Justin Bieber jumps over Usher for No. 1 spot

Justin-BieberAfter spending a week behind the R&B star who signed him, Justin Bieber returns to No. 1 on Billboard‘s latest album chart. Riding a successful appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live last Saturday, his My World 2.0 sold another 102,000 copies. Bieber’s previous release, My World, is also still in the top 10, at No. 8.  His latest set debuted at No. 1 and remained there for two weeks before his label head Usher knocked him to No. 2. last week selling, 329,000 copies. This week his Raymond v. Raymond drops to No.2, selling 92,000 copies.

The chart’s highest debut comes in at No. 3 from guitar hero Slash. His self-titled album and first as a solo artist sold 30,000. Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh , last weeks No. 4 dropped to five spots to No. 9.

The second and last top 10 debut is Madonna‘s Sticky & Sweet Tour, at No. 10, selling 28,000. The live album from her 2009 tour is Madge’s 19th top 10 set. She’s now tied with Bob Dylan at sixth place for most top 10 albums ever. Getting to the seventh spot proves to be a tough order, though. They’ll have to nearly double their 19 to beat the Rolling Stones, who have 36.

So that is what’s new on the album chart. Bieber fever still has kids hot. Happy with the results? Did you buy a new album that didn’t make the top 10’s cut? Let us know.

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  • Marcus

    How long until Beaver’s balls drop and he stops looking and sounding like an 11-year-old lesbian?

    • crispy

      How long before you get outta your parents basement and stop complaining about someone who is probably less than half your age that has reached full success? Your so funny.. and so sad. Don’t worry the next time you see people laughing you can rest assured it is at you never with you. ;)

      • Disgustipated

        Full success in Justin’s case = future reality show trainwreck just like the rest of these no-talent teens who lipsync up a storm on SNL and other “live” events. 15 minutes and ticking!

      • crispy

        Hey crispy impostor, it’s very odd how quickly you jump on these Bieber posts. I am starting to believe you are Bieber himself… and your constant struggles with spelling and grammar suggest you very well could be a retarded 15-year-old Canadian.

      • devon

        i love u my number is 267-592-7475

      • crispy

        Hey other crispy imposter I love how you jump to the Bieber posts right after I do. I don’t think your him though after all your a moron but I do think your obsessed. ;) Baii now have a nice day. Baii baii.

      • Aly

        Thankkkkk you crispy! People like Marcus are just jealous and have no reason to hate him. He DOES NOT sound or look like a girl so get over yourselves. Dumb haters.

      • Crispy

        Its a really nice basement.

      • Haterssuck

        I couldnt have say better:) I bet their just some gay single pathetic dushbags that should probably start looking for a life. I think Justin is amazing :)

    • suzette

      your just jealus because he is soo succesful and famous he sure does sing better than you!!! so shut up!

    • elicia

      umm his balls dropped already if you don’t know! dumb ass!!!! get over yourself. dont be jealous.

    • Vonnie

      Marcus have u got no respect for the lad so wot if they havent yet u dont have to listen to his songs turn them ova SAMPLES!!! just dont talk the P*** out ov him okey its not far…

      • jbieber…fan


    • Courtney

      god, shut the hell up…

    • sara

      you are just mean

    • Alannah-belle

      I was wondering how old of girls do you go for

    • Ashley

      hella rude

    • lashbera

      I new about Bieber mania but I was shocked last night to see the kid attempt to sing. This guy would not have made it to Hollywood on American idol. what a joke. pays to know the right people

  • Jayda

    I bought Justin Bieber’s album. LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE HIM!!!

    • Courtney

      yay…. I bought TWO OF JUSTIN BABEr’s cd’s (:

  • S.O.

    Enjoy the success while it lasts.

  • PeterBilt

    Marcus speaks the truth. It aint hate if its honest. It wont be too long before he’s a crystal meth tweaker. Sorry Crispy, you’ll get em next time. Good try sporto

    • crispy

      Peter it’s cute your jealous as well. But seriously.. wishing a crystal meth addiction on someone? You are a quite twisted person get help! And there is no need to “get” him, it’s obvious your both jealous. Get over it. Baii baii now. Baii baii. ;)

      • S.O.

