Justin Bieber tops the albums chart, but 'My World 2.0' isn't a blockbuster yet

My-World-bieberJustin Bieber has proven himself a major new teen-pop phenomenon lately — at least as measured by the number of high-pitched screams and fervent Internet comments he’s able to inspire from his young fans. A moment of truth for the Canadian singer came this morning, when the first-week sales tally was announced for his debut full-length album, My World 2.0. That number was 283,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. This was more than enough to secure Bieber the No. 1 spot on this week’s Billboard 200 albums chart. It’s not, however, a knock-out, blockbuster number, even in today’s ever-diminishing commercial market. Bieber sold hundreds of thousands fewer copies than both Sade and Lady Antebellum did earlier this year, let alone what Susan Boyle did last fall. His 283,000 is nothing to be ashamed of for a first-timer, but it’s a reminder that right now, he still has a ways to go before he’s truly a big-time pop star.

Close behind Bieber at No. 2 was Monica, who sold a decent 184,000 copies of her Still Standing. Not to belabor the point, but again, it says something about Bieber that Monica came within shouting distance of his total without having scored a pop hit in years.

NOW That’s What I Call Music! 33 rounded out the top 3. Its assortment of somewhat recent hits (Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” Ke$ha’s “TiK ToK,” Owl City’s “Fireflies”) drew a solid 135,000 buyers who are not yet sick of hearing those songs.

Down at No. 6, we find Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s She & Him, who shifted 47,000 units of their Volume 2. Not exactly Vampire Weekend status, but not too bad for an indie act, even if this one happens to be fronted by a movie star. (Indie vets Spoon, for comparison’s sake, notched a similar 53,000 of their latest in January.) And as Billboard notes, it’s a big improvement on She & Him’s previous one-week best of 10,000.

That was it for new entries in this week’s top 20. What do you think of Bieber’s retail performance? At this rate, how long do you think it will be before he can take home a platinum plaque for My World 2.0? Any other surprises in the chart? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • GS

    I just think that his fan base is more in line with the download generation. I prefer CD’s and copy them to my iPod. Kids today just download instead of getting the CD. I’m sure if you look at digital downloads, he sold a ton more. We won’t be getting one b/c my poor 10 yr. old son is sick of all the girls talking about him!

    • crispy

      Nielsen SoundScan numbers include digital download sales.

      • Jaka


      • Kayla
      • QUESHA


      • tennisfan

        I have no idea why I clicked on this article (all I know about Justin Bieber is seeing him perform at Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the U.S. Open a few years ago) but, man, it was worth it for the giggles from Crispy’s posts, Crispy’s imposters’ posts, and Crispy’s replies to those imposters :-) Crispy, you obviously post on EW a lot, and sometimes I’ve found you offensive, but your disdain for Bieber’s bubble gum R&B pop and for the many unintelligible posts from Bieber fans was pretty entertaining…

    • itslukeblake

      i bought the cd, a lot of people did buy the cd actually i think your just jealous of him!!!

    • itslukeblake

      GS its not all about downloads you know a lot of people bought the cd hence why his singles are in the charts yes he is number 1 on itunes in a lot of countries but also his CD has sold loads. !!

    • itslukeblake


      • Nshi

        Syphillis is pretty famous, too.

      • beiberfan

        i agree! these stupid people are just jelouse that he has WAYYY more talent than they ever will get so they want to hate on him because of it! I SUPPORT U JUSTIN!! <3

      • Danni

        isnt that funny?! cuz its true! people who talk about jb online, its just gets him more noticed and more famous :) so Mission “Ruin Justin’s Career” = an epic fail. congrats on the number 1 spot justin u deserve it 100% :) <3333

    • Alyssa

      i agree.. not a lot of people expecially the younger generation go out and buy cd’s. we just download them off itunes. I think his CD is amazing. and its Number 1 on ITUNES! :)

      • stella

        I don’t think he was being hated on. The person who wrote this article was just stating facts. It wasn’t blockbuster numbers. Like was already said that your ignoring digital downloads are included in the soundscan numbers. This is what he sold in total between downloads and actual cd’s. They’ve included downloads for years now. He has a ways to go to be considered a true superstar.

