Perez Hilton tells us all about SXSW's worst and best bands, his newest signee, and why he hates Ke$ha

perez-hiltonImage Credit: Wild1/PR PhotosWith SXSW finished until next year, thousands of music fans are now scattering back home to annoy and/or delight their friends by bragging about all the life-changingly brilliant new artists they discovered in Austin. Most also have a horror story or two about buzz bands that turned out to be more like bust bands in a live setting. Perez Hilton was eager to share the latter type of SXSW tale when I met him backstage before his warehouse party last night. “I saw jj earlier this week,” he said, referring to the woozy Swedish act whose full-length debut inspired countless critical raves last year. “I love their album, and they were awful live…They were embarrassingly bad. It was insulting as an audience member, actually, how little they cared. This girl just sat there, not having any interaction with the crowd, being lethargic. It was disgusting.” Ouch. Sorry, jj.

Surely, not everything Perez saw in Austin this year made him feel such revulsion? “I went to parties, I saw some shows, but everyone that I really wanted to see is performing here tonight [at my party],” the savvy self-promoter said. Oh, okay. I asked Perez to explain why he’d picked some of the artists he did for his third annual SXSW bash. He answered as follows.

  • Courtney Love and Hole: “I’m very excited that she really seems to be with it again, and making her music a priority for her, which is a great thing. She’s had some difficult times over the last 10 years, 15 years, but I generally think [1994’s] Live Through This is one of the most epic albums of all time. It was high school for me. I love that album. I love [1998’s] Celebrity Skin, too.”
  • Snoop Dogg: “I was most psyched to get Snoop.  Because he’s only playing my party, nobody else’s event. I love that he agreed to do it. And I love that he’s at South by Southwest.”
  • Marina and the Diamonds: “I mean this as a compliment — she seems like the Britney Spears of the Lilith Fair set. She’s kind of a brainier, more talented, traditional pop star. Seeing her live, she’s got such charisma and star quality. She brings it. She gives you drama and musicality. It’s so refreshing to see not only somebody who has great music, but somebody who loves performing.”
  • Macy Gray: “I went to Macy Gray’s first show ever in New York City at Irving Plaza [in the] mid- to late ’90s. I think she did ‘I Try’ twice — in the middle of the show, and then again at the end. I loved that album. And I love the second album, too. This new one seems like it might be a return to form for her.”

Also on last night’s line-up was Sliimy, whose career hasn’t exactly ignited since he became the first signee to Hilton’s Perezcious Music. “I knew that Sliimy was never going to be super-mainstream in America,” Hilton insisted. “So the fact that he’s here is just great. I just believe in him and his music.” Anyway, Perezcious has plenty of other projects coming up, like the new pop artist coming this summer whom Perez calls “the anti-Ke$ha…Whereas Ke$ha sings about getting drunk and wasted and partying in pretty much all her songs, this singer sings about meaningful things. Like, she’s got a song about domestic violence. She’s got a song about drug abuse.”

Speaking of Ke$ha, the “TiK ToK” singer is, like, one step above (or is that below?) jj’s live show in Perez’s estimation. “The more time goes by, the more I hate Ke$ha. It’s really liberating for me to be able to say I like Ke$ha’s music, but I hate her. And that’s okay. Because a lot of people probably think the same thing about me and my website…What’s so funny is, at first, people kept shoving her down my throat for years. I was aware of Ke$ha two and a half years ago. I just wasn’t that into it, because I didn’t think it was authentic. I didn’t buy into her.” Bonus sideswipe: “She’s that mess, she’s that trainwreck, she is the American Lily Allen. And that’s even more reason why I don’t like her.”

Now there’s the freely poured poison that keeps (some) people coming back to his blog. I’ll say this for Perez: Interviewing him certainly isn’t boring.

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  • KJ

    Hate Hilton, but agree 100% about Ke$ha

    • Dwight K Schrute


    • Erin

      Me too. He went after a pretty safe target though. Let’s see, so far she’s criticized Britney, Bieber, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. Umm…yeah. I know a few people who like her music (thanks to Dr. Luke’s beats), but nobody who likes her or would go see her hop around lazily in offensive headgear and faux sing in concert.

      • Lola

        I agree. The beats are what make her good. The lyrics are stupid, she can’t perform, she’s offensive and insulting, and she’ll be gone in a few months. I would never see her in concert because she’s so terrible live (i.e. American Idol performance), but I do like listening to her music for free on grooveshark.

      • Elena

        Yeah, pretty much.

    • gross

      Please no EW!!!! I cannot stand Perez.

    • jennrae

      Yeah, I hate Perez Hilton and Kesha. I’m not really sure why he is any sort of authority on music. Surely there are people more worthy of fame and fortune than those two.

  • Mandee

    Perez Hilton is a waste of space and disgusting. I’ll write u an article on why and u can feature that too.

  • Mandee

    Oh and ps not all of keshas songs are about getting drunk

    • Shannon

      does it actually matter?

