Owl City remixes tourmate Lights' 'Saviour': An EW exclusive stream

lights-owlcityThat Adam Young, he does like shiny, wattage-emitting objects. Fireflies, Meteor Showers, and now, Lights.

The Owl City frontman has remixed his recent tourmate (legal name: Lights Valerie Poxleitner) and apparent synth-pop soulmate on her 2009 single “Saviour.”

The track will go to iTunes April 6; until then, stream it here:

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  • May S

    Oh, I adore both of them, and this song is just amazing. I love it almost as much as the original, and will definitively buy it when it hits iTunes.

    • atavanhalen

      Lights craps on this guy. Owl City is garbage. I would like to see lights naked some day…

      • ross

        what is your problem be respectful sometime because you might find your computor hacked im watching you

      • Sierra

        In your dreams.

  • Dinesh


    • Sierra

      Just as you are.

  • Cris

    Utter garbage. Totally auto-tuned, computerized nonsense with lyrics that my 6-year-old could write. How anyone could like this guy is beyond me.

    • May S

      This is a Lights song, genius.

    • Lucas

      Lolz, You obviously haven’t heard her live. And there is a difference between using auto-tune for that Electronic-pop sound and using it for pitch corrections. :P

    • Damion


      Wow, Adam Young and Lights touring together was heaven, but this is an orgasm!

    • the man

      all music is good my friend. you dont have to bash pure awesomeness.

    • Jordan

      Watch her and him live then try talking trash. Lights has a better voice live than on her studio albums for starters.

      • taylor

        totally agree. thats why i posted that link. its from a live broadcast! she is utterly amazing live.

    • Ryan

      What six-year old writes words like manic and crisis? Fail.

  • gv

    I HATE Owl City. They are complete Postal Service rip-offs!!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      you do no it’s just one guy, right

      • Jeremy

        ^^ that should be know ^^

    • Damion

      Um, so only one person ever made disco and everyone else is a rip off? So only one person did a piano ballad and everyone else is a rip off?

      This argument is so over-done and stupid. I absolutely adore Postal Service, and thank god someone else decided to fall into that niche seeing POS will never release anything else! Long live Owl City!

    • You Don’t Know Anything

      First off how is Owl City a Postal Service rip off? you are an utter fool and tool to think so yet stake a claim saying that. They are two complete different genres. Synth Electronic Pop and Indie Pop. There are no heavy synths used throughout Give Up both artists are two complete different sounds but yet just because there are electronic elements in the music you want to claim that Owl City is a rip off of the Postal Service. If you can’t get that through your feeble mind you don’t deserve to listen to music.

    • ro

      owl city just became popular this year, but has been around for AGES. so dont say that HE is a rip-off of postal service. get your facts straight, mister.

  • maidencanada

    Lights is awesome! She is also a graphic artist

    • just me

      Yea, I love her too! Very feel good music…..great to listen to

  • scott

    “The track will be go to iTunes April 6″??????? quality writing.

    • rzzi

      will go to itunes april 6th *** doorknob..

  • Snarf

    Behold the power of auto-tuning!
    Yes you, (even YOU) can be a star!

    • Dustin

      too bad she sounds amazing live, she just adds auto tune to fit in with her synths and keyboards.
      listen to her acoustic ;)

      • Savannah

        Lights sounds positively amazing live and Owl City sounds WAY WAY better live also, without all the auto tune, both artists sound much more amazing. I do so wish Lights would release an acoustic CD or some of her older, darker songs from when she was first starting out. =]

    • Jonathan

      I second Dustin’s comment. I’ve seen Lights live…she’s fantastic. Not an Owl City fan though.

  • LK

    they look like a match made in awkward comb-over (but lets call it side bangs) synth-pop auto-tuned heaven.

    owl city gives me a headache – the postal service called they said they want their old version of pro-tools and adobe audition back

    • Dustin

      and iagree i hate owl city, but lights is a totally different story

  • artemisksu

    Stop hatin’ on Lights. She’s a talented, gorgeous young woman. She started producing songs in her own bedroom–obviously not something every teenager can successfully do.
    Owl City sucks, but cut Lights some slack.

    • Monty

      I find this statement utterly hilarious, as that is how Owl City started out. No wait. it was his parents basement. so because she recorded in her bedroom and he in his parents basement, hes the tool and she’s amazing.

  • R2D2

    I have seen Lights live in concert and she is anything but autotuned. Sure her lyrics are pedestrian at best but one cannot say that she cannot sing. She can.

    • BB

      Saw Lights when she opened for Keane, and she is, in fact, utter drek vocally, lyrically and musically or otherwise. Completely unoriginal and uninspired, but this would only be an indication of her keeping in steps with her hipster peers.

      • amanda

        trying to keep in steps with her hipster peers? look i really don’t want to tell you her whole biography but you obviously know nothing about lights. why don’t you look up some stuff about her before you come to conclusions about her. lights is NOTHING close to hipster. kthanksbye.

  • Jenny

    LOVE Lights! Love her music, sound, style, and just everything about her. She’s such a real person. She’s my legit idol and I Love Owl City. Love this remix. Mixes both their styles perfectly.

  • Sonia C

    What you haters fail to notice is this is LIGHTS singing. Her song, her lyrics. Just the music behind is remixed. If you really think it’s so childish you write a song and become famous. If you think she has no talent and just synthesizes it all then look up her acoustic and can it. She’s amazingly talented.

  • Tony

    look if none of you have anything good to say…
    Don’t say anything at all.

    Auto tune or not autotune.
    That is the vocal form for new age electronic music.
    Nobody ever said anything about past weird vocal patterns and effects. And when they did, they started liking it.

    So get off of EW and don’t comment on things that don’t matter to you.
    Opinions is one thing. But to hate on someone who has OBVIOUSLY taken there time to create something beautiful has no right.

    So comment someone else s website dicks.

  • SpawnFake

    I actually really like it. Not a big fan of Owl City.

  • JP

    Lights’ part – AWESOME.
    Owl City’s remix – HORRIBLE

    • djimon

      Your a jebend mert

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