    • shanice

      Actually Ido buy CDs. Most people download them but i think artist deserve the money they make; therefore, I buy the CD. Im 15, so that comment doesn’t refer to all teenagers.

    • crispy

      Wow, this thread just went to EPIC status. I haven’t seen this much bad grammar and tween fawning since the fourth grade. Congrats, Justin, all your fans are retarded.

      • sweet

        Jesus Whats Yur Problem .. Get Over Yourself !! :) if Yu Werent an Idiot You’d Know That Not All Justins Fans are Retarded ..! Hes Got alot More Than You .. 283,000 More ..!!

      • Gina

        What gives you the right to tell us whats good and whats not ? to call us retarded ? I am a fan, so too bad. I dont give a crap if you like it or not, he’s doing something with his life instead of sitting at a computer bashing other people that are. Hes a good person, better than you appear to be right now. And im proud to say, a Canadian. Like me. Keep your rude opinions to yourself, because i think we can all choose our music for ourselves. You try doing half of what he does, and when people make fun of you for it, lets see how you like it…

      • crispy

        You know how people like to make fun of Canadians? Justin Bieber is the reason why.

      • Marci

        we’re not retarded, you’re just jealous. seriously, get over yourself. & btw, no one likes to make fun of canadians. (:

      • bri

        dude who the heck are you some 35 year old that has no life and wants to bash on people, if you don’t like Justin than why the heck are you reading stuff about him, and if you are an adult why are you talking crap about a teenager kid that’s just really low. I guess you’re one of those people who think talking crap about others will actually improve yourself but in reality you are just a pathetic wannabe so grow up.

      • Karli Supports Justin

        Shut up. its not like you have good spelling or grammer

      • Kayla

        now that you got that out…are u at least a little less jealous??
        us millions of girls know that u wish u were him on a daily basis…but u can’t be so please get over it…you just look like a loser crying like this

      • crispy

        Nope. Not in the slightest bit jealous.

      • Stacey

        Lol at Crispy’s comment :)
        I must say I do like Justins music though!
        I think that he is a talented young man, but of course we must remember that he’s only just started his career.
        He has done incredibly well so far, but he has quite a bit to go yet if he wants to be fully appreciated and recognised for his work as a musician.
        Only time will tell if he can keep up with this business, but if he can manage it, then that just may prove that he does have the talent and stability to go a very long way for some length of time.
        This is a new decade and the new generation will love this type of music! So it’s understandable why perhaps plenty of the more shall we say, mature groups of people may not be too keen on this particular type of music. So everyone’s opinions will differ!

      • Nida

        You see, everyone knows that to become a big hit, you have to be successful in the American market. So, Justin Bieber isn’t the reason why they laugh at Canadians. I mean, you shouldn’t even bringing up that point when you have useless bimbos like Heidi and the clones.

      • Haley

        Whoever you are, you are absolutely without a doubt, %100 ridiculous. How old are you? Your probably some guy that never got any girls in high school, and who works a pathetic job that pays next to nothing and is jealous of everyone that has any minute talent because you never had any, and never will have any. Is this what you do with your life? Comment on article’s having to do with 16 year old boys? Wow, you have a lot to show for yourself! Kudos, my friend. Your mother must be proud. This kid has talent. True, undeniable talent. Any no matter how hard you try and how much it pisses you off, you can never take that away from him. So, I hope you read this embarrassed that your being put to shane by an eighth grader. Oh, and I must say I’m offended by your statement about “retarded” fans having bad grammar because I am in the eighth grade, and my grammar thus far has been pretty much impeccable, so clearly I am not retarded. But, good try at trying to make someone feel as horrible as you do in your day to day life.

      • Sarah

        Haha look at all these teeny boppers defending Justin with long paragraphs of nonsense. Oh what’s happened to the world today?

        haha that boy got talent, I’m not gonna lie. But he needs a few more years to at least mature. Its kind of awkward listening to a 16 year old boy who sounds 14 on the radio. Once his voice matures, then he’ll go far.

