Sade fends off Lady Antebellum to rule the albums chart again

soldier-of-love-topLast week didn’t see many big-selling new releases arrive in stores, so the battle to win the latest Billboard 200 album sales chart came down to two familiar contenders: Sade, who debuted the previous week with a spectacular 502,000 copies sold, and Lady Antebellum, who have continued to post strong sales since bowing with 481,000 in January.

It was a close match, but in the end Sade took the No. 1 spot again, selling 190,000 copies of their Soldier of Love, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Lady Antebellum was behind with 144,000 units moved of their Need You Now, enough for No. 2 — which puts them over the million-sold mark in a mere month’s time. Both Sade and Lady Antebellum have now shown they can go on drawing six-figure numbers for more than one sales frame. Keep an eye on the charts in the weeks to come to see which act ultimately has more staying power.

Otherwise, as noted, this was a fairly static week on the charts. The Black Eyed PeasThe E.N.D. made a small but notable leap from No. 8 to No. 3 after they released a buzzy music video, helping them sell 65,000.

Did you buy any of these albums last week? Surprised by how low or high anyone placed? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Kendis

    Glad to hear that Sade is doing good on the music charts. A ten year absence from the chart and still relevent. Beyonce take note.

    • jaime

      OMG LOVE IT!!!
      Thank you please go away beyonce for 5years at least!!!

      • zero

        i totally agree with jaime 200% beyonce needs to take a 5 year break

      • Nshi

        Well then she should take GAGA with her, because she’s worn out her welcome already!!!!!

    • bfree

      brilliant. let’s email beyonce’s management a copy of sade’s album release schedule so they can take note.

    • Jen

      Why all the hate for Beyonce? She’s not really my cup of tea, but the girl works hard and she’s earned her success. And it’s not like there are too many young female artists in the running to take her spot at the top.

      • Jean Genie

        What Jen said. Beyonce & Sade have earned their legends.

      • 4rocket

        Beyonce is indeed talented, but let’s face it, does she really make music worth putting out every two years? No, it’s mindless crap that will mean diddly squat a few years from now. If the music backed up the talent, that would be a different story, but unfortunately that’s not the case. It also doesn’t help that she’s overexposed. In the sense that she can afford to put more clothes on. So she’s really just another pop star, albeit one with talent. But creatively, she’s meh. We’ve seen it all before. Overrated, not much going on. Just like Lady Gaga.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Love Beyonce, Love Sade. Two different styles. Beyonce works her a** off….that’s why she’s worth $82 Million….Love Sade too, so people let’s stop the hate talk.

      • Ted

        1.) She’s just not that good of a singer. Period. 2.) She’s completely overexposed. You can’t turn on the t.v. without seeing her. If you like her that’s great. For everyone else, including those who are neutral, it gets to be a bit much. 3.) Based on her admitted history of kicking her own friends out of groups, again, it’s easy to see why some people don’t like her.

      • Blank

        “She’s just not that good of a singer. Period.”

        Fair enough if you don’t like Beyonce, but she is an amazing vocalist whether you like it or not. Period. I don’t like Adam Lambert’s voice, but I know he can sing his butt off as well. And as for her “history of kicking her own friends out of groups”, you should also know that those “friends” conspired to fire Destiny’s Child’s manager, a.k.a Beyonce’s dad right behind her back. Also, Kelly Rowland (bandmate since childhood) and Michelle Williams stayed in DC right up ’til the end and they still support each other. If Beyonce was truly the problem, then wouldn’t she be the only original member left? And wouldn’t more people who have worked with her complain about her?

    • Puh-leaze

      At least Beyonce units sold are real .. Unlike homewreaker Alicia Keys .. who record label bought 300k of her crappy cd & digital downloads!!!
      Congrat Sade

    • vincenotvance

      Good for them, yes, but that 60% drop is way harsh, even for the front-loaded ways of the Billboard charts.

    • DJJesus

      You’re so right, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, they all could take a long break and come up with something amazing.

    • cowgirl

      love this love this music

    • Willie

      I agree, seriously if many of these artist today was to take a ten year break do you really think they could comeback and go Gold in one week? In terms of Beyonce, yes she’s talented, good singer and dancer, but she puts on more of a show than a performance. Do you think when she is 51 (like sade) that her fans will want to see her in leotard or shaking her booty? I don’t think 20 years from now people will still be singing Single Ladies or Diva like we still sing Smooth Operator (heck, when was the last time you heard Crazy in Love playing and that was one of her biggest “hits”).

  • Teal

    Sade rocks! (or rather, soothes…?) Quality over quantity.