      • mandee

        Yes, it does, since that’s most of his reasoning behind hating kesha and her music.

  • Nshi

    People act like they all hate Ke$ha and don’t want to admit her music is good. Blah blah blah is my ringtone and don’t make fun of me.

    • jummers

      HAHA I wouldn’t tell people that. I’d get rid of that ASAP!

      • Nshi

        Ke$ha got tight production, watching the new video now with 3oh!3. Perez is so untalented and disgusting. dlisted is BETTER!

    • Brian

      I won’t make fun of you but I will feel sorry for you. Pathetic.

  • v1cious

    i hate Ke$ha, but are you saying Lady Gaga’s songs are NOT abut getting drunk and wasted?

    • elena

      mmmm, not all of them. maybe just dance. but definitely all of them are about sexytimes. it’s how Gaga rolls!

    • Dolly

      I think that Just Dance is the only song about getting drunk and wasted.
      She’s gotten just a teeny bit more serious since then.
      Y’know singing about fear of death, suffocation, drugs, alcohol, fame, etc.

    • Danielle

      PLEASE do NOT tell me you think Ke$ha and Lady G are in the same league? Please..they aren’t in the same stratosphere. Ke$ha is a one-trick pony with a big hit (Tik Tok) but she is a a HORRID live performer (see American Idol last week) and she’s vapid, gross, and completely auto-tuned to death. Say what you want about GaGa, but, the girl is talented and can sing! And…she’s way more than just a singer with a few “catchy” songs.

      • Stephanie

        WORD. GaGa actually has the potential to be Madonna’s successor. Kesha is Katy Perry’s successor at the very most.

  • jeff

    Kesha ( without the dollar sign ) is a piece of crap with crappy music. We won’t know who she is in 1 year. She’s a fake. ” It’s so cool to be drunk and not brush my teeth.” Loser.

    • Nshi

      again, Jeff, you seem to be really concerned that no one thinks you like her music. Stop the charade and just BUY the music already.

      • Jeff

        Ok! I will! ( typing as i’m running out the door ) oh wait….instead of going to the store and buying a cool Kesha cd….i’ll just flush my 20 dollars down the toilet….money is going to the same place yet the sound of the water swooshing around that porcelain beauty sounds more peaceful to my ears….thanks though girl! : )

      • cows

        she looks like she might stink.

      • @Jeff

        You’re paying $20 for CDs?

    • mick

      Kesha’s music is crap and so is she. I hated her music and literally turn the radio station everytime she comes on. Then I see her perform for the 1st time on Idol and couldn’t believe how much she sucked. Don’t get the interest in her. Hate Perez too. His website is even a big fake. He no only dosen’t own it anymore but his sister is the one that does all the posting. He’s nothing but an fake.

  • JIll

    Perez Hilton is one of the most predictable people on earth which makes his interviews quite boring…and I’m never going to get that four minutes of my life back. Sad face.

  • Yup

    nshi you are either below 18 or can’t hear good bc blah blah blah is not even close to music. i’d keep your phone on silent. she’s like avril. A FAKE. AND PS LADY GAGA to the poster above is today’s madonna….and i’d say Madonna has done pretty swell for herself. Ke”$”ha will be on the vh1 specials in a year for what ever happened to ……

  • jersey

    HAHA KESHA IS A JOKE. SHE’s dirty, nasty, and a POSER!

  • Skip to my looooo



    BLAH BLAH BLAH=her career!

  • whatevs

    Yeah, Ke$ha’s annoying, but why single out her lyrics? Most people sing about sex or drugs, and no one seems to think that’s wrong…

    • Brian

      Maybe because she is so incredibly horrific that she almost makes Britney Spears seem talented.

      • 4rocket

        Funny how you say that, considering Kesha dissed Britney for not being talented.

  • Jordan

    Wait do people really listen to her music?
    Haha. I feel sorry for those who think that is music.

    sorry just my opinion.

    • mari

      I actually like the beat of it. The lyrics of course are terrible, but I expect that of a “guilty pleasure type of song.” But, and this is were I kind of contradict myself, whenever they show the music video of “Tik Tok” I turn on the mute button. She is an atrocious singer/performer. I wish that song was sung/performed by someone else :(

      • Kat

        Couldn’t agree more. The lyrics are idiotic, and I hate the way she “sings” it, but the song itself is kind of good. So good job to the songwriter, but I really hate Ke$ha’s performance of it. I too really wish that song had gone to someone else who could actually sing without autotune, and maybe with less moronic lyrics.

  • mo

    Yeah Ke$ha your lyrics are so inspiring….now I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. I brush my teeth with moonshine tho.

    • MasqueradeDiva3

      Lol! LMAO! u brush ur teeth w/moonshine! That’s the funniest thing ever!!!! Ugh! the most and I love it!!!!

  • KFed

    I love the subtle snark.

  • Shamrock

    These muscians are hypocrites

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