      • crispy

        Haley, sweets, your little rant there was filled with enough comma splices to send your grammar teacher reaching for a shotgun. And FYI: it’s “you’re,” not “your.” I give you a C+ for effort.

      • Shannon

        I agree with Haley. Whoever this guy is, needs a life. Justin has great music. It’s no surprise that adults are trying to bring him down. He’s a young kid, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a talented artist. But, as an adult, you would think that they would keep their comments about the music. Calling fans “retarded” crossed the line. Spelling and grammar mistakes do not make a person retarded. You’re looking at a thread on a news article; most people do not take their grammar very seriously on something like this.
        Also, it makes no difference how a person sold this amount of albums, the fact is that they did. One can’t assume that a person is less of an artist because they sold albums on iTunes. That assumption is also extremely false. I, a 17-year old girl, drove myself to the store and bought the CD. My friends did the same.

      • Danni

        wow… no offense crispy, but ur pretty mean. Justin’s 16! Give him a break! I’m fine with people that don’t like his music because everyone is entitled to their own opinions but making fun of random people over the internet who comment on what u say is just mean. And by the way, “retarted” is an offensive term to those who are disabled so please don’t call people that because that’s also extremely mean. thank you for reading my comment :)

      • maiv

        haha adding on to Crispy’s original statement, I haven’t seen this many emoticons on EW since…well, I can’t recall

    • kaitie click

      im pretty sure its a new generation. do you sit in your house on the computer all day doing nothing ? go outside and learn new things. there’s nothing wrong with downloading songs other than buying cd’s. its a lot easier to carry around an ipod rather than a cd player that you cant fit in your pocket. ipods come in handy for a lot of things. and your son is 10.. of course hes going to get annoyed by all the fans. but when it comes to being famous, thats what happens. you also need to consider the fact that hes 16 years old and already making it to the top. get over it. dont blame reality on justin bieber. hes going to make it soo far<3

      • crispy


      • crispy

        Hey kiddo, it is 100% apparent to anyone with a 6th grade education that you are not me. Which I guess excludes most Justin Bieber fans. But keep trying!

      • Menchy

        To be honest, I thought it was you mocking them crispy.

    • Preston Lewis

      Normally, as an adult, I’m not crazy about teen pop star songs. But JB’s music is very entertaining even for someone my age (49). He’s wholesome, doesn’t curse, no tattoos, no piercings and his music is pretty good. More power to him is my opinion.

      • crispy

        Preston, when is your next NAMBLA meeting?

      • Knobby1981

        I’m not normally into teen pop star songs either & I’m 28 but Justin’s very talented & his songs are entertaining. Yes Justin is very new & has a long way to go before becoming a legend in the music industry but I think the way he’s going he’s got what it takes. There is nothing wrong with people of all ages supporting new young talent. Crispy you need to lighten up & stop being so horrible to people trust me you’ll be a happier person yourself for it.

      • Preston

        I’m another older listener that’s not into every single teen pop singers. The ones that do have the talent and stand out the most I will get. I loved Monica and Brandy’s first albums in the ’90s when they were 15 and 14 and have continued to follow their careers and albums. Justin Bieber is a good artist for being 16 and Baby is catchy. He will be a major success.

      • Doi

        Uhhh he’s 16. I would be surprised to see some 16 year old popstar with full on body tattoos and piercings everywhere.

      • Doi

        …..and to add to that, i wouldnt exactly call him a wholesome dude. Hes actually pretty full of himself and likes to insult people, a lot. Just watch, puberty wont be so nice to him.

      • Knobby1981

        @Doi how exactly does he like to insult people can you give me a few examples because I’ve never heard him insult anyone.


      luk all of u are doosh bags n dnt hate on jb cuz he sounds gud n half of yall sound constipated he is tryn he jst gt a start so all u mf hataz let hm finish cuz he did sumthn wit his life n yall are FAT ACE PPL THT NEED 2 LEAVE HM DHA FUCC ALONE !!!!!!!so tlk about hm bad all u wnt cuz he got one thing u dnt n dats a gud voice and a gud heart so bacc off losers n besides i hvnt seen any albums in stores 4 u article ritaz hell u prbly make minimum wage whle jb mkn more so wat naw suckaz

      • crispy


      • Ally

        Please. Please. Please… Consult your English teacher next time you attempt to type something up. I don’t even know what you’re trying to say.