        Hey Crispy, we’re not JEALOUS that J.B. is # 1 on the album chart. We’re just disappointed that true real musicians (that write their own songs, know how to play their guitars, drums, etc…) & that work their @$$ off for years don’t get really recognized just cause it doesn’t sound (or look) like J.B., Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Daughtry, Nickelback, or any top 40 song or American Idol contestant out there. Bands like The White Stripes, The Strokes, Muse, Silversun Pickups, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend, Spoon, Death Cab For Cutie, MGMT, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Cage The Elephant, Against Me!, The Raconteurs are just as talented as artists on Top 40 radio & have huge followings & sell out their shows everywhere. You can like J.B. (and the others alike) all you want, but what others (like me) are saying/debating against your argument/stance is that the likes of J.B. or anything played on Top 40 radio (or American Idol) is NOT the only music out there that should get recognized just cause of looks & it only appeals to mid-America. The bands I’ve mentioned above are being ignored & that is why we’re disappointed at the music industry.

      • crispy

        BTW I saw Muse in concert (Silversun Pickups sucked for an opening act, girl looked like barney and yeah not very talented). Muse was sold out and over 10,000 fans there so some of the bands your listing are not getting anything taken away from them by JB and GaGa and whoever else. Most of the groups you mentioned are entire different genres of music with entirely different fans. Nice try though. BTW JB plays guitar, piano, drums and the trumpet and he co-writes or writes all his songs. And what have YOU done today? Get off his back even though it does seem you have a little crush on him yourself. Baii baii now. Baii ;)

      • crispy

        Hey S.O., you have fantastic taste in music and listed several of my favorite bands at the moment. I’ll be at Coachella this weekend rocking out to Muse, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and many more great bands. It’s my first time seeing Muse (ignore the impostor crispy above who is just a stupid troll Bieber fan)… and I can’t wait!

    • crispy

      Hey Peter, just to clarify, the “crispy” who’s always in a rush to fellate Justin Bieber is not me. I think he’s trying to discredit me? Who knows. But honestly, it should be apparent to anyone with a middle school education (i.e. none of Justin Bieber’s fans) that the real crispy knows how to use “your” and “you’re.”

      • crispy

        Why does “the real crispy” keep coming on Bieber threads, you know for example his name is the start of this thread. What did you expect? I guess while he is out today preforming for 1,000’s of fans your.. what? Oh yeah on your computer doing nothing with your life. Great job! ;) Baii baii now. Baii.

      • crispy

        Actually, you effin’ retard, this thread and most of the Bieber threads I read on here are about the music charts. Which is something that interests me. Get your own screenname. Douchebag.

      • crispy

        Enjoy checking out the music charts? Yeah it appears JB is pwning all the artists you like. Moron. Baii baii now. Baii!

  • Nanna

    yeah, i’m one of those teenagers who loves him, and i am ready to defend him anytime. He is a great singer, no daubt about that, and i actually belive that he will just keep getting better. Xx

  • trippytiffy

    All you ppl should stop hatin’. You’re all just jealous becuz you have no talent and a 16 yr old kid is gonna show you up!. maybe you should all get a life. if you dnt like Bieber then dnt listen to him, no one is holding you down and forcing you to listen to his music. give the poor kid a break already geeeez.

  • swaroop

    yup….! all of them r rite……?ney how, he is rockin on his own talent.. biber yu just rocks all over dee world.! nd yu start the #1 bckk u gonna bee a big..!

  • rizki graha

    I like you so much

  • jennifer

    that is GREAT you are probly screming in excitment right now

    • roxi

      justin bieber soy roxi sos mas lindo que los jonas te amoooooo

  • tuany

    eu justin bieber sou do brasil

  • ClassyandSweet

    Great Job Biebs! I am very proud of you. Also thanks to all the people who love him and support him there is so much going on in the world we all need to uplift each other not try and bring each other down. I love seeing people dreams come true. It makes me have evenmore faith in my own! Again! Congrats Biebs and I wish you alot more success love! Kisses from Chicago ~Sophia~

  • Michael

    This year has been honestly a much slower year for really good music than I thought. They need to really have a stronger collection of songs coming up for so many artists later in the year. Last year, seemed to really be so much better for so many good albums. Hopefully, that could happen pretty soon.

  • Marie

    Hello, Rihana I love you and …ti for i love you (l)

  • kenya

    i think usher is better than anyone out there even better than just OK!!!!!!!!

  • suzette

    hey justin congratulations your the best hope all your allbums you mak are in the billboard tops :) good luck your #1 fan/love suzette

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