Lady Gaga and Beyoncé's 'Telephone' video: Beautiful cigarette sunglasses, Honey Buns, and sandwich-making

Gay Christmas arrived last night in the form of the latest Lady Gaga video for “Telephone,” which features Beyoncé. Read the full post.

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  • elena

    Loved it. The cute little dance moves, the insane costumes (loved the blue phone headdress/hat and the sparkly bikini), the random lesbianism and the cheesy lines. It’s just entertainment, which I appreciate. I kind of hate music videos sometimes (you and your band standing around is boring, dude), but this is a stand-alone story.

  • Celia

    The video was excellent and entertaining. It’s very long, but I didn’t get bored once. I love the song and Gaga and Beyonce both looked amazing.
    The concept is a little dark (they poison everyone!), but I loved the cameo of the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill Vol. 1.

  • DW

    The vibe of the video is much more Tarantino than Thelma & Louise, especially with the Pussy Wagon and all. Good times.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m not a fan, but I did stay up just to see it and I’m just as confused as ever – so she accomplished her goal I’m sure :)
    I think the whole burgeoning subway sandwich artist plot is what threw me, but I’m not one of her little monsters, so I’m assuming I’m missing something.
    Loved the prison stuff, and I agree: Poor Tyrese indeed!

  • paige

    damn beyonce is a knockout. the video was pretty funny and I guess its good that Gaga is definately using the video format in ways nobody’s done in a long time. My only gripe is the overabundant use of product placements and did the video really have to be over 9 minutes long? this aint thriller

  • Cliff

    I thought the video itself is a masterpiece. Your creativity level must be like really high in order to get the video. Lol! But who cares! Lady Gaga OWN everyone in music industry I say. She rocks! This girl going to stay in this industry forever! Goodbye Madonna.

    • ONTD

      Oh you inexperienced gays of today, a lot of you know nothing of music history… It’s great to be enthusiastic about Lady GaGa, but to crap on Madonna in favor of her is ridiculous. I’m no Madonna STAN, but GaGa STANS need to know their place and have respect. No Madonna, no GaGa. And if we must go there, if there were no Roisin Murphy to swagger jack, there would be nothing for GaGa to copy… That is all.

      • psychoanalyzer

        THANK YOU!!!

    • Max

      “This girl going to stay in this industry forever!” — that was the funniest shiz I’ve heard in a long time. thanks!
      Oh, and your little slam at Madonna… get in line, people have been writing madonna off since day 1 of her career.. here we are 25+ years later, STILL talking about Madonna. Let’s see if Gaga can pull off the same in 25+ years.

  • Celia

    Why did they have to kill the dog too? :(

  • TheBookPolice

    Actually, Honey Buns are a commonly-accepted form of black market currency in prison. Although with some guys, I suspect they’ve moved past being the actual currency to being the slang term for black market currency. I work in a prison. Totally serious.

  • woot

    Kill Bill is my favorite movie, and i enjoyed gaga using the pussy wagon from it.

  • Krissy02

    I think it was great. Some people are irked by the product placement, but I think that was a HUGE part of the point! It is commentary about our society. I love how i get more details each time I watch a Gaga video. It makes them endlessly fascinating.

    • Eliot

      I don’t understand how the product placement ads to the point of the video or the song. There was no connection whatsoever. Did the blatant cell phone advertisement in the middle of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” constitute commentary?

      • Eliot

        Hahaha, “ads” should be “adds”…Freudian slip?

      • kyle

        The song is about feeling suffocated and wanting to be free from what is constricting you. The lyrics are about a obsessive lover. But i think the absurdly overused product placement is supposed to show us how surrounded we are by commercialism. Everything we see, use, touch has some tie back to commercialism and is there only to make sure we spend more money.

      • kyle

        There’s a reason almost everything we own has a big ass logo on it

  • Eliot

    I think I would have been able to appreciate the video more if it didn’t seem like one long product placement. For someone who claims to care about the art, going out of her way to advertise in the video really disrespects the song. I understand you have to fund the video somehow, but surely it isn’t necessary to focus in on the screen of a dating site that has nothing at all to do with the video or song.

    As a sidenote, I will consider it Gay Christmas when people are done stereotyping gays as Gaga fans.

    • Elizabeth

      I thought the product placement was done in sarcasm, like when they do it on “30 Rock”…

  • Patricia

    I have my own meaning of the video- Prison for Bitches says it all. You see nothing but sexually overt, androgenous, strong women locked away in this prison that Gaga is now entering. Much of our American (hence all the USA wear in the video), conservative, male-dominated society would like to put those bitches away outside of it. Gaga, now popular among the masses, is being placed in that freak, bitch woman category, which she is glad to be a part of-she did walk down the jail cell hall very proudly. Beyonce, who represents a good girl comes to bail Gaga out of that prison as to say, Come join us in the rest of society-we’ll show them! So, Lady Gaga (a freak, strong woman) and Beyonce (a good, strong woman) take on America (the people, the consumerism, the controlling males) and execute their revenge, which is expressed as a mass homicide.Really, Gaga intends to grab hold over America through pop music to relay her real message-one of liberation and equality…agree?????

  • Honestrob

    Horrible video.
    It’s JUST a commercial.
    How many product placements were there?
    And why is this video with all its’ sexually suggestive visuals and explicit language doing on Youtube?

    • Bennylov

      The product placement aspect actually makes it more phone because it’s nto subtle at all. We are a commercial culture, why can’t she bring some more light to that fact in an artful way.

  • Kath

    Product. Placement. YOU CANNOT BE IRONIC WITH IT. It still works perfectly fine as an advertisement, no matter what your intentions are.

  • Lindsey

    It was absolutely entertaining. I love Gaga no matter what because It’s always fun to see what she comes out with next. However, I will say that I think she is better solo…sorry B

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