    • jada

      i am one of them girls that talk bout him all the time and y did u say poor lil boy i mean were gonna talk bout him until he turns ugly but that wont happen!

    • Dwight K Schrute

      If you like Justin Bieber, you are an idiot.

    • Preston

      I think that the download music generation doesn’t like to sit through hearing an entire album by an artist these days. For if more than one or two songs let them down, they’ll take the CD out of the stereo and dismantle it. They want perfection from artists and will get frustrated if their favorite lets them down. That’s what I’ve noticed since late 2006 with how some people listen to current music.

  • crispy

    283,000 people can tolerate that crap? Maybe they’re all buying them to give away as April Fools jokes.

    • mandy

      i dont think they will cos it wont be a very funny joke just a happy moment cos justin bieber is awsome and all the haters are just jelous because hes great looking with a great voice and a perfect career so the jokes on you for being a hater with no life

    • itslukeblake

      well 283,000 wouldnt tolerate YOUR crap.

    • maddie

      I don’t really see why it’s necessary for you to hate on him. if his music really was “crap” then Usher and Justin Timberlake wouldn’t have argued about who gets to produce him. The kid has talent, get over yourself and realize it.

      • crispy

        LOL. Uh, Usher and Timberlake are crap too! Crap attracts crap. It’s one of the laws of physics like inertia. You’ll learn all about that when you grow up and go to college.

    • Seriously?

      Get a life people. He rocks and you need a smack in the face to realize that. His music is better then anything you could ever make.

    • emilymarie

      Dude, do you like sitting on a computer all day and talking crap about someone who is obviously more successful than you will ever be? get over it! if you don’t like his music don’t listen to it or read articles about him. You are one of the reasons there is so much hate in this world.

    • Susan

      wow… i wonder how much time u took out of your life to read and comment on this. you must really care about justin to go to all this trouble. I support Justin!

    • crystal

      hey crispy wanna make fun of justin bieber one more time? loser get a life

      • crispy

        Yes. He looks like a vegan lesbian.

      • Menchy

        Omg hahahahahahahahahhaha. This is the greatest thread ever.

    • Kayla

      seriously! stop whining…its obvious you are jealous that he is sweet…funny…cute…talented and you are NOT!

  • JackB

    Already having the nickname of “The Beibes” should be a cause for alarm.

    • kathy palacios

      he is so cute

    • Bieberfan♥

      haha you spelled his nickname wrong (: It’s Biebs. && he’s amazing (:

      • kelli

        can you leave me your number

    • crystal

      justin bieber is amazing and everyone knows it

  • crispy

    Even this written EW artical seems slanted to make JB look bad. OK well how about this? Remember that Adam guy from American Idol that was pimped like crazy? He has barely sold this many copies of his CD since it’s been released. Your comparing JB to artists that are for an older generation that people 18+ will buy as well as guys over and under 18. His fanbase is limited but the numbers don’t lie, however limited he is loved and he is talented. Thank God for all these jealous people that give him even more attention by bringing his name up to slander him. Sad thing is most of them are 30 somethings sitting at home in their parents basement wishing they could have done things differently to end up with the life JB is now living. Maybe next time people.. but for now. JB I have the utmost respect for you, keep doing your thing and you will always be number one.

    • crispy

      Do you honestly think your 4th grade writing skills and virtual pillaging of the English language will convince people you’re me? I mean, come on.

    • piper

      thank u so much for standing up for jb! :) lol I’m so tired of ppl sayimg mean things bout him! I <333 jb! he's always gonna b #1 to me! lol :)

      • crispy

        What the crap… are you speaking a foreign language?

