YULKMNhEAuw

  • Carrie Ann

    I like Avril Lavigne just fine, but what gets me about this song is how terrible the lyrics are. A 12-year-old could have written the song.

  • tahoegeminii

    What is Disney thinking-the idea is to have a cutting edge music talent help promote their dark masterpiece-the only thing dark on “miss fake of the year” Avril is her ridiculous eye liner-she is not dark or cutting edge or even popular anymore-such a has been-as far as talent -there are 1000 artists out there that could do a better job-Evanescence maybe?OMG Disney-April Ravine??? REALLY- Disney just can’t do dark even if they did get Tim Burton to direct-tell the little jewish princess who pretends to know how to skateboard to sell CD’s to skater’s to go home to her rih daddy-maybe that’s it -Daddy has some in with Disney or just paid them

    • For Real

      Amy Lee, the lead singer from Evanescence, would have made that song so beautiful. I agree, they should’ve been given a shot with this.

  • tahoegeminii

    all these comments about her voice-there isn’t a single song she has out that you can actually hear “her voice” in–everything she does is like Britney and Jessica and all the other cookie cutter lip syncing “stage performers” that get to sing cause they are good looking-April just wears heavy eyeliner and pretends to be a grunge skateboarder-yeah I want to know the last time she was at the mall parking lot working on some jibs and rails with the skaterats-NEVER-go home jewish princess and let daddy buy you something shiny to make you feel better

  • Lorena

    A. her hair looks dirty
    B. It’s a horribly written song and all she is doing is screaming.
    Not that I expected much, but geez….the video in general was no good. :(

  • amerie

    Ok the song sucks but I’m also hating the editing. They’re showing the same 5 clips that are in all of the commercials and trailers. I think the only “new” footage was Johnny at the Mad Hatter table. They also had some of the footage on loop, how freaking lazy is this?
    What makes me even sadder is that this song will actually be in the movie (in the end credits).
    You can tell that Tim had nothing to do with this, this is all Disney’s doing along with Avril trying to re-connect with the punk kids she lost when she came out with The Best Damn Thing CD.
    When I see the movie I’m gonna sit near the back so that as soon as the movie ends I can rush out so that I won’t have to listen to this stupid song.

    • amerie

      I forgot to add that the White Queen footage was new.

      Song still sucks though.

  • robinepowell

    Weird video, but in a good way. It goes hand in hand with the movie. Was Johnny Depp really in the video? It would fitting if he was. ;)

    • amerie

      He’s not. They blue-screened her into a scene of the movie.

  • Taylor

    I think Avril has a good voice too. I wish this song was better though. In fact, I haven’t liked anything she’s done in years.

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