  • gertiesue

    I remember years ago when Linda Rondstat (where is she?) was on the cover of Time/Newsweek. Her band members groused about how they hated having a female rule.

    I’m happy times have changed that attitude.

  • Jean Genie

    SADE, YOU ROCK, GIRL!!!! Lady Antebellum is slowly turning into another Black Eyed Peas or Kings Of Leon … here’s hoping Sade keeps winning it all.

    • cookiemac

      I’m sorry but don’t compare Lady Antebellum to BEP or Kings of Leon. Their previous disc was outstanding, and this one even better. Great songwriting, musicianship, and harmonies, what great music truly is not stuff like, “Boom Boom Pow” and “Ima Be”. Way to have proper english BEP.

      • Rodney

        Bitter…party of one?

      • @cookiemac

        Please, this is pop music NOT Shakespeare. Take your hoity-toity attitude elsewhere.

    • wayneo

      dont have one!!

  • Victor Eloy

    actually I hope Kesha dominance on the billboart hot 100 ends tomorrow, and we will never listening to something of her ever again, she will be forgotenn by july! and Lady GaGa gets the top with BAD romance, cos even though it was for a good cause, that we are the world cover sucks, I mean talentless Justin Bieber opening that Classic! Poor Michael must be feeling in hell at watching from above what Lionel and Quincy did to his song!

    • Jean Genie

      Lady Gaga I like, but Ke$ha’s another flash in the pan.

      • Sarah

        Ke$ha’s new song is horrible.

      • MB Chicago

        Ke%sha is horrible.

  • mishka

    Love Sade, she’s true to herself even ten years later! She should give some advice to the now-unsigned J-lo.

    • Jean Genie

      J.Lo should stop focusing on high fashion (“Louboutins” – WTF??) & get back in touch with what the public wants.

  • Victor Eloy

    j ej ejejejje, but the thing is u can’t learn to be classy and talented, those things comes from birth, in your genes…and J-Lo in spite of being a decent comedian actress to me…she has no music talent at all…..
    so , there nothing J-Lo can learn from Sade….so sad.

    • Mona

      As we grow, we ularnen important lessons; as the ego shields us. That was a good example. I am glad you shared it.

  • jfms777

    f y i Linda Ronstadt still tours, sells lots of tickets, and released an album in 2008. Pretty amazing for a woman who has been recording since 1967.

  • Billy

    Thank god for music (Sade) over gimmicks (GaGa).

    • fancypants


  • neetsie2000

    Thank God for Sade! Soldier of Love is the best album I’ve heard in a looonng time. Grammys, are you listening?

  • Treasure Trail

    Lady GaGa = Lady Gag Me!

    • Nick T

      gagging on her brilliance

      • e

        more like her overratedness…

  • Jeshua

    Oh Sade how I have missed you! I havn’t gotten the album yet but please believe I WILL! Can’t noone sooth my soul like you!

    and yes I am so tired of Beyonce it hurts!

    I digress. LOVE YOU SADE!

  • Rae

    Sade is awesome, I’ve been a fan of hers for years. I remember years ago that one of her concerts sold out in 20 minutes. Don’t bash Beyonce, she is good as well. She and Sade are too completely different singers with totally different sounds and style.

  • Victor Eloy

    Beyonce is an average talent, she is not the big deal, sure she has been commercially speaking sucssesfull, no one can deny that fact. but she is not Celine, Mariah or Whitney when it comes to numbers (sold albums and singles) she is overrrated, she didnt deserve 6 grammy awards and she is overexposed. I wouldn’t say she is the best R&B singer of her generation, but she is a decent entertainer who can take a 5 years break and no one will miss her.

    • PNK

      Beyonce has won songwriting awards, don’t forget, she is a songwriter. Survivor and others. She does have talent.

      • 4rocket

        Has singing and performing talent, and I don’t doubt that she can write songs, but what I do doubt are how many of those songs she claims to have written did she actually write? You know it doesn’t take much to have your name added in the songwriting credits, just come up with a couple of lines, and you “wrote” the song…

    • wakeforce

      Beyonce hasn’t sold as many of those artists because she has only been around for about 10 years. The women you noted have been in the biz much longer! B may surpass them all. If Beyonce’s face and body didn’t sell magazines, why would they put her on their covers. It has become almost laughable, all the Beyonce and GaGa hate! When I find out somebody doesn’t like them, I crank up the music even more!

      • fancypants

        is your first name Christina and do you go to Yale? just curious…..

  • Victor Eloy

    she is not Sade of course! she wish…

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