    • quack

      Who are you to be talking about grammer and spelling?!!! ARTICAL!! Really? Maybe it is time for you to go back to college!

      • crispy

        That wasn’t me, darling. Duh.

  • Jill

    That look on his face cracks me up. Is he trying to look older than 12? It’s not working.

    • Bieberfan♥

      hes 16!

  • Tim

    Monica’s cd would have sold more copies but there was only a limited amount in stores. At my local walmart we only got 2 copies and i was very happy to get one of them. This cd is AMAZING. Its her best yet and I think more people need to here it. Plus I hope that she takes home a few Grammys from this album bc it is that good. And if that mess taylor swift put out could win album of the year, Monica should win hands down bc taylor is a hot mess and i hope she is done.

  • crispy

    I love JB, I’m on my way to the store to pick up my 23rd copy. Come on Biebets we gotta keep him at number one!

    • crispy

      So true. I have a mad crush on a 12-year-old Canadian kid who looks like a lesbian.

      • crispy

        Stop using my name crispy imposter! JB FTW! And 12? Wow U stoopid.

      • someone

        SO BITTER!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Susan

        u obviously do have a crush on him if you care so much about him to read and comment on articles about him. Face it, You L.O.V.E. him too!

  • S.O.

    I’m glad my 12 year old daughter is into Radiohead, Coldplay, Muse, Green Day, Nirvana, Silversun Pickups. Instead of this future has been.

    • biebergirl21

      yahh.. that’s really good… lets see have ur 12 year old listening to things like Rape by Muse or Jaded by Green Day! yahh that’s a lot better than One time By Justin Bieber or any of his songs… How many curse words are in all the songs from the above artists… how many in justin’s? or how many lyrics are inapropriate or talk about inapropriate things like sex, drugs, killing themselves, hate, etc.

      glad you want your kid listening to stuff like that!! good job :D

      • someone

        I agree!!!!!!

      • S.O.

        Apparently “biebergirl21″, you don’t get (or ever FULLY listen to) any of these bands I’ve mentioned about what their songs are really about; such as lifes regular hardships, alienation, angst, struggling to find purpose in life, not wanting to follow trends, thinking for yourself instead of people thinking or choosing for you, bad experiences/choices that make you think twice & escaping to defeat your demons, etc… but apparently you’re soo fog minded, you probably won’t really understand what an actual song is ABOUT. But I know for sure if the bands I mentioned did praise acts such as drugs, sex & rape (which they DON’T) I know my daughter won’t be listening to them for sure, as she’s smarter than that.

      • bieberfan21

        yupp… ur right that’s what they are aboutt.. u wanna go look up the lyrics to rape by muse for me.. and tell me how that is good for a 12 year old in any way… please… oh and then lets go look at all those bands.. lets look at the lyrics for all of themm and how many curse words are in them??? that’s good u want your child listening to those wordss… and how do u feel after hearing those songs?? do u feel positive and uplifted??!?! b/c u shouldn’t… do u feel good about yourself and others after u listen to that??? no… u shouldn’t…

      • S.O.

        Have you even looked up the entire Muse catalog for this song? My guess is NO cause Muse don’t have a song called “Rape”. Where’s your evidence? I’d like to see if you back-up your statement before you start alleging accusations like Sarah Palin.

        oh & cuss words in music. Just cause a band/artist drops the F bomb &/or the poop word once or twice on a song or let along on an entire album, it doesn’t promote hate, drugs, violence, or rape in that matter. If you actually listen to what a song is really about (in the case of the bands I’ve mentioned in my 1st post) all their songs express angst, depression, alienation, guilt, hope, & enlightenment. As most of a lot of teens, or adults have experienced that in their lifetime & lived through it & moved on.

        I dare you to even try to be open on listening to music that isn’t on the Disney Channel or American Idol. & if it offends you, don’t listen. oh BTW….. my daughter can think for herself & he’s a highly gifted honor student.

      • Menchy

        You’re so right Biebergirl21, because Justin’s music has SO much meaning and depth to it. After reading his lyrics, I’m convinced he tossed handfuls of word magnets at the fridge and wrote down whatever it said.

