Erykah Badu's naked 'Window Seat' video: What do you think of the provocative clip?

Erykah Badu went for a stripped-down approach for her new “Window Seat” video. Literally: As the standout tune from New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh (out tomorrow) plays, Ms. Badu walks through downtown Dallas gradually removing all of her clothing until she is 100 percent nude. If that sounds familiar, Badu credits that Matt & Kim video from last year for inspiration. No word on what role, if any, Alanis Morissette played.

Watch Badu’s “Window Seat” video at her official website (potentially NSFW, though all the nudity is tastefully pixelated). Be sure to stick around for the ending, which I won’t spoil.

Badu took to Twitter yesterday to talk about the video, which she says was captured in just one spontaneous take. As she stripped, she “heard people yelling diff things @ me but i held my head up and kept moving. there were children there.i prayed they wouldnt b traumatized…” (All spelling and punctuation preserved from Badu’s tweets.) Before pulling the public-nudity stunt, Badu asked her children and their fathers for their thoughts: “i asked @jayelectronica if i should go threw with it . he said . IF YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT DO IT – YOU GOT 1 SHOT TO BE ERYKAH… Andre said,if u gone go ,go all the way./D.O.C. said, U got huge balls kid.& gave me a high five…i bathed,took a breath.i started the car.” It’s also worth reading the tweets Badu sent the day of the video shoot, as archived by rap comedians It’s the Real.

Badu has said that the “Window Seat” video was meant to spark a discussion of “groupthink.” So, group, what do you think? Offer your interpretations of the video in the comments, below.

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    erykah .. u go girl .. i’m still a fan regardless of this ,,uhh interesting video

    • mike

      It’s called sex appeal. She’s a woman and she’s using it. Eryka obviously did it because it is something you wouldn’t expect her to do. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Fatima

        I hardly think a video with her getting gunned down at the end was all about selling sex.

      • man

        On the contrary, I would totally expect her to do it. Thoroughly enjoyable, as are her albums…Bravo, E…

    • bambam

      Miz Badu is amazing and she is an inspiration to me to be an individual and not a barcoded ditto-head. And she puts her money where her mouth is, she is very actively involved in local charities, and did not forget the ghetto when she got famous. She now invests time and energy and money and herself in the developing lives of children in poverty, to give them a chance to rise out of poverty and the gangs and welfare, and to be individuals and never accept anything from themselves but their best.

    • Siri

      I’m still not over the interview in which she said alarm clocks and being on time were “for white people.” :-P However, I love her music and hope she’s awakened enough at this point to not keep making non-factual observations about the nature of reality.

  • Tamnoch

    Now that was a magic bullet! Seriously, in Europe this would be no big deal.

  • Vel

    She’s a ill chick…Love me some Erykah. I’m not sure people will appreciate her style though. She isn’t mainstream enough (which I love about he)r and a stunt like this won’t help!


    i’ll take 100 videos like this, over one overly-produced CG video. love it, or hate it, it represents her vision.

  • stonecutter

    If I did this in front of so many kids, I’d be arrested as a pedophile and thrown in jail. Badu has a luscious butt, but spare me the political overtones…strictly for publicity. She got it.

    • Maria

      Glad I’m not the only one who thought, “That’s a terrific butt!” :-)

      • LeLe

        Im not a lesbian, but thats the first thing that stood out to me. Shes definitely built back there.
        In response to the video, I think the video was ok, but I dont know if it was such a good idea with so many children around. And if all of those people in the video were just people that didnt know what was going on, they sure looked LOST. Even if they didnt know exactly who she was, didnt they see her? Did they know she was naked? The parents with kids didnt turn them away from looking at her. Some people stared right past her.
        It was gutsy. I have no idea what the words to the song were the first time I saw it cause I was so busy watching the video. It was new – different – captivating – and thought provoking (once you start to listen to the song).
        If I had her body and fame, would I do it? Good question!

      • topazbean

        It’s funny, you know, to be bothered by children seeing it. They are the least likely to be concerned by the sight of a naked woman walking down the street. They haven’t reached sexual maturity and wouldn’t even consider it having any sexual connotations. It’s us as adults who attach a sexual element to nudity and are therefore disturbed and embarrassed by it. If anything, the kids would probably find it funny and maybe a little strange, at most. And being naked in a street where children are present is not the same as actively flashing AT a child – which is frightening to the child not because the person is naked but because it is aggressive and unexpected/unusual behaviour, so the child doesn’t know what is going to happen next.

    • Nita Jourden

      I agree, if the average person had exposed themselves, the police would have arrested them. This is not art and doesn’t represent the
      black community as they always want respect. Show us some respect!

      • Sheree

        I have a young daughter and we go to downtown frequently and I would rather her not be exposed to nudity. If you feel the need to strip please go to Europe. Let Dallas remain a family community.

      • topazbean

        It’s true. There aren’t any families in Europe, just lots of swingers and prostitutes. And the pope, obviously.

  • Andrew

    Genius. A PERFECT way to inspire a discussion of groupthink, as the Kennedy assassination is one of the most infamous examples in American History. Not to mention the artistic bravery and independence Ms. Badu continues to share with the world!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!!

  • hiphopdiva3000

    this video rocks much love to Erykah Badu…she represents realness and purity in the greatest form…a lot of music videos show half naked women with no subject matter…this represents truth

  • w8ndrw8mn

    -bravery… check!
    -inspirational… check!
    -worth the time and effort to convey the *truth* and have little to no regard to how you may be judged for doing so… !!CHECK!!

    ….’nuff said!!!

  • Brad

    It’s perfection. She is the best thing in in the industry. Keep it coming, Erykah.

  • Big Will

    All I can say is nice!!!!!

  • mjsmoke

    WOW. Welcome back Erykah…the music world was suffering without you around. This is by far the most fantastic video of the year…

  • elena

    Love. It’s nudity for a reason, versus Britney’s naked writhing in her Womanizer video just to make sure “sexy Britney!” is still around. Go Badu! She’s a woman with a mission.

    • lugnut

      maybe I’m missing something, but what’s the reason for the nudity?

  • Reena

    I use to love the song until I saw the video. Very distasteful. I just hope that trend doesn’t get followed too much among our young people like everything else does.

  • PeterBilt

    Boring. Oops I mean whoa! SHOCKING! This is so 1993. They still make videos?

  • kikipania

    Erykah is is fantastic…only in America would the nudity even come up ! Go girl and be heard!

    • Cindy

      You know, it really isn’t only in America. Think about it, in most countries in the world that would be very distasteful if not plain obscene. Not only of Europe and USA is the world made. There are always people that would have no problem with this video almost anywhere in the world, but for the most part, people are more conservative. The only problem is that those that are more “liberal” usually YELL louder and try to shove down everyone else’s throut how backwards someone is if they rather see the human body as a more beautiful AND sacred thing. I LOVE to be naked for my husband and he very much appreciates it. People sell themselves short and there are MANY different ways to convey a belief without having to expose themselves to the world. I think that is a sign of desperation. But I still love her music.

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