    • crystal

      ew really? god she should listen to justin..

    • jessica

      Rlly? All those bands sing about is hell and all those scary things! She should listen to JB(:

    • Biebersupport

      r u serious?! udults are trashing on on pop stars that dont concern you in any way, shape, or form? WOOOW you must be the most encouraging moms in the world….hatin on other ppl…just what we all need right now…get a life

    • 4rocket

      S.O, while I am glad to hear that your 12-year-old has decent taste in music for her age, you should keep mind that the music of the bands you mentioned are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too intellectually advanced for JB fans. I mean, look at their responses. “Ooh, they sing about real life things that most people can actually relate to, not generic manufactured tween crap like puppy-love crushes like my beloved Justin does, so therefore they suck!”

      • bieberfan21

        yepp ur rightt.. we should have our 12 year old’s listening to those thingsss.. b/c that’s uplifting and good for them to here!!! jb doesn’t sing about real life stuff huh??? that’s so sad that you’ve never been in love!!!!!! i’m sorry!!!!! oh… and i bet that makes u feel fantastic inside listening to stuff w/ curse words and rape.. and drugs and sexx… way to raise your kids guyss.. hope u feel like mom’s of the year!!!!!!!!!!!! whoooo!!!1

  • crispy

    I was a Muse fan but JB converted me, I’m so glad to have finally discovered true talent.

  • NYLA

    I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, but this article tries so hard to diminish his accomplishment that it make EW look bad. If he’s such a flash in the pan, why write a whole article about it. And Monica sold 100,000 copies less than “the biebs”. Thats a lot more than shouting distance. Plus, Monica has a huge R&B hit at the moment, and just finished airing her reality show. her #s should actually be higher.

    • jan

      Awesome post thank you so much NYLA. He is the most accomplished guy in the country at the time. Way to go Justin Bieber! Congrats!

    • Tim

      NYLA yes Monica did have a reality show about her album but when u go to the stores they have only a few copies of her cd while Justin had rows and rows of cds. I think they both done well. Plus his song BABY reminds me of my first love. LOL. Congrats to both Justin and Monica.

  • Nancy

    People can listen to whatever they want so whatever. But I find it really odd that music critics aren’t calling out the fact that Justin Bieber’s music isn’t even his music. It’s samples from older music that the producers know the younger audience won’t know anything about. I won’t have respect for him until he starts to really make his own music – good or bad. And keep his ego in check. I’ve seen him on a few interviews and somebody needs to remind him it could all be gone tomorrow. You’re 16, son, not 60 with a lifetime of music making. Just shush it.

    • Ellen

      Someone is a negative nancy. Oh yeah and an idiot.

    • addy

      wow really you need to shush it hes freaking 16 and has gone from living with a single mom to becoming a star so stop talking crap bout him nobody wants to hear it!

      • Melina Sayyah

        Seriously? I don’t want to be rude, but you’re the one who needs to shush it ;) He came from being a normal kid to being an AMAZING artist, he did it all by himself. But everybody gets to have their own opinion. I guess u just don’t see how talented he is, too bad for u..
        Luuv u Justin, I’ll always stand up for u♥

      • Melina Sayyah

        Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to Nancy.

  • CVisca

    Can you add the chart to this story?

    Also, does Bieber’s awkward pose not remind you of that weird hunchback-poser contestant from ANTM a year or so ago??

    Kid is odd-looking. And further proof parents need to teach their kids about real music.

    • Bieberfan♥

      He learned how to play several instruments by himself && he co-wrote all of his songs. Usher “discovered” him. I think he’s great.

    • maddie

      what did your parent teach you?

    • crystal

      oh really? jb is not real music? i would like to see what you listen to..probably sucks compared to justin bieber

  • candy

    he is so cute and has a baby face i really like his music but not every thing is about love??

  • evelyn nieto

    your fine

  • kristyanna

    hi i am kristyanna andi am 10 years and i love your music so much i just wanted to know if you can hook me up on your misic . well thanks i loe you sicerly your #1 fan kristyanna

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